ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– The City of Denver rolled out the plows for residential and side streets for this storm. That’s the third time that’s happened. But other cities and communities aren’t so lucky.

Many city and county municipalities have specific policies in place in order for residential snow removal to begin. That decision takes into consideration how much snow has fallen before it stops and how the next day’s conditions are shaping up.

“It’s pretty bad. We’re getting an inch an hour,” said Traffic Supervisor for Unincorporated Douglas County Greg Green. “Snow just keeps coming, you can’t even tell we hit this 30 minutes ago. We plowed this an hour ago.”

Green’s crews clear residential neighborhoods as they maneuver through the main streets.

“We’re one of the few entities that get cul de sacs,” said Green.

Many city and county municipalities plow main streets first so emergency vehicles and buses can travel through the heavy snow. Then the focus shifts to neighborhoods but it depends on how much snow falls and how much more is expected to fall.

“Right now this is nice and fluffy but then it gets hard and freezes and sticks around a long time,” said Centennial resident Kristen Carlson.

Corey Johnson is a homeowner in Arapahoe County. His HOA dues cover snow removal when two inches accumulate.

“They always clean it up two or three times during a big storm. They were out early this morning. She’s out there now,” said Johnson.

The crews usually drive Bobcats and show up before midnight and clear not only streets but also driveways.

“We’re usually here in the middle of the night. We try to be incognito so when they wake up their driveway is done,” said snow removal service driver Mirian Venmanclay. “People are generally happy to see us. It’s nice to get your driveway plowed for you.”

As of Friday night, the City of Littleton planned to plow neighborhood streets as well as unincorporated Arapahoe County and unincorporated Douglas County. Centennial said they won’t make a decision on residential street plowing until the snow stops sometime Saturday.

  1. Tracy Johnson says:

    I live in Douglas County, in a cul de saq and just had it plowed today, Saturday! I pay HOA dues for this. But what is really upsetting is that the plow just made one line all the way across the street and then left! How I get out will be interesting! I took a picture it was so bad!

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