COLLBRAN, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators are checking for environmental impacts after a tanker truck rolled in Mesa County.

Several gallons of a substance similar to fracking fluid spilled out. It happened Monday afternoon near the town of Collbran on Buzzard Creek Road near Kimble Creek Road.

Fire crews say the truck was carrying 110 barrels of “production water,” which is very similar to fracking fluid.

About four of the barrels leaked into the ground, but none of it got into the water and nobody was hurt.

(credit: CBS)

  1. Nawar Alsaadi says:

    The solution for fraccing pollution is waterless fraccing; Gasfrac has done over a 1000 fracs with gelled propane; you don’t need any water; you don’t produce any waste fluids (no need for injection wells); no need to flare (no CO2 emissions); truck traffic is cut to a trickle from 900+ trips per well for water fraccing to 30 with propane fracs; and on top of that the process increases oil and gas production; it is a win for the industry, a win for the community and a win for the environment.