DENVER (CBS4) – There was a mishap on the tarmac at Denver International Airport involving a Southwest Airlines plane on Monday.

A passenger tweeted a picture after Southwest Airlines Flight 792, bound from Los Angeles to Denver, accidentally took out a light pole while taxiing to the gate.

Nobody was hurt but passengers had to get bussed from the plane.

The plane was a Boeing 737.

Comments (2)
  1. Ibin Jerkinoff says:

    Couple of job openings at SWA! Get your resumes in!

  2. Harry Balz says:

    Dialogue: when this guy gets home..

    (Wife) “How was your trip dear”..
    (Pilot) “I have maybe 2-300 landings at Midway on icy runways”.. (Action) Smacks forehead with palm
    “I taxi into a light pole on the widest apron in the USA”!

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