BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – A massive drug bust inside 25 quiet neighborhood homes were all woven into one huge illegal operation.

Investigators said they confiscated more than 2,700 hundred marijuana plants in what they called “Operation Sweet Leaf.”

Police also seized 40 guns, $278,000 in cash and $15 million in Iraqi dinar, which is Iraq’s currency. There was also nearly 150 pounds of dried pot found.

The homes raided span the Front Range, with one reaching into the mountains. The grow operation fed seven states. The pot was being transported by car and U.S. mail.

“California, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, just to name a few,” an official said at a news conference held on Friday.

Seven children were found living in the grow homes. Significant mold was also found inside some of the homes.

“Incredibly elevated levels of mold that poses health hazards, especially to children,” another official said.

The alleged ring leader is Jordan Buehrer, 23, who police say had a team of people growing the marijuana mostly in the basements of the homes they rented or owned.

buehrer jordan Pot Grow Operations Were Hidden Among Quiet, Family Neighborhoods

Jordan Buehrer (credit: Adams County Sheriff's Department)

“Yes, of course we’ve seen more and more growers over the last several years in homes,” another official said.

Police say it’s likely there are more grow operations hidden among quiet, family neighborhoods.

“We’re not going to stop taking these operations down,” a police officer said. “So I hope this goes out as somewhat of a warning to anybody else who is thinking about opening up these businesses in our neighborhoods.”

The postal service said in one of the money packages they intercepted through the mail they found $10,000.

Comments (3)
  1. common sense police says:

    The only danger from marijuana is CAUSED by its prohibition. There is no argument that can be made to keep it illegal so the government just stonewalls us and continues it’s war on American citizens. As Americans it is our duty to rebel against this tyranny. Growing marijuana is the patriotic thing to do honestly, if for no other reason than as a means to fight our oppressive government. If you have the seeds then plant them everywhere and when the government cannot sustain it’s war trying to destroy patriotic Americans we will have won. Overgrow the government! End welfare for law enforcement.

  2. Karizma says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the unemployment situation is causing people to try to find a way to produce something to fend for their families so that they don’t get on the government controlled welfare system. Like Kevin Costner said in that movie ” If we have the greatest country in the world, then why is it too expensive to live here?” Between the government control economy and the giant corporation control of the government, is there any freedom left?

  3. None Ofyourbusiness says:

    2,700 hundred = 270,000 plants. is that what you were trying to communicate to the reader?

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