BUCKLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. (AP/CBS4) – President Barack Obama pitched his economic agenda at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora on Thursday during a quick Colorado trip.

The short afternoon visit is part of a three-day, five-state trip this week that follows his State of the Union speech.

During his speech Obama focused on energy policy and his attempts to expand oil and gas exploration while also emphasizing clean energy.

“Doubling down on a clean energy industry will create lots of jobs in the process,” the president said at the base, where the Air Force has installed solar panels and tested jets that run on biofuels.

Republican Congressman Rep. Mike Coffman spoke with CBS4 on Thursday and said Obama’s energy policy has major issues.

“His green energy program is stressing a budget that is already stressed,” he said.

With his stop in Aurora, the president courted a voting bloc that is key to determining who wins the presidential contest in the swing state of Colorado.

VIDEO: Watch the president’s complete speech

Both Democrats and Republicans have done well in the past in the vote-rich communities like Aurora that surround Denver. It’s a battleground within this battleground state, and Arapahoe, Adams and Jefferson counties are full of the prized “persuadable voters” this year’s presidential candidates will need.

Arapahoe County voted for Republican President George W. Bush in 2004. But it chose Obama in 2008, helping him become the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry Colorado since Bill Clinton in 1992.

In a 2010 Senate campaign, voters in Arapahoe County again chose a Democrat, Michael Bennet. But Republican Rep. Michael Coffman has represented the county in Congress since 2008. GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo preceded him.

Obama accepted his Democratic presidential nomination in Denver in 2008. And while the recession hasn’t hit Colorado as hard as some parts of the country, it has been felt. In December, Colorado’s unemployment rate dipped under 8 percent for the first time since 2010.

obama Obama Touts Energy Policy In Aurora Speech

(credit: CBS)

The struggling economy has some voters predicting a fierce suburban election battle this fall.

Sitting with coffee and a computer Thursday at a strip-mall coffee shop, Aurora pastor Mike Montgomery said he’s not certain who will carry his county.

“I would say it’s more Democratic around here, but this year, I don’t know,” said Montgomery, who works at a nondenominational Christian church. “I think there’s a better chance for a Republican to win this year. People are dissatisfied with the last four years, strongly dissatisfied.”

“I’ve had three neighbors (who) had to short-sell their houses. Three! That’s awful,” said Aurora contractor Floyd Pettijohn.

The Republican said he’s certain to vote for the GOP nominee and predicted independents will do the same. “I don’t know anybody – anybody – who’s planning to vote for that idiot again,” Pettijohn said of Obama.

Across the parking lot at another coffee shop, voters disagreed with Pettijohn. They said their neighbors aren’t happy with the president, but they’re sometimes alarmed by what they perceive as extreme conservatism among the Republican candidates.

Cable installer Thanh Le said Republicans have a strong chance in the suburbs if they are seen as moderates.

“If they’d keep their mouths shut, maybe they’d be OK,” said Le, 42.

Nearby, Democrat John Kelley said he thinks it’s possible for Republicans to regain supremacy in his suburban county. But he predicted Obama’s attention to independent voters, and campaign stops in the suburbs such as the one Thursday, could make the difference.

“He’s a proficient politician,” Kelley said of the president, “and he’s doing everything he can.”

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Comments (7)
  1. Impeach Obama says:

    More hot air from the most unqualified, unamerican , socialist, marxist leader named Hussein Obama or Barry Soetor, whichever you prefer.

    2012 cant come soon enough.

  2. Howard Mulvihill says:

    I would like to know why our President is in favor of “FRACKIING”? There is a lot of data to support the stance that “FRACKING” is not a positive way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
    When will our government realize that renewable energy is worth the cost and that the oil companies are destroying our planet?
    A flaming drink may be cute at a bar once in a while, but when our water catches fire it should be a wake up call.
    Additionally, I feel that drilling down so deep and fracturing the crust of the Earth is the potential cause of earthquakes in places where they never used to happen. However, this is just a thesis which the government would never allow funding to be tested.
    Solar, Wind, Thermal Energy, and Methane from landfills need to be expanded!

  3. Asodeska says:

    What a hypocrite.
    After blocking energy production in this country, costing us tens of thousands of jobs, he claims to have an energy policy?

    How anyone could vote for this Left Wing agenda driven hypocrite is beyond me.

  4. Politics thesaurus says:

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  5. Me bling bling says:

    Although they by no means existed throughout cameras, Senator barack obama : fully in the competition for your u. S. presidency — will be 50 percent Kenyan through ancestry. He’s got a Kenyan daddy as well as the …silver dimes

  6. Me singing says:

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  7. Obama xl pipeline decision says:

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