DENVER (CBS4)– The North Metro Drug Task Force has been investigating a large group of suspected illegal marijuana growers since summer 2011.

Wednesday at about 6 a.m. SWAT teams started arresting 16 people connected to the case. Twenty-five homes with suspected illegal grow operations were raided.

Most of the homes targeted were located in Thornton, Broomfield and Westminster. There were four homes in Denver and one in Summit County. Police said many of the grow operations were found in upscale neighborhoods.

The ring leader’s home is in Thornton where 200 plants were found inside the home. They also found dozens of grow kits and lights. Police arrested the home’s owner, Jordan Buehrer. He’s being held in the Adams County Jail.

“My husband and I were sleeping and we heard a kind of arguing and we heard loud, loud noises and then we heard a big bang like pounding on a door, very, very hard and then we saw two big flashes of light,” said one neighbor.

(credit: CBS)

Police said the marijuana grown in Colorado ended up in many different states where it was sold. The marijuana was shipped to other states by the U.S. Postal Service.

Of the 25 homes raided police said there were seven children involved.

“We’ve taken seven kids out of these grow locations that are living in these environments with large marijuana grows,” Jerry Peters with the North Metro Drug Task Force told CBS4.

“It’s disappointing to hear people do that to their kids. You wouldn’t expect to look across the street and see a baby. You don’t know what’s next,” neighbor Mark Linnell said.

Police said Colorado is becoming a source for this kind of drug activity.

Attorney Mason Tvert with the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol released a statement after the raids.

“This never-ending cycle is costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars annually … until we regulate and control the production and sale of marijuana, raids like this will be carried out by law enforcement in perpetuity,” Tvert said in the statement.

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  1. factchecker says:

    Pot doesn’t kill people.

    Narcs kill people.

  2. Jebadiah Sanchez says:

    Pot does kill people it causes cancer. It’s not a medicine. Its a drug for losers

    1. dazed says:

      You should do your research before opening your mouth. It does not kill(never been an overdose in the world) …obviously, you are the loser, without any kind of education.

      1. Jebadiah Sanchez says:

        There may not have been an overdose yet however our wonderful “medical patients” driving high have already killed people. There have been two fatal collisions and many accidents because of pot! You are sorely mistaken and in regards to my education. I have a diploma from Mark Twain High School and my masters degree from University of Phoenix. So take that!

    2. hard working American homeowner says:

      you are the most ignorant ass i have ever heard blurt factless claims about the repercussions of marijauna use ! The statement of it not being medication , i was perscribed marijauna for my nuerological disorders by one of the head doctorees at Ann Schuts medical center the regions leading nuerological hospital !
      the stupidity is clear in the pigeon holing of an entire portin of our country! in the comment that its for losers ? i have smoked marijauna with doctors , professors . lawyers , anathesiologist and even a police officer ! i guess all these people are losers to you yet you probalbly work in a factory and your an old sour alcoholic ! with a narrow mind and no facts what so ever in your moronic opinions !

  3. Erica Johnson says:

    Show me ONE single person who has died from cancer due to smoking pot. I’ve never seen it, and I’m in the medical field with a Master’s in Cardiovascular Sciences. What a stupid law. You can brew your own beer, make your own wine, eat your fat face into diabetes, smoke your cigarettes, but this? Stupid stupid stupid law that is a waste of resources

  4. denvervet says:

    Lets hope the gov’t can conviscate the homes like they do cars! Illegal is illegal no matter how you look at it. Making money off of pot and not paying income taxes is also illegal.

    1. dazed says:

      conviscate? Really? Go away, you are clueless about the law…or the real truth.

  5. Shane says:

    Legalize. Period. End of story. Drug busts should focus on the life-destroying stuff like crack and meth.

  6. TJ says:

    Sure looks like the “Legalize Pot” group has orchestrated a very organized effort to post their supporting arguments. I’ll admit I’m old school and I don’t come from the younger “I can do what I want when I want” generation and I am greatful for that. It seems we have lost the idea that public policy is born out of what is the greater good for all of us not just a small number of us. I have seen the charade of the medical marijuana initiative passed and executed like a 5 year old in a candy store. It has worked for a few but denigrated society as a whole by allowing us to believe that only our own sense of right matters. “To hell with society, I want what I want when I want it.” I blame our “Leaders” for that. I hope the legalizing marijuana ballot measure is defeated this fall because it is not good for communities. If you all want to smoke pot, that’s up to you. Just don’t make the rest of us that worked hard for the legacy that you live under today be punished by careless, pretentious public policy. Remember, you are now in charge of the next legacy.

  7. joe blow says:

    how many had grow licenses they ignored?