BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A piece of presidential history arrived in Colorado on Wednesday.

The hearse that carried John F. Kennedy’s body after he was assassinated is the newest addition to Stephen Tebo’s private car collection.

Late Wednesday afternoon Tebo took delivery on the 1964 Cadillac. He then drove it into the building in Longmont where he keeps his collection of 400 cars.

The Boulder real estate developer paid $176,000 for the famous Cadillac Miller-Meteor. The collector says he, like many Americans, vividly remembers Kennedy’s assassination, and later watching the images of the president’s body being moved in the hearse.

“To be able to own this as a piece of history like that is very amazing for me,” Tebo said.

The Kennedy hearse will join other famous vehicles, including many that were owned by famous people or featured in Hollywood movies.

Comments (5)
  1. A Montgomery says:

    Kennedy assassination in 1963 so how can it be a 1964 Cadillac. You dont day took delivery on its took delivery of

    1. David James says:

      Please learn to spell and form a sentence before commenting.

  2. Sgt says:

    All New model yr autos come in the fall. Sooo a 1964 can have a 64 in Nov 63

  3. Dan Crocker says:

    Kind of ghoulish if you ask me. How about the bloody dressings from the emergency room? How much are they going for…. Pathetic….

  4. vetteonr says:

    Is this the hearse that took him from the hospital to the airport? It doesn’t look like the one that was at Andrews Air Force Base. That one was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson just recently. It was gray and had US Navy numbers on the side. That one was extensively researched to be the right one. Although it is possible for it to be a ’64 model, I highly doubt that an ambulance company would have a new one that early in the model year.

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