ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP)Tim Tebow needs more R&R than anyone thought.

The Broncos quarterback played through rib, lung and chest injuries he sustained in Denver’s 45-10 loss at New England in the AFC divisional playoffs last weekend.

He won’t need surgery, is expected to make a full recovery with some down time and his offseason training program shouldn’t be affected in any way.

ESPN first reported Wednesday that Tebow got hurt on a third-quarter tackle, then had trouble sleeping because of the pain and underwent an MRI on his chest Monday.

Team spokesman Patrick Smyth said that while he couldn’t confirm the exact extent or nature of the injuries due to team policy, he acknowledged that Tebow finished the game in considerable pain.

Backup Brady Quinn quickly got ready to go into the game after Tebow was hit by Vince Wilfork and Rob Ninkovich, but Tebow stayed in and finished up.

“It’s just the physicality of playing football. Sometimes you get hit and it can hurt a little bit. But, I wanted to play a lot of the game,” Tebow said after the game.

The outcome had long been decided by the time Tebow got hurt.

“I just wanted to show character. You just continue to fight and it doesn’t change who you are, how you play, how you go out there, you should be the same at all times,” Tebow said. “That’s what I wanted to show, it didn’t matter if it was the first play or the last play or you were down by 42. I was going to be the same player and I was still going to give everything I have. Because that’s all I have to give.”

Tebow wasn’t in the locker room during a one-hour media window on Sunday, emerging with a smile from the trainer’s room as reporters were filing out as the players streamed to their end-of-season meeting with coach John Fox.

On Monday, Broncos boss John Elway declared Tebow the incumbent starting QB entering training camp next summer and reiterated his plan to work with him during the offseason to help polish his passing game.

Tebow went 8-5 as the Broncos starter after supplanting Kyle Orton following a 1-4 start. He engineered a six-game winning streak that included four straight fourth-quarter comebacks that sent Tebowmania into full pitch.

He faded at the end, losing his last three starts, including one to the Kansas City Chiefs and Orton, but the Broncos backed into the playoffs nevertheless at 8-8 as champions of the middling AFC West.

Tebow had the best game of his pro career in the wild card round, when he averaged 31.6 yards per completion, the best in the NFL in 40 years, and threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas on the first play of overtime for a 29-23 win over heavily favored Pittsburgh and the league’s No. 1 defense.

That was Denver’s first playoff game in six seasons.

While the Broncos brass was delighted at returning to the postseason party a year after a franchise-worst 4-12 season, they said the 35-point loss to the Patriots showed just how far they need to go to return to the AFC’s upper echelon.

Tebow, who didn’t get the first-team snaps during training camp or for the first month of the season, realizes he has a long way to go himself.

“Just work and improve, fundamentals, understanding defenses, footwork, everything,” he said.

Tebow might also have to get accustomed to a new offensive coordinator in 2012. Mike McCoy has interviewed for head coaching vacancies in Miami and Oakland.

McCoy is a hot commodity after retooling Denver’s offense midstream to capitalize on Tebow’s unique skill set. He implemented the read-option that turned the NFL on its ear at midseason and resulted in the Broncos soaring to the top of the league in rushing.

Tebow ran for 660 yards, most by a quarterback in team history, in the regular season and another 63 in the playoffs, leading to concerns among some that he was exposing himself to injury. But Tebow noted that he actually takes glancing blows, if any, from smaller defenders while on the run, making him less vulnerable than when he stays in the pocket and might get sandwiched by 300-pound linemen.

He took every snap for Denver after replacing Orton at halftime Oct. 9 against San Diego.

Tebow ran for six TDs in the regular season and one in the playoffs while averaging 5.3 yards a carry. But he completed just 46.5 percent of his passes last season and just 40.4 percent in the playoffs.

“We’re always looking for balance,” Elway said. “Balance is what we won Super Bowls with.”

Elway and Tebow are eager to see what a difference an offseason can make – they didn’t have that luxury last year during the NFL lockout.

“I feel like I’ve improved a lot in a lot of different forms of my game,” Tebow said. “And I continue to improve and continue to get a lot better, and I believe I can, and I’m looking forward to putting in work.”

By ARNIE STAPLETON, AP Pro Football Writer

(© Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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  1. Not Chicken Little says:

    Tim Tebow is a class act and a breath of fresh air compared to so many no-class and low-class players and sports jocks and common taters…

    1. Reality says:

      Or not. He is just as self serving as any of them…

      1. sylance says:

        Can you describe what a non-self serving QB would look like?

      2. Rational says:

        What does he do that makes you think that?

      3. Bob says:

        probably less self-serving than you. Or, did you give your last paycheck to the homeless shelter or deposit in your own account. In fact, when was the last time you went down to the shelter to help someone. Take the stick out of your own eye before you criticize others.

      4. kenh says:

        a little projection there, Reality?

      5. jncarlos007 says:

        If your idea of self-serving is mission trips to asia, flying sick people to football games, refusing to take credit for the teams wins, always talking about God, saying he will always give his team his all on every play, not cursing, drinking, or shooting himself, and a score of other things then yes, I concur. He is self-serving

      6. Josh Biggs says:

        Reality has his head up SNL’s a**

    2. Madeline says:

      Who is surpirsed he is hurt? There’s no protection on that line to keep him from getting hammered! I heard one of his teammates sarcastically infer he didn’t like him because he didn’t come to breakfast enough with them…How many times do you need to eat breakfast with people before they will actually protect you on the line? 2 times? 10 times? And Tebow’is depending on people like this? Also,CBS is just posting things like this because when he turned them down for that ridiculous idea of him being a sports announcer, in 4 minutes 21 people said nothing but good things about Tebow and negative things about CBS at which time CBS cut off the comments!!!!

    3. Jack Daniel says:

      Tim is a ffine young man, and iIS NOT sef-serving by aby means. Get a life Bevis!!

      1. Michelle says:

        Some people are going to hate him no matter what he does. It’s a pretty sad commentary of the times we live in.

    4. Ann says:

      Class is something you can’t buy. You either have it or not. Same with

  2. John Fox says:

    And in other news .. .other football players in other games got hurt. But because they aren’t Tebow, the media doesn’t care

    1. Chuck says:

      John, this article was not about NFL injuries or dangers of the game. It was about Tebow and Tebow playing injured.

      1. Johnny says:

        Right on Chuck. THAT’S WHY THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE WAS: “Tebow Played Through Injuries in Playoff Loss”

    2. jncarlos007 says:

      Did you notice the city of origin for the story, or just post blindly…

    3. Danny Vice says:

      Actually, oh ignorant one, quarterback injuries are almost ALWAYS reported, especially since a healthy quarterback is essential to the team. Pull your head out of your backside and explain why you are even here if you don’t want to read about Tebow

      1. Burlap Face says:

        Now now Danny, don’t be a duwash

    4. Lloyd says:

      Exactly, Coach Fox, you hit the nail on the head.

  3. Jim K says:

    Tebow is a good man and a great role model for all of us to aspire to be.

    1. Sorry, no. says:

      Thank you no, I will still look to my family and friends first for a role model. Athletes are just athletes…

      1. kenh says:

        nothing stopping you from doing that, but why diminish other people who ARE good role models.

      2. you don't know jack says:

        I have plenty of family and friends who aren’t role models, as I’m sure you do too. Tebow on the other hand has shown to be a great role modell his whole life to this point.

      3. jncarlos007 says:

        I’m glad you have a perfect family and that no one outside of it is good enough to look up to.

        Must be nice

      4. erikiq0 says:

        Wow, you must have some amazing family and friends! Tebow has some pretty big shoes – tell me what do you get from your friends and family that you learn from and aspire to be?

  4. LLinLa says:

    Why don’t you just let the boy play football, America? Crucify someone who deserves it! But that wouldn’t be politically correct now, would it?

    1. What a pun says:

      “Crucify” that is funny!

    2. Daniel says:

      now that is an interesting response! cheers.

  5. sailordude says:

    As a Florida Gator fan I have been a fan of Tebow and I must say this was a very memorable NFL year for me thanks to the Broncos 4th quarter wins. Thanks Tebow and the Broncos!

    1. blarg says:

      You obviously maintain low expectations.

      1. jncarlos007 says:


      2. Leah says:

        Well he IS a Broncos fan. :P JK, I’m a Tebow fan as well. More power to the boy for doing things right. I sincerely wish him the best and I’d love to see him win a Superbowl or five. :)

      3. Danny Vice says:

        @blarg, sounds to me like your team never made it to the playoffs. Imagine how sad your expectations must be at this point. I’ll take a second round playoff team any day of the week. Especially when it involves a brand new quarterback who will do nothing but improve over the coming decade

      4. mok says:

        Heisman Trophy, national championship, yah right…low expectations. this is technically his first year. wait and see, there will come a day…

  6. Just a nobody says:

    John Fox,

    yeah, like we heard nothing about Roethlisberger’s injuries for a week before that game.

    Nobody cares.

    1. Dave says:

      Roethlisberger seems to have a problem with being a positive role model. But the real reason for not covering Big Ben is CBS’s Denver affiliate does not concern itself with the minutia of other teams.

  7. Linda C says:

    Love this kid’s character — Always humble!
    God bless, TT.

    1. Words mean something says:

      So humble he has a press conference about how humble he is.

      God bless us all, not one person…

      1. Linda C says:

        Say what? Don’t be silly, pendejo!

      2. kenh says:

        “God bless us all, not one person…”
        and Tebow would be the first person to agree with you on that.
        Listen and learn.

    2. kenmat says:

      Yeah, thousands of people in the stadium to watch a football game plus millions on TV and Tebow is out on the field gesturing: “Hey, look at me, look at me. I’m a christian. Hey, everybody, there’s a christian here. Watch me give thanks to God. I’m just being humble.”

      1. Linda C says:

        Another “pendejo” blahing away!!!

      2. Ronald Sandidge says:

        There in lies the problem with your summation. He does not seek recognition. Which is what good Christians should do. It’s the camera men chasing him that are showing him, he is not running up to the camera doing it.

      3. John Deaux says:

        Kenmat, your post should be affixed in the dictionary next to the word p*ssy as an example.

  8. Tom says:

    You could see Tebow holding his right collar towards the end of that game. At first it looked like he might have broken a collar bone. Did the commentators mention it? I don’t remember their saying anything.

  9. Wen says:

    He understands what honor and commitment mean to himself and those around him, and he takes personal responsibility for his actions on and off the field. Plus, he’s committed to long-term improvement. America has always liked the Good Guy, and Tebow seems like the real deal. Attaboy, Tim!

    1. Really? says:

      He should serve in the military then…

      1. pattillmanlives says:

        i know of a nfl player that did just that, actually died serving his country.
        with no fake promises of an eternal life.

      2. Bob says:

        Really? Or he should just come kick your a*! girly girl.

      3. Leah says:

        Thank you, Jim, for being reasonable and intelligent, and for using proper grammar and punctuation. That last skill set has apparently escaped some people on this forum. I appreciate your balanced perspective.

  10. Chuck says:

    Roethlisberger was the Darling of the Media until he hurt himself on his motorcycle. He is no respected as a seasoned veteran who can get the job done, even if injured. He was a heavy favorite over Denver. But, he got beat by Tebow, who is taking his turn as Darling of the Media. Later, Joe Smoe will be the Darling of the Media. For crying out loud. give this rookie praise in what he did for Denver this last year.

    1. Ben is a rapist says:

      What about the rape?

    2. tebowthemanboy says:

      hey dummy he is not a rookie

      1. GAlanJag says:

        Neither is Tebow, slick. He is in his second year in the NFL and THUS NOT a rookie.

      2. Josh Biggs says:

        Technically Tebow war a rookie having never played a full season in the NFL………. try again hater.

  11. ONTIME says:

    Good thing the job pays so well, most of us are in no condition to do what these pros do. I am amazed that Rothlisberger who was not knocked out of several games, left and came back in to finnish, there is that fine line between tough and stupid….money does talk as well as pride.

    Think about some of the conditions our guys and gals fight in and remind yourself they are not playing a game and are getting a hell of a lot less to defend your freedoms……ouuuurah troops!

  12. Bippy Bellito says:

    How many teams would want a player like Tebow that shows character every time he steps on the field. There are two problems with Tebow as far as the mainstream sports media is concerned. He’s Christian and he’s White.

  13. Lynn Braddy says:

    Geez, collapsed lung, broken ribs, a broken collarbone and Tebow was still giving it his all vs Pats. I.m not sure how many nfl or bronco records Tim broke this year but he is hall of fame bound. Can’t wait for next year. Draft some wide receivers Elway

    1. tebowthemanboy says:

      just make up your own story, there Lynn
      no man could play with a collapsed lung,
      in addition nowhere in the story does it say any of his bones were broke.

      1. PA Parrott says:

        Tony Romo af the Dallas Cowboys did. His was not only collapsed but had a puncture from a broken rib. check your facts.

    2. Jim says:

      Hall of Fame? Get real! He has the worst throwing mechanics of any QB I’ve ever seen. He’ll be lucky to last a few years in the NFL if he continues to play the position of running back instead of quarterback.

      1. Boogers McGoooohan says:

        Yep, Randall Cunningham only lasted a few years in the NFL if you consider over a decade a few years. And how about that animal lover Micheal Vick I suppose he is as good as gone too ? Barring any more stretches in prison Vick will be around for six or seven more years which is a long time in the NFL.

      2. Kenny says:

        Mechanics has nothing to do with getting in the Hall-of-Fame genius. At this time, it’s too early to be predicting him to get in the Hall, but basing it on his mechanics is about as stupid an argument I’ve ever heard.

    3. Bq says:

      Collapsed lung, broken ribs and a broken collar would render a player UNABLE to play….he had some torn cartilidge and some associated bleeding in the pleural space. A collapsed lung would require a chest tube to reinflate the lung….media is exaggerating the extent of this injury to continue in the glorification of the great Tim Tebow…..the greatest sub 50% completition QB in NFL history…..when will his squeaky clean persona lose its appeal over winning?

  14. ross says:

    Tim be careful! We want you to be around a long time. If you get crushed by 900 lbs it is gonna hurt. You are tough and you are young but you aint superman?
    Take care son

  15. Dave says:

    Tebow is a great guy. Hard working, great attitude, team player, good role model, but there’s no way he’ll finish next season as the starting QB. . . .that is if he even starts the season that way.

    Funny how Elway tries to make Tebow having the starting position right up until the first day ot training camp sound like he’s earned something.

  16. BJ says:

    I am not a fan of Tebow’s skills or the way Christianity is brandied about by his “followers”. However, I just don’t understand the hate that people show towards the guy. Yes, he is totally overhyped. No, he will NOT be a Hall of Fame QB. But, he had some remarkable moments this season and should be able to enjoy that success without people tearing him down unjustly.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      The so-called “over-hyping” was a backlash from all the hate heaped upon Tebow BECAUSE he’s openly embracing his faith. If the Tebow-haters didn’t hate, then the hype would have not responded like it did.

      1. sgf says:

        exactly – it’s like the suppposed aethesits who do nothing but shout and be obnoxious about how Christians are supposeldy shouting and being obnoxious.

  17. teej says:

    McCoy probably lost his head coaching bid after not coming up with a new plan against the Patriots. Who didn’t know how to stop the option after the last 3 games of the season? Who didn’t know that you need to hit the Patriot’s receivers as they come off the line so the timing of the passing plays are thrown off. If the Bills could figure that out why can’t anybody else after a 16 game season. The whole team was playing emotionless, which is common after winning a big game if you look at football history.

    Tebowmanis is because the media makes him the underdog and we finally have a professional athlete who appreciates his position in life.

  18. Cassie says:

    All hype and now, we find out he showed “great character” by playing injured…Whaaat? If he was a team player and was interested in the win rather than self, he would have let the back up play as he was clearly not producing. But, no, Tebow cares only for himself and what the camera shows him doing. The real heroes of this world do things behind the scenes and without publicity. Tebow instead brings sick kids to football games while the cameras roll and the media drools. Last I checked, football did not cure cancer.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      Wow! Dishing the hate! That’s too bad.

  19. Bob A says:

    Running QBs end up in the hospital. Maybe he will consider that in the off season.

  20. MrClark says:

    I much prefer hearing about him than all the
    T.O. and Ocho Buttho talk. Much better story about a much better guy.

  21. JustAGuy says:

    Tebowmania? (rolls eyes)

    The so-called Tebowmania was a result of all the hate heaped upon Tim Tebow because of his open embrace for his Christian faith.

    1. Eric Paulsen says:

      He’d be mocked if he threw down a prayer rug and prayed to Allah, or sacrificed a chicken to Papa Gede, or wore a traffic cone and rode a tricycle around the end zone. What makes you think some git posing like Rodins’ ‘the Thinker’ making a farcical public display of Christian piety would be immune to mockery?

  22. Jake Steed says:

    Hopefully he’ll pray for a speedy recovery, but since Broncos lost I’m sure God has forsaken him.

  23. Diego Roswell says:

    Tim Tebow is an American hero.

    1. Lloyd says:

      Not in my America.

  24. Jim says:

    I’m an atheist and don’t share Tebow’s faith, but I can see a good man there who hasn’t set himself up as anyone’s judge. Maybe other atheists should look again with a bit more honesty.

    I’ve enjoyed watching his run and look forward to his maturation as an NFL QB. In pretty much everything else, he’s mature beyond his years. Good luck to Denver and their bright future with him.

  25. Josh Biggs says:

    “This is ground control to Major Tom, Jimmy Fallon’s gone, Tim Tebow smashed his worthless f**ing head….. And the libs on earth will soon be dead….”

    “This is Major Tom to ground control, that is good to know………. Can you imagine what a place this world will be, once the Earth is child molester free….”

  26. barf says:

    tebow is a lie, and so is the christ. a cult of mindless fools, who believe the pie in the sky when you die…. all a lie. the creator does not care about the broncos.

    1. Josh Biggs says:

      OWS is a cult of mindless tools as are Obama voters. You have to be bat sh** stupid to believe anything Obama says.

      1. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

        kill yourself Josh Biggs..your sky wizard commands it!!

    2. mok says:

      you’ll find out soon enough on 98% of the drivel you post; prayerfully not until you hear the Christ calling your name and you respond.

  27. MDB says:

    Why does this young man continue to make public displays of his religious brainwashing–on the football field no less, implying that God takes sides. If there were a “God”, I don’t think that he or she would be dabbling in football scores and point spreads.

    1. Josh Biggs says:

      Brainwashing? like Global warming and liberalism?

      1. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

        Josh Biggs, you’re a fukking uneducated moron. Please pray to your invisible sky wizard for guidance…if he doesn’t answer, jump off a bridge because he doesn’t love you.

      2. TeaBow says:

        No, the kind of brainwashing called Christianity. Remember that? Bronze age fables, resurrection, eating magic crackers and drinking blood?

  28. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

    Correction: Headline should have read

    Tebow Played POORLY Through Injuries In Playoff Loss

  29. Lacey says:

    if people weren’t so busy bashing those they don’t agree with and worshiping those they do, we would all be better off. All Tebow does is to live his life as he sees fit, it caught the attention of one who deemed it newsworthy. He doesn’t do it for your praise, it is between him and his God!!!

    1. Sau Sage Fingerz says:

      If that’s the case, he should be in church instead of playing football on Sunday..he is a “sinner” by your standards and therefore doomed to eternity in hell…just sayin

  30. jimbo says:


  31. Lacey says:

    @Sau Sage fingerz You are an idiot. What are my standards? You have the right to post what you want. I reiterate…Tim Tebow has the right to live his life as he sees fit. He isn’t asking for your approval or anyone else’s; It is between him and his God.

  32. John Holland says:

    Matthew 6:6

    1. Rob says:

      Don’t bother. His adoring fans don’t bother to practice what they preach and they obviously can’t read their own holy book. Seems to me they placed Tebow on a high pedestal than their Messiah

  33. JohnRalph says:

    He sacrificed himself for the football God in the same manner that Jesus sacrificed himself for mankind. Teabow is immortal.

  34. God, you confuse me says:

    Why did Jesus allow Tebone to sustain all these injuries? Why? WHY? How could his almighty man in the sky have let this happen? It just doesn’t make sense…

    1. mok says:

      you are an idiot…

    2. Rob says:

      Even the mystical invisible being in the sky can’t stop the Pat’s defense and offense. Also, it’s feasible the invisible being in the sky saw the spread and decided to make big Earth bucks instead of magically giving this guy super-powers

    3. Sir Johnny Buttcracke Esq. says:

      And you do ?

  35. Crew Jobs says:

    Oh boo hoo hoo Tebow played while he was hurt. So who doesn’t if he wants to be a NFL quarterback? He got slaughtered by the Patriots.

  36. Thomas Lyons says:

    Love this guy. What a trooper. Hang in there and get well soon!

  37. pompey says:

    ….sure glad that the media is laying the NE defeat on Tebow. Of course the fact that the Denver defense didn’t lay a glove on Brady the entire game had nothing to do with it……right?

    1. Lloyd says:

      The chosen one gets all the credit for the wins, he should get all the credit for the losses too. After all, he is the King Bronco.

  38. stevebeagle says:

    making excuses for why he got hammered all game??

  39. ABUTOM says:


  40. Rob says:

    I guess that “shield” he asked god to place around him during the game, which was of course done in front of a camera, never materialized. Maybe the Patriots were just praying harder. Who cares if the guy is nice? This is football and this guy will never be a good NFL QB. Anyone who says different knows squat about football or they’re blinded by this wannabe prophet…

  41. Lloyd says:

    Here we go, the media making excuses for the Christ child. Give me a freakin’ break.

    After Elway cuts your a$$ next year for a real QB, you’ll be at the end of the bench with Leinert, Vince Young, and the other “great” college QBs.

  42. Jamal says:

    Oh wow, a guy can throw a ball around the field… Whooopie!

    There are people out there doing real things with real talents but they’re not getting and media attention..

  43. dootise says:

    and so why exactly did god/God forsake him?

  44. dootise says:

    I know it’s changed my life..Every time i go for my daily recreational swim…I genuflect on the pool tile first.

  45. Verne Strickland says:

    barf tebow is a lie, and so is the christ. a cult of mindless fools, who believe the pie in the sky when you die…. all a lie. the creator does not care about the broncos.

    January 18, 2012 at 1:33 pm | Reply | Report comment

    T-Bo is not a lie or a liar. Where does this idiocy come from? But your bitterness and mockery of Christ will be enough for you to be denied by Jesus when you stand before God the Father. Sorry, mate. You’ve doomed yourself. Benched for eternity.

  46. Kevin Jack says:

    I guess “The Lord” was not with him to heal him.

  47. Jake says:

    Thank God he finished that amazingly close game.

  48. FabioFulci says:

    Wow! It’s like he’s a real life superhero! We should all live by his example!

  49. jd says:

    Every athlete plays injured. Tebow passing below 50% is not gonna cut it in the NFL, and while he may be a great guy and all, I’m not paying 200 bucks a ticket to see a qb throw below 50%

  50. Bq says:

    Where does it say he had a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a broken collarbone? You are blowing this injury way out of proportion Braddy! Hall of Fame?..Tebow wont make the ring of fame!

  51. timr says:

    How can you tell already that he won’t be a Hall-of-Fame QB? What kind of records did previous Hall-of-Famers have in their first season as starting QB?