DENVER (CBS4)– President Barack Obama will travel to Colorado as part of a five-state tour after his State of the Union Address.

Mr. Obama will visit the Denver area on Jan. 26. Exact details of his trip such as location and length have not been announced.

Obama will also travel to Iowa, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan during the three day swing across the country.

Obama last visited the Denver metro area Oct. 26, 2011, when he addressed students at Denver’s Auraria campus.

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  1. Asodeska says:

    Why doesn’t Obama just do us all a favor and keep on going.
    He professed to be in support of job creation, and squandered nearly a trillion dollars in his unproductive attempt. Yet, with the chance to create 160,000 jobs by seeing the Keystone pipeline built, he turns it down.
    This man is fundamentally dishonest and has an agenda that could destroy the US as we know it.
    Time to kick him out.

    1. America is Stupid says:

      Are you ignorant or what? You honest think Obama is a King or a Dictator that pulls all the strings in America??

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