LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A second hospice is now investigating to see if a nurse who worked there pretended she had cancer to raise money in a scam.

Jennifer Risa Stover, 35, of Wheat Ridge is accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars from donors who wanted to help her.

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Stover is accused of claiming she had cancer and solicited donations for treatment and other expenses. She worked for Exempla Healthcare at the Collier Hospice Center between January 2010 and April 2011. She resigned when her employer began to question her time off requests, which she stated were for cancer treatments.

She also worked at the Hospice of St. John on an “as needed” basis. CEO Steve Cooper says they are appalled at the allegations.

“For somebody to take advantage of the wonderful hearts that these employees have, I can’t understand,” Cooper said.

If such an alleged scam sounds familiar there’s good reason. Ann Crall of Highlands Ranch was convicted of duping family and friends out of $60,000, claiming she had cancer. Her punishment was 90 days in jail.

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Julie Jane Martin of Oregon who claimed she had leukemia also got 90 days after stealing $10,000 from the Aurora based organization called Cops Fighting Cancer.

And Tausha Marsh of Fort Collins who faked cancer pleaded guilty to duping donors out of $30,000. She received just 36 days in jail.

“It’s really sad that you have to be that suspicious and to check things out like that,” Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey said.

Stover is accused of taking $30,000 in aid for a disease she never had. When CBS4 went to her home an explanation was not forthcoming.

“We have no comment,” a person at the home said.

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CBS4 checked with the Colorado Nursing Board and Stover has no marks against her record. She won’t even have to report the allegations unless she is convicted.