DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has provided the police department with suggestions on how to cut about $8 million from its budget.

One of the suggestions was doing away with the Mounted Patrol, which includes five horses and three full-time officers who ride them.

Officers use horses every day in the city of Denver — primarily downtown. They’re also used for crowd and riot control, and many special, public events throughout the year.

It costs just under $40,000 a year for the five horses. No decisions have been made yet.

The riders say the Mounted Patrol is right in line with Chief Robert White’s desire for more police presence and public relations in the community.

WEB EXTRA: Denver Police Mounted Patrol Interview (17 Minutes)

“For me, it’s just knowing that every day somebody gets happy knowing that we are there,” Officer Leon Tafoya with the Mounted Patrol said. “Every day, we don’t plan on it, but when we go out on the street, every day somebody wants to come up and see my horse.”

Cutting the Mounted Patrol is one many, many suggestions by the mayor. It’s one that’s come up before in the past and many police departments across the nation have had to cut their mounted patrols.

The police chief will ultimately make the decision on where cuts will be made and then present that to the city at the end of next month.

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  1. JT says:

    SO, you’re about $8mil short, huh? Well, how about terminating the officers who cause most of the settlement payouts? That’s gotta be 25 cop salaries plus the added money they’d cost the city over the course of their “professional” career of beating the unarmed, driving drunk, raping assault victims, and lying on reports.

  2. Sara says:

    This unit runs on half or less of it’s budget most of the time.

    The city is paying officer’s salaries for patrol, anyway, and this unit has worked very hard to earn the right to stay. They are on daily patrol, making arrests and keeping the peace, along with squeezing in up to 100 P.R. events and special functions per year.

    Get some guys on the street that are riding desks! Don’t target these guys.

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