ALAMOSA, Colo. (CBS4) – The search is on for three escapees from a halfway house in Alamosa.

Three 24-year-old men escaped from the San Luis Valley Community Corrections Halfway House after allegedly beating another resident.

The three are considered armed and dangerous.

The victim’s condition hasn’t been released.

Comments (2)
  1. denvervet says:

    A terrible thing to happen. I think our entire prison system needs a good evaluation as to what works in rehabilitating offenders, just locking them up doesn’t work. Different states try different ways of incarseration, a study needs to be done to see if any of them work better than others. Apparently we have a lot of repeat offenders and it would be nice if when they were in prison we addressed that and dealt with it.

  2. kmcgibbeny says:

    yes it is a terrible thing when we the tax payers feel like the we are being victimized by the system but the only difference between us and the criminals is we just have been caught. Its crooked and thats a fact but for those who think being in prison isnt rehab in itself then dont complain at the constant increase in taxes we pay trying to rehabilitate convicted felons that dont need it the ones who can and have become a productive part of society.

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