DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos had an incredible run behind the play of quarterback Tim Tebow. But is he the future of the franchise? CBS4’s Vic Lombardi and Gary Miller mulled that question after the Broncos 45-10 loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional Playoff game.

“We saw some great things out of Tebow,” Miller said. “Does Tebow have the potential to do the sort of thing that we saw Tom Brady do here tonight?”

It might not be fair to compare Tebow to Brady at this point in his career, but it’s something the Broncos need to think about for the future of the team.

“Believe me, the Broncos want a pocket passer going to the future,” Miller said. “As we head into the offseason, that’s the question we’re going to keep asking … I’m not sure we’re going to get an answer until training camp at the start of next year.”

“Tim Tebow has only started 16 games in this league, so to compare him to Tom Brady is almost unfair,” Lombardi said.


Lombardi said Tebow will have the whole offseason to prepare, but it’s still something the Broncos will have to deal with before next season.

“I’ll make this prediction. I think Tim Tebow will be the starting quarterback on this team. I think he’s done enough to earn at least that. He will have competition,” Lombardi said.

“At his good moments, he was very good. But when you think about it, you analyze every game, there were really more bad moments than good moments ultimately, and this is what they will look at — over the film — all year long and they will decide whether or not Tim Tebow is the guy that they can go to the future the with.”

Miller said it will be a fascinating offseason story because fans just can’t keep their eyes off Tebow when he’s playing.

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Comments (11)
  1. jeff says:

    It will be Tebow. He had the misfortune of not having a regular off season this season. He’ll be iinvolved in mini camps and have the opportunity for coaching that was not available because of hte lockout. Look for next season to be much better.

  2. Roger Woo says:

    Tebow is not the answer!!! Fox channel 31 after the game, Tebow says winning is not his first priority!!!! His RELIGION IS!!! How sad, Broncos and the owner Pat bowlen is paying him $7 million a year!!! Wide receiver D.T. says after the game, says I don’t care who the quarterback is? I want a quarterback who can throw the football!!!!

  3. Enrique Ruiz-Williams,Jr says:

    Why not trade your QB Brady Quinn and maybe keep rookie QB Adam Weber? Keep Tim Teb ow as your starting QB for the future as long he can be a very confidence to his players during this past season been an impressive year for all of us Broncos fans..Perhaps you can draft more important are…Bigger Offensive Linemen and faster Defensive backs such as Safeties and perhaps draft a pretty good QB this April Draft…Also try to draft good receivers,too,and a better running back…I do like Tim Tebow,he has ben amazed to us this year but he still need to pass more as I called him,Lefty Elway of the Future,Enrique Jr

  4. AJ says:

    As far as quarterback is concerned Tim Tebow has earned the opportunity to be the starting QB for the Broncos next year.

    The last time the Broncos were blown out like this in the playoffs was back in 1990 against Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and company as they lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 55 – 10 in Super Bowl XXIV. In that game John Elway was 10 for 26, 108 yards passing, threw two interceptions and lost one fumble. That was Elway’s 7th year in the league, and I do not remember any calls to toss John overboard and draft a new quarterback.

    Yesterday was almost an exact replay of that Super Bowl with Tebow going 9 for 26 for a 136 yards passing and one lost fumble in a blow out against another great quarterback in Tom Brady. John Elway was given another 7 years to win a Super Bowl in 1997. Tim led the Broncos to the playoffs in his first real opportunity to be the starting quarterback in what was one of the more exciting seasons in Broncos history. Tim Tebow at the very least deserves one or two more years to show that he can improve and has what it takes to lead this team to a Super Bowl.

  5. larryC In Denver says:

    Tebow is OUR Quarterback for Denver Broncos more coaching maybe some passing help from elway 🙂 Plus Tebow does a lot of good for the Community and a GOOD MOral Leader for football Good brings out what a good leader should have and moral character need more in business and all is good for moral. Yes should be you Faith First than your family than Football or work. Tebow is a good match for our broncos )Denver Broncos.. Yes will win some superbowls and will help other in need too. is good for Denver and the world. thank god we got a awesome QB as Tebow.

    1. Jman says:

      I agree and God Bless!

  6. Mark Andrews says:

    We need Tebow, I am not at all sure we need Fox—-is there a coach out there that can take an outstanding player and build a team around him — I don’t think Fox is the man!

  7. Dave says:

    Can we worry about that next year? It would be nice to have a few months of news that don’t include stories about Tebozo.

    1. Duluv30 says:

      Comments like yours are from the only Bozo You!

    2. Go Tebow! says:

      Dave must be an angry or sad person. Most likely a liberal bozo

  8. Elemental5 says:

    If Tim does not get the accolades he has deserved, then I hope that the Bronco’s stupid him out and then meet him on the field of another team — and get wiped out!

    Elways knows nothing about managing by putting further pressure on the type of person that puts way too much pressure on themseleves. The last thing that Tebow wants to be, as he has said, is like another NFL QB. Elway would be at the top of that list, I would think. IOW — If anyone can ruin Tim, leave it to Elway.

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