DENVER (CBS4) – Denver city officials are mulling over a decision by the Civil Service Commission to reinstate two police officers who were fired for lying about using excessive force.

The manager of safety is talking with the city attorney to decide whether or not to appeal that decision, which includes back pay and benefits.

Officers Kevin Devine and Ricky Nixon were videotaped at the Denver Diner in July of 2009. They were disciplined for using excessive force against some women outside of the diner.

The officers were also fired in April of last year for lying about the incident in their police reports. Denver Police Chief Robert White, who took office just last month, hasn’t had a chance to review the details of the case or how the Civil Service Commission came to the conclusion that the two officers should be reinstated.

White is concerned about why the decision was overturned and plans to look at all of the details to help determine if the city should appeal.

“Lying is something that could warrant termination and my understanding is that this occurred. I’m concerned if this occurred, if we’re doing all the right things and making all the right decisions and they’re being consistently overturned. I think we really need to have an understanding of why that’s occurring.” White said.

“Because a precedent hasn’t been set that you can’t lie and get away with it, that you can’t abuse your discretion or use excessive force, it’s not okay. It’s going to happen again,” Miriam Pena with the Colorado Progressive Coalition said.

Four women involved in the incident that night are suing the city of Denver.

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    I thought Mr. White said something about Occupy Denver not being there anymore “on his watch”…………guess he failed his first assignment. Don’t worry Mr White, Denver is very forgiving.

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