DENVER (Denver Business Journal) – The estimated cost of building the Northwest rail line of the FasTracks transit project by 2024 has nearly doubled to $1.714 billion, and the Regional Transportation District is now exploring the possibility of not building the line.

Instead, the Denver-area transit agency would expand bus service in the area, RTD officials said Wednesday at a meeting of the Metro Mayors Caucus’ FasTracks task force.

Read more on the website of CBS4 partner the Denver Business Journal.

Comments (2)
  1. J. says:

    The one line besides the line to DIA that actually made sense and we are not even going to build it now. RTD has shown time and again that it is totally incapable of administering a project beyond even the planning stages. It is time for big changes in this organization and our new Mayor needs to be taking this seriously. Why must citizens of Denver continue to just take whatever RTD throws at us without being able to say enough. In te 1850’s we were able to build a rail line acrossed the country in under 6 years yet we can’t seem to figure out in 2012 how to build one that goes 30 miles in under two decades????

  2. Nurse55 says:

    I want my tax money back. No more money to RTD.

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