DENVER (CBS4)DENVER (CBS4) – In the wake of being fired from his head football coaching job at Mullen High School Dave Logan says he’s “going to take a couple steps back.”

After his afternoon radio show on 850 KOA Logan stepped outside the studio and spoke for several minutes with reporters.

“If an opportunity presents itself I would love to coach. We’ll have to see how it goes,” he said.

Logan is heading to New England this weekend to call the Broncos playoff game against the New England Patriots. He’s the voice of the Denver Broncos and a former college football star and NFL pro.

But it was with Mullen and several other high school teams before that that he became the most well-known high school football coach in the state. Under Logan, Mullen became a football powerhouse, winning four 5A state championships, three of them in a row. His record at Mullen was 90-11.

Numerous students at the private school protested outside the school Thursday morning after news of the firing was made public on Wednesday. Adminstrators said they want their next head coach to be a “full time professionally trained educator.”

“I can only share what I was told and that was that I was not a salient educator,” Logan said. “The reality of that is by its strict definition I am not … although I completely understand the core principals. I’ve done my best over the course of time to live my life consistent with those five principals. And that they prepared to have a full time teacher and football coach in the building, and I’m not a full time teacher.

mullen high school Logan Emotional After Firing, Wants Mullen To Keep Focus On Winning

Mullen High School (credit: CBS)

“I don’t think the message had anything to do with my commitment or the number of hours I spend at the school.”

Most of the students and parents CBS4 interviewed were shocked to learn of the firing, and Logan said he has received lots of support since.

“You sometimes don’t realize — until you’re forced to step back — the impact that you have, I appreciate it, I really do,” he said.

Logan never drew a salary for his coaching. He divided it among his assistant coaches. He said he hopes Mullen will hire someone who is as committed to winning as he has been.

“My message to them was ‘I want you to finish what we’ve started here … and give the next head coach a chance.’ ”

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  1. the_punnisher says:

    The administrators need to rename Mullen to MORON High School.

    ” First God made an IDIOT for practice, then he made SCHOOL BOARDS ”

    -Mark Twain

    1. Molly Hughes says:

      You are a class act Dave Logan. But as we know… sometimes that is not enough to hold on to a job. Stay true to yourself. Your next exciting adventure will be right around the corner…. as soon as this door is finished “closing”…

  2. Sam says:

    I suspect the word the author was looking for instead of “salient” is “LaSallian”. Mullen is a LaSallian prep school. The stated five LaSallian values are: faith in the presence of God; concern for the poor and social justice; respect for all persons; quality education; inclusive community. I can’t help but wonder if the “social justice” part stands for liberal, i.e., Democrat, values. After listening to him for years, I still have no idea what Dave Logan’s politics are. In any case, the inclusive community should be able to accommodate a very winning football coach of outstanding character who coaches young men in having good character. We need more Dave Logans in education, not fewer. I hope he gets a new coaching position soon.

  3. LEE PARODI says:

    There is something in back of this for sure. Logan was 90 – 11. That’s 90 WINS and ONLY 11 losses. What’s wrong with this school? Football coaches spend a lot of time outside games for preparation, publicity and meetings among many others. Wow, other schools must be drolling at the chance of adding him to their respective schools.

    Again, there is something going on at Mullen. 90 WINS and 4 state championships and he’s let go. On top of everything he coached for NOTHING, that’s NO money to him…Again, something is very fishy about this situation.

    One thing for sure, Mullen High School is S T U P I D!!!

    1. Sam says:

      It’s unanimous so far: Mullen is S T U P I D for letting Logan go.

  4. George says:

    It’s too bad that Logan got fired but the firing says a lot about Mullen – it was once a fine school, but not anymore!

    It’s sad because four of my kids have graduated from Mullen. From when my first child stated at Mullen (in 2001) until last year when my 4th graduated, I have seen Mullen go down hill.

    After speaking to previous administrators about Mullen problems; problems that included the athletic department, I’ve heard promises that things would change but the only changes that happened were the people who made the promises were fired.

    From my experience with Mullen’s athletic department, I would not trust anything that was said about the reasons for the firing of Logan. IMO, I think it’s fortunate for Mullen that Logan has too much class to speak what I am sure is on his mind.

    While I know that there are still some great people at Mullen I also think there are too many who are not. I don’t know why people are spending their money on the tuition.

    An x-MullenSupporter

  5. Don says:

    Mullen is going downhill and the only way to salvage the school is to fire the administration not a football coach. The sheer stupidity of this decision is overwhelming. You have a coach that lives by some high values here and the kids and parents all respected him. Now you fire him because he’s not an educator? He has taught way more to these kids than just academics. Change the decision while you still can!

  6. JeanneLePieux says:

    Dave Logan is a class act. One of the few. He will land on his feet and Mullen will lose in the long run.

  7. John says:

    Pretty surprising, I can’t help but wonder if there is not more to the story.
    My son was the starting fullback for Dave’s 1st state championship at Arvada West.
    I always thought Dave did a great job and set good examples for the kids.
    I am glad my son had the opportunity to play for him and be a part of that 1st state championship.
    It’s a day I won’t forget.
    Good luck to Dave, I am sure he will be just fine.
    I would imagine a lot of high schools would love to have him.
    I was around him for four years, he was great to the kids.

  8. Jon says:

    Dave, speaking as a distant alum, I have to say, you’d be heartily welcomed back at A-West! No hard feelings! 😉

    But seriously, best wishes, though you hardly need them. I have a feeling Colorado prep football fans won’t be missing you for too long!

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