DENVER (CBS4)– Too many accidents to count. That’s how one driver described the morning commute.

In just one neighborhood southwest of Denver, there were several cars slipping and sliding. Check out the video below from the neighborhood near Irving and Florida Wednesday morning.

“People try to get up this hill but most of them can’t make it so they have to turn around and it just becomes a can of worms,” said neighbor Mario Atencio.

Even a Denver Public School bus couldn’t avoid getting into a fender bender. DPS reported a handful of accidents involving their vehicles.

RTD buses were left spinning their tires, too.

“They think they have trucks. They can go fast but they can’t, they just spin,” said neighbor Debbie Engle. “If they’d try to stop spinning their tires and go in the powder.”

Engle shoveled snow from the sidewalk into the road to try to keep drivers from sliding.

  1. Mikey says:

    I watched this story on news4 at 5pm, where you filmed one car after another sliding down the hill and smashing into parked cars or hitting the curb. You didn’t think about blocking the street farther up the road, before the hill, by parking your news truck sideways to prevent these unsuspecting drivers from sliding down the hill and crashing their car? Instead,you did not warn anyone, and just sat on the sidelines so that you could get some good footage of car crashes for the 5:00 news? If you knew of the danger, was that the most prudent thing to do?

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