By Matt Higgins

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has seemingly made himself the poster boy for Christianity, praying on the field after a win, putting Bible verses on his eye black during games and even starring in an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl, but one atheist group believes he’s doing it all for personal gain.

American Atheists — a New Jersey based group that promotes the separation of church and state — tells that the only reason Tebow is popular is because he constantly injects his Christianity among the public.

“When we watch a sporting event, we are all united for our team,” says David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “Tebow takes religion and injects it into the mix and divides the fan base.”

Silverman states that Tebow’s repeated references to God into his post-game comments after a win is “bad for football.

“(Religion) injects the divisive force into football,” Silverman says. “Why in the world are we talking about religion when we are talking about football?”

Tebow’s popularity rose during the season with his improbable comebacks, the latest coming in a thrilling 29-23 overtime playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers after an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas.

The fascination over Tebow officially reached national heights when people across the U.S. started “Tebowing,” mimicking Tebow’s sideline prayers.

Silverman believes that Tebow is “full of crap” when he publically displays his Christianity on the football field and said his prayers are for publicity.

“It’s not that Tebow prays, it’s that he waits for the cameras to be on him to do it,” Silverman says. “He’s totally faking.”

As some criticize Tebow for his overt Christianity, the Christian Coalition believes the Broncos quarterback is being mocked for his religious stance.

“I think that atheists just need to get over it,” Michele Combs, spokeswoman for the Christian Coalition, tells CBS Denver. “He’s a Christian giving his ability to God. What’s wrong with that?”

Combs goes on to say that she believes people embrace his show of faith.

“I think more positive has come from this,” she says. “Young athletes look up to him.”

Silverman says if Tebow is truly a Christian, he would pray in private, not public.

“It is not surprising Tebow ignores Matthew 6:5 in which Jesus says, ‘When you pray, do not pray like the hypocrites in the street,’” Silverman says. “They pray to be seen praying. Pray in the closet.”

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  1. Skip Cook says:

    Wow the Atheist are using Tebow to get attention how ironic and funny is that…

    1. sevanclaig says:

      ironic hilarity. But seriously, join all atheists of every walk of life in celebrating their very own non-religion religous holiday the 1st of April.

      1. Tom Calhoun says:

        a great quote from Vance Havner a true man of GOD now deceased.


      2. Lou Bator says:

        @sevanclaig: Love it! Such a great day for a non-religious holiday! Go Tebow!

      3. Auser says:

        Atheists need no specific day to celebrate what they know to be true. Unlike those who are followers of organized superstition, that is to say any religious cult (which all religions are), no atheist celebration is required. Being able to think for one’s self, rather than having thinking done by some fanatic cult faction, is celebration enough. Besides, why would atheists want to take away the one and only day when all religious believers can celebrate in a manner that is befitting their true mentality?

        In all seriousness, believer or non-believer, tolerance for all is the true answer.

      4. Max says:

        @Auser. You hate on religion by calling it a cult then tell us that we all need to be tolerant???? I’m confused.

      5. Steve says:

        @Max Calling any religion a cult is accurate, not hate.

        Cult- 1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
        2. A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

      6. Derek says:

        @ Steve

        Actually, designating all religion as a cult is a bit off mark. “Cult”, in almost every modern usage of the word, means religious veneration that is unorthodox or spurious. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, etc, the common religions and dogmas wouldn’t be called cults, at least in their unaltered forms. Aum Shinrikyo, Branch Davidians, etc, would be called cults due to their unorthodox nature. Any other definition of cult makes the word no longer useful to us.

        Auser used “cult” in an attempt to align all faith with that of cults (e.g. Aum Shinrikyo) and yes, that is offensive to many. Also, as it has already been noted, he closes ironically by saying we should be tolerant of one another.

        Also ironic that many who preach tolerance are the ones trying to silence those they disagree with (e.g. American Atheists)

    2. steve says:

      Liberalism is the destruction of the human soul.

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: steve
        RE: Liberalism & Atheism

        Liberalism is the destruction of the human soul. — steve

        And its more awful form ‘progressivism’ is as godless as atheism.

        So what’s your problem with ‘liberalism’? If you’re the same steve that is promoting atheism farther down this thread, you should embrace it, as all such think there is no such thing as a ‘human soul’.


        [The Truth will out….]

      2. Steve Ramsey says:

        God bless Tim Tebow. Now there is a real role model. He loves the Lord and is not ashamed of it. The Lord is using Tim Tebow to draw attention to Himself. As for liberalism…………liberalism is a huge cancer on our great country. It must be cut out and thrown away. It is simply eroding the very fabric of what made this country the best and most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

      3. Sean Patriot says:

        Atheism is not liberalism. Im a very far right wing conservative atheist.

      4. John T Draper says:

        What could possibly be more ironic than liberal-hating christians? After all, jesus – who overturned the money changer’s tables and who said it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the ‘gates’ of heaven – was one of the most liberal figures of metaphorical literature.

        By the way, what’s up with those gates? What kind of neighborhood is heaven in?

      5. RogerCfromSD says:

        A Conservative, by philosophy, believes, as our Founders did, that there is a God who bestows us our rights. There is no such thing as a Conservative Atheist. An atheist can be a Constitutionalist, but not a “Conservative.”

      6. EG says:

        political cheerleaders are the real problem.

      7. Carlos Reid says:


      8. Santino Vannozzi says:

        @ John T Draper:
        He wasn’t liberal in the slightest as a matter of fact quite the opposite, your point about turning over the money changers tables was in reference to the fact they were doing it within the confines of the Temple. The money changers were conducting business in the temple as a sort of Church Sponsored Enterprise today that would be like a government sponsored one, or as we conservatives would call it crony capitalism, à la Fannie and Freddie, Federal Reserve etc…
        tl;dr- Jesus was angry at corruption

        As far as your “eye of the needle” goes, it was a smaller gate in Jerusalem, where the traders had to remove most of the baggage carried by the pack animal so that it could then be reloaded on the other side of the gate. In other words you must let go of your love for earthly, not that you must be a poor miserable wretch.
        tl;dr- you must love God more than your stuff.

        You have fallen into the trap of cherry picking bits and pieces without having a complete grasp of what the story was or means. The same kind of person who reads Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” and still thinks its a great idea.
        tl;dr- comprehension is more important than simply reading.

      9. Santino Vannozzi says:

        In other words you must let go of your love for earthly ** posessions **

      10. JByrd42 says:


        The problem with Atheists is, they are always trying to push their non-beliefs on to others. Atheism is their religion. When will we finally realize this? I wonder if Tebow were say black, would they becoming down this hard on him? You never really hear Atheists bash Islam. I wonder why? COWARDS maybe?

      11. Santino Vannozzi says:

        I see Mr. Draper never responded, obviously a troll filled with hate. Probably wouldn’t hurt for you to find God.

      12. Tomas says:

        RogerCFromSD: No. Conservatism has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It is the philosophy that we are better off by maintaining a status quo in the society, and only allow minimal gradual change.

        Conservatism is often linked with religion, because they also oppose change, as they have a static culture based on old scriptures.

    3. cato123 says:

      Not nearly as ironic and funny as the idea of an omnipotent, omniscient, and benvolent God concerning himself with the outcome of Broncos games while also turning a blind eye while boys are given the grand tour of the Penn State locker room.

      1. mikeinga says:

        Wow!….Sounds like you should be God’s personal assistant…You seem so wise!….. lol

      2. Nobody says:

        You can be wise too just read The Bible

      3. Ken says:

        What’s even funnier is that you’re willing to take the chance that ” omnipotent, omniscient, and benvolent God” doesn’t exist.

      4. Ted says:

        I can not think of a better word than “Stupid” to describe that comment.

      5. Paul says:

        I find it very funny that the Atheists are criticizing Tebow for praying. If I’m correct, Jesus prayed in publc all the time..Just sayin~!

      6. paul says:

        I wish that atheists would stop talking about their religion and stop their attempts to force their religion down peoples’ throats.

      7. steamboat says:

        Typical athiest liberal spin. Tebow has made it clear that he’s simply thanking God for the gifts he’s given him, and has said he’s not praying for God to have him win games. Now you can go back to watching Sponge Bob in your mom’s basement.

      8. h mitchell says:

        no paul your wrong. jesus didnt pray in public he called those who prayed in public hypocrites. you should read the New Testament, specifically the gospels.

        Oh and Christian, Athiest, whatever, its none fo anyones business what tebow or anyone else dose concerning their religion or lack there of. it is not the job of christians everywhere to convert everyone to their religion and its not the job of athiest to “enlighten” all religious poeople they meet to the fact that God doesn’t exist. mind your f-ing business and leave people alone.

      9. Dennis G says:

        Silverman claims Tebow’s actions divide the fan base?! Knucklehead. Look, I don’t enjoy watching defensive players make tackles or offensive players score touchdowns and then do some ridiculous dance for the cameras, either. But those personalities are part of the game, and if i don’t like it, I’m not obligated to watch. Players of Tim Tebow’s mindset are part of the game, too. And if Silverman and his band of evolving neanderthals don’t like it, they are not obligated to watch, either.

      10. Stan B says:

        cato123, you – as most Atheists and Agnostics – have missed the point entirely. Tebow never said God had any interest in who won or lost a given game. Tebow is practicing HUMILITY – a virtue that most atheists I talk to have no personal knowledge of. Tebow thanks God that he is talented, capable, and given the opportunity to win. Tebow understands that it is the Grace of God that puts him where he is, and instead of talking about what “Tebow” did in the game, he is talking about what Jesus did for him!

        And the old saw about God allowing “evil” in the world – yes, He does. But without Evil, you could not even understand Good, could you? And I’d LOVE to hear your take on how to implement a creation which includes “Free Will” without allowing people to make bad, horrible, or evil decisions….

      11. skpam says:

        H mitchell. Sorry, but you are wrong. Jesus said don’t be like the hypocrites who pray in public in an atttempt to glofify themselves. Every comment I have seen Tebow make appears to be an attempt to glorify God. If you are going to quote the Bible, at least quote it correctly. You are also neglecting all the verses that say: let your light shine before men, go tell everyone what the Lord has done for, make disciples of all nations, etc….

      12. kendrick1 says:

        So, you know exactly what Tebow’s prayers contain?

      13. Sean Patriot says:

        Wow KEN, your last name isn’t PASCAL by chance is it?

      14. Kenny says:

        h mitchell , Jesus did pray in public. Go and read John 11:33-42. That was a public prayer. The Bible does not condemn praying in public. The Bible condemns praying to recieve attention and glory from humans. When someone prays in public they are either doing it to recieve attention or they are doing it out of sincerity. That is between them and God. You or I cannot see into a person’s heart and know for sure if it is hypocritical or sincere. We cannot judge a person’s heart. Only God can see people’s heart.

      15. jncarlo007 says:

        So you obviously are not paying attention when Tebow says that he doesn’t think God really cares about the winner of a football game, to not wear his name on your back, and talks about the great people he has had the opportunity to meet as a pro player, and love, and caring, and sharing, and all that.

        Your whole concept revolves around the idea that God helps win games while children suffer?


      16. CurtL says:

        “..benvolent God … turning a blind eye while boys are given the grand tour of the Penn State locker room.
        As an atheist why would this bother you? If there is no God then there really is no difference between good and evil. Whatever is, is. On what basis do you decide what is good and what is evil, someone’s opinion? Or perhaps society’s arrogant claim, as determined by those in power, that it decides? Ultimately there really is no good or evil, just what is.

      17. cathyp says:

        yeah- I’m going to have to call BS on you here cato123.
        You know very well that no one has ever said that God concerns himself with the outcome of a Broncos game. Tebow has never said that. He says his strength comes from his belief in God. Even you should step up and admit that there’s a huge difference between the two. Or perhaps the truth just doesn’t fit your agenda.

      18. John T Draper says:

        CurtL: As a christian, why doesn’t it bother you?

        The fact that there is no god has no bearing on whether raping children is bad. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ have real meanings outside of the bible.

        The bible contains explicit instructions from god on how to take one’s enemy’s children as sex slaves. Thanks, but I’ll get my advice on morality elsewhere.

      19. isukusa says:

        The reason why God appears to be absent is because of the age we live in. Most English versions of the Bible obscure this fact because they use vocabulary not found in the manucripts words like “forever”, “eternal”, “everlasting” rather than the word “age.” God is not absent He is silent – big difference – because we live in an age of Grace. The next age will be one of indignation where He will not be silent. BTW He uses all things for his ultimate purpose it can be a Denver win one week and a Denver loss the next. It has nothing to do with Tebow.

      20. Deb G. says:

        Cato123 – Obviously you never listen to what Tebow says about why he prays. He does not pray for God to intervene in the game, he knows God doesn’t do that. Don’t be silly. He prays, like most Christians pray, to say THANKS so God for his blessing and physical gifts that enable him to play football so well. God doesn’t stop the creeps that hurt children and He doesn’t help you win a football game. Get real. It is up to us to stop the creeps at Penn State, which up until they discovered it, many were praising those that committed the crimes. THATS what should disgust you, not this young man thanking his God for his gifts he believes his God bestowed upon him.

      21. Robbie L. Gibson says:

        h mitchell, sorry, but you’re all wrong. Jesus did pray in public – what about the cross – “father, forgive them…” that was the most public event of the day. Crowds gathered from all around.

        You’re also wrong about it not being the job of Christians to convert everyone. What happened to Matthew 28:19-20 in your gospels? The difference is, while Christians are indeed commanded to go, teach and make disciples (convert), we always leave it up to the individual to decide, unlike the Muslims who convert by force.

        Tebow doesn’t force anyone to accept his Christianity, he simply lives out what he beliieves. He also doesn’t force telivision crews to film it, they do it because of the controversy it causes – giving them a good rating.

        One last point – since when did atheist take to quoting scripture in order to make their point. If the scripture is not true or worthy of following – why bother using it to make your point. More hypocrosy from a religion (atheism believes they are their own gods) that just can’t measure up to truth.

      22. Krakatoa says:

        cato123 has a point. Why would God care about football when adults are destroying kids lives? Why would God care about football when people are starving and dying across the world?

        As a Christian, I struggle with the amount of credit/blame that I assign to God for events in the world. Did the Broncos win because Tebow prayed, or maybe because not enough of the Steelers prayed? If credit is given to God for the good, why not give blame to God for the bad? God is either responsible or He is not responsible. He is the Creator of all things, right?

        Tebow is not asking anyone to believe the way he believes, nor is he forcing anything down anyone’s throat. The uproar surrounding his expressions of faith centers on other peoples’ interpretations of his actions, but does not center on the actions themselves.

      23. CurtL says:

        It does bother me, but I understand that God is not the enemy. It is sinful human beings, following through on their own decisions, who commit atrocities. You seem to want to claim that if God exists he should step in and prevent evil from occurring. Okay then, first define evil. Is it what God claims is evil or what you or someone else claims is evil? And how is He to deal with it? At what level of evil should He intervene? God’s standard is absolute holiness (yes, I know this is redundant). Should He start at His holiness or somewhere else? Btw, He did intervene by commanding the Israelites to wipe out societies where evil abounded which included throwing babies into fire pits as offerings to pagan gods. But of course, we then accuse God of committing genocide.
        Outside of an almighty God, from whose very essence good and evil have real meanings, there is no dividing line. It is simply personal opinion or one society’s opinion verses another society’s opinion. It still all boils down to what is is, and that’s all there is. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t make it good or evil.
        Its amazing how we want to set ourselves up as judge of what we claim is good and evil, without any standard outside of ourselves, and then claim that if there is a God then He should act based on our standard.
        God was right when He identifies that man’s sinfulness is rooted in his pride.

      24. Realist431 says:

        It is called free will. We are not in heaven and therfore there is good and evil on this earth. The Teebow miracle wins and 314 yards with 31.4 yards/pass are signs from a higher power that He is pleased with Tim Teebow. Teebow plays to glorify God and praise God. Because of this God blesses Tim Teebow. It is right there for the world to see.

    4. Ed says:

      …and quoting the Bible to make their case against Tebow. That’s doubly ironic.

      1. Cortega says:

        Oh that is a great observation.

      2. steve says:

        That’s because many atheists understand the bible better than Christians, lol…

      3. Arty V says:

        If they understood the Bible better than Christians, they wouldn’t be atheists.

      4. Doug says:

        You can’t make opinions about something if you’ve never looked it over yourself.

      5. Michelle says:

        Good point, talk about projecting.

      6. Lee says:

        The Old Testament is all about racial and religious murder. It is considered by the Council of Churches to be of equal authority as the New Testament. I’ll go with the atheist on this one.

      7. Scott Whiddon says:

        The Bible also says to pray constantly….so should he stay in a closet all day…should he be a closet prayer…no, he needs to come out of the closet and let everyone know that he prays.

      8. Michael Craney says:

        Well, misquoting actually. Jesus criticized religious hypocrites for praying in public; he never banned public prayer (which He himself engaged in) but rather suggested that to avoid falling INTO a public display of hypocrite, it might be better if the average person spent most of their prayer time in private.

        Tebow is neither a hypocrite or an average person in this regard.

        Further, (a) he has no idea when the cameras are on him or they’re not, and (b) he’s out building hospitals with his money, not Bentleys (this Silverman is obviously more comfortable with greed than piety.)

      9. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Steve
        RE: Better Knowledge?

        hat’s because many atheists understand the bible better than Christians, lol… – Steve

        As if someone who hates the Word of God has a better understanding of it than someone who loves it.

        If that were true—in another venue—the Communist Chinese would have become modern capitalists in the 1960s. The Soviet Union would have been there before World War II.

        Talk about foolish people. They’ll lie about everything.


        [The bloodthirsty hate the upright. — Proverbs]

      10. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Arty V
        RE: TARGET!!!!

        If they understood the Bible better than Christians, they wouldn’t be atheists. — Arty V

        Cease fire….


        P.S. Good shooting, soldier….

      11. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Lee
        RE: Heh

        It [the Old Testament] is considered by the Council of Churches to be of equal authority as the New Testament. — Lee

        Your ignorance is showing.

        I don’t know this ‘Council of Churches’. But I DO know the Bible. And the New Testament TRUMPS the Old for Christians.

        Let alone your claims that….

        The Old Testament is all about racial and religious murder. — Lee


        You seem to be totally ignorant of much of the Old Testament:

        • Ecclesiastes
        • Psalms
        • Proverbs
        • Prophecy in the Old Testament
        • History
        • A poetic description of the Creation

        Your example of ‘ignorance’ and pride therein gives the lie to what Steve said about how atheists know the Bible better than Christians.


        [Stupid, adj., Ignorant and proud of it.]

      12. taudawg says:

        Lee, the Council of Churches? Seriously, your understanding of the Old and New Testament goes only as far as needed to back your opinion. For Christians, Christ completed the law, not change it. But he became the blood sacrifice needed for salvation. By his Grace, we are saved.

        No, we no longer sacrifice animals. We no longer hold to the cultural laws of the day as expressed in the Old Testament. The Bible has many cultural dealings, it teaches in parables and is also very specific in what it means. There is much history in the Bible, but it doesn’t mean we follow those cultural norms.

        Christ commissioned us to spread the gospel, not sit silent. If Christ had sat silent, he would not have been killed. If Paul had been silent, he would not have been killed.

        I don’t understand why Tim Tebow is such a problem for everyone. He is not hurting anyone. It all boils down to groups like this wanting to bash Christians.

      13. keithg369 says:

        Always interesting when non Christians attempt to use scripture to make a point, since inevitably they take it out of context or misquote completely. Jesus comments were specific to the religious leadership who took the front rows in the temple, and gave insignificant donations with great display for the purpose of showing how holy they were, while all the while breaking the two themes of all the laws (as described by Jesus) – Love God/Love Neighbor.

        Tebow hardly seems to fit that example.

        As for whether he’s faking, time will certainly tell. I wish you’d have the same level of skepticism when the media and the political leadership speaks.

        On public displays, I’ve got bad news for you. Jesus is pro display. It’s the intent that we’re judged on not mechanism we use. We often pray in public before eating, and one of the things I’ll say is “we do this because you’ve asked us to, so that others may know that you are”.

        Lastly, in the scheme of things with athletes on drugs, selling drugs, rape, alcoholism, illegal gun possession and so on, should his actions be the ones we regret? My guess is some part of you believes in God which is why you care so much to organize against it. Would you get upset if he gave praise to Santa Claus or simply write him off as a nut and move on?

      14. john v says:

        i am amused at the continual reference to the amalgamation of “church and state…”how it should not be.
        well then, what church is tebow citing???
        what religion is he promoting???
        truth frightens people,
        he is neither combining church nor, and he is doubly NOT promoting a religion!

      15. paul says:

        John 3:16. 316 yards. 10 completions for average of 31.6 per completion. All had to happen on one play that went for 80 yards. If he has to complete another pass, then no 31.6 per completion. I would rather be a believer than a small minded, self limited, self-consumed/absorbed atheist whose main concern is self. After self is satisfied, then will consider helping another self.

      16. Michael says:

        @Chuck. Your comment that “the New Testament trumps the old”. When Jesus spoke of the Scriptures, what do you think he was talking about? He said the He was found in the Scriptures. He,also, on the road to Emmaus, explained the Scriptures to the disciples. The Bible is the word of God, Old and New Testaments. One book of faith.

      17. Sean Patriot says:

        Arty V, thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Ive read the bible several times and studies Christianity among other religions and Im an atheist. I doubt you have even read the entire New Testement.

      18. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Michael
        RE: Are You Being….

        @Chuck. Your comment that “the New Testament trumps the old”. When Jesus spoke of the Scriptures, what do you think he was talking about? — Michael

        ….(1) ignorant or (2) obtuse?

        [1] He is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament.
        [2] He does not destroy the Old Testament. When I say ‘trump’ I say His order supercedes what was written of Old.
        [3] He even says, “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies….”

        We love atheists, despite the fact they hate us. We just try to explain the Truth to them, but they hate us all the more.

        It’s a variant on an old axiom….

        Give money to a bad debtor and he will hate you,


        [Let no good deed to unpunished. — Atheists axiom]

      19. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Sean Patriot
        RE Having Read, But Still….

        Ive read the bible several times and studies Christianity among other religions and Im an atheist. — Sean Patriot

        ….NOT Understanding.

        I believe you. Why? Because I read that Old Book every night four seven years. A chapter a night. Although a LOT of it just didn’t make much sense to me. I couldn’t understand it at all.

        Went to a great church. Sang in their choir. And I STILL WASN’T an honest-to-God Christian. I was just going through the motions and thinking I was alright, albeit I was STILL totally FUBAR.

        I can imagine your sorry state as being even more FUBAR.

        I was then, as you are today, ‘stupid’, i.e., (1) ignorant and (2) proud of it.

        Then, one day in January 1990, a minister pointed an important perspective to me that I had not grasped.

        Unless you accept Christ as your personal Savior, you will never understand.

        It’s not written in so much black-and-white in that Old Book, but if you step back from the beating at the trees you actually CAN see the proverbial forest and appreciate it.

        Thinking on it, I accepted his invitation to accept Him. We prayed on it.

        A couple of months later, in my nightly reading of that Old Book, I realized that things that I had read and not understood so many times before began making sense.

        Ever since then, every day has become a new adventure with Him as my guide. Today’s adventure is sharing this with you and others who care to read it.

        Yesterdays was helping one of my grown-up children prepare herself better for her life ahead.

        I look forward to tomorrow’s exploits with eager anticipation.


        [Life is boot camp. We are all expected to go out and be heroes.]

    5. picomanning says:

      No, atheists are training the politically correct take on religion. The leftist media would be all over these athiests if they were arguing against gay marriage. Any Chritian values are fair game for the Progressive Liberals to destroy. If they could they’d nail Jesus to the Cross. You know I’m right!

      1. ItsJo says:

        YOU ARE RIGHT. Liberals can do anything and it’s OK- This is part of the
        “Worldwide Attack Against Christianity”. Just look at the Muslims burning the churches and killing Christians. Same here in the USA when they DON’T want us to have a nativity scene. NON Believers, Want Everyone To Be LIKE THEM…
        Sorry, that is offensive to those of us who ARE Christian.

    6. Dave says:

      I would suggest a real atheist wouldn’t care. A public display of something I don’t believe in as an atheist neither inspires nor angers me. I may as well be seeing a STOP sign instead of a cross or some guy combing his hair after a touchdown. I think these so-called “atheists” are just troublemakers. Why? Again, actual atheists wouldn’t give a hoot one way or the other.

      1. Doro says:

        I think these atheists want a watch a football game without someone’s idiotic religious ideas interfering. The bible is all well and good when the religious folk want to make a point, but not when it serves to chastise their ridiculous behavior.

      2. MisterPundit says:

        Doro, get a grip. What mindless pathetic loser would see Tebow drop to one knee for a second or two, and consider that “religious interference”? I’m an atheist too and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The way I see it, atheists complaining about something that trivial have never really fully resolved their own position on religion and are battling with insecurities. Sort yourself out first before you start whining about Tebow.

      3. ItsJo says:

        This is clearly, another attack against someone being Christian. These athiests don’t mind it when someone make a TD, and “Dances, Gyrates & Poses in the Endzone, but let a man get on a knee for a second, and they get unglued”

        Get over it, and STOP pushing your “NO BELIEF SYSTEM OFF ON US”

      4. Matt says:

        I’m with you, and an atheist as well. Why this would bother someone is beyond me. We are all free to express our beliefs no matter what they are, atheism embraces that line of thought.

      5. Jack says:

        Thanks for throwing in some common sense…here is my take on some of the comments and the story. First, I believe in God and was raised in a Catholic household, however I don’t attend church, don’t talk about God to others and keep it my own business. The separation of church and state is not something the founding fathers wanted in the context that these atheists want. They were only worried about the country forming an official religion. This argument has been skewed over the years. Next, they state that Tebow is dividing the fanbase, nothing could be further from the truth: This is amongst the highest rated game ever. Next, where is the outrage against Troy Polamalu? He blesses himself during games…but nothing is said, he does it after plays…there is no difference. Whether you believe in God or not Tebow is a good role model, he is kind to people, he helps people, he is grounded in short he is the type of son you would want. If your kids looked up to him and followed even of some of the things he does, they would turn out pretty well. Another point, he just professing his love for Jesus and honestly I don’t even know what religion he practices…as far as I know he never stated. But I do believe he is a born again Christian…but it’s a moot point. The ref. 3:16 has been at football games since I was a kid. My bottom line is this: Who is this guy really hurting? I mean, just recently in FL I think, Atheists got upset about a manger scene on public property. Someone actually stated they needed to put their head down when walking past it. That’s ridiculous: I don’t like porn, but I don’t put my head down when walking past a theater that shows it, I detest abortion, but I could walk past one with catching fire and I detest many other things, but I deal with them and go on with what’s important in life. Why can’t atheists do the same?

      6. Carl M says:

        Well Put

      7. Barbara Baxter says:

        I’m also an atheist who has no problem with Tebow. He is simply expressing his beliefs (which we all have a right to do) and is not forcing them on anyone.

      8. Justin Thompson says:

        Wow atheist’s are so smart they figured it out. It is for personal gain….Jesus Christ’s Personal gain…..that is what all Christians are charged to do.

        Matthew 16:26 What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

      9. aberdeenvet says:

        Right on. Athletes have been motioning to above saluting their god for ever. If the media and atheists did not make such a big deal of Tebow’s actions, fans would not take offense. Whatever motivates him is no one else’s business.

      10. Dan says:

        Atheist quoting the Bible, sounds like Tebow is winning. Question, “If you are an atheist and you don’t believe in a God and God does not exist why does it bother you? I don’t get upset when people talk about Snow White. Thanks for letting me know you atheist believe in God. Your atheist champion Bill Mahr has what 300 viewers. Tebow reaches more people in 30 seconds than all you atheist do in your life time. Must be a said life rallying against something you say does not exist. Good day.

      11. john says:

        MP I accept your analysis re. Doro.
        Although not an athiest, I too accept all religions for what they are….they are beliefs but not universal truths. If so they wouldn’t require belief.
        My belief is that religions are man’s attempt to make sense of our unpredictible realities. It helps to believe that there is some order within this random chaos.
        Incidentally, even Athieism is a belief and not a universal truth :^)
        So Doro, you also are a believer!!! Nothing wrong with either belief. It’s not real so who cares???

      12. weeone says:

        Brother, you can say there ain’t no Heaven but you better pray there ain’t no Hell

      13. Dave says:

        your post is on the mark and I am grateful for it. Its all about RESPECT. As long as no one is forcing you to believe and they can’t in America then why all this hate being poured down on Tebow or any believer???

        I respect an atheist’s right not to believe, they should do the same …. respect my rights

        Where does all this hostility come from? I mean come on…..

        if you atheists are correct, than we are all just a bunch of deluded fools practicing nonsense… it seems to me that if you athesists were secure in your superiority, you would have pity, not anger for “foolish” Christians…

        in any event… just let us be… RESEPCT our right to believe and we promise to do the same for you

      14. Avenger says:

        Good Post, Mr. Pundit. I do pray, however, that you will find Jesus Christ as your Savior before you die. I was once an Athiest. Can I explain how I came to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ? Not really. I think the thing that really cements my faith is how totally assinine and illogical the THEORY of evolution is. Google 10 to the 157th power.

      15. Sarah says:

        II think that alot of people are taking Mathew 6:5 out of context,,,In the days of Jesus, the hypocrites would bring one other person with them to blow a trumpet while they offered their Alms and prayers,,, jesus was criticizing their intent instead of the act of prayer, that is the difference,,,,Tebow is offering his thanks to our Lord for,, only Tebow knows,,,,,What is the problem !???? He bothers only the unbelievers,,SO , TOUGH !!

      16. LLinLa says:

        Well said Pundit! Worshiping gangstas, drug addicts, womanizers, movie stars,, Ok. Kneeling, “3:16” under your eyes . . . crucify him! Happened once. Let’s not do it again.

      17. Un Believable says:

        I too am an atheist and haven’t been bothered by Tebow either. Yeah I don’t like how it’s spreading into Christian advertisements at game time. And it’s silly if people actually relate his playing and some wins to God. I mean- when I see photos of starving children, I doubt a god would say, “You know what? That Tebow! Gotta help the game instead.” rather than worrying about bigger problems. But either way as long as he doesn’t shove it down my throat I don’t care. (Which the advertisements are pushing it)

      18. Pastor Phil says:

        Mr. Pundit, I am a Christian and I totally agree with you and totally respect you for your response. I would totally enjoy the spectacle of an atheist Q.B. saying after an overtime win, “I want to thank my lord and savior self.” I wouldn’t go, “I don’t want to hear his idiotic spiritual beliefs.” Long live Tim Tebo, sane Christians and tolerant atheist.

        Pastor Phil

      19. Joe Black says:

        Quit your pathetic whining, pundit. Tebow states that god gives him this platform to promote his god religion. I pay for NFL All Access channel to enjoy football games. Not hear some some nut preach jesus to me. If I wanted that, I’d go to church on Sunday. With all the damage religion does in this country, sociall and politically, I’ll exercise my freedom of speech to protest the promotion of that mental disease. I don’t really care who whines about it.

      20. James says:

        I think Silverman’s right — Tebow is motivated by money and fame, not genuine religious devotion.

      21. frankie says:

        oh and lets say two gay men go at it on a public corner, i bet the athiests would have a problem with that,too??AH YEAH RIGHT!!! no, only Christians expressing there Faith, thats what these commie loving Godless idiots care about!!!!

      22. DESaylor says:

        I never saw anywhere that there is a seperation of church and sports. Go Tebow show your faith is is an inspiration to millions. I hope you win the Superbowl and there will be a half time prayer for everyone to see/

      23. Truth says:

        Real atheists don’t care one whit because it is irrelevant to them. Militant atheists, on the other hand, are just bitter and angry because of their own mediocrity. They try to escape that mediocrity by trying to troll someone eise into feeling bitterness and anger. They are more childish than the superstitious folk they attack.

      24. Ed says:

        I’ve always felt the same way, Dave. I do not understand why atheists are so passionate about non-belief. If someone else wants to publicly believe in God and pray to that God, live and let live. Many atheists are just as dedicated to their “religion” as Tebow is to his.

      25. Jennifer says:

        I completely agree. I am an agnostic and could give a fig what anyone does in public to demonstrate their religion, as long as it does not involve violence. Recently I attended a play on Broadway, the playbill’s copy was peppered with quotes from the actors “giving thanks to God who makes all things possible”. Entertainers routinely give thanks to God during awards acceptance speeches. If beliief in God is what has inspired them to great achievement, more power to them.

      26. Tenface says:

        “I think these atheists want a watch a football game without someone’s idiotic religious ideas interfering”

        Well then I suggest (as an atheist) that they watch some other sport, maybe they can start a league for ignorant and intolerant people where public displays of religion are banned. This is a free country and if someone wants to praise their god then that’s fine with me and their right. Frank brought up a great point, plenty of people would like to enjoy a football game without seeing two guys kissing each other. Both the people who don’t want to see two guys kissing and people who don’t want to see people praying have about the same maturity level.

      27. Chris says:

        “He’s totally faking.”

        The fact that the president of this group would use those words in a prepared public statement tells you all you need to know about American Atheists.

        He comes off sounding like a C student from a public middle school.


      28. Bill says:


        The fact there is a group of them should indicate they aren’t actual Atheists. They’re just frustrated pessimistic whiners. Actual Atheists are not against religion nor are they in favor of it. However, media outlets will paint an ugly picture on a group of people if it boosts their ratings just like a priest who committs a crime. People know that most Christians are not like that just like most Atheists are not like this man.

      29. Chris says:

        @ Bill

        I was referring to the group’s name “American Atheists,” not Americans who happen to be atheists.

      30. cathyp says:

        agreed, Dave.
        It’s a very sad statement about our society that some people would rather watch some gangster beating his chest like a baboon, acting all “we bad” after a play, then a young man who spends his free time giving something good back to society, taking a second to quietly take a knee and give personal thanks. He doesn’t run to the cameras, they run to him.
        If he’d told the media that he was just thanking his dead grandma, people wouldn’t have their panties in a knot.
        I’m sure the next agenda item will be to eliminate any public displays of anything Christian, but lets keep throwing the wife-beating, dog-murdering, gangsters at our kids for role models ‘cuz it’s working out so well…… the US has turned into bizarro-world.

    7. Clark says:

      I’d love to get behind Tebow, I really would. His intentions are good and he has pulled off some impressive wins. However, his religiosity has been used to endorse some really confused philosophical reasoning and false pattern recognition. I’d love to enjoy these wins, but facebook and the internet light up with advertisements of stupidity regarding Tebow after every win. To use rational people it is like seeing someone say, “Manning threw for 12 yards with 25 minutes left! 12/25, like Christmas! Santa IS REAL!!!!!” It’s mind numbing. I think Tebow is a great well intentioned guy. What I dislike is superstition, I wish we were more intelligent as a people. Tebow is constantly reminding me that we’re not.

      1. Clark says:

        Correction “To us rational people.”

      2. steve says:

        You explain how DNA, a 64 bit code arises to code for 20 bit information (proteins) and codes for 100,000 of them in the human body without a creator to instruct the assembly. The main problem with atheists is that they are REALLY stupid.

      3. Jeff says:

        To Steve,

        So your argument is that this world is so complex that something must have designed it. You are using the intelligent design theory. Correct. Yes I am correct. Then tell me this, if all we see had to be created by something then what created your god? You have no answer to this and thus your theory of intelligent design is not supported. God is a myth created by man. Deal with it.

      4. Alan says:

        To Jeff,

        You’re grasp on theology is deficient;our answer to who created God is “no one”! God is not created; He is self-existing.His name is YHWH, translated as “I am that I am”

      5. Tim says:


        The problem with your line of reasoning is that God is an eternal being. To suggest that He was “created” by something outside of himself is to suggest that He is bound by time because his creation could be pinned down to an exact point. God exists eternally and is not bound by time. He equally exists today while at the same time equally existing 1000 years ago and a 1000 years from now. Not only that, but God existed before time began, so even if your theory is correct, it would be impossible to say when He was “created” because time didn’t exist at that point.

        God is not a myth, and you and your fellow atheists know it. However, you’ve deluded and lied to yourself that carnal knowledge trumps God. God reveals himself through creation, He’s right there if you just open your eyes. I understand that there have been some terrible things done in the name of God and Jesus through the ages, but also understand, not everyone who claims to do something in the name of God actually is.

      6. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

        Time has no beginning and no end. It’s that simple.

      7. Alan G. Eskew says:

        You know what the Mind Numbing this is…. your inaine attempt to impose your religious intolerence and bigotry into the arena. More intelegent people than you are counted as part of the faithful. Speaking as an Ex Aitheits I have seen my proof that there is more out there than just us. But thats me, not you. What chaps my hide is that sad sacks like you who clame a smug superiority over those that believe diffrently. You have already forsaken the key principals of science by saying that there is no higher intelegence that shaped this reality. Where is the Hard irrevocable evidence? There is none to prove or to disprove. “Rational People” are agnostic not aitheists. But if you were a scientificly minded person you wold know that. Go back to your “Im angry at my dad/god complex” you got working for yah.
        God, as with 99% of all things out there, we have no explination for it and never will.

    8. prage says:

      God doesn’t believe in athiests.

      1. Hamish says:

        that is not true god created everyone and calls them his children. Despite athiests not believing in him he still loves them and wants to support them

      2. Hal McCombs says:

        ‘Hamish’ +10

      3. John says:

        “The fool has said in his heart there is no God” and then there’s this little jewel :”God has created everything for its own purpose, even the wicked for the day of evil.” (Proverbs 16:4) God never called the wicked “His Children.” They are called beasts, the unGodly, the lovers of darkness, and though He takes no pleasure in their death, they are like the animals of the field. (it’s a verse …. look it up)

        God’s children are spoken of in a completely different light and tone.

        It’s tough to admit, but God isn’t only Love, He’s also a God of Wrath. He isn’t just the God of Mercy, He’s also the God of Justice. He isn’t just the God of Heaven, He’s the God who created Hell.

    9. Christopher James says:

      What I found Ironic was it is a group for Sep of Church and State. Last I checked…The NFL was a PRIVATE OWNED company with Private Owners that hire their people to play the game. So there is no laws or anything being broken here…I guess this guy would want Tebow to be some thug, drinking beer, snorting coke, having gay or unprotected sex, cussing every other word out of his mouth…for him to be a good role model. One time I will tell you is these types of groups will scream DEMOCRACY….next time they do…go ask them what the def. of the word is and then ask why didnt our Fore Fathers not make us one!

      1. Hal McCombs says:

        They act like Tebow is Michael Vick. leftists hate goodness.

      2. MorganGray says:

        But, Christopher, this is the same bunch that argues since the “airwaves” are regulated by the government, they are government property, and thus subject to the mythical Constitutional wall of separation.
        This is the same bunch which argues a creche on private property, but is visible from the public street violates the First Amendment.
        This is the same bunch which says a government employee cannot send his child to private Christian school because the government pays the parent, and therefore, government money is going to a Christian school, thereby violating the “wall”.
        Logic doesn’t enter into it. Law doesn’t enter into it. This is just pathological hatred of Christianity.

      3. Chris says:

        I think it’s pretty obvious by now the these atheists groups’ ultimate goal is to stamp out Christianity all together. They may disagree with all religion, but Christianity is the only religion they hate.

      4. Bill says:


        You’re incorrect. When was the last time you heard of an Atheist bombing or terroristic Atheist acts? They don’t care about any religion so to state they hate any one in particular is rediculous. What is frustrating, however, is when individuals like yourself put words in other’s mouths without taking the time to learn anything about that group of people before bad-mouthing them.

      5. Chris says:

        @ Bill

        Bombings and terroristic acts have nothing to do with my statement. But since you brought it up; ask any Buddhist monk living in Tibet in the late 40s – early 50s how the athesist Chinese army treated them. “Terroristic” would probably be a word they woud use – amoung others. “Religion is poision” was one of the slogans the Chinese used at the time.

        As for the hatred of Christianity; name me one example of any atheists group getting this bent out of shape over any peaceful public display from any other religion.

    10. alpha senior says:

      Jesus was not rebuking people for thanking God publicly, but for thase who boast in public.

      KJG Psalm 109:30 I will greatly praise the LORD with my 1 mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.

      KJG Psalm 106:48 Blessed be the LORD God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting: and let all the people say, Amen. Praise ye the LORD.

      Maybe the people will start saying Amen after Tebow prays.

    11. Josh says:

      Well, let’s be clear: Tebow’s public “praying” or “Tebowing” is purely body-language, as expressive as a “high-five”, a touchdown dance or a slam-dunk. It is a physical gesture, and none of us can really know what he is thinking, or what thoughts or feelings are in his brain. Just like when Shaq slams and glares at the opponent and everyone says “ooooh, Shaq mad.” Same thing, Tebow bows and everyone says “oooooh, Tebow super loves Jesus” or whatever.

      Also, how do we know that he ISN’T “praying in the closet”… ala Ted Haggart, Jimmy Swaggart, the pedophile priests, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

      Nuthin’ against Tebow, that dude is CLUTCH when the game is on the line. Maybe we should just keep it all about football…

      1. Lee says:

        Fine. Let him keep it all about football on the field and keep it all about religion in his church.

      2. dave says:

        lee U mad bro? free speech, 1st amendment. tebow can do what he wants. If you’re an atheist you wouldn’t get offended as it’s just a silly thing he does, only people who doubt really care.

      3. MorganGray says:

        Lee, whatever happened to “If you don’t like it, don’t watch”?
        That’s what you lefties always tell us when we object to nudity, or profanity, or blasphemy on TV or in the movies.

        Or… are some animals more equal than others?

    12. John Blankenship says:

      Tebow dose not wait for the cameras to be on him to prey they go to him as soon as they see him start. How many other players cross themselves r prey when they score a touchdown? They just hate him because he is open about it and not afraid to tell them about his SAVIOR.

    13. Slamdunk says:

      The poor atheists are mentioned in the Bible: “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” (PS. 14:1)

    14. Mad Dog69 says:

      “Tebow takes religion and injects it into the mix and divides the fan base.” – Fan base – REALLY? I didn’t know the NFL was a big hit in the Muslim Middle East!

      In the wake of Islamic terrorism, I don’t mind a fellow Christian waging his battle on the grid iron vs. spilling blood on the streets of Jerusalem.

      1. Texas mom says:

        The brothers who put up the billboard in support of Tebow are Muslim. They have no problem with his Christianity.

    15. Slamdunk says:

      Message body

      There’s a little more to the Tim Tebow 316 story. We know about his 316 yards passing (10 of 21) for a 31.6 yard completion average. We also know that the OT segment captured a 31.6 TV rating (whatever that means). And we know that he has had John 3:16 under his eyes during football games. That’s “four” 316s. The final score was 29-23. When you add the four digits, you get “16” and Tebow’s TD pass from their 20 yardline was caught on the 36 yardline, which makes it a “16” yard completion. Well, not exactly “316s,” but spookily close to it. Too bad Tebow’s jersey number is 15. Maybe they’ll change it to “16” next year.

      But here’s something else. There is a verse in the Bible that says, “No longer will Jacob be ashamed, no longer will their faces grow pale. But when Jacob sees among his children, the work of My hands, they will keep my name Holy, acknowledge the holiness of the Holy One of Jacob and stand in awe of the God of Israel.”

      This verse can be applied to Tebow.

      While the verse is talking about God’s chosen people (Jacob), it can be expanded to pick up on ALL of God’s children. So when the children of God see the work of His hands among themselves, they will sanctify God’s name and stand in awe of Him.

      The verse is Isa. “29-23,” the final score of the game.

      1. chad says:

        its easy to see number combinations all day long if you are looking for them. it is not spooky

      2. John says:

        You are trulan idiot playing the numbers game. How long did you spend figuring that equation ?

    16. Todd says:

      He only prays when the cameras are on him??? How exactly does he know when the cameras are on him? And why would someone work so hard to gain a spot in an anti-abortion commercial…I would be willing to bet that the pay was not nearly what it could have been if he would trick into thinking he is a rapist or dog-fight ring leader.

      The Atheists are just mad that they day in the sun will never come, however they days in the surely will.

    17. Janice Smith says:

      As far as I can tell, Tebow had never proselytized to anyone in the media or the public during or after a football game. He may wear his religion and have a strong belief but he does not tell anyone to act or believe like he does while he is playing or in interviews after. He is not the first football player to kneel after a touchdown and raise a hand above his head. He is apparently being talked about so much because he apparently believes. These athiests must be upset because no one is paying attention to them.

    18. Karen says:

      Why do atheists feel compelled to ridicule Christians? I really don’t get it! Why do they feel the need to offend with such a hateful, pompous attitude?

      1. max says:

        Because, if Christians are right then atheist are wrong. and they will pay.

    19. Silhouette says:

      “The Devil can quote scripture for his own ends….” Atheist may not believe in God….but He certainly believes in them.

      1. clirus says:

        God has even prepared Hell as a place of abode for Atheists for all of eternity.

    20. Kim Walker says:

      Well this atheist love him some Tebow! Go Tim!!

    21. Mark says:

      These days it seems atheists want to shove their view point on others more so than the Christians do…

    22. Fred says:

      Silverman. A man with nothing to live for.

    23. buckeyebilly says:

      atheism is a religion/belief system. dont kid yourselves.

      1. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

        Atheism is NOT religion OR a belief system.

    24. Jose Garcia says:

      Oh get off of your high chair you babies. Tim Tebow being religious is his perogative not yours. If he is being Fake about it that is between his conscious and his God. People are mad when Mike Vick Kills dogs and rightfully so and even madder when what seems to be a genuinly good guy is too clean. Which one is it?

    25. Dumpy Mcgee says:

      And notice the name of the head of the ATHEISTS.

    26. GGG says:

      Which is more pathetic?

      Christians who think Tebow’s public prayers further their cause?

      Atheists who are offended?

    27. John Smith says:

      American Atheists quote the bible to make a point, lol
      why are atheist so hateful ? why do they care what others believe ?

    28. Bill says:

      “Atheist group” is a paradox. We don’t have a group because there would be nothing to talk about. These are just sad little pessimists banding together to feel important.

    29. Ashlyn says:

      Where there is a bold presence of God there is a threatened Satan. And Satan will do whatever he can to ensure that God is not seen righteous. Think of the millions of people who watch football and have seen these displays of Christianity through Tebow. God calls Christians to share the gospel with the world, to be salt onto the earth. He commands that whatever we do whether it is to eat or drink, work, play football , whatever it is do it all to the glory of God. Tebow’s act of worship is allowing people to see his dependency on God and the boldness of his relationship with Christ. It is great that someone may be able to plant seeds into peoples’ lives.

      Matthew 6:5 was directly written to those who are actually hypocrites and do “religious acts” to please people not God, because there are some people who do so. James 5:13 says, “is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.”

      Let this argument be God-honoring. Do not be quick to respond but when you see fault or falsities first pray; ask God for wisdom in your response and remember to honor the Lord with your conversation. For once it becomes an argument out of hate and anger it is very displeasing to God in will not bring Him glory.

    30. Eagle says:

      God will take care of the Atheist, We (Americans) will make liberals a non factor. Im no a broncos fan, but I hope they win it all so they can watch Tebo and the rest of the country prey with him in JESUS name. Go Broncos.

    31. solarman says:

      Typical leftist misery lunge… miserable and cant muster up anything positive in themselves, so therefore itheygotta rain on everyone elses parade cause they cant find there way out of a paper bag. you athiests need to keep ur misery to urself. its your own poor judgment that put you in the frame of mind your in… quit watching cnn and mslsd to.. its turning ur minds to mush, its like drug abuse in many ways.. KEEP YOUR MISERY TO YOURSELF!

    32. Barry Soetoro says:

      Funny, NOBODY ever complains about muslums prayer in public when the guy in the tower starts wailing and everyone kneels on their little rugs and start moaning… Common atheists, scared of the muslums?

    33. Scott Chester says:

      “Tebow waits for the camera before he prays” NOT! The cameras search him out continuously to get shots of him praying. Really no difference when groups of players join together prior to & following a game to give thanks & pray for no injuries.

    34. Iconic Freedom says:

      Matthew 6:5 look it up folks

    35. weeone says:

      If your living life like there is no hereafter
      You better be right

    36. joe says:

      What is it that atheists are frightened about? They do not believe there is a God,so,what’s their problem?? I am not trying to convert them.. Just leave us alone. We will all find the answer after death. ….so I suggest that Silverman and others clean out their own colon and let us figure it all out for ourselves. “.Methinks they doth protest too much”

    37. abbey says:

      Ever notice that most atheists are Jews? And that they always attack Christianity but never Islam or Buddhism or any other religion. It’s always Chirstianity. They hate Christianity. Why?

    38. dimmu says:

      I think it’s funny that they say the only reason he is popular is he injects Christianity into football.

      1) since when was injecting Christianity into anything something that made you popular??

      2) could be the whole 6 game winning streak, heisman trophy, college championship, overtime win in first play-off game against the steelers.

      *facepalm* /shakes head
      what is it with these atheists and being downers?

    39. Dr Mikey says:

      Even funnier – an atheist quoting the Bible to get his point across

    40. Bert Williams says:

      Actually, it’s even more ironic that a man who professes to no belief in God whatsoever purports to be a scholar of the Bible when he tries to school Tebow on the right way and the wrong way to pray. Typical.

    41. Auser says:


      You obviously missed reading the last line…which puts the first paragraph into perspective. Care to look up the meaning of satire?

      In any case, since you read the first paragraph and responded then the words must have inspired a thought process, my task has been accomplished.

      As for my “hate on religion”, I’ll just let religion speak for itself. More Fighting, maiming, raping, pillaging, plundering, and killing has been done in the name of (fill in the name of any religion you care to here) than any other cause in the history of mankind. Even the crucifixion of Christ was done in the name of religion.


    42. M.P. Klein says:

      Great point.

    43. IGotAComment says:

      ‘When you pray, do not pray like the hypocrites in the street,’”
      Maybe the atheist don’t recognize the fact that he is ‘not praying like a hypocrite in the street’, but like a Christian. Only the Good Lord knows what is in his heart, and He should be the only one to judge him.

    44. dstc1987 says:

      I agree, if the atheist do not believe in God, why are they making a big deal about this subject. Bunch of assclowns who want everyone to believe or in their case not believe thier way. Hey atheist please continue because you are showing God’s glory to the people. PS quit your crying, boo hoo he said Jesus boo hoo. Assclowns.

    45. Heated Battle says:

      These folks are jealous because they’ll never have a Hail Demaryius moment.

  2. Gunny B says:

    It’s almost funny when atheists take Bible verses out of context to say what they want them to. In the exact same sermon Mr. Silverman quotes, Jesus says, “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matt 5:16.)

    Jesus is saying that if we do things in order to be praised by men, then we have obtained all of the reward we’re going to get. But if you truly look at Tebow’s motives, he NEVER takes credit for himself for ANYTHING! He is letting his light shine before men, not praying as the hypocrites.

    1. bob says:

      sents when does an Atheist read or quote the Bible

      1. Mark F says:

        I’m a Christian, but I have to admit, the average atheist knows the Bible pretty well — better than a lot of Christians, in fact.

        Gunny B unintentionally made an interesting point, too. Why would Jesus give two seemingly diametrically opposed pieces of advice in the same sermon?

      2. Ken says:

        Mark I think that they are not diametrically opposed, if you don’t consider the praying to be one of the good deeds.. But then if you do that, Gunny B’s point becomes invalid.. Whatever who cares what someone else does or think? Boring…

      3. xJonx says:

        >> “When you pray, do not pray like the hypocrites in the street”

        Christ judges our hearts, not our actions. WHY we do something is more important than what we do.

        So, If you pray in public for the purpose of being seen, then your motives are selfish and God will see in your heart the hypocrticy. But if you pray for the purpose of Glorifying God, in public or in private, then God will judge your actions to be selfless and loving.

      4. JustinG says:

        @Mark F

        You have to remember who he was talking to at the time and who he was speaking about and to. Also in that day they prayed aloud, as christians, all the time.

        Atheists: GO READ ACTS and tell me all of that was done in a closet!!!

      5. Lindy says:

        Great point, Bob! That’s probably the only biblical verse they know!

      6. WT says:

        As far as conflicting with Jesus’ sermon, is Tebows looking to heaven and thanking God and different than when Jesus looked to heaven and thanked God at Lazarus tomb (John 11:41) and in public no less…oh the scandal, the shock…please.

      7. John says:

        A good percentage of atheist were once christians and saw the light of reason.

    2. Mireya Ayala says:

      Those “poor” atheists!

      They whine about “tolerance” and whether or not Christians are influencing government and society…and then spew all sorts of hateful bigotry in the same breath.

      The hypocrisy is astounding!


      1. Ken says:

        So one atheist does this, and therefore all atheists do this? Seems like no matter what year we’re living, so many people continue to employ the logical fallacy of claiming causation from correlation in order to bolster an argument. Sheesh.. Parents, teach your kids some logic so that discussions like this don’t have to devolve into emotional diatribes filled with assumptions, sarcasm, and loaded words, like “whine” and “spew”.

      2. niner_fan says:

        Commie regressives like this Sliverman goon are just such nasty people!!!

      3. seanmahair says:

        Just as one Christian does A then all Christians do A. We’ve learned to play the game really well. Thanks for the lesson. We’re really fast learners.

      4. Mireya Ayala says:

        No one is saying that ALL atheists do this. It just seems to be a trend among those who use the internet to introduce wild and bigoted stereotypes about people like Tim Tebow.

        Many of them do rant about “tolerance” while simultaneously mocking and ridiculing the sacred faiths of others or the “logic” displayed by anyone who might not agree with their views on religion.

        That is the sad irony of it all.

      5. Mireya Ayala says:

        In fact, just look at many of the comments to the articles. It shows just how much some people value “tolerance” when it conflicts with their atheistic views.

        BTW, I have no problem with people who are atheists (even if I disagree with their views). However, I have a big problem when people think that their atheism is the “end all” and that it should be shouted from the roof tops while simultaneously calling for Christians to keep their religious views to themselves.

        It is the perennial “pot calling kettle” rhetoric that I find so disturbing.

      6. Enoch Root says:

        Good point. It seems to me the so-called “Diversity Crowd” loves diversity of everything EXCEPT diversity of thought (and White Christian Men).

      7. Jsmith says:


        They can’t seem to leave Christians (or anyone of faith, but mainly us, it seems) alone.

    3. Andrew W says:

      do you know the difference between “context” and “contradiction”?

    4. Mike R says:

      Atheists have great personal faith in themselves. They worship themselves. They have faith…religious faith in but in THEMSELVES! These guys despise anyone who has the courage and humility to rely on The Almighty…when trouble, suffering, loss and death comes. Atheists can not be honest with themselves. But we all die, believers and unbelievers alike…and then?

      1. Emm Wun says:

        It’s amusing when Christers jump on that slippery-slope we call “thinking.”

      2. frank says:

        Your thoughts are not HIS thoughts.

    5. Raptor says:

      So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God

      1. Lee says:

        Which God? The Jewish God, the Islamic God, the Christian God, the Mormon God or do you have another one?

      2. dave says:

        jewish christian mormon and islamic god are the same, it’s their accounts of their religion that differs

      3. Slamdunk says:

        Only one true and living God consisting of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Not three Gods in one, but one in three persons.

    6. AFChief says:

      Right on Gunny, and that’s why he drives the secular press and atheists crazy. He is as real as it gets. Can someone give me an AMEN!

      1. Zipperhead says:

        Amen Chief.

      2. Doro says:

        Yes, he’s genuine. Because he always gives thanks to the god figure when…oh, wait. He only does it when he wins. Huh.

      3. Clark says:

        “He’s as real as it gets.” That’s what they said about Zeus. Do you believe in Santa too? It’s adorable, really adorable that you have imaginary friends.

      4. 9nerFan says:

        First off Tebow says he’s blessed no matter whether he wins or loses. Watch Sports Center you’ll hear it. Also he not only gives praise to our Lord and Saviour but he also heaps the praises on his team mates and coaches first! Not only that but then he puts down the achievement of winning a tough playoff game behind spending time with a young person who is ailing after the game! His highlight of the day was being charitable and giving. Yes, giving thanks to God for your triumphs and taking ownership of your shortcomings or loses is a tenet of a good Christian.

        Not only do Athiest haters want him to shut up they want to see him fail. But you know what? He wouldn’t lose one nights sleep over not being able to play in the NFL. He could go back to doing missionary work and good works which he has done his entire life and be totally happy. While the rest of you will keep on hating. Hating others, hating yourselves and hating your lives.

        He is trying to be an example of humility and giving to young people who look up to our sports heroes! But haters gonna hate because he forces them to confrot their own shortcomings and they find themselves lacking and are afraid. I know as a man a decade older than him I respect his maturity and passion. I wanna be like him when I grow up!

      5. jamie says:

        When you have to meet your maker someday, you at least will have no excuse because you’ve watched Tim Tebow praise Jesus in public. 🙂

      6. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

        Most Atheists are actually more open minded and understanding and what not than most religious folk.

    7. nitrox says:

      I love it when zealots misquote the Bible to fit their argument against Christianity! Matthew 6 does not tell people to keep their beliefs private, it says do not do “acts of righteousness” before men, to be seen by them in an attempt to make you look good. Don’t give to the needy for the tax write-off or for the service awards. Don’t pray big lengthy prayers to make everyone think you are pious. It DOES NOT say keep your religious beliefs to yourself!

      These zealots are not “free” thinkers, they are limited thinkers.

      1. steve says:

        There’s a difference between not “keeping things to yourself” and making a spectacle of your piety on national television…

      2. adam says:

        Steve there is no such thing as a closet Christian. Only one group sits in the closet and I can tell you it isn’t Jesus’ true disciples.

    8. R. C. says:

      As usual the fearful atheists pick only words that meet their need. Read Mathew 6:5 again and understand Jesus is talking about motive for praying not method, for heavens sake… Tebow’s history speaks to authentic belief, authentic love for Jesus, yes I wrote JESUS and that ticks the atheist off, no doubt… Get over your fear of belief in something greater than you Mr. atheist! You might find authentic peace if you would but open your heart to real life, life with meaning…

      1. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

        My life has plenty of meaning without the need for an imaginary friend.

      2. John says:

        Why do you not investigate beyond what you you were told to believe ? Your bible originated with pagan religions based in ignorant superstition.

    9. Heywood Jay says:

      True. But let’s try to remember that these people are lost and angry. They deserve our pity and not our scorn.

      1. R. C. says:

        Thanks Haywood, but we need to speak the truth clearly. A change of mind is not likely but we never know if a seed of conscience is planted however we approach a reply to their fear of God… Thanks again for your observation…

    10. Tyler B says:

      I look at Tebow and recognize the light of the Lord in him… its a quality too few of us share, and something I also believe is a completely genuine faith. Atheist’s might want to look at 2 Samuel 6:16-24, and see if that better describes the situation.

  3. TiredOfTheBashers says:

    So Mr Silverman, when you state, “It’s not that Tebow prays, it’s that he waits for the cameras to be on him to do it, he’s totally faking.”. All I can say is wow, how cool that you can afford be at all the games to personally witness all that we can’t see from home on TV. Seriously? Give me a break……

  4. jcruenv says:

    Dear Atheists,

    Your religion is not as attractive as you think. That’s why you crave the attention you do, you want to spread your religion and people aren’t interested.

    So sorry.

    1. Blake Turner says:

      Atheism isn’t a religion. It is a lack of belief in any supernatural creator or force or creators due to lack of evidence. If that constitutes a religon then I guess I am a polytheist as I don’t believe in Osiris , Thor, or Leprechauns. Atheists dont crave attention any more than Christians and when we speak our beliefs we speak only to evidence, science, reason, and logic. If those things offend you or threaten your beliefs, how strong is your faith truly? I believe religion has been the greatest hindrance to mankind and is the greatest threat to our future, that is my only reason for speaking.

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Blake Turner
        RE: Heh

        Please explain how someone ‘nails’ the name of a runaway nuclear reactor from about 2000 years before the event.


        [Atheism is a non-prophet organization.]

      2. SilverState says:

        Yo, Blake, good point. You are right to point out evidence, science, reason and logic. My problem is that I wasn’t around when God created everything, so I have to take someone’s word for it. You weren’t (I don’t think) around when life first crawled out of the ooze a couple million millenia ago, so you just have to take someone’s word for it. But we do have one important thing in common: we both prove the Bible right when it says that we live by faith and not by sight.

      3. espy says:

        I hear more from Atheists about how Christianity is stupid then I do from Christians about God. I see more in the news about Atheists protesting Christian institutions and Christian ideals than the opposite. Atheists crave attention. They have a need to be seen protesting religion, otherwise they’re just another person. Another problem is that the primary religion Atheists react to is Christianity. My response to that is, really? What has Christianity ever done to you personally? Has it called for your death? Has it done anything that has outright hurt you? Christianity is merely the easiest target of people making ad hominem attacks. You point at the pedophilia present in the Clergy. Guess what the great majority of the Clergy aren’t pedophiles, and the fact is that pedophilia exists in every walk of life. What else do you have? The AIDS debacle? Guess what if people actually followed Christian ideals when it came to sex then the number of STDs would be lower. You point at the Crusades. They happened hundreds of years ago when the world was a very different place. These examples come from the Roman Catholic Church merely because its the one getting targeted the most.

        Prove to me God doesn’t exist. Outside sources from the Bible prove the existence of Jesus Christ. Einstein believed in a higher power as did Newton. The two men that most fashioned the modern view of the physical world acknowledged the existence of a higher power. Einstein was an agnostic while Newton has been called an Arian Christian.

      4. Mary says:

        I believe in Christ, If I’m wrong and he isn’t real, what harm has believing caused? If you’re wrong and Jesus is real, what do you have to lose?

      5. Blake Turner says:

        Einstein said belief in God was a ” childish superstition” (1954)
        Atheist primarily criticize Christians because you are the faith that is around us in the US. If I were in a Muslim country, my main attention would be to Islam. Christians affect me everyday with their influence in goernment and their philosophy that loves death.

      6. mydh12 says:

        Atheists have faith that there is no god. That is a strong opinion on a “religious” topic, hence it is a “religious” viewpoint which is part of an overall “religious” worldview, which is simply another name for a “religion.” Atheists love to have their secular humanist faith and religion promoted in our society, including in our schools, but they will do all they can to censor out Christianity.Hypocrites!

      7. Wayne says:

        If you were in a Muslim country you would not utter a word against Islam or Allah. Because in Muslim countries, you convert, or you die. So answer this question — to yourself — in an intellectually fashion. Are you truly willing to die for your (non) beliefs?
        Just curious.

      8. mydh12 says:

        @Blake Turner. You say that Christianity loves death?! What have you been smoking?! Christians are pro-life in terms of not wanting unborn babies to be aborted. That was true in ancient Rome and also today. Christians are the ones who are fighting against euthanasia and “death panels” in Obamacare. Christians are the ones who stopped the practice in India of wives being thrown on the funeral pyres of their husband’s dead bodies, and thus being burned to death. Christians defend INNOCENT life. What is the record of countries which are officially atheistic? Look at Stalin and Mao, Pol Pot in Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, etc. 100 million innocent citizens slaughtered. That is atheism’s record.

      9. chuck says:

        Nature herself has imprinted upon the minds of all, the idea of God – Cicero.

        The only thing more ridiculous than believing in God, is mocking those that do. – Me.

      10. useyourbrain says:

        Poor Blake,

        There are a few people, like yourself who choose not to believe in a God-like supernatural being.
        Everyone has to make these kinds of decisions for himself.
        However, I will contend that people who refuse to believe in God or in “a” god, always believe in magic. When you examine science with the assumption that no one designed anything, you must to believe in magic.

        What else would you call the evolutionist’s theory that the first life was created when a bolt of lightning struck a pile of mud?

        What else would you call it when you realize how perfectly the solar system and the rest of the galaxies around us move in perfect synchronized patterns year after year, century after century?

        What else would you call it when one microscopic cell from a male and one microscopic cell from a female join together, re-shuffle thousands, if not millions, of pieces of genetic information, and a new organism is created?And then that new organism shares characteristics of both parents.

        You may choose not to believe in God, but your only real alternative then, is to believe in magic.

      11. Edgar Friendly says:


        Are you that simpleminded? If you were surrounded by Muslims and attacked their faith the way you do the Christians, you would be beheaded and wouldn’t spout off about anything anymore. You atheists attack Christians because they turn the other cheek. Don’t see any of you spouting off about Muslims now do we? Not only do you have nothing higher than your own egoes but you have no balls to back up your mouths either.

      12. Edmund Burke says:

        I am a committed Christian, but I am not bothered by the fact that some people are atheists or agnostics. Nor am I bothered that other people adhere to other religions. I am bothered by some of atheists I have known who want to destroy all religion. They seem almost fanatical in belief and make every effort to shove these beliefs down other peoples’ throats. Three of the greatest Atheists in the 20th century were Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Mao Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung). They murdered millions of people in their effort to build atheist Utopias. Where in the 20th century have Christians done this?
        Most of what atheists know about modern Christians seems to come from Hollywood movies. For as long as I can remember, most movies portray Christians as ignorant, deranged, hypocritical, greedy, etc.
        Our founding fathers knew the importance of religion in everyday life, but did not want the government to establish a state religion, like the Church of England, or to interfere with a citizen’s religious practices. The 1st Amendment makes this clear:
        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….” See:

      13. Shiloh says:

        True Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with God the Father through His Son, Jesus the Messiah. While it is true that too many professing Christians do not live out what they often say, and many do not even believe in the inerrancy and authority of God’s Word (the Bible, in the original Hebrew and Greek, faithfully and accurately translated) and have adopted false doctrines clearly contrary to Scripture, true Christianity is NOT “the greatest hindrance to mankind and [is] the greatest threat to our future.” It is the greatest benefit to mankind, past, present and future. Atheists are uncomfortable because they hate to feel the fire. Go Tim!

      14. Hamish says:

        Blake, christianity is not “a philosophy that loves death” christianity focuses on the resurrection of jesus and the amazing reward and relationship we can have with god as a result.

        I would also like to give an analogy. the prophecies in the old testament (which have been accurately carbon dated to being created before jesus’ birth)are simply proved by jesus birth. there are around 400 of these prophecies surrounding jesus all of which were fulfilled. the probability of this occuring andbeing fulfilled by one man is like having a box the size of the universe and filling it with silver ballbearings and 1 gold ball bearing, then dipping your hand in and picking out the gold ball bearing.

        Now the coming of jesus did occur, and it was highly improbable according to common sense.
        Now there are twice as many prophecies concerning the second coming of jesus so it seems pretty likely that he’s gonna come back.
        God bless you blake
        anymore questions and email me at

      15. gdd2010 says:

        RE: Blake

        Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
        Albert Einstein, “Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium”, 1941

        Funny, you look up to a man who contradicts himself.

      16. gdd2010 says:

        One more for you Blake. As the Father of Physics of which Laws are named after him:
        Sir Isaac Newton Said of God:

        Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. God governs all things and knows all that is or can be done.

        This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent Being. […] This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is wont to be called “Lord God” παντοκρατωρ [pantokratōr], or “Universal Ruler”. […] The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, [and] absolutely perfect.

        Opposition to godliness is atheism in profession and idolatry in practice. Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors.

      17. chad says:

        i do see the appeal in believing in an ancient zombie with super powers, but i just can’t push myself to actually do it. the bible is an inspirational work of fiction for the most part though.

      18. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: All
        RE: Blake Turner….

        Christians affect me everyday with their influence in goernment and their philosophy that loves death. — Blake Turner

        ….and ‘Projection’

        I’ll bet Blake supports abortion on demand. The greatest mass murder in the history of mankind. HERE amongst US. 83+ million murdered since 1973.

        Beats Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, combined.

        ’nuff said.


        [The Truth will out and the athiests are NOT going to like it.]

      19. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: chad
        RE: Okay, Buckie

        i just can’t push myself to actually do it. the bible is an inspirational work of fiction for the most part though. — chad

        Answer my question I asked of Blake in the first reply under his comment.

        Go on. I defy you…..


        P.S.That’s only ONE example of many of how God’s Word is true. How can prophecy—fulfilled—be ‘fiction’?

      20. MorganGray says:

        If atheism is not a religion, please explain to me why atheists just sued the Pentagon to have their own Chaplains.
        Last I heard a Chaplain was what the military calls a religious leader.
        So, if atheists want a Chaplain, and a Chaplain is a religious leader, then atheism must be a religion.
        Or, does logic not apply in your atheistic religion?

    2. AbbaDBabba says:

      “If you can prove that one miracle took place, I will believe He is a just God who damned us all because a woman ate an apple.”
      –Edward Fitzgerald (d.1883)

      1. Mireya Ayala says:

        Ummm…God didn’t “damn” anyone and the Bible doesn’t say that Eve ate an “apple.”

        I suppose that Fitzgerald just thought he was being “witty.”


      2. Dave says:

        AbbaDBabba, you’ve quoted Edward Fitzgerald. Let me make sure I understand Mr. Fitzgerald here.

        God creates the universe and human beings.
        God showers them with love and blessing.
        God warns them not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (clearly He has a plan for them in regards to this Tree).
        The devil convinces them that God’s withholding some other blessings. Though they have no reason to believe this lie, they do anyway.
        They rebel against God (Does Mr. Fitzgerald honestly believe there shouldn’t be any consequences for that?!)
        Their sin sets them at odds with their Creator, ruins the world He created, and brings death to everyone and every thing.
        God immediately promises to save them.
        He keeps His promise.
        Instead of “damning us all” as Mr. Fitzgerald states (which, in fact, would be justice), He saves us at enormous personal cost to Himself (remember the cross?)

        And Edward Fitzgerald has a problem with the justice of God?! I doubt that this man would ever be willing to abandon his faith (or lack thereof) if someone were to truly prove one of the Lord’s miracles, but let me try:

        He put up with a man like Edward Fitzgerald.

        If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

    3. William Crissey says:

      dear jcruenv

      atheism is not a religion its a lack of a belief in a diety. do you believe in allah, zeus, thor or any of the other 30,000 man made dieties? i would bet the answer is no, so that means YOUR AN ATHEIST ALSO to those sets of beliefs. as stephen f roberts said: when you relize why you dont believe in those other gods you will relize why i rehject yours.

      2nd atheists dont crave attention, what dave is doing is giving you theists a dose of what your religion does and if you dont like it then follow matthew 6:5, cause we all know that you guys would complain if scientologists or muslims were doing the same thing and screaming at the top of your lungs bout your kids being exposed to other “false” teachings.

  5. Dennis says:

    There’s nothing to do with Government, and separation of church and state here; the atheist simply wants to express his distaste. In this case he should practice what he preaches and keep quiet.

  6. Steve says:

    Would atheists be upset/offended if Tim Tebow were praying to Tinkerbell? No. They would think him silly and ridiculous. So, given that they believe that Jesus is as real as Tinkerbell, why are they upset? Hmm….

  7. Elayne Houck says:

    Why does he have to “pray in private” because he’s a Christain? Do the Jews at the wailing wall “pray in private”? Do the Muslims anywhere in the world “pray in private”? Oh that’s right,…….the rules are different for Christians

    1. KennyP says:

      I think it’s hilarious the atheists want Christians to pray in private while they publicly moan and groan what they don’t believe

    2. Liam says:

      you’re exactly right. people nowadays are all saying how we should accept other people, especially of other racial and religious backgrounds but they forget to accept christianity. but the rules are different for christians, we turn the other cheek.

  8. Subes says:

    So when are athiests faking?

    1. Common Man says:

      When they pray in private!

  9. HeathenCharge says:

    Atheists using a Christian to get the attention they need. Hows that for irony? Keep it up atheists, you only look like hateful, venomous idiots.

    1. useyourbrain says:

      It seems like their whole lives are about poking religious people in the eye with a stick.
      Ironic though, that as atheists, they see God everywhere.

  10. tricia says:

    Oh, boo hoo hoo. Someone prays and you watch with disgust. Turn your head if it bothers you. Way to go, Tebow. FREEDOM REIGNS!

  11. Pkpost says:

    The obsessive disdain of Tebow was written about in the following article. Maddy O’Hare’s legacy lives on.

  12. Steve says:


    Tebow is NOT good for football, eh?
    Wow, imagine that. A hateful atheist, so rare.

    dude, it was the most watched wild card game in 25 years.
    26% of U.S. households watched it BECAUSE of Tebow.

    let go of the hate dude, embrace the Love.

    1. Morrison Braddock says:

      What in the world does “love” have to do with religion? Very little. You must not be paying attention.

      1. jeff weaver says:

        You are correct Morrison, “love hsnt nothing to do with religion, but it has EVERYTHING to do with real Christianity! See Luke 10:27. Bless you brother!

      2. Morrison Braddock says:

        Not the Christianity I’m witness to in America Steve. Sadly enough.

      3. MorganGray says:

        Morrison, you want to give examples of where real Christians, not the loons from Westboro, for example, are not demonstrating the Love of God in this world?
        Or are you content with just bad-mouthing people of faith, and spouting slogans?
        And how about all the love those nice fuzzy muslims are spreading around the world? is that a problem for you? Or, is saying anything bad about a muslim a hate crime?

  13. Mike Myers says:

    If a 23 year old said he gave thanks to Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, people would say he’s insane.

    How is this different?

    1. Brett says:

      If you don’t already know the answer to that, you need to see a psychiatrist.

      1. Rich says:

        No, just a beating will suffice.

    2. astralweeks says:

      Well, to begin with, Jesus was an actual person. History proves it, he existed. There is no doubt he was an actual person, as is there is no doubt that thousands claimed to witness him performing miracles. Whether you believe he was the son of God is up to you. But know this, Jesus is not your enemy, he is your friend, and no, he is not against you, he believes in you and wants you to succeed.

      1. Morrison Braddock says:

        Incorrect. There is no proof of Jesus’ existence. In fact, It took almost 60 years for anyone to reference him at all. And it wasn’t until about 300 years that they got the official story line straight. The Jesus myth, best we can tell, is a amalgamation of many popular myths of the day.

      2. just_facts says:

        The Jewish historian Josephus has several references to Jesus.

      3. Al from Dadeville says:

        Of all the dumb arguments atheists use “the Jesus didn’t exist” is so historically ridiculous that no legit historian would dare use, including unbelievers.

      4. Mike Myers says:

        So was St. Nicholas.

        Believing in 2000 year old fairy tales which were translated and retranslated multiple times is insanity.

    3. astralweeks says:

      To begin, Jesus was an actual person. History proves it, he existed. There is no doubt he was an actual person. The bible, according to history, only touched on a fraction of miracles attributed to him. Whether you believe he was the son of God is up to you. But know this, Jesus is not your enemy, he is your friend, and no, he is not against you, he believes in you and wants you to succeed.

    4. pooploop says:

      Wow, invoking the flying spaghetti monster. How original? Do you dimwitted atheists ever get tired of your boring, lockstep “arguments?” Do you think 1000 years from now people will be reflecting on the wit of “the flying spaghetti monster?”

      1. steve says:

        Well, it worked with Jesus and Mohammed so why not?

    5. Rob says:

      You’ll find the answer to your question one day, but it will be too late.

    6. GT says:

      @Mike Myers
      Actually Saint Nicholas did exist, but hey I guess atheists can only regurgitate misinformation they pass amongst themselves on their little hate blogs.
      Google it you might actually learn something.
      He lived in the third century and was the Bishop of Myra (which is nor Demre, part of modern-day Turkey) in ancient Lycia.
      Santa Claus is a modern invention.
      Oh, snap you’ve been pwned!

  14. mark lewis says:

    It also says in the Bible to be Bold and to go into the world and make disciples of all men. Who are the ones dividing people?

  15. stacie says:

    Why do they even have an opinion on Tim anyway – what is it to them….

    1. trisha says:

      Perhaps they are Broncos fans or even Tebow fans!! Wow!

  16. jeff weaver says:

    How dare Mr. Silverman insert his atheism into football! I find that terribly divisive and I won’t stand for it. I’m forming a group called American Christians and we are going to be for the Seperation of Atheism and Football. The Truth is Mr. Siverman is a lost soul who needs our prayers.

    1. Morrison Braddock says:

      Are all Christians ego-maniacs? Keep up with your conceit and people will continue to leave the church as they have been for 50 years.

      1. Crazy Christian says:

        Numbers please?

      2. jeff weaver says:

        Morrison – Do all athiest lack a sense of humor? Keep up with your deficiency of mirth and people will continue to come to Christ as they have been for 2000 years!

      3. BuckeyeJRD says:

        Your assertion that Jesus was not an historical figure is an outright lie – you do Satan’s bidding by promulgating such nonsense. Christians, and Tim Tebow in particular, are the antithesis of egomaniacs. A true Christian understands that he is to humble himself before God Almighty, to thank Him for creating him and giving him any talent or opportunity he has. The reason Tim Tebow is so thankful to God is that he realizes that God created him in His image,; He blessed him to be born into a wonderful family full of love in the freest nation the earth has ever known. Tim knows it is only by God’s grace that he has the height and weight and athletic skills to do what he is doing. It is common courtesy to thank someone for doing something for you. Tim Tebow is merely thanking God for creating him and dying on the cross to save him from eternal damnation. If you knew in your heart that people would be eternally separated from God after they died if they don’t humble themselves before God Almighty and acknowledge His sovereignty over their lives, wouldn’t you want to tell people about that?

  17. Brett says:

    Did an Atheist just quote from the Bible? We are making progress with those idiots.

    1. Mark S says:

      I can understand your frustration. But if you really want to make headway, I’d leave the insult at the door. I don’t remember Jesus insulting nonbelievers.

      1. steve says:

        Indeed, that is very true.

  18. Alex says:

    Why is it that the ones critisizing others of fanaticism are the ones that are the most fanatic? No wonder, most of this kind tend to be socialists, et. all. These people will not tolerate ANY expression of religion, and they will take away your right to do so (along with all your other rights) to form a humanist, technocratic state.

    If you want to see the end result, I reccomend a very good book called, “Cambodia: Year Zero”. However, it is very rare. But still a frightening experiment on what godlessness can do to a nation.

    1. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

      Godlessness can only help a nation. Christians are hateful people. So atheism can only help. Hitler used the bible to justify his acts of genocide.

  19. Dave says:

    I’m a Christian, and many times not a great one, and think its time we all came out of the closet. Maybe if we did we’d be more convicted to be the people Jesus wants us to be. It’s easy to behave unchristianly when noone knows we are.
    Tim is a role model for us all. Especially our children.
    I pray for Mr. Silverman

    1. Morrison Braddock says:

      Come out of the closet? You must be joking. Do you live in Iran? North Korea?

      1. pooploop says:

        Yes, because Iran is famous for its religious persecution of Christians.

      2. Morrison Braddock says:

        Exactly “pooploop” – they way christians in america cry about “attacks” you’d think they lived in Iran. You can’t even mildly laugh at a christian without most of them becoming unglued. I’ve been fortunate in my life to enjoy fairly extensive world travel, and no where in the world will you get hit over the head with christianity like you will in some parts of the USA. On your radio, billboards, television and your average dazed demon fearing citizen – all desperate to rope you into the cult.

  20. kk says:

    I would rather belive in God and be guided by the words in bible and be wrong than not belive in him and be wrong

    1. John says:

      Wha if you are worshiping the wrong god and the true one punishes you for that horrible sin. Fear is what makes religion tick. You do good things because you fear eternal punishment. That is not goodness. It is fear based.

    2. flinchferguson says:

      @kk — The argument for Santa Claus works the exact same way, and for the exact same reasons. “If I don’t believe and do exactly what the invisible man wants, I might not get a reward.”

      But try getting a believer of one of the Christian sects to explain the difference between Santa and Jesus… Every argument against Santa works against Jesus, every argument for Jesus works for Santa. AND you never see them in the same place together. 😉

  21. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Atheist Defined

    One praying to God that he doesn’t exist.


    [Happy Atheist is an oxymoron.]

    1. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

      How the heck is “Happy Atheist” an oxymoron? Do you know anything about the english language? An oxymoron is two words out togther to make another word. Like Holy Hell, found missing, virtual realitiy…

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Bradley Kinney-Tiry
        RE: Maybe, YOU…..

        An oxymoron is two words out togther to make another word. Like Holy Hell, found missing

        oxymoron |ˌäksəˈmôrˌän|, noun — a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).

        Both of your examples are oxymorons. But your definition is WAY off.

        Instead of challenging my grasp of the English language, maybe you should get a better dictionary.

        Hope that helps….

        ….but I have SERIOUS doubts.


        [Oxymoron: Microsoft Works]

      2. flinchferguson says:

        @Bradley — I think he’s saying that if you’re an atheist you can’t be happy…? Implying that it’s better for you to be scurrying around in fear of damnation, because then you’ll be happy about something…? Obviously he hasn’t really thought any of this through.

      3. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: flinchferguson
        RE: Thinking Things Through

        @Bradley — I think he’s saying that if you’re an atheist you can’t be happy…? Implying that it’s better for you to be scurrying around in fear of damnation, because then you’ll be happy about something…? Obviously he hasn’t really thought any of this through. — flinchferguson

        Look who’s talking.

        I’ve been thinking about this for the last 30 years. How much time have you spent on it?

        RE: Fearing Damnation

        Only the atheists need fear such. And maybe that goes far in explaining their hatred of any expression of Christ. It reminds them of their final destination.


        [Angry atheists are, by definition, ‘clinical paranoids’, afraid of an entity that they swear doesn’t exist.]

  22. astralweeks says:

    The religion called Atheism is very amusing.

    1. griffin says:

      I really don’t understand what drives Silverman and his ilk to be such a hostile, vicious, and intolerant people?
      It can’t be worth it.

    2. flinchferguson says:

      So you have multiple religions, @astralweeks? You don’t believe in Zeus. You don’t believe in Thor. There are about 30,000 gods you don’t believe in, right?

      And you say atheism is a religion? Since you’re atheist about every god ever concocted by people — every god but your version of the Christian one, I suspect — then you are guilty of having multiple religions yourself.

      Some versions of the Christian deity would think that is a very bad thing. Worth sending you to hell for. Just sayin’

  23. Tony Romo says:

    New Jersey = God’s Toilet

  24. mcw1142 says:

    I’m an atheist and believe Tebow can show his belief anyway he wants even though it is not a belief I share. This atheist group is just a bunch of whiny jerks who don’t respect other’s free speech and they don’t represent me.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: mcw1142
      RE: Well….

      I’m an atheist and believe Tebow can show his belief anyway he wants even though it is not a belief I share. — mcw1142



      [God is alive….and Airborne-Ranger qualified. — Chaplain at the Airborne Chapel, Benning School for Boys, a.k.a., the US Army Infantry School]

    2. Andrew Williams says:

      I agree with ya there.
      Most atheists aren’t like these schmucks, but some are however and these few give the rest of the atheists a bad name.

      1. Matt says:

        Everybody says hat about the outspoken in their belief system.

      2. steve says:

        Atheism is a belief system as much as your non-belief in Zeus and Quetzalcoatl is a belief system. Somehow I doubt that you define yourself as anti-Quetzalcoatl

  25. jksu2 says:

    “Silverman says if Tebow is truly a Christian, he would pray in private, not public.”

    Since when do atheists know that the only way to be a “true” Christian is to pray in private.

    Worshiping in public or around other different/non-believers does not make you a true Christian?

    Muslims line up to pray outside all the time. Is that acceptable and Christianity is not?

    Hindus make public pilgrimages all the time to their holy places. Should that be outlawed?

    The argument sounds very flawed to me.

    1. flinchferguson says:

      @jksu2 — Atheists typically know the bible inside and out — the main versions of the bible that is (usually the weirder versions are harder to follow, it depends on which revision of the bible and which editors, and which crazy group decided what to put in…)

      Long story short — you can trust that Silverman knows the KJV bible at least inside and out, since his job is to beat back the worst excesses of Christianity, regardless of which sect is being horrible or merely annoying.

      As the saying goes, if you want to make someone an Atheist, get them to read the bible.

  26. Jim says:

    Notice how atheists, who no Bible of their own, so they have to run to the Holy Bible to bolster their arguments against Christians. What pathetic little parasites they are.

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Like most liberals, their hatred stems from self-loathing.

    2. flinchferguson says:

      @Jim — I think it’s more about how fun it is to show the hypocrisy of many Christians using their own “special book.” You’d think they would respect their sacred foundational texts, but you always get interesting responses back.

      In this thread alone, we learn that: God is not the god of love, but of vengeance; god is the god of love; God can see the good in people’s hearts; God will burn all atheists forever regardless of what’s in their hearts; the Old Testament means nothing; the Old Testament means something. And on and on and on.

      Really, for every Christian posting here, regardless of which sect they belong to, there is some new rationalization about why what Jesus said doesn’t apply to Tebow. It’s just amazing to see. Of COURSE atheists quote the bible back at hypocrites.

  27. bulldog90 says:

    Yes! Now we have heard from a group who doesn’t believe in God. Do you really think your ignorant comments are going to have any effect whatsoever on Tim or any other Christian? No way. It just makes our love for God that much stronger. Tim does not flaunt his faith. The media is the reason it’s been made into such a big deal. Tim doesn’t ask for any attention. But he does have the right as an American citizen to speak out about his faith and his God by way of free speech. But Atheists are governed by the devil himself and when the name of the the King of kings and Lord of lords is mentioned, the devil shakes and gnashes his teeth in fear. God bless you, Tim Tebow, and each and every Christian. We know the truth!

    1. stelar says:

      You got it 🙂

    2. Bradley Kinney-Tiry says:

      Atheists are NOT governed by any mytholgica being, not Dog, not Jeebus, and not Satan Santa.

  28. Zeus of the Pigskin says:

    Atheist Pres says football doesn’t need anything “divisive”. Who knew? The game of unity and peace? This guy has never seen a football game; you can’t get more “divisive” than football.

  29. Lie_Sniper says:

    First of all, the 1st Amendment guarantees Tim Tebow’s right to practice his religion according to dictates of his conscience. An atheist has no right to tell any individual when, where or how they should acknowledge their God. Secondly, it’s not Tim Tebow’s fault that an atheist can’t find evidence for God’s existence. After all, Hebrews 11:6 tells us that for a person to come to God, he must first believe that God exists, consequently an atheist has zero chance of finding God. From the believer’s point of view, atheism is silly. I would be like a person who is deaf and blind from birth trying to convince a person that there is no such thing as music, moon or stars.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: Lie_Snipter
      RE: Indeed

      First of all, the 1st Amendment guarantees Tim Tebow’s right to practice his religion according to dictates of his conscience. An atheist has no right to tell any individual when, where or how they should acknowledge their God. — Lie_Sniper

      It all boils down to their conscience being inflamed by the reminder that there IS someone greater than themselves.

      The First Commandment of the Atheist is….

      I am the lord my god. There shall be no other god before ME

      And any expression that is opposed to that must be destroyed. And to Hell with the First Amendment.


      [Whereas Good can tolerate the existence of Evil. Evil cannot tolerate the existence of Good, as Good will continually be pointing out Evil’s faults. Therefore Evil must always try to destroy Good.]

      1. steve says:

        What is your opinion on Zeus, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, and Ra?

        That is the same as the opinion of an Atheist. We merely add Jesus, Mohammed, Allah, and Jehovah to the list as well.

      2. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Steve
        RE: What Do I Think?

        What is your opinion on Zeus, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, and Ra? — Steve

        Imperfect understanding of the totality of God.

        As for your opinion….

        That is the same as the opinion of an Atheist. We merely add Jesus, Mohammed, Allah, and Jehovah to the list as well. — Steve

        It’s not ‘imperfect’, it’s a total failure caused by ignorance and arrogance.


        [Can atheists get insurance for acts of God?]

      3. flinchferguson says:

        @steve — read Chuck Pelto’s other messages. He’s not firing on all cylinders. It’s not worth talking to someone who is making up their belief system on the fly. It’s more fun talking to the real christians.

      4. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: All
        RE: flinchferguson

        @steve — read Chuck Pelto’s other messages. He’s not firing on all cylinders. It’s not worth talking to someone who is making up their belief system on the fly. It’s more fun talking to the real christians. — flinchferguson

        As I said earlier….Look who’s talking.

        This character projects his neurosis on anyone he disagrees with. Is he just another ‘incarnation’ of ‘rationalthinker’? Or just a brother-in-atheism?

        If the former, rationalthinker has obviously decided his cred is worthless. If the latter, there’s a serious problem with the mental capacity or cognitive abilities, or perhaps merely they graduated from high school in the last 15 years.


        [Used to be that education replaced an empty mind with an open one. Not any more.]

  30. Jerry Brandt says:

    Amazing isn’t it. Atheists have their panties in a wad over Tebow giving credit for his success to God. I though God doesn’t exist??? If YOU are BOTHERED then maybe you are WRONG and Tebow may be on the right track! Come on atheists! You are supposed to be happy in your atheism! What’s the matter? Insecure in your beliefs???

    1. flinchferguson says:

      In case your questions were sincere, the article above has many of the answers you’re seeking.

  31. Tomas says:

    Haters gonna hate….

  32. Kenny West says:

    Their tiny little liberal brains are about to explode. Makes me want to Tebow.

    I’ve noticed all of the Tebow doubters have had their feet shoved so far down their throats after last weeks amazing game, they don’t dare show up here. Those who think all QBs have to be pocket passers got taken to school last week. Wow, what a game.

    Who cares what happens next week? Tim and the 2011 Broncos have proven themselves already.

  33. Larrym14169 says:

    I get a kick out of atheists. They are so angry and hateful. Their inner hatred to Christianity makes them explode. Hopefully, after death, they go where they think they go.

  34. Chris says:

    Atheism is not logical.

    If you pray to God and He doesnt exist, you have lost nothing.
    If you pray to God and He does exist, you are welcomed into Heaven.
    If you do not pray to God, and He doesnt exist, you gain nothing.
    If you do not pray to God, and He does exist…you’re f$#@ed

    By any model of logic, it is better to believe than not.

    1. Morrison Braddock says:

      That’s possibly the saddest, most pathetic excuse for worshiping any god I’ve ever heard. The older I get, the more obvious it is that christians are possibly the most selfish, egotistical and ridiculous people on our planet. Incredible. No wonder many of the worlds other religions hate you.

      1. Sherilyn says:

        Dude, do you have any idea how selfish and egotistical you sound? I’m thinking you don’t, so I thought I’d inform you.

        btw, do you hate other religions as much as you hate Christianity? Do you approve of it when members of other religions persecute Christians?

        I mean, you wrote “No wonder many of the worlds other religions hate you.”

      2. Jake says:

        What’s wrong. Mo? The logic is sound, and purely CYA. If it’s all about you, and it is with most Atheists, then what’s the harm? Show me the flaw in the logic.

      3. Morrison Braddock says:

        Hate? Too strong. I hate violence and injustice. I don’t particularly “hate” religion – I just recognize the damage it has done all over the world, and how much death and destruction has been done in it’s name since recorded history. I’m optimistic humans will one day, in the distant future, stop making things up to believe in to give themselves hope for eternal life, and stop fighting with each other about whose god is the correct one. Pick a date in history – any date you want… pick a location on our planet, anywhere! – and tell me the beliefs of the parents, and I will tell you with surprisingly close to 100% accuracy, what god that person will spend his life worshiping. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with objective truth about which god is real. Simply put? We don’t come from god, God comes from US. This is why there has never ever been, and never will be, any proof whatsoever that any of the 1000’s of gods humans have, do and will worship are real.

      4. Sherilyn says:

        Morrison you wrote: “Hate? Too strong. I hate violence and injustice. I don’t particularly “hate” religion – I just recognize the damage it has done all over the world, and how much death and destruction has been done in it’s name since recorded history. I’m optimistic humans will one day, in the distant future, stop making things up to believe in to give themselves hope for eternal life, and stop fighting with each other about whose god is the correct one.”


        I know that it’s hard to fess up to being a hater, but your comments are amongst the most hateful that I’ve ever read. Further, you claim that you are hopeful that a good, just and non-violent world will some day come to be, but that this will happen without religion. What are you smoking? Have you any idea how hateful humans are? Just read your own comments for a clue.

        Furthermore, in case you didn’t notice, the atheistic Communists have already tried that godless, repressive, utopian approach over an over again. And what happened? 100 Million people died last century under their oppressive systems alone. You need to set aside your hateful biases and study some history before you lecture anyone else.

    2. AJ Saferstein says:

      I guess that is why atheists are eternally mad! They can’t win, and don’t want to be reminded of the fallacy in their beliefs.

      1. flinchferguson says:

        Atheism is the fastest growing minority in America. Churches are shrinking and closing their doors. Even in an ultra-religious Southern small-town of 10,000, you will only have seats in the churches for only 1,000 people — and many seats are empty come Sunday. Dare I say it? Catholics priests are having trouble finding enough little boys.

        It doesn’t matter which sect of christianity, or which version of the bible they are using, religion is shrinking and rationality is growing — in America. There are still huge problems in religious areas like the middle east and pakistan.

        I’m sorry that hearing an atheist opinion causes some Christians to be hurt in the butt. It’s really just a regular opinion. Nothing worth the death threats that “religious” people give atheists when they speak in public. Just google “death threats against atheist” for 2.8 million results about “loving christians” who think they know what their version of God wants. Really. Sorry about your ego. Try not to kill anybody over it guys.

    3. Martin says:

      That’s right. Your god loves you. Don’t pray to him or believe in him or else he will send you to a fire pit. True love. LMAO!

    4. steve says:

      But which God do you pray to? Ra? Zeus? Allah?

      Oh, man, if you pray to Ra, Allah will kick your butt!

  35. GRUMPY says:

    Atheists claim there is no God. . . . Get this, God doesn’t believe in atheists so therefore atheists don’t exsist. CASE CLOSED

  36. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

    Bitter angry comments from bitter angry people.

    Probably formed their little atheist group so they could have some friends. Outside their groupy-group, these bozos are pariahs and they know it.

  37. Tebow Hater says:

    Colorado people are nothing but gun shooting bible thumpers!!!

    1. bob says:

      yeah we need more of them :O)

    2. coni says:

      YEE Haw! Love them Coloradians.

    3. mayhem says:

      Your posts are nothing more than mindless rants filled with hate and disrespect for your fellow human beings.
      You need help boy….seriously.

    4. Jake says:

      On which side of the Second Amendment would you prefer to be?

      And it’s “Bible” thumpers, as in the best selling book of all time.

    5. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: Tebow Hater
      RE: Indeed!

      Colorado people are nothing but gun shooting bible thumpers!!! — Tebow Hater

      And many of them are professionally trained in the conduct and management of organized violence on a rather large scale.

      This town CRAWLS with Marines, Rangers and Paratroopers.


      [God is alive….and Airborne-Ranger qualified. And so am I.]

  38. allhaileris says:

    …if Tebow were truly a Christian, he would pray in private, not public? Try BOTH. What do these people know about what Tebow does in private? Idiotic self-aggrandizing score dances are allowed and encouraged, but overt Christian prayer is destroying the game? Let’s have the atheists staying in the closet.

  39. HH says:

    Silverman is expressing Judaic hatred of Christianity.

    1. flinchferguson says:

      Here we get a hint of the anti-semitism that stains most of Christian — certainly Catholic — history. I am so glad I have left religion behind.

      1. Jimmy Stewart says:

        It’s not religion’s fault that there is anti-semitism. It’s the heart of man that is wicked and it’s Christ that can change the heart not religion.

      2. Farmer Bob says:

        You don’t sound like you just left religion behind. You sound like you left religion for a behind.

      3. flinchferguson says:

        @Jimmy Stewart — Jews kill your children, jews drink your blood, jews steal your money. Thousands of years of Catholic teachings about jews, stirring hate and suspicion, pain and suffering, torture and injustice. All of it culminating with Adolph Hitler and the right-wing Catholic Nazi party. A whole army wearing “God with us”, the Catholic church celebrating Hitler’s birthday, catholic bishops doing “Sieg Heil” when he walks into the room. The one German leader excommunicated from Catholicism was kicked out because he married a Protestant.

        The Catholic church has apologized for all this, but to my mind they will never be able to apologize enough for generating so much hatred and bigotry.

        And now, even today, you find people mentioning “judaic hatred of Christianity.” Scroll down a few screens — “remember that Silverman is a JEW.” You guys make me sick.

  40. bork mcbork says:

    Dear editor, it’s spelled “publicly”, not “publically”.

    1. Sean says:

      I can’t believe it took this many comments for someone to point that out.

  41. Medgie says:

    Unbelievable! Atheists quoting Scripture that they don’t agree with, from a God that that they don’t believe in to mock and discredit others who do believe. Whose nuttier than a fruitcake??? TEBOW ROCKS!!! YOU SUCK! Don’t forget to celebrate your holiday on APRIL1 ! You might want to research that one, fool.

  42. Chris says:

    Most would say that all are entitled to their own opinion, and their own beliefs as long as they don’t impose them in a way that disrupts the ability of another to enjoy their own life. People like you and me.

    Then there are the atheists, who are self-righteously indignant that anybody can go so far that they would honor their God for supporting their actions.

    Atheists are very small selfish mean spirited people who can’t stand to see anybody practice their faith.

  43. KellyVanRijn says:

    If the world had more genuinely religious people like Tim Tebow, it would be a better place. Instead, we have charlatans, extremists and atheists, and look where we are.

    1. Josh says:

      What an overly simplistic worldview.

    2. steve says:

      Osama Bin Laden was genuinely religious.

      Are you sad he’s gone?

  44. deepelemblues says:

    Chapter 9000 in the Atheist Book of How Not to Win Friends and Influence People to Dislike You.

  45. texasbob says:

    Silverman, your’e lucky to be living in a country with more Christians Jews, etal, than Muslims or you would not be watching the game to begin with you jerk. Your head would not be connected to your body!!..

    1. flinchferguson says:

      @texasbob — I agree, strong religion is a terrifying and dangerous thing.

  46. Don Bridges says:

    it’s too hard for someone to pray in private when there’s cameras on him 24/7. And why’s that…..? Cuz he’s a SUPERSTAR, BABY!! So what if he doesn’t look around to make sure a camera is not on him every time he prays? The camera’s can’t get enough of his ass kickin’ on the gridiron. He couldn’t get away from the spotlight if he tried. A man of God just happens to also be a great football player. Deal with it. And don’t you dare tell me that he can’t pray wherever the hell he wants to. It’s not like your tax dollars are what makes him a hero. I mean, yeah, I felt bad for the little Muslim girl in my daughter’s kindergarten class during the class Christmas party because she didn’t ask for that and it’s a public school that her parents pay taxes for. This atheist on the other hand can choose to not be an NFL fan.

  47. Michael Boykin says:

    What a bogus argument this is. Nothing causes division as much as Atheism does. Atheists want Christians to STFU, and it would be nice if Atheists took their own advice.

    1. flinchferguson says:

      It’s nice that Protestants have stopped pummeling Catholics, and Southern Baptists have stopped pummeling black Baptists, and Cathlolics have stopped pummeling Jews, and everybody has stopped pummeling Muslims, and shia Muslims have stopped pummeling sunni Muslims —

      It’s nice that all this pummeling has stopped long enough for you to call atheists divisive, for having an opinion about Tebow’s self-aggrandizing public praying.

  48. Alex Chamberlain says:

    This proves right here that atheists aren’t out to preserve the separation of church and state, which I agree with. It proves they are out to banish God from the public square, and would rather that people not have the right to express their religion in public, government sponsored or not.

  49. TG says:

    Athiests have it made. Their tombstones are all the same.
    Here I lie, here below,
    All dressed up and no place to go.

    1. Gene Zippy says:


    2. SicSemper says:

      If only, for their sake.

      If there were no God, there would be no Atheists. –G. K. Chesterton

  50. kit9 says:

    Not good for football, eh? I’ve never watched a regular season NFL game in my life before this season and the reason is Tebow. I loathe the Tebow haters as the intolerant d-bags(I’m looking at you, Maher)they are and want Tebow to succeed because I know it makes their heads explode. And, here’s the kicer-I’m an atheist. A big one.

    But, I have respect for religious peoples’ beliefs and don’t think they are stupid or brainwashed. I simply disagree with them and hate the anti-religious haters that every bit as insufferable as some of their equally intolerant religious counterparts. Tebow is a great guy, a genuinely nice guy whose expressions of faith have been greatly exaggerated. He starts interviews by thanking his lord and savior and prays on the sidelines(like many other NFL players)occasionally. THAT’S IT.

    The NFL, for the information of this painfully ignorant atheist group is very very religious before Tebow every showed up. Most every team has a prayer circle before games-even New England-and many have them after. So if religion is hurting the NFL, it’s certainly news to the NFL and shows just how ignorant this Jersey atheist group is.

  51. coni says:

    As a Christian we are supposed to “witness” to others.
    I do think that Tebow should stop praying on the field as he is just opening the door for other players to practice their religion. Next thing you know there will be players also on the field praying on rugs facing Mecca, or yamulkes on top of helmets

  52. Don Bridges says:

    When I go to a football game, it’s all the beer I drink that makes me divisive, not the invocation or the endzone prayer.

  53. ken says:

    So an atheist is now an expert on Christianity, that’s rich.

    1. John says:

      I find that comment interesting since christians seem to think they know the Torah or Talmud more so than the Jewish Rabbi. What nerve.

    2. flinchferguson says:

      You need to be aware that most atheists ARE experts in Christianity. Not just from having to deal with Christians all the time, but often from growing up in one of the christian sects. And you usually don’t want to challenge an atheist on their knowledge of the bible.

      As the saying goes, if you want to make someone atheists, have them read the bible cover to cover.

  54. blake says:

    Why would anyone even listen to an atheist who quotes the bible, what a contradiction……..

  55. Ben says:

    Gotta love it when atheists tell Christians how to live, speak, believe, and behave. Yet they complain at any hint of a Christian doing the same to them.

  56. Donkey Balls says:

    I like donkeys.

  57. Bruce B. says:

    News Flash. “Atheists offended by other people’s freedom! News at 10.”

    Hear all about it. “Atheists opposed to the first amendment. Keep God’s name private. We, of course, can blaspheme him as we please.”

    What is certainly true, is that atheists don’t DISbelieve in God. They hate Him, as their infuriation at any manifestation of faith shows. Freud could have written volumes on the atheist syndrome.

  58. Angel says:

    Mr. Silverman,
    Seems like there are many in football when they score the look up to the sky and point. Now who would they be pointing to or giving thanks? Now there is a young man that is totally enthralled with his God; not yours. It appears that you are practicing a little hatred to a christian. If someone were to be saying the things you are saying you would cry fowl and call in the ACLU. The football field has noting to do with the separation of church and state.

    It’s amazing how many people will find God on their way to hell. We all make our own choices just as you did. You have your belief so let others have theirs. You practice your faith with firm belief. If you don’t like what he does you have the power to not watch it; you can change the channel. Why must we bow down to your beliefs but you will not bow down to others; one way street.
    Let Mr. Tebow practice his.

  59. justsayin says:

    who cares, he’s gay anyway.

    1. Mike Myers says:

      No, he’s not gay. I live not far from Gainesville, and there are plenty of reports that ol’ Timmy ceased being a virgin long ago. I can’t blame him, as Gainesville is filled with gorgeous co-eds. If he hadn’t partaken in the “sins of the flesh” I’d figure he was gay.

      He’s not gay. He’s just a liar.

  60. Dan says:

    When is someone going to bring up the racial component of Tebow animosity?
    I seem to remember Reggie White praising the lord in every post game interview he ever had. Scores of black athletes have been known to thank Jesus, The Lord, or God when discussing their team’s victory. The Steelers defensive backfield forms a prayer circle when they come off the field. But when Tebow says praise the Lord somehow everyone acts like it’s the first time it’s ever happened. How about a little racism to go woth your religous bigotry?

  61. Kevin says:

    How is Tebow going to know when the camera is going to be on him. They just happen to put the camera on him. A, Duh.

  62. Alan says:

    Silverman is wrong. Tebow’s praying will not divide the fanbase. It might, however, remove the lunatic atheistic fringe from the fanbase. I’d be all for that.

  63. Ed Godec says:

    Breadman – When I pray coicidences happend. When I don’t pray, they don’t happen. Tebow is being rewarded for his witness to the world.

  64. SevenTrumpets42 says:

    Daniel prayed three times a day in his window facing Jerusalem in spite of a loyalty decree by King Darius. He was rewarded for his faith by escaping unharmed from an overnite stay in a den of lions-not bad for public praying.

  65. SOCALAGNO says:

    So Silverman wants Tebow to go back in the closet? Where is GLAAD? EXPRESS YOURSELF!

  66. President Camacho says:

    Football IS our National Religion and its god is money, fame, pain, and hypocrisy. Hey, isn’t religion all about that too? Morons!!

  67. Pat Barton says:

    I love it when atheists quote Scripture…

  68. Cathy Hall says:

    Silverman, an atheist, is actually pontificating what Tim Tebow needs to do in order to be a Christian? Okayyyyyy lol

  69. YNotBelieve says:

    If it drives the aheists crazy, it’s OK with me.

  70. Greg says:

    So let me get this straight, atheists don’t think it’s possible to believe in God. Don’t they get that it’s everyones right to follow their faith?

    Atheists are not very bright, not to mention not filled with hope/joy.

  71. Stacy Harris says:

    Mr. Silverman’s characterization of Mr. Tebow is as intolerant as it is unfortunate.

  72. jj says:

    Funny, Tim Tebow has stated that God does not affect the game. His faith goes to his life, I truly wish I were as dedicated as he. Give me one Tim Tebow over the rapists, murderers, gun totters, dog fighters, druggers,childre born all over the place with different women(now to grow up with no father) did I miss anything? I am not a huge believer, but his teammates seem to gather around because they know he does not quit, and makes no judgements against mthem. Too bad more of us can’t be slightly like him.The people he has helped, the girl he took to the awars as a college player, the girl at the playoff game, the little boy, sorry too many to go on. Thank you for showing there is good in athletes.

  73. billcrawford says:

    “American Atheists — a New Jersey based group that promotes the separation of church and state — tells CBS Denver that the only reason Tebow is popular is because he constantly injects his Christianity among the public.”

    Well that must saying something of the vast majority of the general public and about those atheists, doesn’t one have to either acknowledge or believe something before they can dis believe in it other wise how would they know to dis believe? Something to thing about atheisits.

  74. Mark says:

    I find it remarkable at how much time and energy atheists spend trying to convince others and themselves that there is no God.
    Sometimes I wonder who they are trying to convince more.

  75. lukuj says:

    First, does Tebow force the cameramen to show him praying? Second, how is he hurting atheists by prayins? I think they must be jealous.

  76. zombierocket says:

    All I can see are hateful atheists. My suggestion to atheists… turn off the TV then.

  77. Jack says:

    Tim Tebow, please leave it in church.

    1. zombierocket says:

      Jack… why? What makes YOU the king or dictator to tell someone else what to do or how to do it? Such hypocrisy… such childishness.

    2. zombierocket says:

      Jack… why? What makes YOU the king or dictator to tell someone else what to do or how to do it? Such hypocrisy… such childishness.

  78. Nimisim says:

    AHAHAHAHA!!! Athiest can’t stand it that America still recognizes that God is real and Jesus is our true Savior. LOL. Give em Hell Tebow…. Literally!!!

  79. Jay says:

    I am both an atheist and fan of Tebow. I’m sure there are lots of us. Atheists who think it serves any purpose whatsoever to bash someone like Tim Tebow are nuts. He is obviously a quality guy who is deserving of respect.

  80. Richard says:

    The really hysterical thing is that the atheists, who profess to be so smart, have yet to figure out that NO ONE cares what they say or think except other atheists.

  81. Lance says:

    Atheists are the funniest buffoons on earth because they are idiots who think they are brilliant

  82. Ken Puck says:

    Atheists eat it. They are liars and blowhards by definition in that they presume to prove a negative — about which they cannot possibly have any knowledge whatever.

    1. steve says:

      Prove that Allah doesn’t exist.

      So are you willing to become a Muslim now because you can’t prove that Allah doesn’t exist?

  83. I'm Going to Heaven says:

    One day Mr. Silverman you will be a believer too. But at that time it will be too late for you to reap the benefits. For you see, you will be rotting in a place you say does not exist. This is when you will know the truth, but it will be useless to you. Enjoy your future. And leave the rest of us to enjoy ours. Shut Up!

    1. Imagine says:

      Sooo, what about that “loving god” of yours again?

      1. I'm Going to Heaven says:

        He is a loving God who hates evil. Say hello to Mr. Silverman when you see him.

  84. Chris Martel says:

    Atheists are obviously scared, think about this Yim had 316 yards passing, averaged 31.6 yards per completion, and not to forget that the last 15 minutes of the game had a tv rating of, you guessed it, 31.6. Coincidence? nah, I think the man upstairs is trying to tell us something. The funny thing is, the atheists are actually getting the message, it is very clear by the vitriolic nature of their condemnation of this man.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: Chris Martel
      RE: Old Air Force Axiom

      I think the man upstairs is trying to tell us something. The funny thing is, the atheists are actually getting the message, it is very clear by the vitriolic nature of their condemnation of this man. — Chris Martel

      You know you’re getting close to the target, because they start throwing more flak at you.


      [The Truth will out….whether people wish to see it or not.]

  85. Edge says:

    Christians are Christians only due to where they were born and raised and what their parents taught them. Christians are Athiests as well, they just believe in one god more than us. You all keep saying to choose to believe. My brain can’t choose to believe anything, it either does or it doesn’t. I was born christian and no one ever had good answers for my questions. Upon further investigation on my own I realized what everyone will eventually, that Religion is nothing more than the primitive brain’s response to the unknown. Had to have something to explain the things we didn’t understand. Religion was founded by folks with no knowledge of fault lines for earthquakes and bacteria for disease.. their answer was God did it..

    1. Sandpaper says:

      Nice opinion there, Edge. I agree that it did used to be something that people would use to fill in knowledge gaps, but I disagree that your brain can’t choose to believe anything, for that would go against free will. And aw, yes, the argument that free will does not exist, etc. Enjoy spending the rest of your life feeling like no decision you ever made was more than a bundle of neuron connections with a cause-and-effect relationship….while I enjoy this delicious Chinese food. O how I do enjoy Chinese food. I think I may get it again tomorrow. Or maybe not. Eh, probably.

    2. Mike Myers says:

      They have to pound that nonsense into their heads while they’re still soft.

      Nobody raised to the age of 21 would find a Bible and think it’s a blueprint for their lives. Unless they’re a junkie or an alkie, and they substitute the drug of religion for their previous drugs.

      1. BuckeyeJRD says:

        Mike Myers and Edge,
        There exists untold volumes of scholarly work concerning the authenticity of the Bible, history of the Bible, Bible prophecies, etc. Evidence That Demands A Verdict is great book to start you off on exploring some of these issues. I will even offer to buy each of you the book and send it to you if you promise to read it and get back to me with any questions. My email is

      2. Sandpaper says:

        I dunno sounds a little hard-headed to me 😉 Coming from a non-junkie and non-‘alkie’ who is still discovering the beauty of the Bible and the Tradition of Christ’s Church (which go hand in hand – please take BuckeyeJRD up on his offer!), I promise to ‘have a soft and adaptable brain’ when I read my medical textbooks, so that I can extend your life when you’re on my operating table – hopefully long enough for you to explore the real truth of God.

    3. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: Edge
      RE: Please….

      Christians are Christians only due to where they were born and raised and what their parents taught them. — Edge

      …explain the converts in the Middle East, India and China.

      Religion was founded by folks with no knowledge of fault lines for earthquakes and bacteria for disease.. their answer was God did it.. — Edge

      Please explain prophecy fulfilled, e.g., how is it a man can name the site of a runaway nuclear reactor from 2000 years before the event?


      [Stupid, adj., Ignorant and proud of it.]

  86. Don Hirschberg says:

    Calling atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color.

  87. Aaron says:

    I think it’s funny that Silverman will use the Bible, in which he does not believe, to try and condemn Tebow’s actions.

  88. Madelyne Murray O'Hare says:

    This is interesting. Mr Silverberg is telling everyone that he is the sole arbiter of the first amendment when it comes to religious conduct for everyone in the USA. Well that proves that all of the activity that was waged to remove religious expression from the public sphere for the last seventy-five years is a lie. It is not to enforce the separation of State and Church but to control the mind of everyone who lives. Mr. Silverberg is one example of someone who has spoken the truth in what he wants for this country. I have a suggestion for Herr Silverberg and the membership of American Atheists, go to all of the Black churches and demand that they give up their faith in Jesus so they can be finally free of the legacy of slavery and racism? Then post pictures of what you look like afterwards.

  89. Calamari says:

    Silverman says if Tebow is truly a Christian, he would pray in private, not public.

    “It is not surprising Tebow ignores Matthew 6:5 in which Jesus says, ‘When you pray, do not pray like the hypocrites in the street,’” Silverman says. “They pray to be seen praying. Pray in the closet.”


    I find it revealing that atheists are always quoting Scripture to get in their silly digs against Christians.

    If their beliefs are legitimate and Christianity is nonsense (as they claim) then why are they always bringing up Scripture to make their points? Seems rather counter-productive to me.

    They do seem to exist in an constant state of irritabilty and confusion.

  90. Bob says:

    The atheists remind me of sad old wash women who simply hate to see anyone else getting attention. It would comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  91. Gene WasHere says:

    Not all of us atheist care enough about Tim Tebow to publicly speak out and look foolish. These atheist don’t represent all of us just a small percentage of morons.

  92. JDM17 says:

    How many hospitals has this clown and his organization built? How many cancer stricken and ill fortuned kids has he helped? What tangible difference does his group or atheism in general make in the lives of others? But he has the audacity to hurl stones at those in the arena trying to make a difference.

    If you want to root against or doubt Tim Tebow the football player that’s your prerogative, but to attack his person says far more about you than him.

  93. mm says:

    TT does not advocate the abolition of separation of church and state, nor has he ever. The atheist group seems very misinformed. if there is anyone who wears their ideaology on their sleeves, it is the athesists.

  94. Ned Schnittt says:

    Good to know that atheists are reading the Bible. It’s a start!

  95. Em Spearing says:

    Atheism, too, is a religion, and it’s practitioners are never happier than when they are grabbing attention for themselves and trying their damnedest — you should the choice of words — to rain on others’ parades. It’s part of their rites and liturgy.

    1. Morrison Braddock says:

      Pure ignorance. Atheism is absolutely not a “religion” – Atheism is simply a lack of belief in any of the 1000’s of gods humans have fashioned for themselves since the dawn of man. That’s it. Lacking belief.

      1. Just A Thought says:

        Put another way, atheists believe there is no god, right? It’s true that no one can prove there is a god. That’s why it takes faith. But it’s equally true that no one who has any intellectual integrity can say it is an absolute fact that there is no god. (I believe even the devout atheist Richard Dawkins will not unequivocably rule out the existence of god. See “Expelled” for the interview of Dawkins by Ben Stein.) That is, you can only believe there is no god. That means atheism takes faith, too. If belief = faith = religion, then atheism absolutely is a religion–a belief system.

    2. Dawn says:

      You sound like an idiot.

      1. Atheism is not a religion. It is belief in no god(s).

      2. You mean attention-grabbing like all of the ignorant televangelists, or even Tebow himself?

      3. Christians have a tendency to rain on everyone’s parade who don’t believe as they do. They wave the flag and the constitution, all the while forgetting that in the U.S. everyone has the freedom to believe or not to believe in a god. All the Christians I know are major hypocrites.

      1. steve says:

        attn: 10:32 10:33. Whosever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. 33 But whosever shall deny me before men, him will I alos deny before my Father which is in heaven.

        Just admit your atheist in the story just wants to start trouble. Because his verse has no application to the situation. Make sure you have the facts before you support an idiot.

      2. steve says:

        attn: 10:32 10:33. Whosever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. 33 But whosever shall deny me before men, him will I alos deny before my Father which is in heaven.

        Just admit your atheist in the story just wants to start trouble. Because his verse has no application to the situation. Make sure you have the facts before you support an idiot.

      3. sam8131 says:

        1. the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices

        2. Like Bill Maher or Sammy Sosa?

        3. Look in the mirror dipshlt.

  96. bs says:

    Mr. Silverman is a Jew. The atheist movement in America is dominated by Jews who have a seething hatred for Christianity. Do not be folloed by them. Silverman certainly believes in God and the Jewish faith. His goal is to dilute Christianity by brainwashing those who believe or are on the fence into abandoning Christianity all together.

    1. bs says:

      correction: Do not be fooled by them

  97. Donald says:

    If there is no God who is to say what is right or wrong?? Why is it wrong kill? Why is it wrong to lie? ??

  98. daveb says:

    Atheists…secular progressives…are more intolerant of those who differ from them than the vast majority of Christians they so despise….You have no right to tell Tebow how to act, how to pray…how does a private citizen implicate the separation between CHURCH and STATE? You simply can’t handle it, and your insecurity is hilarious.

    1. steve says:

      …and you just said worse things about atheists than any atheist I know ever said about Tim Tebow, who I think is generally a decent guy…

  99. ain't no god says:

    Christianity is cult. Get a clue. Do you really think there is a little grandfather figure watching above you. Makes as much sense as aliens put us here. You can brainwash a kid to believe in anything. God’s as real as the easter bunny and santa. Do your homework. Jesus was born in the summer. Hell ya’ll can’t even get your lies straight.

    1. daveb says:

      Man…what a well reasoned, intellectually sublime posting!!!!

      A quote from the “Hangover” comes to mind….

      “You are literally too stupid to insult”.

    2. Al from Dadeville says:

      Barely being able to form a coherent post doesn’t exactly strengthen your argument.

    3. BuckeyeJRD says:

      I challenge you to prove your assertion that Christianity is a cult. If your understanding of God is that he is a little grandfather figures watching above you, I pity your soul. God created you in His image, and sent His son to die on a cross to pay for your sins. The grandfather stuff is what Satan wants you to think of when you think of God. You are spiritually blinded to the truth of the gospel, and as such, it doesn’t make sense to you. I was that way once too. It is only by seeking the truth that you will you find it.

  100. daveb says:

    Atheism…the religion of the State. The religion of Me. The religion of my own personal gratification.

  101. Tyler Elliott says:

    Ever notice how deeply bitter and angry atheists are? Usually if you believe something to be true, you’re content in that belief and not concerned if others agree. But atheists are always cynical, negative people who resent other people having Faith and God in their lives. Atheists are morally bankrupt people who have the saddest existence of all for unlike those with religion and spirituality in their heart, these people will truly die alone with no afterlife.

    1. Morrison Braddock says:

      A common lie you hear from cultists. Atheists, the ones I’ve encountered in my life anyway, are among the most positive and selfless people around. I think christians in particular are so deeply insecure and motivated by fear, that the slightest poking fun at them and their ridiculous beliefs is seen as an “attack.” Morality and spirituality require NOT ONE of the 1000’s of gods humans have crafted for themselves over the centuries. If Tebow was shouting “Allah Ahkbar” after each touchdown and bowing towards Mecca, or praising his Morman magic undies for warding off the opposing teams defense, or thanking Scientology for “auditing” him before the game – he’d be equally laughed at. Most christians I know would be laughing right beside. The only reason Tebow is fawned over, is because he believes in a distinctly American Approved (thumbs up!) religion.

      1. Calypso says:

        “Atheists, the ones I’ve encountered in my life anyway, are among the most positive and selfless people around.”

        Please enlighten us as to where you are meeting these incredibly positive and selfless atheists?

        The atheists I know, and have met throughout my life, are invariably angry, insecure and irritable. They aren’t people I would describe as even remotely positive and selfless.

  102. donald says:

    If there is no God tell me what is wrong with ANYTHING!!!

  103. Danglingjohnson says:

    Atheist think they re intellectual, but you’d have to be pretty stupid to look at nature and say there us no God.

  104. Deborah Ward says:

    We have freedom of religion and freedom not to believe if we so wish in this country. These rights are individual rights, not collective rights. So, I see nothing wrong with what Tebow is doing. It is a slippery slope for any group to push for individuals to stop their freedom of speech or expression…and i think both sides will agree with this one.

    1. Steven says:

      To be fair, we have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Silly Atheists, a no religion society is for communists.

  105. Al from Dadeville says:

    Apparently atheists are as bad at tolerance as they are Biblical exegesis.

  106. donald says:

    Is murder wrong??? Why??

  107. cat says:

    I am neither an atheist or a Christian – my spiritual beliefs lie centered in nature. How wonderful it has been to watch Tebow, however. Here is a great man who I deeply respect for his very sound beliefs, even though they are different from mine.

    I admire his humility. I admire his courage to put out there exactly what he is and what he believes in. I admire the way he lives his life. I have to admit I was jumping up and down when the threw the 80 yard pass yelling “go, go, go!”

    What an inspiration.

    When I was growing up, these were the kinds of guys who made it on boxes of Wheaties. They are called “heroes” and they are called that for a reason – they inspire others by who and what they are.

    This Silverman and his band of atheists? They are the furthest thing from anything I’d ever want to be or admire.

    How sad they can’t allow this man to have his moment simply because of his religious beliefs.

    My gut feeling is that these are the exact same people who insist upon embracing diversity and respecting other people’s rights. We finally see the truth – they embrace diversity provided it isn’t any different than what they believe in.

    What a sad lot, indeed.

    They call these types of people “small” for a reason. They are the antithesis of what Tebow represents.

    Admire the bed you’ve made for yourself Mr. Silverman. You just proved to the world how much most people want nothing to do with your camp, no matter what their religious beliefs may be or not be.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: cat
      RE: An Admirable Position

      My gut feeling is that these are the exact same people who insist upon embracing diversity and respecting other people’s rights. We finally see the truth – they embrace diversity provided it isn’t any different than what they believe in.

      What a sad lot, indeed. — cat

      There’s a song by the Newsboys that matches what you said. The critical verse being….

      full on dead sure anything goes
      until you go stepping on his own toes


      [Everybody gets a shot. It’ll cost you everything you’ve got. — Newsboys]

  108. brian says:

    right and wrong…. good and evil… the only way to define good is to accept that before any choice was ever made, there was a predetermined absolute “good”. Every choice is regarded as either good or evil based on the proximity to this predetermined absolute. If you think something is wrong, you must believe there is a right and wrong which means you accept that there is a moral absolute which is exactly what is being denied by silverman while he is saying that tebow is “wrong”?

  109. Matt Stuart says:

    I’m an anti-theist. I don’t believe in any celestial dictator, yet I find religion to be more repugnant.

    Regardless, I also am hoping Tim Tebow is successful. I can ignore his religious antics, but give the kid a break. Let him prove himself on the field. If he was horrible and was somehow cut or ended up like Ryan Leaf…no one would care about his religious beliefs.

    I like that he is an underdog in the media and that he is winning.

    I am also not a Bronco fan, but I do live in metro Denver and when the Broncos win…my customers are usually in a good mood.

    So there you go…good luck Tim Tebow, may you school your detractors!

    …I am interested in why your god is somehow not answering the prayers of your oppositions’ fans though?

    1. daveb says:

      You can “ignore” his “religious antics”?

      How magnanimous of you!

      Do you seriously believe that Tebow is praying for his football team to win? Or is that just your snide way of belittling his exercise in prayer? Don’t you think it’s more likely he is praying for the strength and courage to do his best every time he steps on the field? Don’t you think that has a universal application? Isn’t that something that should be ncouraged, rather than mocked by vermin like Bill Maher?

      I am not particularly religious but I think we could use a lot more of the charitable spirit of Christianity. We have WAY too many pathetic haters like Bill Maher and this Silverman fool, whoever he is. They should be left to celebrate their holy day….April 15…the source of all power to the state….

  110. Tom says:

    a·the·ism   /ˈeɪθiˌɪzəm/ [ey-thee-iz-uhm]
    1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
    2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

    Having a doctrine or belief can be considered a religion.

    a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects:

    the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices

    Using the definitions Atheism is a religion and to remove god form anythign would be succoming to their belief. So this in my opinion would be unconsitutional not to have any religion at all

  111. Isaac Mateo says:

    okay, so it is not only separation of church and state, it is also separation of church and NFL? ridiculous and funny to certain extent

    1. DAvid Pitman says:

      Their goal is actually seperation of Church from everything.

  112. donald says:

    People that profess they do not believe in God,make THEMSELVES God!

    1. Josh says:

      It’s not good to make generalizations like that about an entire group of people.

  113. James D says:

    “Silverman says if Tebow is truly a Christian, he would pray in private, not public.”

    Thank GOD we have Silverman to tell us all what is a true Christian.

    Please keep YOUR religion (evangelical-atheism) out of OUR lives, Silverman. And for GOD’s sake, leave Tebow alone.

  114. bwc says:

    17 But to stop this thing from spreading any further among the people, we must warn them to speak no longer to anyone in this name.”

    18 Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. 19 But Peter and John replied, “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! 20 As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

    21 After further threats they let them go. They could not decide how to punish them, because all the people were praising God for what had happened.”

    It’s funny how history repeats itself. Atheists to Christians – “Believe all you want, just don’t talk about it!” Christians – “I’m a sinner in need of a Savior…Jesus. I can’t help but talk about what He has done for me.”

  115. MarcM says:

    You morons are not Atheists, you are LIBERALS using Atheism as an excuse to spread your lies.

    I’m an Atheist and I wish Tebow all the luck in the world and fully support anyones right to worship or NOT worship whatever they want.

    Don’t let these morons sour you on atheists.. they aren’t.. they are liberals.

  116. donald says:

    I have news for those that believe “they are God”!! You are not!!

  117. Johnny says:

    Who cares what the atheists think about Tebow? Yawn, shrug…and, oh, yeah, a little more scripture…let your light so shine before men… The question is not whether he has “public displays of religion” but rather, does he fail to consistently do the same in private. If he doesn’t pray in private, then he’s a hypocrite, not if he does pray in public. He can do both, and as matter of fact is directed to by Jesus. Pray without ceasing. Just don’t pray solely as a public show and then live an entirely different lifestyle out of the eyes of the world.

  118. Wolf Sage says:

    Nobody knows what the universe is about. Atheism is a belief in a religious doctrine just as much as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sun Worship, etc. are beliefs in religious doctrines. Atheists criticisms of the religious doctrines of Christians or Muslims is stupid because the atheist also cannot prove their own religious doctrine is a fact.

    Existentialism is a fact.

    EXISTENTIALISM: a doctrine centering on analysis of individual existence in an unfathomable universe and the plight of the individual who must assume ultimate responsibility for acts of free will without any certain knowledge of what is right or wrong or good or bad.

  119. andyamish says:

    Do you know why people pray with their eyes closed? Cause you can’t look at the sun with your eyes open. The sun gives us life. Apostasy in Saudi Arabia is punishable by death.

  120. Don Hirschberg says:

    Atheists do not need fear of a nasty Jeolous God to do the right thing. There are extremely few atheists in prison. The prison population is almost entirely made up of believers.

    Dave, the folks you have riled up are far more embarrassing than Tebow.

    1. daveb says:

      “Atheists do not need fear of a nasty Jeolous God to do the right thing. There are extremely few atheists in prison. The prison population is almost entirely made up of believers.”

      Wait a minute…Tim Tebow is praying to a “nasty, jealous God”? There are “extremely few atheists in prison”? The prison population is “made up almost entirely of believers?”

      Do you have a shred of evidence for ANYTHING you just said? Ahmmm….No, you don’t. Embarrassing is you, dude.

      1. Don Hirschberg says:

        I used data from the US Bureau of Prisons. Take a look for yourself. you can find the data on the internet, it is devestating for Christianity. Atheists are far the most lawabiding. Among the religious the Mormons are the best,
        Thanks for asking.

      2. BuckeyeJRD says:

        The fact that atheists are moral people doesn’t add one ounce of credibility to your assertion that Christians fear a nasty, jealous God.

      3. Don Hirschberg says:

        Look I cannot refute all arguments before they are even presented.
        For a long time Christians have been debating the definition of their religion. The books that got included in the Bible were those that got the most votes at a conclave. Some of those attending didn’t even understand the language being used. This was long after the historic Jesus. It is quite likely that Jesus was a composite figure – sorta like the Lone Ranger. We know far more about some Greeks 400 years before Christ.

        I am of 1927 vintage. I am a life-long atheist. I went through Lutheran Catechism, the whole bit, so those who think atheists are Bible know-nothings are very ignorant. I am a conservative. I am a vet of two wars, WWII and a combat vet officer of the Korean War.

        Take a random sample of the Bible. You will usually find a very nasty God. The loving God presented in cloying citations is the exception. And even some of these might have been tampered with. Lots of the Bible has been tampered with – even the first sentence.

  121. herdzcatz says:

    David Silverman said, “(Religion) injects the divisive force into football. Why in the world are we talking about religion when we are talking about football?” David, you have just injected your religion into the conversation. And that’s OK. It’s also OK when Tebow injects his faith into his game. Forbid him his free expression of faith and you hogtie every religion but your own.

  122. Rae W says:

    To the NJ based American Atheists: DID YOU TELL THE HUNDREDS OF MUSLIMS PRAYING IN THE STREETS OF NYC TO PRAY IN THE CLOSET??!!!!! You criticize Tebow for praying in public but where is your big mouth about these Muslims praying in not only the public, but IN the PUBLIC streets?

  123. Harve says:

    The bigger shame here is the coverage that one atheist idiot gets by opening his mouth. The stupid media keeps reporting and making Tim T. an issue, its killing the media and the atheists and I love it.

  124. tb says:

    It’s about Hope and Faith…

    Atheist don’t have it because it wasn’t givin to them or are not looking for it..

    Tebow has it.. because it was given to him and he was looking for it..

    Tebow has hope after death.. Atheists will have no hope after death…

  125. mike says:

    This shows how sad, pathetic and hopeless atheists are. They are so afraid of a guy who prays? What cowards.

  126. Steve says:

    I’m rooting for Tebow in that he’s another the know it alls say “he can’t win” in the NFL. In college he used to do it mostly on the sidelines, now it’s in the middle of the field. Also, another angle from the game shows he flinches to get up, but sneaks a peek to the camera, then stays down for a few more seconds. Clearly playing to the camera. Disheartening.

  127. donald says:

    If man has evolved and we are no more than animals how can anyone sincerely believe there is anything right or wrong! They cannot with honesty! And people may reject God but surely they understand that! So by what “authority” do they ever tell others what is right or wrong??? Good night!!

  128. Wolfie says:

    This is a simple one for me.

    Sports, Politics, and Religion do not mix.

    I won’t debate the scriptures, but I do believe Jesus made himself perfectly clear in Matthew 6:5 … I really wish people would get that.

    Occam’s Razor applies.

  129. themiddlemanningqb says:

    “(Religion) injects the divisive force into football,”

    The would explain why I hate the Saints

  130. Monica says:

    All I see is a man that is willing to give glory and honor to the only ONE that deserves it The Lord God Almighty, if Silverman has a problem with it let him look up David in the bible and see that He entered the gates with Thankgiving to God in front of the whole city for the Lord helped him in battle win…The only reason I see that God is an offense to anyone offended by Him is because they do not want to acknowledge His Sovereignty over ALL of HIS creation including the very ones who snub their noses at HIM…..Forgive them FAther for they know NOT what they do.

  131. NFL has nothing to do with God says:

    Let me make a Nostradamus Prediction:

    God will turn his back on Tebow when he goes against the Patriots.

    It was an interesting run. A really nice ending in the last game. But this party is over ….

  132. medic says:

    “I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how a man could look up into the heavens and say there is no God.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

  133. Trajan Long says:

    Atheists, as Einstein postulated, are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, lacking the intellectual skills for the necessary empirical deductions which give many indications of intelligent design. if Darwin were alive today, he would quickly be forced to abandon his theory of evolution as the necessary links can be proved NOT TO EXIST. The PC world has to be pried away from their determined ignorance with a forklift, especially as major funding is involved. BTW, Intelligent design IS NOT RELIGION!

    1. Martin says:

      “I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own — a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotism.” Einstein

  134. Tim Vander Veer says:

    Think about it, China says there is freedom of religion in their country as long as you don’t talk about it. Atheists are the same everywhere. I haven’t gone out of my way to express my faith in Christ other than talk about him to others about his love. But as atheists become more vocal I plan to begin “Tebowing” gesture in public as a regular practice. I like to talk to atheists about my Lord. Maybe I can scare up a few to talk to

  135. VernonD says:

    Atheists speak with such hostility while Tim Tebow speaks with love. THAT says it all!

  136. donald says:

    He has “RISEN” and is “ALIVE”!! Sitting on the Fathers right hand! And HIS SPIRIT in the HEARTS of HIS CHILDREN! With LOVE in CHRIST.

  137. Chuck W says:

    I do not believe in God but, I think militant atheists suck. Tebow is a good young man. In a sports world where we worship people like Ray Lewis, Tebow is a breath of fresh air. If you are true atheist, why does it bother you who prays to who?

    1. Truth says:

      It’s about trolling, Chuck. When one is angry and bitter at the world, the quickest way to feel better about one’s self is the joygasm of trolling another person into feeling a negative emotion. The militants are the simplest of thinkers and it shows in their presentation.

  138. DMB says:

    Tebow is bad for football? Tebow is dividing fans? Ratings for the denver-steelers game were the highest for a divisional playoff game ever. Last I checked the NFL wants high ratings. Also, Tebow is uniting fans like no other player in the league. I’m a pats fan but if they lose to Denver, I’m ok with it! I suppose Ben Rothlisberger, the serial rapist, is good for football?

  139. Missy says:

    This is so sad. Too much hate from both sides. Brings John 11:35 to my heart. Jesus wept.

  140. satan says:

    there is no god you silly sheeple

  141. FGump says:

    Christianity, and other religions as well, counts many former atheists among its members. Personal experience, knowledge and insight lead many to declare a commitment to a belief system that guides their spiritual, family and community life. Indeed, for many the change is so profound they can be seen as a new person.

    What is interesting about atheists that make the news and try to influence society against religion is that they claim logic convicts them to do so. Yet they are against a self declared “nothing.” Why join an organization, protest, sue, post diatribe, attend conferences and engage in unending discussion about “nothing”, or claim that others belief in “nothing” makes one uncomfortable?

    As a former atheist, I know how I viewed committed Christians during that time. Heard a quote that, “The longest journey a man will make is the 13 inches between his head and his heart.” It’s also become a journey that never ends…

  142. George Shimanovich says:

    Rabid dog barks loudest. Unless it has sonorous voice of a President.

  143. They Know Not What They Do says:

    So, let me get this straight. An atheist is using a Bible verse to prove a Christian wrong? Hey, atheist, get back to your heathen side. Does God exist? If not, why are reading the Bible? If so, what is your argument? Are you really so self-deceived that you are using you are using a Bible verse to prove your point?

    1. Martin says:

      Very simple. Non believers are just simply throwing YOUR back assward bronze age sacred words back at you.

  144. Ed says:

    It’s Tebow who’s making a mockery of Christianity. He prays for Jesus to help him win a game. During the the game, Jesus lets thousands of children die of starvation and disease. Asking for divine intervention for a game is despicable. Tebow can only be doing it for the attention.

    1. Craig says:

      Ed, you’re so concerned about the starving and the hungry. Did it ever occur to you that GOD is big enough to handle helping someone throw a ball straight while at the same time compelling you, personally, to sacrificially give out of your own wallet, to help feed those who are hungry? Tebow reportedly donates a lot of money to charitable causes. Many Christians give well above 10% of their money to the church and related charitable causes. Not implying you don’t give anything, I don’t know you at all. Just food for thought (no pun intended).

      1. flinchferguson says:

        $2.6 billion is being paid by the Catholic church for damages relating to their pedophile priests, and for covering up and enabling pedophiles to victimize children for decades. The figure may grow as more settlements and judgments come in.

        Just sayin’. Any donations people are making to the Catholic church — for the next 10 years at least — is simply paying to cover the expenses caused by pedophiles.

        For the other sects of Christianity — please give more, to make up for the Catholics!

  145. Nels says:

    When has anyone ever said anything derogatory about “black athletes” that bring up God and Jesus is post game interviews? This has been going on for many many many years and no one has said squat. When you think about it, this is all rather insulting to those black athletes; like, well, we expect it from your people but not whites. Get over it and quit being racist.

  146. Martin says:

    “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us.”
    — Pope Leo X (1513-1521)

  147. Nobody says:

    A few points for to consider regarding the Atheists remarks,

    1, When choosing to follow the Lord personal gain is inevitable considering gaining access to Heaven and to have life everlasting.
    2. Football is historically divisive that is one of things that people like about it, rivalry
    3. The real question is why are we talking about football when we should be talking about religion. Prioritize, Get saved then talk about football.

    4. Of course the Atheists are going to get upset by the mention of Jesus remember the Exorcist, Satan/Satanists are made very uncomfortable by God.
    Atheists, its the Devil who compels you to reject Christ. The Devil isn’t a little red guy with a gig he is lies, propaganda and pride of course there are many other manifestations don’t be fooled.

  148. Bob Wood says:

    Half of the major league baseball players who hit a homerun look up to the sky in thanks when crossing home plate and no one has taken notice of this ritual. Athletes have displayed some form of thanks to god over the years and we didn’t demonize them so stop your petty complaining because you only show how morally bankrupt and intolerant you are of others and their faith. I would say most of those who hate Tebow are probably liberals and or Obama supporters.

  149. David Pitman says:

    The complaint is really directed to all CHRISTIANS. Because we who accept JESUS CHRIST as our SAVIOR are not afraid of being mocked and insulted for our deep heartfelt FAITH. Some might actually admire and have their lives changed as a positive result.

  150. Jim says:

    Why does CBS find it newsworthy to quote the vulgar hate speech of a bigot? Since CBS would not seek out the hate of any other group of bigots, what is their motive or insensitivity with quoting an anti-Christian bigot? Weird story CBS.

  151. Mom of 4 says:

    To any atheist dads out there – who would you trust with your precious daughter – Tim Tebow or Ben Rothlisberger? I’m just sayin…………

    1. Martin says:

      Certainly not a Catholic priest either. Esp with a young son. Just sayin…

  152. lcdlover says:

    All sincere religious folks are mentally ill, or stupid, or both. That said the atheist group cited purports to promote the separation of church and state. Therefore the sport of professional football should be outside of their purview. Moreover the charge that Tebow is a phoney publicity hound is specious. Tebow would be famous notwithstanding his on field fervent fealty frolics – he’s a great and inspiring QB. What’s more he seems like a nice guy. Maybe Silverman has a particular distaste for Christians. Guys like him give atheists a bad rap.

  153. Lori says:

    First of all, I’d rather see the quiet class shown by Tebow as he takes a minute to thank his God than see all those low-class hoolilgans stomping and dancing and belly-bumping and fist-pumping going on on the field and in the endzone which is like giving the other team their middle finger; a true sign of poor sportsmanship.

    Secondly, I am Jewish, but I truly believe the Christians in this country REALLY ought to be out in force and just finally just fed up with this anti-Christian b.s. This is a Judeo-Christian nation, whether an atheist likes it or not. You should be able to pray wherever the hell you want, you should be able to put up a Merry Christmas sign and a Christmas tree wherever you want, and if someone doesn’t want to look, they don’t have to. This is a FREE country, atheists … get it?!

    1. Martin says:

      “ought to be out in force” ??
      Funny how the religious get all bent out of shape when someone presents their opinion and criticizes their little Jebus. America was founded as a secular nation. BTW; Christmas has VERY LITTLE to do with your Jesus. Read a little and learn a little.

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Martin
        RE: You Got It….

        Funny how the religious get all bent out of shape when someone presents their opinion and criticizes their little Jebus — Martin

        ….bass-ackwards, buckie. Silverman and the others of his ilk on this thread are upset at Tebow. We’re just trying to explain their stupidity to them.


        [The Truth will out….not that atheists will accept it….until it’s too late….]

  154. Mrs. Biddles says:

    I love it how atheists get their panties in a twist over a good man who is moral, personally responsible, faithful, compassionate, gives his money to the poor and donates his time to those less fortunate.

  155. Jake says:

    Somewhere along your line of ancestry, somebody subtly misspelled your name, Sliverman. lol Genesis 3:14-15.

  156. Neil says:

    Replace Christian with “gay” and the prejudice and hate these atheists spew is even more clear. Get in the closet? Wow.

    And I say that as a current atheist and former Christian.

  157. bill says:

    It’s cool that God has so much time to score touchdowns. Sorry starving children, more important things on the agenda. God isn’t a very nice dude. I will not worship this evil hypocrite.

    1. Douglas Lynn says:

      There you go Bill, blaming God because he does not force people to take care of starving children. Do we not have enough resources in this world to feed starving children? Of course we do. The problem is that selfish adults would rather spend 5 grand on 4 football tickets than feed 4 kids for a year. The problem is that people like our First Lady would rather spend 4 million of taxpayer money on a 17 day vacation than feed a thousand children. God has provided plenty of resources, it is the human stewardship of those resources that is the problem.

  158. DBookman says:

    Atheists should be forgiven for their ignorance of the Bible because actually Tebow might not be praying enough. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:17 — “Pray without ceasing.”

  159. Larry says:

    Atheism is a religion!

  160. Nivram says:

    This is an ironic story, as the Atheists interject their religion into society more emphatically than any Christian ever did.

  161. Curtis Schweitzer says:

    If the American Atheists don’t like what Tebow is saying or doing they have the right to change the channel.

  162. Storm says:

    Breads and Circuses.

    THE USA IS BROKE, and all we can argue about is what a private citizen is doing on the field.

    We should all place our anger on the scoundrels in DC who are raping this great Republic, not some QB who decides to practice his natural right to pray so as long as he does not force anyone else to pray.

  163. Just Sayin' says:

    Atheists need Tebow to seem relevant.

  164. Lori says:

    American Athiests (AA???)…

    “Hi, my name is Joe” (Hi, Joe), “and I don’t believe in God”.

    You know, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery!

    I don’t have all the answers — and some Christians should figure out what they believe before trying to defend themselves on a public forum. I happen to hang out with many who do know what they believe and who are wise enough to not post here too often.

    Takes too much faith to be an athiest. Hard to look at our awesome mountains and lakes and leave such intricacy and beauty to chance!

    I Corinthians 1:18

    The Message that points to Christ on the Cross seems like sheer silliness to those hellbent on destruction, but for those on the way of salvation it makes perfect sense. This is the way God works, and most powerfully as it turns out. It’s written,

    I’ll turn conventional wisdom on its head, and expose so-called experts as crackpots.

  165. Lars says:

    Why do atheist continue to attack any expression of religion in an attempt to prove their view has any validity? Most people do not care what atheist believe or do not believe. Just shut up and go on not believing if that is what you want. Why would you want to comment about a Tebow or anyone else for that matter. Don’t start a fight to try and convenience people you have a valid point. You do not. If I am wrong, I lose nothing. If you are wrong, you may lose everything.

  166. Ann Dragon says:

    Atheists are such angry little people.

  167. Rich says:

    What makes me think David Silverman is only concerned with what is good for football since Tebow got attention? As if David Silverman of New Jersey is really concerned with splitting the Denver Broncos fan base. What an obnoxious hypocrite.

  168. curt says:

    Atheist’s don’t believe in anything, so why should we believe anything they say?

  169. Rich says:

    So Tebow is a hypocrite because he is seen praying?? That is the BEST they can come up with? One of the top college players for 3 years and now a starting NFL quarterback and the most unChristian thing Silverman can find him doing is PRAYING. WOW. This new breed of angry atheists really are the most obnoxious people ever created.

  170. Wally Lind says:

    Wow! A godless group doesn’t approve of public display of Christianity? What a shock! That’s what you expect from a rival religion, and that’s what they out out.

  171. picomanning says:

    Atheists have never been able to solve one very perplexing problem. When cultures move toward atheism, then somehow and for strange reasons which atheists can’t grasp or control, as their cultural success seems within their grasp, that culture also for reasons beyond the knowledge of atheists seems to rot, and people desperately seek to find God.

  172. Jim says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how gullible people are to worship a religion based on the word of some dudes girlfriend.

  173. WIlliam Merica says:

    So many people miss the point. Regardless of what you believe there is a lesson to be learned from Tebow.

  174. William Merica says:

    So many people miss the point. Regardless of what you believe there is a lesson to be learned from Tebow. Good points made here…

    “What Businesses, Atheists and Believers can Learn from Tim Tebow”

  175. MJT says:

    I wonder how tolerant America would be if Tebow were praying to Mecca on the field??!!

    1. Pablo says:

      Probably as tolerant as Denverites would be if he signed with the Patriots this week.

  176. tomSERVO says:

    Like many people of religion, Tebow’s religion calls him to service for his fellow man.

    This atheist group would be better served by being a positive force for the service of others too instead of dedicating themselves to tear down those who are.

  177. Jim says:

    All religion is and has been about from the start is men controlling other men. Before man got “civilized” they killed those that didn’t get with the program. Today they only are allowed to indoctrinate and brainwash for their prosperity and control. There has to be a defective gene in the idiots that give in to this nonsense.

    1. dithcdigger2 says:

      You don’t think these critics are trying to control? And why? This guy is just kneeling, the responce sounds like a threat to me. They are professional athletes, no gov. funding. You don’t like it, Turn the power off.

    2. Dave says:

      They STILL kill Jim! Just look at many middle easterners!

  178. ditchdigger2 says:

    What about all the recivers that point to the heavens. The critics are on national news, with their rhetoric, what is their agenda, hate contact sports?, Mini minds trying to micro- manage?

  179. Randy says:

    If people want to believe in ancient mythologies of primitive people it’s their choice. It has helps many many people deal with otherwise overwhelming difficulties to simply believe that there is something more than reality. The fantasies that religions provide to those that need them have enabled people who would otherwise be devastated to continue their lives. Atheists should realize this and respect the right of those people to believe.

    1. ditchdigger2 says:

      Take the next step.

  180. Higgs Bosun says:

    How does an insignificant blink of conscious awareness like Silverman scan every galaxy and dimension in the entire universe and determine that there is no God anywhere? Such arrogance.

  181. Mark Predovic says:

    Definition of an atheist: An atheist resents the fact that there is a power greater than themselves (God)! Therefore, they are nothing more than a hopeless egotist – they just call themselves an atheist!

  182. Griffin T. Kearns says:

    ““Why in the world are we talking about religion when we are talking about football?”

    Clearly this person has never played, nor does he understand the slightest thing about football, as “the football prayer” also known as “The Lord’s Prayer” is a part of the game from a *very* early age.

    What a tool.

  183. ditchdigger2 says:

    Why is Tebow such a threat, he is just a kid, a very competent quarter back,, thats all, why all the hate. What powers to be, are minupulating this to their advantage, and why? Worth some thought.

  184. George says:

    Maybe god is the Bronco’s offensive coordinator. God just fired the Jets offensive coordinator. Please pray for him.

  185. towerman says:

    Get over it everyone. Tebow can do whatever he wants to do after a big play. Why don’t we complain about the jungle dancing that occurs after every mediocre and above play that occurs in the NFL. If I have to watch all of that shuckin and jivin after every play then I can certainly live with anything Tebow decides to do.

  186. Farmer Bob says:

    “American Atheists” — What is that, a church? Atheists need a way to get together and worship nothing?

  187. We the people says:

    Of course an atheist would think Tim is faking it. That’s what an atheist would do.

  188. Turban says:

    Atheists are phonies. They believe in God all right. They just hate Him because they can’t get over the acne He gave them when they were young nerds. Now they’re old nerds and they can’t forgive Him for that either.

  189. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I’m an atheist. If Tebow’s prayers serve him well, then what’s the problem? And by the way, the groups “American Atheists” and “Freedom From Religion” don’t speak for ME. They’re just annoying evangelists for atheism — and nothing ruins a good cause faster than a bunch of rotten punk advocates who make a hobby of injecting themselves into everyone else’s business. They can drop dead, for all I care.

  190. shawn says:

    The athiest leader’s last name is Silverman. The man is clearly a jew. When are you people going to start realizing that jews/ex-jews are behind the progressive, radical left movement and leading the attacks on Christianity? Do we have to spell this out for you people???

  191. John says:

    An atheist disbelieves.
    Go figure.

  192. Turban says:

    “(Religion) injects the divisive force into football,” Silverman says.

    Actually, Mr. Silverman has it backwards. We’re one nation under God until a Bears-Packer game, and then the whole country comes apart.

  193. ETJ says:

    I apologize silverman is fron NJ!!!!!
    I wonder if silverman ever had the balls to question a muslim when he stops and prays in the middle of work or in the street??? Is silverman afraid of the muslims or is he just anti-christian???
    We will pray for you silverman, wish you nothing since you dont believe in anything!! Good luck Tebow from New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Aaron B. Cohick says:

    I pray to God everyday that Tebow gets his ass kicked by the Patriots so all this hype and religious dogma disappears.

  195. Nadelstich says:

    “Tebow takes religion and injects it into the mix and divides the fan base.” – David Silverman

    Yep, he divides the fan base between the 92% who the Gallup poll says believe in God and the 8% who don’t and who don’t watch football anyway because it’s too common for them.

  196. Ace says:

    Whsat is it that the atheist always say when some group is protesting a show that they don’t like?….

    Oh yeah, “Don’t like it? Then change the channel or turn it off.”

  197. Krazy Kenny B says:

    Atheists [collectively] must be the most miserable bunch of people on Earth. What is there to live for? Nothing beyond this life? No God to turn to? Only hate for people who are happy with their lives, and set a proper example. I’m no Broncos fan by any stretch, but I am a Tebow fan. I admire him for what he is – a humble and thankful man who appreciates the blessings he receives from God, praises his teammates with their every effort, and works at his faith off the field as well as on it. Maybe, just maybe, God has seen fit to put him in the right place at the right time.

  198. Jeff says:

    Jews sure hate when White people like Jesus.

  199. Zoomie says:

    Even Satan quoted the bible when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness….

    In any case, there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. What is wrong is the amount of hooplah that the media is creating out of it. It is almost as if they are trying to put him on a pedestal so that when he falls(makes a mistake) or fails (to win a Super Bowl) they can point their fingers and make a spectacle of it.

  200. Sue in KC says:

    You are making this a religious arguement & essentially it isn’t. A guy dances in the endzone after a touchdown. Another guy punches the air. Tebow prays. Who cares? Every player has his way of celebrating a good play, a good call, a win. I’m not Christian & I don’t get the excitemnt – for or against – Tebowing. If you like go YAY – if you don’t ignore. Watch the game.

  201. bobb says:

    ‘Blessed is the mind to small to doubt’

  202. Lucy says:

    They say Tebow is using God. One might consider God is using Tebow.

  203. kevin says:

    What I love most about this is there isn’t a stinking thing the atheists can do about it. They cant run to the aclu, they can’t block him through the courts. All they can do is watch or don’t watch. What makes this so sweet is the fact he passed for 316 yards, averaged 31.6 yards per throw, and the Pittsburgh Denver game got a 31.6 share in the ratings. Go tebow, and go John 3:16.

  204. Zach says:

    I think its time that these so called ‘Atheists’ need to rename themselves what they really are, and that is anti-theists. It is not that you do not practice to one or more deities, which is the definition. You actively seek to attack religious people and that is somewhat different. Personally I’m agnostic, and maybe I’d care about the Church if more than 14% have read the book cover to cover, as its supposed to be a narrative, rather than in little bites, where they take character quotes in the Bible as the literal word of God.

  205. FAIRTV says:

    Religious bigotry is alive and well inside American Atheists.

  206. fhwilson429 says:


  207. Kenny says:

    Since when are atheists relevent to anything dealing with Christianity?

  208. bob says:

    bible followers = sheep who know nothing except what they are allowed to know. Christianity is nothing more than a plagurised possie scheme for the desperate and moronic. You preach from a re re re re re re edited / translated story book that has no authors who were alive when these events happened. And istrangly similar to many previous religions that all worship the ‘Chosen one’ son of the all powerfull overload deity.

    Science adjusts it’s beliefs based on what’s observed
    Faith is the denial of observation so that Belief can be preserved.

    grow up people we don’t need these pathetic stories to explain the universe anymore we don’t live in the dark ages

    1. Arlen says:

      bob, apparently you have NOT been “enlightened” … and you are still living in the dark ages. Open the Bible … turn on your love light.

    2. Hypocrisy Detector says:

      You’re peaching, too… and with so much tolerance . Your faith, evangelism, and pamphlet thumping of no deity is no different from the faith, evangelism, and bible thumping of a christian deity.

      Whassah matta, Bunky? Gawd didn’t save your boyfriend from HIV or didn’t give you some material thing you thought you needed to be happy? You’re more transparent than a bible thumper.

  209. Arlen says:

    Bottom line … if you don’t “Love Jesus” … you “can” go to HELL!

  210. DavidHuser says:

    According to a report in the Daily Rash, after their win over the Chicago Bears the Denver Broncos signed Jesus to a multimillion dollar contract in hopes he would take them to the Super Bowl.

  211. John says:

    Atheists can be killed stolen from and all the other ten commandments because these laws that came from religion and they don’t believe in or want anyone else to have the right to believe in something with a moral compass.
    What bunch of leeches, Take the best society has to offer and then bite the hand that feeds them like a mad dog.

    1. bob says:

      these laws didn’t come from religion they come from the basic human understanding of right and wrong. Religion just trys to copyright it out of desperation

      1. Jesusknight72 says:

        That’s inaccurate. Humans don’t have a “basic understanding of right or wrong” on their own because one man’s right is another man’s wrong. They can’t both be right. Law had to come from an original inarguable truth…….GOD. The reason we have no REAL law now is because people subscribe to YOUR philisophy.

  212. Inarguable Truth says:

    An atheist group believes something? Heh…

    The biggest difference between atheists and theists is that atheists do their evangelic thumping with contemporary pamphlets rather than ancient texts. Both groups are eager to impose their beliefs upon others, and both are arrogant and obnoxious about it while neither group can prove the existence (or lack thereof) a divine being or an afterlife.

  213. Joe says:

    Did these putzes just start watching sports? Athletes are always praising God, praying on the sideline, after touchdowns, before & after games, making cross signs. Tebow doesn’t put the cameras on him, the networks do.

  214. Gerald Beall says:

    Too bad that atheists do not know the difference between “parying” and “praising” God. Praising God for the good He brings publically is encouraged in scripture. Tebow is not “praying” publically “to” win, he’s “praising” God “for” the win, big difference.

  215. Jonathan says:

    I don’t get Silverman. Is he angry

    1) that Tebow is praying publicly,


    2) that Tebow is FAKING prayer in public? (In which case he ISN’T praying.)

    From the text in this article, it seems, on one hand, that Silverman is griping that (and I quote) “Tebow prays”, whereas, on the other hand, he gripes that Tebow is (I quote again) “totally faking”. Can’t be both, Mr. Silverman. Tebow is either praying, or he is “totally faking” prayer (which, of course, is to NOT pray).

    Mr. Silverman, is Tebow really a Christian, or is he merely FAKING being one?

    What would offend you more, Mr. Silverman,

    1) if Tebow really is a Christian,


    2) if Tebow is FAKING being a Christian? (In which case he ISN’T a Christian.)

    You seem to be accusing him of BOTH, but it is impossible for both to be true, Mr. Silverman, and I thought that folks who like to call themselves “atheists” were supposed to be the vanguard for the promotion of rigorous thinking in modern society.

  216. Robert g says:

    So the atheist are using Tebow to get publicity. And the media fell for it.

  217. Critter says:

    If you believe in God, do you believe in Magic too. Immacualte conception, come on, Mary cheated on Joseph and tried to lie her way out of it. If god exist, where is he when 10k kids starve everyday, filling his ranks ? ? If god is real why does he let priest molest children, to teach a life lesson and build character ? Come, on, wake up. Tebow is a mediocre quarterback witha religous agenda, he said it, not me. who cares, lets focus on the fact our economy is in shambles, our poiticians corrupt and big business is ruling the planet. Who cares if there is a Christian, muslim god, lets get back on track as the greatest nation on earth, or the history books will discuss us like the roman empire. You all make me laugh, Atheist too, I”m going to go to work and try and better myself……

  218. Sage says:

    I am a Christian. I am happy that Tim is so strong in his faith. I wish I could be that strong. However, Troy Polamalu is also a Christian, in no less measure. He makes the Sign of the Cross over himself before each play. It is a very humble and subtle gesture. And no one ever mentions it. It’s between he and his Lord. I personally prefer that approach.

  219. PrairieHawk says:

    Presumably atheists don’t pray at all. How do they know when somebody is faking it?

  220. Michelle says:

    Since when is it acceptable for an organization to censor a man for expressing his beliefs in America? Any soccer game around the world is filled with grown men on their knees in gratitude for every goal accomplished. It is fully accepted and respected. Who funds these Athiest organizations? Probably the same elitist creeps who throw millions at lobbying for drug legalization, abortion, and a New World Order.

  221. Richard says:

    You do realize there’s cameras on Tebow every step he takes from the locker room door till after the required post game press conference, and other interviews. He couldn’t Tebow/pray in private if he wanted to. He’s constantly covered by tv the second he gets to the stadium till he leaves. I’m surprised the kid can go to the bathroom with out a tv crew being there.

  222. Frakk001 says:

    does anyone else find it interesting that while it’s ok for athiests (of which there truly are none..) pick on someone of the Christian faith for using freedom in practicing HIS beliefs while using their freedom to attack him? One would think that if they TRULY believed in no God, that a practice of Faith in one would be tantamount to believing in fairy tales and nothing offensive to them?..One would THINK that..unless they are afraid..REALLY afraid.they’re ..wrong? Let’s not show our hypocrisy kids..

  223. Sparky2 says:

    Most athiest groups are centered around NY city and Los Angeles. Those are also the powerhouse of media outlets which is heavily infiltrated with athiests. So they are desperately waiting for Tebow to make a bad flub or lose a game badly so they can attack him unmcercifully…..they want to Palinize him when they get the chance.

  224. lvh says:

    It’s wonderful that atheists are soooooooooooo upset by this.
    Keep at it Tim and the rest who decide to pray when they want to.
    This is still a free country.

  225. Enoch Root says:

    Silverman is just another bigoted busy-body. Thanks be to God he blessed me with faith and Reason… if not, I might be just like this sorry soul. I think I’ll pray for him. 🙂

  226. Merrick says:

    Of course these antitheists are right. Everybody knows the Constitution guarantees separation of church and football!

    Thank goodness they’re injecting a needed note of comradery and civility into the discussion.

  227. bob says:

    Has any christian who has read the bible read the egyptian book of the dead? if you had you would see were most of the commandment were copied from. Along with about a dozen other religions who all have the ‘Chosen one’ born on the 25th dec to a virgin , with 3 kings following a star to his birth. Followed around by 12 disciples , performs miricles and is then betrayed and crucified before rising from the dead (after 3days). These religions all came before jesus ( don’t u dare say it was the devil) yet all follow the ‘Chosen’ one formula i wonder why ? o i know its just another new sales pitch for the same type of control, using fear and regret as sticks to beat the people down with. If you think these tall tales really are the truth and noah really did get 2 of EVERY animal on the planet then you scare me more than all the nukes in the world.


    1. Grant Winnes says:

      Bob – I am a Christian. I’ve read a little bit of ancient literature. Have you? Yes, I know that many of the proverbs are found in other ancient lit. No news there. Things like lying, stealing, murdering, adultery – pretty universally wrong, eh? But things like “you will have no other gods before me.” That’s unique to Moses, right? I’m sure you’ve read all about it. But where’d you hear about the “‘Chosen one’ born on the 25th of dec to a virgin”? That is truly remarkable! The precise date even. Hmmm…not even the OT prophets, who were quite precise on well over 300 other predictions cited Dec. 25. But of course, I don’t believe in THAT chosen one, because Jesus was not born on Dec. 25. I’m surprised your teachers didn’t tell you that.

      So it appears that you fear Christians based on your perception that we are ignorant for believing the Bible. Ironic, huh? More than all the nukes in the world? Wow. Ignorance must truly scare you! Should Christians be dismantled, too?

      I would remind you that factually speaking under Stalin (an ardent atheist, by the way) 25-60 million people died, many of whom were killed for being as ignorant as me. More died as a result of Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution. Also an ardent atheist. More than all the nukes in the world.

  228. Grant Winnes says:

    Three Suggestions for American Atheists:

    1. Stick to the Facts: “American Atheists — a New Jersey based group that promotes the separation of church and state — tells CBS Denver that the only reason Tebow is popular is because he constantly injects his Christianity among the public.” Empirically speaking, he took a 1-4 team, took them to the playoffs, beat the defending champs. I posit that we would still be talking about him – more to your politically approved liking – if he didn’t make public displays of his Christianity.

    2. Admit culpability: Still, it is true that his faith is as much a topic of discussion as his football. However, I would suggest that if it were not for your censorship of Chrisitans in a free and open society, we would not be gasping for such displays of open Christian witness. You are slowly shutting us out of public discourse, so Tim Tebow’s displays are a guilty pleasure in some ways. If you had it your way, his displays would be banned. In effect, your attempts at censorhsip are partly responsible for his popularity.

    3. Admit your double-standard: The article says, “(Religion) injects the divisive force into football,” Silverman says. “Why in the world are we talking about religion when we are talking about football?” To which, I would reply, “Secularism injects a divisive force into (the media, the education, public discourse, etc…). Why in the world are we subjected to your vulgarity, lewdness and propoganda when we sit down to watch TV (or go to school, or watch the news…). You want to promote secularism through the exercise of free speech, but ban the free speech of others? I suggest that you live by the standards you seek to impose on others.

  229. Banderman says:

    ‘Diversity’ is the new loony tune left wing code word for ‘affirmative action’. The latter is such a political hot potato, they had to come up with a word that would fool Americans and confuse them to the point they would ’embrace it’ with impunity. Do the math; we never hear about ‘affirmative action’ any more; now it’s ‘diversity’. Wake up. The result is the same.

  230. KLeC says:

    The big issue is that the atheists can’t control Tebow! If he worked for the government, they’d be standing on their heads. It’s their god given right to do so.

  231. L says:

    The central message of Christianity is of the good news, that the Master of the universe has extended mercy towards our belligerent and obstinate race. Take it or leave it but by all means take heed, for that particular Master is coming back.

  232. Endyr says:

    Silverman says if Tebow is truly a Christian, he would pray in private, not public. Wow praying advice from an atheist. In the end, why do you care what others do or believe in, since you will be going, basically, nowhere?

  233. charles says:

    It’s easy to project onto others the worst possible motives, as the atheists do here. For example, the ONLY reason they attack Tebow is because he makes them feel guilty for being pedophiles. See! Easy!

  234. joe234534523 says:

    Atheists have no problem with any religion or faith except Christians.

    Could it be because they choose to suppress the truth in unrighteousness?


  235. Eric says:

    I don’t believe in god, but I respect those who do. That’s the primary reason why I refuse to identify myself as an “atheist.” Atheism is a faith-based religion. And a particularly intolerant, bigoted one at that.

  236. SONOTALIBERAL says:

    The only fan base that is divided is you and it’s by your own choice, Mr. Silverman. Take your angst and go home. Go away, Go anywhere. Just shut up. We don’t care what you think.

  237. Thomas, St. Petersburg, FL says:

    The atheists are merely jealous of Tebow.

  238. justsomeguy says:

    I would expect a true atheist to just regard what Tebow does as one of those silly dances that football players do in the end zone. After all, according to atheists, he is foolishly acknowledging someone who does not exist. He might as well be doing so for the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause or other ‘make-believe’ characters atheists liken GOD to. Why so serious, Silverman?

  239. John says:

    I don’t believe in God and I think this is just silly. Does the bible speak out against the sort of public displays that Tebow conducts? Kinda. It talks about those who only do it for attention and there’s no way to know what’s in Tebow’s heart, so this atheist group should just shut up.

    Atheist are also idiots. They criticize people for knowing without a doubt that there is a God yet they’re arrogant enough to insist that they KNOW there is no God. I’m agnostic, which means I don’t believe in God, but I’m not closed minded enough to say I know as a fact that there’s nothing out there.

    1. Wesley says:

      I’m an agnostic atheist because I’m not arrogant enough to claim you have to be one or the other.
      Agnosticism is a statement of KNOWLEDGE. I am an agnostic because I do NOT claim to KNOW if there is a god or not.
      Atheism is a statement of BELIEF. I am an atheist because I lack a belief that a god exists.

      I do not have a positive belief there is no god, I merely lack a belief all together because there is no empirical evidence either way. Don’t go around claiming to know what atheists do and don’t claim if you aren’t clear on the terminology yourself.

  240. Jim says:

    Athiests just need to do their own thing and leave everyone to do their own thing. quit trying to force your ideals on everyone else and leave your un-Godly ways in your own home where they belong.

  241. NormB says:

    to paraphrase (I don’t have the quote on hand verbatim):

    “You are inextricably bound to anything upon which you have a strong opinion.” Robert Heinlein.

    It’s a maxim I think explains why atheists are so militant in their disbelief. It’s about the “God-shaped hole” the french mathematician Blaise Pascal described so well.

    Atheists spend a lot of time and energy circling that hole and screaming at others to ignore it.

  242. radical rabbi says:

    “Which seems more unreasonable; a man who believes in a God he cannot see or a man who is offended by a God he doesn’t believe in?” Brad Stine

  243. Joe Drager says:

    What’s next for Silverman; hold his breath and stam his little feet.

  244. Bruce says:

    Atheists who love to quote the Matthew verse should also check out Matthew 10:32-33 Jesus said:

    “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven”

  245. greg says:

    Atheists are fools. They are consumed with something they claim doesn’t exist.

    The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.

    Tebow is just being who he is. It’s freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion.

    Anyone can be anything they want to be except a Christian in modern America.

    You want to mutilate your body by changing your sex? Oh, you’re perfectly normal. You’re a role-model. But try to say a prayer and you’re labeled some kind of nut.

    Judgment is coming to this country eventually. These atheists need our prayers. If you’re a true believer in Jesus Christ, pray for these lost people.

    There’s a sinner’s Hell waiting for them if they don’t come to Christ.

    1. Kraven says:

      These Atheists are just Mad becasue all of the stories about Tebow have made Millions of people who have never read John 3:16 but have been turned off by false profit TV evangelists types Read John 3:16 and possible get the message. The Goal of God is to get the message to every living person at some point in thier life. The wish of god is that everyone would believe it but the free will he has given us rules that out. Tebow has inadvertantly reached out to millions of people and let them know that there is a better way than they are living and that it is oh so easy if only you believe and oh so impossible if you do not. This message and the fact that he is being persecuted for his beliefs and the lack of fear he shows in the living of his beliefs even in themidst of this persecution leads me to beleive that he will garner great rewards both in heaven and here on earth

  246. Christina says:

    If you don’t like Mr. Tebow, don’t watch, atheists! Seriously, how many of your atheist and secular friends do we get to have crammed down our throats as Christians? On another note, Jesus encouraged private prayer, but there are also many cases in the Bible that make an appeal for corporate prayer as well. Furthermore, I’m sure Tebow ALSO prays in private. And how did his fame with prayer begin? The media was drawn to him. Suggestion for the aheists — don’t watch.

  247. Allan Cougle says:

    “(Religion) injects the divisive force into football,” Silverman says.
    What a ridiculous statement. Nothing is more divisive (or competitive) than football. That’s what makes it so much fun! For most reasonable people, Tebow’s beliefs transcend the divisiveness. I never would have been a Denver fan if it weren’t for Tebow. Go Saints!

  248. proudnot2bliberal says:

    Aaaaahhhh yes more from the bitter angry LEFT!

    And just like the devil the atheists try to misuse & misrepresent parts of the bible. As I have said for years no difference b/w atheist, devil worshippers & islamists all 1 in the same

  249. Stop Whining says:

    Get over it, atheists. It’s not “state” involved so nobody is infringing on your rights.

    Stop whining all the time, it’s getting old. Your constant screaming about your views and trying to push them on others is really making your atheism almost look like a religion itself. Tools.

  250. Kelly says:

    Atheist are such darling people. What is to them what anyone believes? They are more self-righteous than a Jehovah witness on a door knocking mission.

  251. Selfish Bastr says:

    You aethiest must have a huge head to hold so much ignorance lol

  252. JD says:

    Dude has to be a Steelers fan

  253. ugly1 says:

    They can go to hell…oh, they are alredy there.

  254. saduslover says:

    Why are atheists so committed to “hating” and attacking people of faith (although this honestly is usually limited to Christians)? Why are they not tolerant and accepting of the fact that Christians derive much comfort and peace from their faith? Is this an instance where liberal tolerance of “diversity” is just lip service? I guess these folks spend a lot of their time on playgrounds telling kids that Santa is a hoax!

  255. Tim says:

    One man prays, others accuse, where have we heard this before.

  256. John Clark says:

    The atheist can yammer all they want…..But Tebow has a better football record than they do.

  257. Dawn says:

    It’s rather foolish to think that God cares about football and parking spaces, but allows children to die of leukemia and 18,000 more to starve to death every day. I’m sure their mother’s pray, but God chooses not to hear.

  258. gnubi says:

    The group’s purpose appears to be separation of church and state. How does sports fit into that? Furthermore, isn’t all sports ‘devisive’ – you root for your team and someone else roots for the opposition? This group, “American Atheists”, simply wants Christianity out of sight. BTW, what’s their position on allowing Muslim students to use school property to pray? Remarkably silent on that…..

  259. SomeDude68 says:

    The article is irrelevant.
    He is free to exercise his freedom of speech and religion… just as they are with science. There is no more point to this article than another on why you should watch discovery channel and learn about physics.
    I opinionate they are simply trying to aggravate Tebow and get him to UN Christianize himself in public.

    My point is… the haters will hate and always will… no real reason is needed.

  260. Dave Brown says:

    Tebow’s 316 stats dyrubg the last game are a remarkable coincidence or God having a little decide!

  261. James 4:14 says:

    I still wonder how these fools think you can get something out of nothing.

    1. D says:

      But the idea of a supreme being who (conveniently) has always been around, and one day just snaps his fingers and something magically appears out of nothing makes perfect sense?

      1. James 4:14 says:

        I want to know how you get something out of nothing.

  262. Dave Brown says:

    Tebow 316 stats are either an amazing coincidence or God having a chuckle, you decide!

  263. donttreadonme says:

    Silverman and those of his ilk just want equal time demonstrating against the threat of Christianity. A little air time makes them uneasy because as an athiest, what is one to gesticulate, in demonstration of athiestic faith, upon scoring a touchdown?; maybe an anatomical representation of an upside down cross? Once they develope a name brand, things will settle down.

  264. Kraven says:

    The haters or maybe I should say the athiests out there cannot stand the thought that millions of people have goten the message of love that God offers in the Bible which has been writen about and read by millions of people worldwide as they print stories about Tim Tebow. They dont even bother to read the rest of teh story where they pick and choose Bible verses to try to Use against Tim Tebow the way that Sayan tried to use them against Jesus inteh desert. The Bible warns against False profits who would try to use bible verses against Christians. Tebows Own Humbleness shows where he is comming from and you dont need to be a christian to see it. This is what is burning up the Atheists so much

  265. CARMEN says:

    Libs want gays OUT of the closet and Christians INTO the closet – how deliciously silly and mentally sick.

  266. Jason says:

    It’s not Tebow’s fault the cameras are pointed at him. After all, you are the ones reading these comments.

  267. Al J says:

    Why is we can always count on the media to find the dregs and debris of humanknd and have them propelled to the forefront as if they were relevant?

  268. D says:

    Well, to those who are making the (false) claim atheists don’t know more about the bible than Christians, might I recommend this little article:

  269. Jonas Velasco says:

    Everyone gets to choose their own “religious” beliefs: Christianity, Judaism, Communism, Hinduism, Universalism, Buddhism, Confucianism and atheism.

    They’re all life philosophies with an organized group behind them each with their own precepts of do’s and do nots.

    With atheism, there is no judge at the end of days to bring a case to for justice. There’s nothing. There is no justice here because there is no justice later. There is no ultimate law that dictates who among us is living a more “moral” life or making more moral choices than anyone else. There are no rules but what we make for ourselves as we go. Something has to determine our why. If there is nothing at the end then the here and now should be our why.

  270. Squinn says:

    Am I missing something? It seems to me that the only difference between Tim and almost every other ball player who scores or makes a great play, is that Tim kneels briefly, while everyone else glances up while pointing heavenward in grateful supplication.

  271. Laura says:

    Why don’t these Atheists say anything about the running back or a wide reciever after they score give themselves the sign of the cross and point upwards? Why don’t they say anything when the first thing they say after the game is they want to thank & praise God? Tebow has pulled off some amazing victories, but he also has had some clunkers as well. The game against the Buffalo Bills for one and as I am from Buffalo, I say GO BILLS! And this Bills fan will be routing for Tim Tebow to beat the Patriots.

  272. Max723 says:

    David Silverman……hmmm…..what does a Jew care about Christianity anyway? Maybe he’s not a practicing Jew either.

  273. Jim Thompson says:

    What percentage of his income does David Silverman contribute to charity to assist the less fortunate among us? Why does David Silverman feel the need to protect us from seeing another man pray in public? Why does David Silverman feel that he has the right to insult another man for praying in public? What has David Silverman ever done to protect us from hearing people use profanity over the ‘public airways’? Has Tim Tebow ever resorted to publicly insulting David Silverman for not believing in Jesus Christ? Who would you rather have for a role model for your child – Tim Tebow or Ben Rottenberger? Case closed.

  274. BWVA says:

    There is no “we” when refering to a football team, unless you are on the team or work for the team.

  275. Sal says:

    I’m an agnostic and have no problem with anyone believing in a supreme being.
    Atheists tend to become angered by those who believe. Why? It seems
    to be a jealous reaction as if they are angry they can’t believe. We agnostics
    are comfortable with our feelings and as a matter of fact wish there were a God
    but not in the jealous manner atheists do.
    Tebow is good for football, especially in an era when football miscreants are arrested for woman-beating and dog-fighting.

  276. Feech LaManna says:

    Christianphobes, using prayer and the bible for publicity. Nothing more, nothing less.

  277. sj says:

    The only thing that atheists contribute to the world is the teachings in intolerance and ridicule. They impose their non-belief on the rest of the world by trying every chance they get to stifle any public display of faith or religious tradition. I was taught as a kid to respect all beliefs. I have had Jewish friends wish me a happy Hanukkah even thought not of the Jewish faith, i never once felt offended , awkward or put off in any way , i simply and respectfully wished them the same.
    My view is that most atheists have an axe to grind with people of faith because of their inability to believe in anything greater than themselves and view faith as a spotlight on the fact they are most often narcissistic megalomaniacs. If you dont believe me just look at any atheist you know and compare their personalitys to the defination of a narcissistic megalomaniac you will see for yourself.

  278. Hedley Lamar says:

    Yes, if these guys were real atheists, Tebow wouldn’t be a threat. What they appear to be is rebellious BELIEVERS who are terrified that God is REAL.

  279. hempstead says:

    Sooner or later we are all going to know…….

  280. TGC says:

    The only thing that ticks off the atheists is they can’t stop Tebow from showing his faith. I’m sure they would love to find a bogus “separation of church and football” clause in the Constitution (just like the bogus “separation of church and state”). Atheists KNOW that God exists, they just don’t like it….that is why they fight to silence it so much. You never see them complaining about Buddha or Mohammed do you.

  281. Alan D says:

    Tebow is doing it for personal gain? That’s amazingly ridiculous! If anyone is doing anything for personal gain, it is these stupid American Atheists clowns. They’re just as dumb for dismissing the possibility of a higher intelligence as Christians are for believing in a 2000-year-old corpse.

  282. Vince says:

    Guess this Athiest group never heard of Reggie White (ORDAINED MINISTER), who did the same thing tebow did. Even led prayers before and after a game.

    Tebow hasnt divided ANYONE. Its only the athiests who seem to have an issue with it.

  283. cj says:

    why can’t you people just leave this kid alone? he’s not hurting anyone. he’s not telling you to believe as he does. respect his beliefs as i am quite sure he respects your choice to differ. this from a raging Steelers fan…

    Go Broncos, Go Tebow!

  284. Proud Atheist says:

    Hooray for the atheists, the only people left with brains.

    1. Jack Bauer says:

      Really delusional people maybe. But no brains.

  285. Vince says:

    White christian conservatives … the last bastion of acceptable bullying, ridicule and bigotry. Where are all the African American religious leader and players. Why let the “left” attack what we all hold so dear … our faith in christ???

  286. Tony says:

    This is rich – non Christians telling Christians how they are supposed to practice their faith.

  287. Angus Thermopyle says:

    Jesus was pretty cool as a Jewish rebel and I have have no problem with God. Religion, though, is so full of obvious contradictions that blind faith has to be the spackle to cover all the cracks and fill all the holes. If every bit of the bible is true, then don’t cherry pick, read and follow the whole thing. Think for yourselves people.

  288. Bebop says:

    David Silverman, is just another joo who hates anybody different then him. Don’t be fooled by the atheist title most atheist are jooish.

  289. Tang says:

    I always turn to an atheist for advice on how to be a good christian.

  290. Ben says:

    It’s time for Christians to go on the offensive and stop hiding. Godless atheists are upset because they can’t sue to stop him from publicly affirming his faith to his public and others who believe as he does. Go Tebow!!

  291. jltules says:

    Atheists are just empty on the inside. How sad to go thru life with nothing in you. When they are not happy they like to make sure no one else is. They do nothing and add nothing to anyones life. Tebow is working on opening a hospital in the Philippines what has any atheists done? Nothing!

  292. Henry Thoreau says:

    Apparently being an atheist means the same as being a bigot.

  293. Al Gore says:

    I guess “American Atheists” never watch baseball? They’ll be hard pressed to find a Latino player who doesn’t cross themselves at least once per game.

    1. MG says:

      Al, I normally don’t agree with anything you say but I posted similar comment, using black baseball players as an example. Latinos do it too. A lot of athletes do it. They are just scared of 3:16! I think it left a load in their pants!

  294. Al Gore says:

    I have never seen an theist soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Just sayin’.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: Al Gore
      RE: Hmmmm

      I have never seen an [a]theist soup kitchen or homeless shelter. — Al Gore

      Good observation. I presume it is because each of them thinks of themselves as ‘god’. And they are lack the necessary pity and care for other people they see as ‘competition’ to their godhood.


      [I am the lord my god. Thou shalt have no other god before ME. — Atheist First Commandment]

  295. scottinva says:

    Sounds like the atheists are made uncomfortable by Tebow’s public expressions of faith. If they are all that firm in their belief (or disbelief), they’d laugh it off as irrelevant, because after all… God in their line of thinking is nonexistent, right?

    But this is getting under their skin… it’s gnawing at them… they’re squirming, because they… just… aren’t… sure….

    And deep down, you know I’m right, atheists…

  296. Carl says:

    Story should read: “Irrelevant atheist group tries to harness Tebow popularity for own gain”

  297. Dave says:

    Atheism is illogical. Atheism from the Greek -means “without God” or the absence of God. No one can prove the non-existence of God since no human can know the entire universe and all that is or is’nt in it. Yet all have to admit of the POSSIBILITY of God for the same reason. These Tebow haters and all other so called “atheists” would , at best, have to be categorized as agnostics.

  298. MZ says:

    Tebow is popular cause he is winning games in almost miraculous fashion. The atheists are pretty shook up about this. The whole “316 thing” really has them wondering (and fearing) what they will be doing 1000 years from now.

  299. MG says:

    So why don’t the athiests get riled up when all the black baseball players give their props to God after a homerun? A lot of them pull out the crosses, kiss them, make the #1 sign to the sky. I guess it’s just easier to pick on the caucasian Christian. The athiests can put Vick on a pedastal and praise him for his good deeds then. I will take Tebow any day of the week!

  300. rod says:

    The only reason the atheist don’t like Christians is because atheist don’t have a god they can pray to. And they are ticked off about it. If they don’t believe in God, then they can pray to his brother, satan.

  301. John Tokalenko says:

    David Silverman = Jew. Nothing hates Jesus Christ more.

    1. MZ says:

      Sorry, but that is not right. Paul was a Jew, as were the first Christians.

  302. LW says:

    Maybe Tim Tebow SHOULD stop all the praying and Jesus stuff since it offends a certain segment of NFL fans……………just as soon as the players and coaches clean up their language and all the cheerleaders put their clothes back on.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: LW
      RE: Too….

      ….as soon as the players and coaches clean up their language and all the cheerleaders put their clothes back on. — LW



      [Naked people have little or no influence on society. — Mark Twain]

      P.S. He’d probably have to retract that, today…..

  303. BelievetoSee says:

    The most offensive comment from this particular atheist is that Tebow is all show and doing this for the coverage, self-promotion, whatever.
    Check him out, look at his life OFF the field. What we see on Sundays is nothing but an expression of who he is all the time.
    You don’t have to like him, and you can disagree with his beliefs, but I’ll take a man of his character over most of the thugs and chest pounders that dominate the NFL.

  304. Sigmonde says:

    What is wrong with having freedom of religion?

  305. Billb says:

    It’s funny that they say “the only reason Tebow is popular is because he constantly injects his Christianity among the public.”, but then contradict themselves by saying it “divides the fan base” and is “bad for football.” Last time I checked, popularity was great for football.

  306. Stuart Smith says:

    American Atheists was founded by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who lived her life trying to get attention for herself, just as David Silverman is doing now.

  307. Brian Evers says:

    While we are quoting bible verses to educate the Atheists who “think” they know the bible better. I have seen this at college with my Atheist Professor teaching a religions class.

    Mathew 5:15-16
    No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

    Take that Atheists

    1. Stuart Smith says:

      Right Brian. It all comes down to one’s motivation, and we are in no position to judge Tebow’s motivation. If self glory is our real goal, we should cultivate modest privacy in prayer as an antidote. And if we are afraid to acknowledge the son of man in public, then we should cultivate courage and do so in public.

  308. GGG says:

    Which is more pathetic?

    The Christians who think Christianity is bolstered by Tebow’s public prayers
    The Atheists who are offended

  309. Joe Kelly DA says:

    It isn’t fair to portray this group of atheists as being representative of all atheists. This kind of thing is what left wing atheists with a persecution complex engage in. Normal adult atheists are too busy enjoying their lives to be worrying about the behavior of people who believe in stuff we consider fantasy.

  310. Frances Poppe says:

    I believe in MY SALVATION through faith in the death and RESSURECTION of
    my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. My faith is what inspires me to “do unto others as you would like them to do to you”. Of course it’s far more than that principle that most unbelievers think how man should live. If I die and find out I was wrong…I have nothing to loose. If you don’t believe in salvation through JESUS CHRIST alone and you die and find out you were wrong…TOOOO LATE!! No one but GOD truly knows the heart of man. I do pray that those who display gestures of faith in GOD are not doing them for show. GOD’S word says GOD will not be mocked.

  311. Eddieb says:

    Why does Tim Tebow have less rigjt to be public about his faith then athiests have to be public about their lack of faith? Seems logical that what they would apply to Tebow would themselves. But then again if the fool says in his heart there is no God, why would we expect logic to prevail for the athiest.

  312. hihoze says:

    Atheists are bigots full of anger & hate.

    1. clirus says:

      The power of Atheists will decrease after the Democrats are voted out of office.

      No Christian should ever vote for any Democrat because the Democratic Party supports Atheism and Socialism. The Atheism was proven by the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the Socialism was proven by ObamaCare.

  313. Juju says:

    I love that Tebow gets these guys goats, sooooo funny. Because he is religious they get all worked up into a lather and their pointy little heads spin….soooo funny. I bet if Tebow were gay or muslim and mentioned it everytime he was on camera (as if it would have any bearing on his skills as a QP) these same people would be worshiping him as a great example to the world. Live and let live small minders, everyone does not think like you, deal with it.

  314. Scott says:

    To all the Atheist…There is one place where EVERYONE believes in “GOD”….and that one place is “HELL”….end of story.

  315. Richard_Iowa says:

    Silverman just took his religion and injected it into the mix and it divides the fan base, which is not good for football.

    1. Eddieb says:

      Nonsense! He is what he is! To not express himself would make him less! Besides his noteriety makes him a roll model. Is his good character not better modeled than say a dog abuser, a drug abuser, a woman abuser, a rapist? These typer of sports heros abound! I for one (of many) find him to be a refreshing change! Tebow bashers are rather disigenuous! Better a thug than a open Christian!

      1. Wolfie says:

        What’s wrong with neither?

        Play the game, help the community as you see fit, and let what goes on in the stadium be about what people go to the game for, to watch a football game …

        If I wanna hear about God, I do believe there is a church within walking distance for most, and good christians are always more than happy to pick you up if you need a ride …

        Can’t say I care for them coming to my door, and using passive-aggressive mannerisms to gain access to my home … I don’t think Jesus went door to door …. It was town to town …

  316. Eddieb says:

    Oops error in editing
    Should have said what they would apply to Tebow they would apply to themselves! Athiests zelots an liberal zelots never want the other side to express their opinion.

  317. Kimani says:

    Atheists – You do your thing; let Tebow do his. Why should you care? He’s not demanding that you do the same. I wonder if this would have been written if it were a a Muslim praising Allah after scoring.

  318. codgerelle says:

    I guess Tebow didn’t get the memo. What he’s SUPPOSED to do is a hip-thrusting dance after every good play; then, when the Broncos win, he’s supposed to go out, get drunk and rape/ beat up somebody.

  319. George says:

    Because as we all know Atheists would NEVER inject their viewpoints over religion into anything…and they would NEVER do it in an obnoxious way. LOL.

  320. jt says:

    I bet mr silverman supports israel, has made no comment about orthodox jews and their display or muslims praying in the streets etc etc its a shame that he would support gay rallies, pink hairdos or atheist comments in public , but someone cant practice his religion. If he watched games, he would see players praying all the time.

  321. 1Sam23 says:

    Great now the people are trying to tell us how, when and where we can pray. Yeah not gonna happen people!
    I hate the way you twist the Bible by taking a one sentence out and making it sound like that’s what it’s all about. I mean how about this verse “I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling;” 1 TIMOTHY 2:8 ESV.
    Oh look it comes from the book of Timothy, that’s cool, I wonder how many times Tebow has read Timothy. I know I’ve read the Samuels more than some of the other parts of the bible.
    Let’s just all grow up, okay people! You want “freedom” to worship (or not) your own way so why can’t we.

    1. Clyde M says:

      Not everyone. I’m atheist and aside from not infusing your personal religious belief into secular laws, I could care less about your personal expressions of faith or where you pray.

  322. Wesley B says:

    Man, I can’t STAND David Silverman…and I’m as big an atheist as you’re like to meet.
    Dude likes stirring the pot and likes publicity. He’s every bit as “bad for atheism” as he thinks Tebow is “bad for football.”
    I’m ALL FOR getting religion out of our laws and government, but who cares about an athlete’s personal expression of faith? I think it is pretty silly, but I’m not going to run around to media outlets whining about how I think the athlete is too divisive. And he is popular because he is a major talent and always has been. His resume is a list of genuine athletic accomplishments, not pandering to the press using god to get attention.

  323. Abby Normal says:

    Silverman is just a Troll.

  324. Michael Feldman says:

    The anti christian sentiment on display against Tebow is bigotry.

  325. Muttley says:

    Wow, how thin skinned are Atheists???
    Just being Christian in public causes them to go into fits of apoplexy.

  326. carlb says:

    funny the only devisiness being done is by you atheists. every where you go you stick your pointy noses into everything. whats funny about that steeler game was while he wore 3:16 on his patch he threw for 316. divine intervention. lol

  327. Van Wehrle says:

    I’m not a believer yet in no way does Tebow’s actions “divide the fan base”. It is fully the intolerant people who are divisive. If you dont like looking at or hearing blips or few second visuals of religous-based words or actions you are in fact intolerant and divisive. Actually, I’d say you’re hateful.
    And Im an agnostic and have dog in this fight, it’s just simple common sense. Religious people – get your prayer on, I have no qualms with you.

  328. John Fox says:

    So based on the comments, it’s OK for Tebow to profess his religious beliefs, but Atheists can’t express theirs.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Tebow is an ‘in-your-face’ Christian, the worst kind. They feel it is their ‘duty’ to educate everyone in the world how wrong they are, and that only their singular faith is the correct one.

    What ego these people have, to feel that their minority religious cult is someone the one selected by some sky fairy. And that some all-powerful, all-knowing force really cares about this tiny speck of a world in an insignificant part of the universe. For some reason, they can accept that but not evolution.

    I guess evolution puts them into their place, and it makes them feel uncomfortable to think that there isn’t anyone to care about them, or to give their life purpose.

    They are the only ones that can do it….

    1. Abby Normal says:

      I don’t think one person has stated it ISN’T OK for either Tebow or Silverman to express their beliefs. Silverman said Tebow pray in private yet Silverman felt it ok to express his opinion in a public forum. That is the hypocrisy. Tebow is as entitled to a public display of his belief as Silverman is. People posting comments are entitled to either agree with Tebow or disagree with Silverman. I agree with Tebow and also John in his 7:57 post. If Silverman is so indifferent about God why does this bother him so much.
      And again: Tebow is NOT “in your face” about his belief. He is not ashamed and not afraid to be public about it, but I’ve never heard him try to force it on anyone. Cameras seek Tebow. If people feel offended they need to join the millions who are so offended by EVERYTHING these days.

    2. Brian Evers says:

      Minority? Cult? Ok, I feel your public education was lacking. No fairies in Christianity. What is evolution but a theory, or is that your religion? Tebow is just following the Christian driective dictated in the bible.
      Mathew 5:15-16
      No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

  329. Eric says:

    Poor Tebow. Looks like he missed the boat. All he had to do was become a drug-using, dog-fighting, wife-beating/cheating low-life rapist. He’d then get loads of non-critical media coverage due to his excellent personal life.

  330. John says:

    Here’s an idea for the athiests: Fah-Q.

    If you are truly athiest, then show it by exercising your indifference to the subject instead of persecuting someone for displaying their beliefs whatever your objection may be.

  331. Steve-Oh says:

    Separation of church and state means that the state cannot endorse a religion. However, religions groups under the first amendment is free to influence all parts of government. Any attempt to suppress religious expression and influence in society is un-American. As stated by a law professor, “Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion. It is a part of American society you must address.”

  332. football fan says:

    Tebow divides the fan base? Except for the 45 millions viewers of the game, of course. Get your facts straight, Mr. Atheist.

  333. Rollo says:

    Psalm 14:1-3 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none that does good. The LORD looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any that act wisely, that seek after God. They have all gone astray, they are all alike corrupt; there is none that does good, no, not one.

  334. Abby Normal says:

    Someone made a comment earlier about how what Tebow does is no different than all the other athletes that thank God or acknowledge the Heavens when making a good play. It really is very different. Many athletes do that and then live like they don’t know Christ. That doesn’t upset the critics. What makes Tebow different and why he upsets so many is he means it and he lives it. People see their short comings when looking into the Tebow mirror. I see no other reason for it. Tebow does NOT seek out the camera… the camera seeks him. I’m sure he prays in private way more than he prays in public.

  335. Molon Labe says:

    Asperger’s Syndrome strikes again!

  336. rhcrest says:

    And if this were a muslim sticking his butt up in the air to thank allah i would bet my last dime that the atheists would think that was great!

    1. mozwhite says:

      Can’t believe I am bothering to reply to this, but why would atheists like muslims and allah? You do realize that all superstition is the same to us. Bad luck from breaking a mirror or spilling the salt, voodoo, allah, jesus is all exactly the same. There are no gods, there is no luck, there is no superstition at all. How could we possibly favor one over the other. That is ridiculous.

  337. John Monestere says:

    Why the Hell would an atheist have any interest in Football since no matter what Tebow or any player(s) do the outcome cannot be affected. It is all just random not effected at all by the prayers of Tebow or for that matter whether he can throw a pass or run, etc. I don’t understand atheist having any concern for such a non-scientific event as football, sex, life or death….Why would an atheist show so much emotion when emotion is so unscientific? Why would an atheist care about anything?

    1. mozwhite says:

      Really? We aren’t robots, we’re just not superstitious. Why is that such a difficult concept for you to grasp?

      1. John Monestere says:

        Are you serious if you are an atheist there is no reason for love, passion or concern. No God, no guts either because if you don’t beleive in anything then you have no reason to complaiin and can just go about life like animals -in fact like robots not animals even animals can relate to people as God’s children something a true atheist cannot. I honestly don’t understand why anyone who is a true atheist really cares about anthing or anyone including themselves. You have no reason to complain or protest or care if anyone agress with you. I hope you and other false atheists can take a moment to consider how absurd your belief in nothing is or stop complaining and wasting your breathe trying to convince others to unbelieve. By the way did you have a nice Christmas and New Years or did you just stare at the wall? Pathetic….

      2. mozwhite says:

        Why would you think we don’t believe in anything? We just aren’t superstitious. Everything else exists just fine without gods. I love my wife and we enjoyed a 2 week vacation in Mexico over the holidays. Thanks for asking!

  338. mozwhite says:

    Two things annoy me about this article and the subsequent comments. First, as an atheist, Silverman is a fool. The last thing we need are people like him opening their mouths and making all of us look ignorant. Second, for those of you complaining about atheists, stop referring to atheists as leftists!! I am a fiscally conservative Republican, who has voted accordingly in every possible election since I turned 18. Make all the silly comments you want about eternal damnation, but please stop lumping me in with the Marxists and Obama-ites! Thank you.

    1. Joe says:

      The vast, VAST majority of anti religion people are on the Left. There are always exceptions.

  339. Pittsburgh Kosher Girl says:

    Not only am I Jewish but I am a Steeler fan. I had a feeling Teebow would win the game… not only because the Steelers were so beat up physically but because it would be such a “miracle” comeback. I don’t mind his kneeling and giving thanks at the end of games. Actually I wish more Jews would have the guts to be more publically Jewish, especially those in the entertainment industry. I am sick of Jews being portrayed as mostly as people who eat bagels and talk with NY accents and never doing anything religious, like observing Passover, keeping Kosher or going to Shabbat services. Kudos to Teebow, after all, we do have freedom OF religion in the United States, that means freedom to practice our faiths.

    1. kbuzz says:

      If i wasnt married, i would be knocking on your door, even though i am a gentile.

  340. Brian McTamaney says:

    It’s a strange world we live in when people who “don’t like religious views shoved down there throat” are the very people telling others how to think. The fact that atheism has become a religion makes me just laugh at these morons. They even have an atheist bible! Complete fools!

  341. Brice Jones says:

    As a very strict atheist myself I think this is completely stupid. How can we as non-believers ask to be respected by people of faith when we do things like this?
    I respect anyone for making a commitment to something and standing up for it, regardless of whether I personally believe in it. He isn’t asking to morons to pray with him!! Stop making atheists look like morons and watch the damn game.

  342. kbuzz says:

    Ah yes, pull out a verse from the bible to prove Tebow is a hypocrite.
    To “Give thanks” to God was common throughout the Bible. It can be given anytime, anywhere, as Tebow most certainly does. And to pray before a meal, a congregation, a meeting, a social function, etc., was normal in the Bible, and use to be so in this country (before the ACLU).
    There is no doubt that the when you really need to pray for enlightenment and peace, the best way to commune with God is in privacy, hence the prayer shawl over the head.
    But afterall, they will know you as Christians by your words, deeds, and actions.

  343. Jasonn says:

    God is just a Broncos fan. Get over it. ; )

  344. DD says:

    A true Christian shares their belief with others, wow are all atheists as stupid as David Silverman? Oh yeah, of course they are or they wouldn’t be atheists………burn baby burn!

  345. amy says:

    Tebow doesn’t produce the show so he doesn’t decide where the cameras focus. Are the athiests mad at Tebow for being a Christian and giving Thanksgiving, or are they mad at the producers for paying attention? A Christian’s witness is their life. Tebow doesn’t grab a microphone and start proselytizing to the crowd. Tebow is remembering that Christians and those of us that are God-fearing (all three book religions) are to be in this world, not of this world.

  346. Ratt says:

    The Atheist and the Grizzly.

    One early morning while hikeing in the Wind River Mountain range an Atheist was making his way up a switchback in the mountain when he came face to face with a 16 foot Grizzly. The Atheist said; ” Oh My God ! ”

    Well, at that moment a huge Douglas Fir burst into flames and the Lord stepped out and said; ” Atheist, you have not needed me your entire life, but in your hour of need you call my name.” The Atheist says; ” Lord, I do not want Religion for myself, but instead I ask Religion for the Grizzly.” The Lord says done , steps back into the burning fir and he is gone. The massive Grizzly stops growling and drolling, gets down on both knees, puts his paws together and starts to pray; ” Lord, I want to Thank You for this meal I am about to receive. “

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      There are no atheists under an artillery barrage. — Combat Veteran Army Chaplain

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        P.S. Watch Band of Brothers. Pay attention to the episodes around the Battle of the Bulge to get a clue.

  347. killerbee says:

    And the only reason Americans can’t stand atheists is because they constantly interject their hate and venom upon good and decent people.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      TO: killerbee
      RE: Wrong

      And the only reason Americans can’t stand atheists is because they constantly interject their hate and venom upon good and decent people. — killerbee

      Christians don’t hate atheists. Rather we feel sorry for them.


      [Give sympathy to someone who hates you and he will hate you even more.]

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        P.S. Or as Paul put it….

        Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

  348. Will Malven says:

    Wow! Who knew that the left was so racist? [Rhetorical question–most conservatives knew]. I have watched a lot of football games with a lot of athletes pointing to Heaven, taking a knee in the end zone or on the fifty–often at the end of a great play–and I have never seen or heard any criticism WHATSOEVER of them.

    Why? Because they were black and as all liberals know, it’s okay for African Americans to pray because they are primitive. It is quaint for those primitives to do these things. Liberals love when blacks do this because it reaffirms their internalized belief that they are superior to blacks and that they need to take care of them–“Noblesse Oblige.”

    The problem arises when it is a white man. This scares these liberals, makes them worry that maybe they are wrong and they are not above their pet blacks. What if–horror of horrors–blacks were not inferior and white liberals were not superior. What a liberal nightmare.

    They hate Tim Tebow because they have to hate him. Look at him, he’s successful when they said he couldn’t be. He’s a scrambling quarterback when all the experts know that only black quarterbacks can be successful scrambling quarterbacks. He completed an 80 yard pass when all the experts know that “his throwing motion is all wrong.”

    They hate Tebow because he doesn’t fit their mold and he’s white, Christian, good hearted, does missionary work (gasp!) and he is defeating them in their own “expertise.”

    Liberals just hate. They hate anyone who defies them and their paradigm of what should be.

    Go Tebow!!!

  349. Kari says:

    ““When we watch a sporting event, we are all united for our team……Tebow takes religion and injects it into the mix and divides the fan base.”

    This quote sounds to me, like this group just can’t accept Tebow because he has a different belief. Apperently, in their world you can’t practice your beliefs when you are united for a team.

  350. James Kimble says:

    Thanking God publically for your abilities and His favor is not praying to seek attention. I don’t think Tim is faking it or looking to promote some sort of image. I think his actions are a continuance of his life of faith and a lifestyle which happens to be public and unashamed of his beliefs or actions… praying is but one aspect of his life that is public. Football is another one. There are multitudes of people who have prayed publically throughout history, including George Washington. I wonder how much ridicule he got for bending his knee before his God at Valley Forge. I personally prefer that to chest bumps, back bumps, spiking the ball and all the self grandizement that accompanies any personal achievement in football.

  351. MLJ1728 says:

    So I see that there are some atheists that believe in religious persecusion. Tebow does not pray to God to win games but rather thanks God for giving him the gift to play. He is not seeking out the cameras but the cameras are seeking him.

  352. James says:

    Ironic how a professed nonbeliever knows how Chirstians OUGHT to act and surprise, Christians ought to act how the nonbeliever BELIEVES they should act.

  353. Chad Medina says:

    Split the fan base? Wasn’t is Muslims who advertised to start Tebow on the billboard? More like united…

  354. Joseph says:

    See Pierre Manent’s: ‘An Intellectual History of Liberalism’, and ‘The City of Man’. Both recount the intellectual underpinnings of the modern age. Manent suggests that in the modern world the question: ‘What is man?’ is neglected for reasons that have to do with the need that arose in the 18th Century to articulate a viable basis for harmonious social and political order, outside the paradigms of the Church and apart from revealed truth, and which are in accord with our newfound power as knowers who can know the world and the laws of nature through science. The answer put forward, that man is primarily a creature, that as individuals we are equal because we equally share this basic condition, reverberated through all areas of life and continues to in our own time.

    The ancient notions of virtue, the pursuit of excellence, the vision of man “as an arrow pointed towards a target in the sky”, is replaced with a new foundation – man is viewed as a creature ‘in the state of nature’. What there is to know is not our true nature, because we already sort of know it: we’re natural beings. What there is to know is nature as scientific world. That’s why Manent’s opening question in ‘The City of Man’ : “What do we really mean when we use the word man today?” is so crucial. Our true nature becomes restricted to what is ‘natural’, to what emerges from nature, and is no longer connected to, or rooted in, quest and realization. Liberalism therefore doesn’t just destroy the human soul but replaces it with a view that emphasizes ‘I am the body’ idea.

  355. CODWELL says:

    Tim Tebow w