HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – Many people have heard the commercials — great deals on high-end electronics. But it’s buyer beware at this liquidation sale.

Some of the shoppers at the highly publicized event have left disappointed, and some say just a peak in the window was enough to send them home.

CBS4 Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks checked out the sale in Highlands Ranch. One viewer told her there were about 300 people lined up Friday morning waiting for the doors to open.

The ad on the radio is a hard sell. Find Android Tablets for just $149, unlocked 3G touch phones for $69, Bluetooths for $9, and MP3 players for $9. CBS4 took an undercover camera in to see what was there.

There were big screen TVs, but brands most might not be familiar with. And then lots of other stuff, like DVD players, but without the cords, and CD players and coffee makers in damaged boxes.

“There’s a small amount of it that’s damaged. Most of it is damaged box,” a salesperson told Brooks. “We guarantee it all. It’s all been tested. If there is any problem we are here for 5 weeks and you can bring it back.”

Kevin Butler went to the store looking for a deal.

“I bought an antenna, a game for my kids, and then a wallet,” Butler said.

But there’s a catch — customers have to pay $5 to get in — and that’s not advertised.

“I didn’t pay to go in. I just looked inside really, and it just looks like crap, really,” customer Russell Vastine said.

“It looked a little bit more like a flea market than what I was expecting,” customer Casey Marricle said.

So Marricle won’t come back, but John Kramer and his wife will.

“I still saved money,” Kramer said.

New trucks arrive daily with more merchandise. The $5 is a membership fee. It gives customers access for the 5 weeks the sale is going on and customers can come as often as they like. Children under 12 get in free.

Comments (4)
  1. Proofreader says:

    It’s peek and not peak.

  2. Expertatthisnow says:

    People do you’re research some items may be brand new in the box but if you own aand currently use a smart phone with service I advise you to check google>ebay and double check how much an item is selling for as currently.
    They will also tack on extra $49 here and there as they are possible to sneak it into price even if it’s $49 dollers cheaper than normal. Keep in mind products get out dated and prices do fall as well so go ahead check out my suggestions.
    The last event advertised was in 2/11/11 or known as http://www.saleofthesentury.com same thing but I don’t remember paying a door fee there? one item I think was a good move but they might say something is free but when really that price is moved to another item so it’s not really free you just paid for it somewhere else an extra amount on something not really worth it. PS. Do not purchase an open item in plastic weldments, especially if the plastic has cracked open…etc. Good luck, purchase only immediate needs items. Happy shopping.

    1. Expertatthisnow says:

      What Company is this currently?They are even worse than>>>sentury? Because http://www.saleofthesentury.com is currently the event near Indiana. FYI!
      Why are we letting ppl sell items from somewhere else in our state like this ripping communities off….

  3. dave says:

    I bought a Lacoste fragrance which turned out to be a knock off. The sample was apparently original, but the supposedly unopened one I bought had a strange smell, and on close inspection I could see where the seal had been tampered with. Unfortunately, I drove from Boulder to get there and didn’t see the need to go back for that. Also, there are no tablets for $149 except cheap chinese android pieces of junk. These guys are obviously rip offs

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