LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in Longmont presented their case to the Boulder District Attorney’s Office Friday to discuss possible charges against three teens accused of killing geese at Loomiller Park.

The teens allegedly herded a group of geese into the road and ran them over with their SUV.

People watched it happen Sunday near a home at 12th Avenue and Sumner Street on New Year’s Day. Three of the geese died. Another that was hit and injured, named “Victor,” was being treated at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, but died Friday.

The boys could face felony animal cruelty charges.

At Loomiller Park there are hundreds of geese. Police say they were targeted by a car full of what were apparently high school boys.

“The car pulled up into the street, (a) passenger jumped out of the car, chased the geese into the street. The guy gunned it and ran over the geese striking four geese, killing three of them,” Jeff Satur with the Longmont Police Department said.

The teens could be charged as early as Monday or Tuesday.

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  1. Sharon Hutton says:

    Those children should also lose driving privileges since none of them seem to have the understanding that a vehicle is NOT to be used to kill. If they are too immature to use a vehicle as it was intended, they are too immature to be entitled to a drivers license.

  2. John Baldwin says:

    These young men all deserves the felony charge of animal cruelty, 1000 hrs community service & 5 year probation…

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