DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Broncos fans are hoping for a big win this weekend. CBS4’s Rick Sallinger caught up with them and a few Pittsburgh Steelers fans Tuesday morning picking up tickets for Sunday’s playoff game.

Most Broncos fans who have tickets will go to the game, but some are selling theirs. On Monday head coach John Fox appealed to them not to sell their seats to Steelers fans.

“We have unique fans here. I would encourage all of them to keep their seats, so to speak, and not sell them to Pittsburgh fans,” Fox said.

Sallinger wanted to find out if that request is being honored.

“Would you sell them to me if I was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan?” Sallinger asked a fan. “Sure,” he replied.

Sallinger wanted to find out about people selling the tickets on the Internet and called a woman who had some for sale.

“If this is the only way to be able to sell them then I would do it, even though I’m from Pittsburgh and I hate the Steelers,” the woman said.

Certainly at the stadium one would figure they would be obeying the coach’s request, but not so.

“If you were a Steelers fan we would sell them to you, yes sir,” an employee at the box office told Sallinger.

Others around the stadium told Sallinger they would sell Steelers fans tickets, but at a huge markup.

One person who Sallinger approached said he would sell him tickets but was offended when Sallinger questioned him about it being illegal to sell in front of the stadium. The man started to chase Sallinger away.

Comments (9)
  1. Dave says:

    What and idiotic thing to say. Fox is apparently as deluded as Saint Timothy.

  2. Danny Brode says:

    Everyyear this comes up with Steelers fans and they always turn out in huge numbers.. wont be different here.

  3. Danny Brode says:

    Everyyear this comes up with Steelers fans and they always turn out in huge numbers.. wont be different here.

  4. Jerrilynn Walker Przestrzelski says:

    Wow thats pretty bad! Steeler fans live all over the united states, not just in PA. What a moron to think he is gonna make steeler nation waiver!!!

  5. vickie Hackett says:

    Dave are you nuts…How old are you 10yrs old. Do you fear the steeler fans? Because there are no other team with fans like the STEELER FANS…Go Steelers

  6. Laurie says:

    Steelers Nation will be in full force!! WOOOOOOHOOOO! Here we go Steelers – Here we go!!!!!

  7. Brian says:

    When players, owners, and coaches continue to tell fans that “this is a business” to explain why fans are required to pay full price for preseason gamse that are meaningless, and why star players are traded at the team’s detriment, I see nothing wrong with fans taking the same approach and viewing their investment in season tickets as “a business” and, if they so decide, to make as much money off their tickets as they can, no matter who they sell them to. I don’t think John Fox would have a problem trading for a Steelers player and put him in a Bronco uniform if it would help “the business.”

  8. JennT says:

    I’m GLAD to see that everyone who was asked would, indeed, still sell tickets to Steelers fans. (even at a markup – no one is forcing Steelers fans to go to the game at all) I am not even a huge football fan but I do primarily root for the Steelers. Went to college not far from Pbgh, actually – at the college where the Steelers have their summer training camp.

    I am certain that Mike Tomlin would NEVER tell Steelers fans or the Steelers box office to not sell their tickets to Broncos fans or any other fans of opposing teams for that matter. It’s ridiculous that Fox would demand otherwise.

    There are Steelers fans all over the country. I’m sure that the same can be said for most other teams as well. These days we live in northeastern PA which is probably more Eagles country than anything, but I’d say there are just as many, if not more, Steelers fans than Eagles fans around here. And our landlord, who has lived here his whole life, isn’t a fan of *either* PA team. He roots for the Cowboys.

    Denying out-of-town fans the right to pay for tickets to a game would be at the detriment of Denver, or any other city for that matter. I am sure there are locals in Denver who are Steelers fans, but the out-of-town fans bring in *far* more business than locals do, far more revenue for the city. Hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, etc. I am ++ all of those see an influx of out-of-town business for big games like this. Never mind that in tough times like these, a fan selling tickets to a game they’re not worried about going to would get an economic boost from doing so. It would help with paying bills, putting food on the table. Again, helping the local economy as well as their own finances.

    Fox’s request and his explanation for it was idiotic. Denver doesn’t have a monopoly on unique fans. I’d say fans of every team can claim some form of “uniqueness.” Steelers fans are unique in their right, and I’d say the majority of Steelers fans are pretty classy, and are *very* devoted. Green Bay fans are unique in their right. Washington fans (Hogettes, anyone?!) are unique in their right. Regarding Fox’s request, I’m pretty sure Denver fans’ “uniqueness” has far less to do with Fox’s request than his desire to do everything he can to squash the Steelers’ chances at winning. An entire stadium full of nothing but Broncos fans would not help Steelers morale in the least and he knows it.
    Mike Tomlin would certainly show more class than to ever do what John Fox did when he made that request.

  9. Pittsburgh Panz says:

    Keep it up Black n Gold!!!! Craigslist tickets have dropped in price. $75-$100 will get you into the game – scoop them up! We need as many Yinzers in the stands as possible!!!!

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