BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Larimer County want to find the person responsible for a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Two dogs were found mutilated outside of Berthoud last week.

The dogs were discovered just a few miles apart. They were so badly abused that veterinarians can’t even tell what breed they were.

The first discovery came after an anonymous call on Wednesday. Police found the dog on the side of County Road 4. Police said the dog was skinned and beheaded, and the tail also removed.

Then on Saturday, a second gruesome discovery made along County Road 16 – an almost identical case.

Right now investigators said they have no leads and they said they are not sure if the cases are linked to the dozens of reported missing pets that have come in over the past few days.

“We just get so many animals that come into Larimer Humane Society that are stray every year and at this point we don’t even know the specific breed of the animals,” said Humane Society spokeswoman Marcie Willms.

Authorities say the perpetrators could face felony charges.

Investigators said they are performing necropsies on the two dogs to determine if they were killed by human hands.

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  1. Sa Bry Cabj says:

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  2. walter12 says:

    This maniac is training on dogs and he will be doing people next. You can be sure of that.

  3. thebone says:

    Millions of innocent men, women, and children are bombed and machine gunned to bits all over the world, and people hyperventilate over an animal, thats whats disturbing, maybe if we did’nt lose our humanity things like this would’nt happen.

    1. Annamaria McCoy says:

      It is not about people hyperventilating over an animal, I’ll tell you what is disturbing: the Laws are not enforced, people’s laws, animal’s laws, all Laws; there is no respect for living beings, whomever they are; and there no compassion left! As St. Francis of Assisi once said:” IF YOU HAVE MEN WHO WILL EXCLUDE ANY OF GOD’S CREATURES FROM THE SHELTER OF COMPASSION AND PITY, YOU WILL HAVE MEN WHO DEAL LIKEWISE WITH THEIR FELLOW MEN”!

  4. Michael Giuliani says:

    This is sick! If I see someone abusing an animal, in my presence that person is gonna get plenty of Plomo! (Lead) Animal abuser you have been warned!

  5. Candace Lee says:

    My one hope (and I am going to work on it) is that whoever does horrid things like this to defenseless animals ends up suffering even more than the suffering that they caused. I will not comment here again as I see there are MANY trolls at work trying to aggravate those of us who care about animals. I have said how I feel and that I am going to work my hardest to achieve what I hope for. BUT I will not “feed the trolls”.

  6. Pappadave says:

    Were they Dalmatians???

  7. MEC says:

    Skinned, head and tail missing=coyotes.

  8. JohnPaul says:

    Look for packing plant employees or ex-employees morons, then can kill and skin an animal in seconds.

  9. SockRayBlue says:

    I’ll have to agree with the posters that mentioned that the “canids” were coyotes. For a taxidermy mount one needs the hide and head of the coyote. A necropsy is interesting, but rather a DNA test would be a good idea to find out if the said “victim” is truly a pet or a game animal.
    As an aside I have never read so much ado about something like this and the comments on this article….beyond belief.

  10. glenp says:

    oh great another mass murderer on the loose

    but no better place than LIBERALVILLE out there

  11. Dave says:

    this kind of cruelty to a helpless animal brings out my dark side.. I’d like to have an hour alone with this sick SOB…

  12. FOE says:

    It’s probably some taxidermist stuffing Fido for some grieving owner and leaving the rest of him out for the coyotes. Coyotes have to eat, too.

  13. jmeek says:

    George Bush did it.

  14. tom aman says:

    Check Sturgis later this year for people wearing doggy hats..

  15. Candace Gosselin says:

    makes me sick – cannot even read it – had seen it on facebook

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