AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Residents of an Aurora neighborhood say they are disturbed that another deadly shooting took place at a local check cashing store.

Witnesses said two men tried to rob the store Friday afternoon and the store owner and another clerk shot two of the suspects. One of the alleged robbers died.

The store is located at 9400 block of East Colfax Avenue. In 2009 another person tried to rob the store and he was also shot and killed.

In Friday’s robbery attempt, one of the robbery suspects ran out of the store, fell to the ground and died in the parking lot behind the store.

Aurora police said the check cashing store employees were also injured during the incident.

Comments (2)
  1. They asked for it says:

    What’s disturbing to the residents exactly? That a store owner is standing up to thugs and taking them down before they take him and his employees down? Major props to that owner. Maybe he should hang a sign in his window. “If you are trying to rob us you WILL be shot” Store owner 2 street thugs 0.

  2. Dee Emm says:

    I agree. Too bad he wasn’t able to make the score 3 – 0. He would have saved the state money.

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