Denver Police Chief Robert White says you shouldn’t even think about drinking and driving for new year’s eve.  First of all, it will cost you at least $10,000; and secondly, it will stick with you for the rest of your life. Lastly, more law enforcement will be out in full force over this holiday looking for those who choose to make the wrong choice–to drink and drive!

However, you do have choices.  The Denver Police Dept and the Colo Dept of  Transportation have teamed-up with MillerCoors and the RTD to offer alternative transporation options for drivers in Denver and along the Front Range.

If you do drink and don’t have a designated driver for new year’s eve, you can call 1-800-taxicab.  That will connect you to the national dispatch service that will locate the nearest cab company to you.  MillerCoors is offering cab vouchers and RTD is providing free transit starting at 7pm on new year’s eve and ending at 6am on new year’s day.

You can also go to to find more info about public transportation options, party safety tips and overnight parking.


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