AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in an Aurora neighborhood sent out a warning to residents Friday after two dogs attacked three people and a small dog early in the morning.

“Screaming, wailing and yelping,” said neighbor Brad Wall. “Lady on the ground being attacked by two pit bulls and her little dog.”

The attacks happened at about 6 a.m. in the Louisiana Purchase neighborhood, located near Mississippi and Tower roads, and all three people were taken to the hospital. The dogs were last seen running north on the 19200 block of East Gunnison Circle.

attack map 3 People Hospitalized After Dog Attack In Aurora

(credit: CBS)

Police warned parents of small children and owners of pets that the neighborhood might be dangerous if the dogs are still on the loose.

The animals were described as being black and brindle (brown with stripes), and police asked that anyone who thinks they see them to call 911 immediately. A witness told CBS4 the dogs were pit bulls but police weren’t confirming their breed.

Police said the incident started when a woman who was walking her small dog was attacked by the loose dogs.

“She was throwing her body on top of her dog just parallel to the ground to protect her dog,” said neighbor Cheryl Schultz. “And these dogs were just attacking and attacking and attacking.

Schultz came out of her home when she saw the attack happening.

“I brought a blanket and thought if I threw it on them they would stop,” said neighbor Cheryl Schultz.

She tried to throw a blanket on the dogs to distract them and she was attacked as well. After one of the dogs bit her in the thigh she rushed back into her home.

“Then they came after me. One bit me on my right upper arm over here. I have a stitch right here. One grabbed my leg and they pulled be down to the ground. I yelled for my husband and was like, ‘Okay, get in the garage,'” said Schultz.

Schultz suffered a bite to each leg and had minor stitches on one of those wounds.

A third woman pulled up in her car and tried to help the small dog owner and her dog into her car but was initially unsuccessful.

Wall told CBS4 he then intervened.

He was attacked but was able to help distract the dogs and allow for the woman to get into the car and to safety.

aurora dog attack 3 People Hospitalized After Dog Attack In Aurora

(credit: CBS)

“I heard a lot of screaming and wailing and yelping and decided to investigate,” Wall said. “I approached, and that’s when the dogs turned on me, attacked me, bit me on the wrist and took my watch off. I got bitten in the arm. They knocked me down to the ground and bit my legs.

“I kicked them away enough to where I could get on top of a neighbor’s car parked by a garage. … And that gave enough time to the injured lady to get refuge inside the car of the woman who stopped to help her.”

dog attack 3 People Hospitalized After Dog Attack In Aurora

(credit: CBS)

The small dog owner suffered what police said was “serious bodily injuries.” She remained in the hospital Friday afternoon. The dog who was attacked was taken to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and was in stable condition Friday afternoon.

Authorities spent the morning searching for the two dogs and their owners. Animal control officers checked homes where dogs that are registered as restricted breeds are located. Police were also checking at nearby homes where large dogs are known to live.

Friday night the dogs still hadn’t been located.

Comments (9)
  1. Marie Elliott says:

    Wow, I just wonder if this could have anything to do with the two large dogs that attacked my small dog and I while we were walking with my Grandson about two months ago. the people that had the dogs took off with them and it didnt seem that the police took this to heart cause they didnt force the family members to give the dogs up to them. This happened on Worchester street in Aurora Colorado. It seems to me that the authorities should have done more to find the dogs and the owners because they knew where the family members were and even spoke with them.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m one of the people that were attacked today. I tried to go out and shoo the dogs away, that’s when I realized these dogs were pits and they then attacked me. Were these two dogs pitbulls? The dogs that attacked us were two pitbulls; one brindle and one pure black. Neither had leashes or collars.

    Hope these weren’t the same dogs and that you’re okay because why would the Aurora Police let me get attacked by the same dogs when they could have stopped it months ago?

    1. Marilyn says:

      You were very couragous to help a person and little dog in need!! Wish more people were like you!

      1. Cheryl says:

        Thank you I appreciate it!

  3. Dwayne Haselip says:

    Why does the media make it a goal to give pit bulls a bad name? The dogs mentioned above have not been seen by anyone other than the 2 people attacked, but everyone’s assumption is that they are pit bulls. It is ridiculous that everyone thinks that all dogs attacks are pit bull related. Why does the media never publish that a lab or golden retriever has bitten someone? I am a pit bull owner/breeder and trust them whole heartedly around all of my kids, (2, 8, and 11 years old). One of these days the media needs to realize that they should not assume that all attacks are pit bull related because most of them are not. If it wasnt for the media pit bulls would not have such a tarnished name.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Thing is I used to work at an animal shelter and have seen pitbulls. No offense to the breed but that’s what they were.

    2. silly2 says:

      Pit bulls give themselves a bad name. It makes me sick the way people ALWAYS say “its the owner, not the breed.” It’s funny that there are only about 3 people on the planet special enough and smart enough to raise these dogs “right.” I pity your children, living in a puppy mill that breeds one of the most vicious dogs known. It is only a matter of time before you learn the hard way that you cannot trust any dog, especially this breed.

  4. bobbcat says:

    “Why does the media never publish that a lab or golden retriever has bitten someone?”

    Because incidents like this don’t usually happen with labs or goldens. Face it pal, pits are well known to have patterns of aggressive behavior, particularly if not well controlled by their owners. It’s just a fact.

  5. realist says:

    I love when pit bull owners come along to defend the breed. “Well I have two pits and they are the sweetest, most gentle creatures on earth, In fact one of my pitties sleeps in the crib with my infant son.” Good for you. But here’s a cold hard fact for you: pit bulls are FAR more likely to maim or kill a human (not to mention another dog) than almost any other breed. Deal with it. There is no media conspiracy.

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