DENVER (CBS4)– A group of Colorado moms are part of a nationwide campaign to support a Texas woman who claims she was harassed for nursing her baby inside a Target store.

The woman was asked to move to a dressing room which sparked outrage among mothers across the country.

Breastfeeding mothers gathered outside a target store in Denver Wednesday to nurse their children in plain view of customers and employees entering the store. They believe babies should not have to hide when they eat.

“I would ask them if they would like to eat their hamburger under a blanket. It’s unreasonable to ask a baby to eat under a blanket or in the bathroom,” said breastfeeding supporter Manige Osowski.

Breastfeeding in public is supported by laws in most states but the practice remains controversial.

Target issued a statement claiming nursing inside their stores is okay and employees have been reminded of the store policy.

  1. Alicia says:

    Like with anything else some will be in your face, and some will choose to be discreet

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