AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– A controversial defense spending bill includes a massive economic boost to the Denver metro area. It includes $141 million for a construction project at Buckley Air Force Base.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter said it’s a top secret national security center that will house both aero and cyber space industries.

The Colorado Democrat said millions will be spent on construction and an estimated 800 permanent jobs will be created.

“It’s a great commitment by the Obama Administration to Buckley and Colorado where we have an outstanding workforce in this kind of area,” said Perlmutter.

The deal is not completed. The president still needs to sign the National Defense Authorization Act.

The $662 billion bill authorizes money for the military, weapons systems and national security programs for the current fiscal year.

A controversial provision would deny suspected terrorists, including American citizens arrested in the U.S., trial related rights. Critics claim it is unconstitutional.


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