I love a New Year!

I don’t always make a big deal out of it on New Year’s Eve, but I sure love what it means.

A year full of possibilities; Some of which might be life changing.

2008 – I moved to Denver and started at CBS4.

2009 – I met my future husband.

2010 – My daughter Elle was born.

2011 — I married the love of my life.

I might not always remember the exact day and time of wonderful events in my life, but I can always remember the “year.”

I look forward to what a new year means … a fresh start … a chance to correct the wrongs of yesterday.

A chance to be a better person — listen more, love more, care more … give more.

2011 is behind us – my arms are open wide for 2012!

This year my husband wanted to ring in the New Year with something we both love … the music of Prince.

If you are still looking for something to do and enjoy music –- why not head to The Gothic Theatre and listen to a prince cover band called Purple Reign? We have heard from friends that this band is just awesome. (More info at gothictheatre.com)

Happy New Year! Be safe, and make maybe we’ll see you at the concert!


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