DENVER (CBS4) – A man charged for his role in the shooting death of a school teacher in her car has confessed, according to court documents.

Ryan Miller, 27, is charged with first-degree murder. Richard Leavitt, 27, is accused of being an accessory to the crime.

Investigators say Andrea Roan was shot in the head near 12th and Clayton Street. A small memorial was erected there for the fifth-grade teacher who was killed less than a week ago.

Roan’s car slammed into a garage and smashed through a brick wall.

Court documents reveal that Leavitt drove Miller to Roan’s home so Miller could talk to her.

“Leavitt said he heard a gunshot and Miller ran back to his car. When Miller got in the car he told Leavitt he had killed his ex-girlfriend,” court documents said.

After the shooting Leavitt told police they returned to Miller’s home at 1280 Pennsylvania and Miller handed him a backpack to put inside his car. Later when the two were confronted by police, Leavitt had the backpack. In the bag police found a handgun hidden inside a pair of shoes.

The court documents also show Miller was a suspect in a domestic violence case involving Roan before the shooting.

Miller is still being held at the Denver Detention Center without bond. Leavitt is expected to appear in court before the end of the month.