COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4) – Thousands of people in the metro area will open their presents a little late this year because the day started out with 50,000 packages in limbo at the United Parcel Service holding facility in Commerce City.

A lot of the packages are locked up in the warehouse Christmas Eve. Even though UPS managers came in Christmas Eve to work the customer service desk, more than a few customers may find their gifts are missing under the Christmas tree on Sunday.

The line would grow, so would the frustration.

“He said, ‘If you haven’t prearranged to have your stuff picked up, it will be another two hours.’ So I said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me before I waited two hours in this line?’ ” Scarlett Crawford of Aurora said.

UPS managers tried to clear up customer confusion about where to pick up their packages. Employees kept ferrying some of the 50,000 undelivered packages from their warehouse hub nearby to the customer service building.

Some would get some of their gifts.

“I’ve got three of the four. The fourth I can wait until they deliver on Tuesday,” Shannon Gallagher of Commerce City said. “I was planning on being here quite awhile and I think it’s been four hours.”

But as day turned into night, many would get nothing.

A supervisor explained customers needed to be holding a delivery notice that was stuck to their door.

“If your package was not attempted and you don’t have one of these, we’re not going to find your package,” a supervisor said.

“They should’ve hired a whole lot more help,” Larry Hill of Denver said.

UPS blamed Thursday’s snowstorm. Their drivers have the option of avoiding slippery streets.

“The weather knocked us out of kilter,” the supervisor said.

But customers, with their Christmas spirit now damaged, were not so willing to accept weather as an excuse.

“I got out in my truck and I went to work that day, so it’s hard for me to believe a UPS truck can’t make it through in this kind of weather; and before Christmas you’d think they’d make the extra effort,” Rose McPhee of Denver said.

UPS says it’ll start rolling out the trucks again on Tuesday.

Some UPS customers said the U.S. Postal Service and Fed-Ex had no problems delivering their packages these past few days.

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  1. David Rupert says:

    The Postal Service delivered everyday of this week, including Saturday. Yeah to the carriers! Look for some out delivering Express Mail tomorrow on Christmas!

    1. Adrienne Mierzwa says:

      I sent everything US Postal Service..EVERYTHING got there on time. My brother sent me a calendar from LA-NY. It got here in TWO DAYS

    2. paul says:

      The blame can be shared by everyone….UPS, the customers shipping things late, etc…Leave it to the media, and Matt Drudge to sensationalize a story. Like clockwork, every year, there are stories how FedEx, UPS, and the Postal Service suck.

      1. Ridge says:

        The blame is clearly NOT to be shared by everyone. UPS is the one making promises of last minute deliveries via online retailers. It is also clear to many of us that the snow day was a lucky accident for them as they were already a late with guaranteed 2 and 3 day deliveries before it snowed.

    3. Montana Bill says:

      UPS shippers need to reconsider there options. Fed Ex ground and the USPS worked on SATURDAY. I avoid UPS whenever possible because of bad service

  2. J in Pasadena says:

    UPS is the crummiest delivery service in the world. Every package I’ve had delivered by UPS in the past three months has either been late or severely damaged. (Unfortunately some businesses only use UPS.) One box was delivered empty, and another was delivered looking like it was run over by an 18-wheeler. They frankly do not give a darn about finding your lost items and try to cheap out wherever they can when it’s insured. Receivers cannot make changes to their delivery until after it’s attempted, nor can they request reimbursement for damages — they only allow shippers to do these things. They are a nightmare.

    1. Hank R says:

      Never had a problem with them.

    2. TheaterFan says:

      I mean… think about it… trying to make a change in delivery??? I can’t blame them for having that policy. Can you imagine the post office letting you make a change while a package is in transit? I”ve never had a problem with UPS..

      1. taylor says:

        UPS brings packages to the U S P S everyday for the post office to deliver, but FEDEX does the same so I cannot just say UPS.

      2. trkr says:

        exactly!personal,conceierge,on demand service from my smartphone and all with free shipping!And to think that I,king of the my toilet,have to be told that i have to wait!!!Stand in line!Hurry now servant driver,faster,faster.

    3. Dicedfroggy says:

      You cand thank the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and their “Elected” president James p Hoffa.
      Remeber to look for the union lable for a stronger American working class.

      1. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

        Stop blaming the Union. They don’t run the Company or make the rules. Put the blame with it belongs POOR MANAGMENT!

      2. Rick says:

        Riiiiiiight. Poor management because they didn’t do enough to keep a union from forming there, maybe.

      3. UPS guy says:

        Actually, the union *DID* help make the rules. Part of the rules involves driver safety. If a driver doesn’t think he can make a delivery safely, then he doesn’t have to. This is as it should be. I disagree with a lot of what the union stands for, but I do agree with this aspect.

      4. jay halliburton says:

        Right on the money. As a retired supervisor a constant battle. The drivers work hard and held to high standards. But great benifits and pay for delivering boxes.. A very hard company to work for.

      5. Pelu Maad says:

        Rick…bring back slavery?

    4. Archie says:

      Use the US Postal Service instead and experience their customer service. I’m sure you will change your mind.

      1. Patrick says:

        Postal service rocks!

      2. Danny says:

        I concurr.

    5. CaroleJ says:

      “One box was delivered empty”

      Ummmm ….. That’s not UPS’ fault……

    6. S in Pa. says:

      I’ll bet J works for fedex

    7. Ryan says:

      I hope they do not allow anyone to change a package delivery address after it has been sent. Just think of the amount of fraud that would happen!

    8. M Sutter says:

      Never had a problem with UPS either. You must just have bad karma!

    9. Kingfish says:

      I agree with you totally, they take 2 times longer and are twice as expensive as USPS. One reason i have found out by looking at the tracking information, a package that is shipped from CA. takes twice as long because it has to be processed through many, many more shipping centers. Fed Ex uses Usps to deliver a large quantity of their mail, they give USPS a certain amount per package, i have seen Fed EX packages sit 3 or 4 days in a hub in Charlotte NC, before it’s picked for delivery.

  3. Mary K S says:

    UPS has the worst service compared to all carriers and absolutely insane customs fees when shipped from USA to Canada, I sell a lot on eBay and I avoid them at all cost

    1. bob says:

      ill bet you shop CHINA-MART too lol

    2. Josh says:

      UPS does not charge customs fees. Customs fees are set and enforced by governments not corporations. UPS does not have the authority to charge customs fees. With UPS once you have paid the price to ship no additional fees will be added to the shipment unless the sender requires additional service like changing an address after the package is in UPS hands or changing the signature requirement to name a few of the more common reasons.

      If you send a package to Canada via UPS and the person on the other end is required to pay an additional fee before their package is released to them that fee is being levied by the Canadian government. For someone who sells a lot of stuff on ebay (especially internationally) it is probably in your best interest to do a little research so that you may understand what exactly happens to a package when it hits the border of another country.

      1. Paul says:

        You are partially correct. UPS and Fedex use Customs brokers, who are licensed to apply duties to packages entering Canada. They are much faster than the regular customs officials, but are much more expensive. Packages entering Canada via US Postal service are charged $5 per package for handling, but the brokers Fedex and UPS charge based on the value of the item, so it may be much, much more.
        Many of my Canadian customers will request that I send their items US Postal Service, as it is much more expensive using Fedex or UPS, and they know it.

      2. HardCase says:

        UPS owns the customs brokerage firm that handles UPS shipments into Canada. So you are both right.

      3. Jay says:

        The customs fees themselves aren’t bad – it’s the ‘brokerage fees’ that they gouge you with.
        If something was shipped USPS, it costs $5 flat fee no matter what the cost of the item. UPS and other couriers it can easy cost $150 on top of the customs fees for brokerage fees for an item that’s worth $1000.
        It’s highway robbery and I don’t know how that’s not illegal to charge fees like that.

      4. Mary K S says:

        I meant brokerage fees, and those fees are insane, I see that UPS sent their trolls to do damage control

    3. no says:

      UPS is fantastic. In fact, I live in the area serviced by the branch in this story. I got deliveries on Thursday. They made it through about two feet of snow and an unshoveled walk way on a road that the city never clears during snow storms and placed half a dozen boxes safely and carefully on my front steps and rang the doorbell.

      1. Kingfish says:

        They should deliver, the fees they charge and with 2 people per truck, shouldn’t be a problem,

    4. charley nash says:

      Why are “custom fees” the fault of UPS? Could it be the Canadian Government that is the culprit?

  4. Neal A says:

    What has happened to journalism? This story is so poorly written I don’t even know where to begin.

    1. Myles says:

      Totally agree. I thought it was paid for by FedEx.

  5. Frank Smith says:

    I know, let’s wait until the last second to ship our stuff, and then blame UPS. You people are fools to ship so late and just expect it to be there.

    1. sam says:

      Frank, don’t be so quick to call people fools. At 3:00 AM, UPS loaded a box on the truck and the status said out for delivery. The roads were clear and weather fine. The box was not delivered. At 10:00 PM the tracking said delivery date updated to Tuesday. They are BAD. B. A. D. Don’t blame the shippers.

      1. Scott says:

        You have no clue about the tidle wave that UPS experiences. If you send them late and I’ll bet every one of those who 50,000 did so you can’t blame them “if” you did not allow for “any” delays of anykind that are not within their ability to make up for lost time.

        Not to knock FedX but they don’t even handle 1/2 of the packages UPS does.

      2. Chris says:

        Scott, Dont blame the recipients either.. Look at Best Buy, Telling customers that the items they ordered online in NOVEMBER would not arrive by Christmas. Shippers, and companies are sending stuff out right up until the deadline as the items are manufactured. Even Myself, i placed an order for an item for my daughter a month ago from a TV infomercial, and the product has been backordered even still. So is it my fault if on Dec 22 or Dec 23, that the item finally gets shipped? I ordered it a month ago. I understand some of the frustration, But you should think that UPS would pull out any and all stops to make sure all the packages were delivered. FedEx even worked on Saturday this year to ensure people got their items, leaving special notices when they attempted packages on Friday telling customers that they would attempt delivery on Saturday, and that packages could be picked up at their warehouse after a certain time on saturday after like 2pm. UPS could have negotiated with the union to allow it to get workers in and make sure the place was absolutely empty for Xmas. It did not. Just shows that UPS is not Customer Friendly at all.

    2. Brad says:

      It doesn’t appear that late shipments were to blame. It was the late delivery that is to blame.

      1. Danny says:

        If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. If you want it that fast, go get it yourself.

    3. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

      100 PERCENT CORRECT! These people always blame somebody else for their laziness and stupidity.!

  6. NLC says:

    UPS worked until 10Pm here in Plano, TX. I was able to avoid the pain of shopping in the real world.

  7. Silvernickel says:

    Have dealt with both for 15 years
    ups has a union, fedex is non union nothing more needs to be said

    1. TerryCSA says:

      You hit the nail on the head. I use to work in UPS customer service and I can tell you that the drivers supervisors don’t give a damn if you get your packages or not. In some areas of the country, mostly the southern states, some drivers will take it upon themselves to deliver packages even on Christmas day. But this is few and far between.

      They are union and know no matter what they do OR don’t do they will never be fired for their ineptness, rudeness, or just plain laziness. Unions take away all incentive to do a good job.

      1. Myles says:

        You’re right TerryCSA, unions are the problem because they keep drivers from working on Christmas Day. How terrible of them.

      2. I P standing says:

        besides being a moron you ignore the fedex guy that started it all,,your “used to” statement means you probably were fired

    2. tom kath says:

      That’s right. Unions are the problem. Worked for 3 years with ebay and had to quit using ups. Never a problem with fedex.

    3. Jake says:

      You are absolutely correct. I applied for an UPS job and during the initial tour the first thing the manager said to the group of applicants was “We are a UNION and if anyone thinks that being a UNION worker means that you can be lazy then this job is not for you”. I chuckled to myself and was astonished that this manager obviously recognized that the general public sees UNIONS for what they actually are and he was immediately trying to defend them. I didn’t get the job and was so relieved as five weeks later I landed a job with a great company at 3 1/2 times the salary. UPS can’t hold a candle next to FEDEX. I did work temp several years ago at a FEDEX facility and it was CLEAN and EFFICIENT and comparing it to the UPS facility, well, UPS was literally very very dirty.

      1. Mike Dougles says:

        So you are making over 100 dollars an hour now, good for you.

        I dont believe it but hey.

    4. bah says:

      Exactly. UPS always delivers my stuff on time, considerately, and through the worst of weather. Their drivers are always friendly, helpful, and polite. They’re super cheap and super efficient. FedEx, on the other hand, often just stick notes on my door without actually attempting to deliver the package, claim to have attempted deliveries that they’ve never tried, or send a tiny little girl to deliver a massive item up a flight of stairs (that they knew they’d be encountering ahead of time when delivery was arranged) and are the only ones of the three services (including UPS and DHL) to actually have obliterated packages they were supposed to deliver, requiring me to go through the claims process.

      I’ll take UPS any time. In fact, I use them about 100 times a year. They’re awesome.

  8. govtslaves says:

    UPS has outrageous shipping costs….On the other hand i have had a few upset customers who haven’t gotten their orders and i ship USPS. What do you expect its the busiest shipping time of the year.

    1. Mike says:

      When I place an order I specify ship Fed-Ex. If the store owner says he ships only UPS i tell him to cancel the order!

  9. Marty says:

    The Postal Service came through like champs this year… Working all hours, until midnight in some areas! Great job USPS!!!!

  10. steph says:

    I agree with Mr.Smith (above)…don’t wait til the last minute and blame UPS. USPS and FedEX had far fewer packages therefore their statistics will in turn look better. Fewer customers will ultimately result in happier customers. Furthermore, the woman in your piece that said she got out in the snow would be the first to complain when a UPS truck was stuck and blocked her street because the driver tried to deliver her package. Finally, when you aired this piece it was after the Bronco game…my child was watching and you showed a clip of a gentleman talking about getting Santa’s presents. FINE JOURNALISM!!!

    1. Brad says:

      Sorry, I think you are incorrect. The story is about *recipients* getting the raw end of the deal. This was not necessarily the fault of the *shippers.* For 50,000 packages to end up backpiled in one hub tells me bad management. It’s not like they didn’t know Dec. 25 wasn’t coming.

    2. no says:

      So the news should be tailored to bolster your stupid mythologies? Grow up.

  11. Redz says:

    Yeah, the USPS came through for us again this year too! We got all our junk mail, right on time, but not our packages that were shipped 2 weeks ago.

    1. Z says:

      Most domestic shipments are not person to person. Rather, the receiver is most often the person who ordered from an online business. UPS, nor anyone else, can know how many shipments will be made, and plan accordingly, before they are placed. People shouldn’t wait until the last minute. Stuff happens and that’s reality. You can be mad at UPS. Or you can learn to ship early. But one option results in getting Christmas presents on time.

  12. Pete Anderson says:

    I rely on home health care and general merchandise being delivered to my home 10-12 times/month. My experience has been the exact opposite of most of those deriding UPS. I cringe when I order something, then learn it is being shipped USPS. Today, the mailman had a 1’x1’x1′ parcel suspended from my rural mailbox by two rubber bands, with the mailbox door left open! In the time it took to tie the package to the mailbox, he could have pulled up the driveway. When prescriptions are sent USPS, and tracked, they will travel 1000 miles in two days, then languish at a mail distribution facility 10 miles from my home for six days. FedEx delivered a set of onion soup crocks broken to pieces —THREE consecutive attempts before the merchant finally shipped it via UPS. Countless times, FedEx has placed items 12-15 feet away from the front door, in the rain or snow; UPS always places in protected area by garage door.

    1. billy b says:

      Get your facts straight. If UPS drops off its packages before the carriers leave on their delivery route then the packages are delivered that same day. If UPS drops off the packages after the carriers leave the post office then the packages are delivered the next day. !0 days Pete–get your facts straight.

    2. Fed Up says:

      Your packages shoud be properly packed – they broke because the shipper failed to insulate them from expected tumbles into trailers by conveyor belts.

  13. Jeremy Cuthair says:

    I think I’m done with dealing with them…first the guy throwing things over the wall an now this…it just shows they don’t care I guess…

    1. Jeff Hawthorne says:

      the package over the fence guy was fed ex

      1. Jeff D says:

        UPS had a driver on video tossing a package onto a porch.

      2. David Rupert says:

        Also UPS

        You never know when you are being ‘watched!”

  14. William J Gollatz says:

    This is a “Teachable Moment.” There 366 days until Christmas 2012. Maybe people who are already too lazy to do their shopping at a store will not wait until day 359 to do their online shopping.

  15. scott says:

    FedEx, Best Buy and UPS have had a rough couple of days. If the failure of a gift to be delivered on time has killed your “Christmas spirit” or “ruined your Christmas” I’m pretty sure you’ve missed the point.

    1. Cheerful in Dallas says:

      Scott, sadly those that missed that point won’t grasp yours either.

    2. p[ostofficemike says:

      Way to go Scott! At least somebody gets what Christmas is all about. And it’s not presents! Or, shouldn’t be.

  16. SK says:

    We are part of the 50,000. All our ship dates we set for the 22nd or 23rd, but nothing arrived from UPS. As someone else noted, the Post Office delivered mail every day, in addition to the trash service running while it snowed.

    The bottom line is UPS wasn’t ready for that many packages. Instead of just saying they are overrun, they used the weather as an excuse.

    Not that any of this will ruin Christmas but it still is poor service to not deliver on time and then try and cover it up as if no one would notice.

    1. thomas IAD349 says:

      Sk .. best comment so far. if the trash guys can run the routes so can USPs FEDEX UPS. using the weather to hide behind poor logistics decision and failure to inform customers is the real issues.
      if this was fedex ( i know this ) you would have at least known were the package is and at what location. UPS makes it impossible to retrive a package at a location.. the reason for the fedex door tag is to let customers know WE TRYed TO DELIVER your parcel but need you to sign for it.. those conditions are placed on the parcel by the shipper. UPS with thier tracking system can not even tell you were the package is located. FEDEX can. right down to the route and truck number ; and the data is posted in real time. UPS has major logistical issues when their system get over loaded. this was a prime example.

      1. snurdely says:

        Thomas, don’t quit your day job. UPS has a far superior tracking system. Not only do they know where your package is, they can tell you how many more stops on that route before it is delivered. Notice the only concern in the country was an area plagued by bad weather?

  17. Cheerful in Dallas says:

    Bad weather happens. Customers should have anticipated delays and shipped earlier. Give the drivers a break. An accident would have done much more to ruin a driver’s Christmas, than a delayed delivery of a package that could have been sent earlier. Let the whiners complain to whomever placed the order too late or possibly a slow shipping family member/friend.

    The commercialism of Christmas is bad enough without the added ugliness of brawls, pepper spraying at stores or anger directed swamped drivers.

  18. James Woods says:

    Christmas in 2011 is nothing more than a corporate holiday. There is no reason what-so-ever that UPS as corporate as it gets could not work non-stop until all the packages were delivered.

    UPS has no problem paying people very little to do bust their rear-ends and in the process somehow manages to maintain a union.

    Sorry UPS your wrong.

    When I worked in retail when we got busy we stayed until every customer left. I guess UPS doesn’t work like that.

    1. Jesse says:

      Top rate for UPS drivers is over $30/hr. I wouldn’t call that “very little.” This is just one of those things that happens in one isolated place, due to weather, management mistakes or other human errors–but I wouldn’t say this comes close to reflecting on the entire company.

      I spent an entire month of my life sprinting like an Olympic athlete to get done with the day’s work in under 14 hours, and every time I see the local USPS or FedEX guy out there, they’re always walking casually without a care in the world.

      Also, the vast majority of drivers out of my center worked 12-14 hours per day all through December. It is company policy to never go back to the building without delivering every parcel in your truck, whilst the post office frequently goes home shortly after 5 pm and saves work for the next day. Have you ever tried sprinting constantly for 14 hours while carrying heavy boxes, for 5 weeks straight?

      I think the majority of the public are smart enough to realize that this is an isolated incident, and they understand how hard we worked this past month to make everybody’s lives a little bit easier and more enjoyable over the holiday.

      1. Fed Up says:

        The “casually walking FED EX guy” isn’t late – so he can afford to be so casual.

      2. Davie says:

        I did the same thing for UPS for the month of December as a Driver’s Helper. We both worked our butts off, sometimes making nearly 250 stops in a day with packages ranging from a few ounces to 100+ pounds.

      3. burtoby says:

        Post Office doesn’t “whilst the post office frequently goes home shortly after 5 pm and saves work for the next day. ” Everything in our building goes every day. It only comes back if no one’s home, and they are left a notice.Five o’clock? We routinely deliver in the dark. There’s no ‘saves work for the next day’.
        The reason we’re seen walking is because go to every address, down the block and back. Try walking with a load on your shoulder for about 56 min. an hour for 6 to 7 hours daily. The latest I’ve delivered on Christmas Eve? 10:40

    2. William J Gollatz says:

      It is not a corporate holiday. There are tens of thousands of businesses that are not incorporated that rely on holidays sales to make the year profitable.

  19. frankie says:

    shame on all you people who think you know the answers. As a ups driver, let me fill you in a little bit. As a former delivery driver I made EVERY effort to get packages delivered. I remember one Christmas eve eve, I was out there delivering till !!pm. People were freaked. OMG your still out here? I’d say yes, cant finish till my last package is off. And you could see the smile on there face. This isn’t always the case, but I try every year to make that happen. So when you go bad mouthing us, learn some true facts! Not all of us are like that. but many are. And let me also fill you in on management. They’re the biggest SC**B*GS going. They don’t give a rats as s about you, me and the company. all they care is about there precious numbers and year end bonuses. They treat us like we’re garbage. So when you go trashing us cause we’re union, sure I get it, but there are rules and policy we must follow. and OH! yeah, if as a driver I dont feel like putting my life in danger by getting on dangerous road (snow,ice) you bet I’m going to think about me, and not your precious package that you decided to order 24hrs b4 Christmas. So in the end….GIVE US BREAK! We’re not all bad! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. David Rupert says:

      Kudos to all the carriers — FEDEx, UPS and USPS — who braved the elements and worked hard for Christmas. Sometimes, it just doesnt work out.

    2. ups empoyee says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  20. Barry says:

    Packages coming up from the Dallas corridor were stopped for 3 days due to road closures in southeast Colorado.If you think these guys are lazy,go to a postal service bulk mail hub.The government union workers are 10 times as bad.They were all hired by affirmitive action.(nothing eles needs to be said}If you pay attention to the news you know how much the postal service is in debt,UPS workers are not funded by tax dollars but free market instead.Fe ex uses eastern europeans for their workforce.Most dont speak english.

    1. David Rupert says:

      The Postal Service is not funded by tax dollars.
      You cannot be hired by affirmative action by the Postal Service.
      Entrance is by standardized testing.

    2. BILLY B says:

      Really Barry–most don’t speak English.
      I’ve been in business many years and every fedex driver who delivers speaks English very well.
      You must work for UPS.

  21. David Rupert says:

    Despite the same snow, the Postal Service delivered every day of this week in Denver. And that includes Saturday, which UPS and FEDEX took off. Great carriers. Great service.

    1. Jesse says:

      This is a lie. UPS delivered Saturday air packages, which is our only service level that gets delivered on Saturday. Did you think that you could send something across the country as a standard ground delivery the day before Christmas and expect it to get there on time? Talk about cheap.

    2. Fed Up says:

      Fed Ex works Saturday

  22. frankie says:

    yea real difficult with there little envelopes. your comparing apples and oranges. its two different monsters!!!! don’t want to take away from usps, but it really is night and day!

    1. David Rupert says:

      The Postal Service delivered 120 million packages this month.

      1. frankie says:

        look, everybody is working hard. its not an easy industry and it gets more and more difficult each year. this is not a good story, people not getting there packages, but you know, there are greater problems in this Country than package delivery competition, can we all agree on that?? MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!

      2. Jesse says:

        If you read this article, UPS delivered over 120 million packages JUST THIS WEEK! I’d say that in light of that, it’s not too bad that only one hub had a goof up, although it’s still not excusable. Having said that, there is no way a USPS worker does half as much as UPS does. Their stuff weighs a fraction of ours, and we still deliver more pieces per hour.

      3. david rupert says:

        The Postal Service delivered 13 billion pieces of mail this month, including 120 million packages. Most days this week USPS has topped 700 million pieces of mail a day.

    2. burtoby says:

      Remember, the USPS only counts something as parcel if it’s OVER 2 LBS. AND BIGGER THAN A SHOEBOX. 1LB, 15 OZ is considered an spr or SPUR. 4 bricks taped together wouldn’t count. So the apples and oranges analogy doesn’t quite work. A letter carrier, most of the time, has to carry the parcel(s) and SPR’s in the satchel, down the block and back until the actual address is arrived at. This with a left arm of mail and circulars and a left hand full of letters.Mix in some rain or snow and soy based ink. Unfun.

  23. Jonathan says:

    File this under “First World Problems”

  24. John B says:

    I got an idea lets just let the government take it over and then blame Bush for the whole thing. Or we can blame a computer for causing the whole mess maybe the people got stuck at the ATM trying to get their money out and it caused them to buy their gifts late so they took them to UPS late. Im sorry but UPS should offer a discount or refund but seriously people its Christmas its suppose to be about Christ and a celebration of his birth…spend time with your family enjoy the things your have that are special give thanks for everything you have bc there are so many more out there that have nothing at all, and they would be happy with a spoonful of rice and clean water. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and may God bless those who cannot be with us and have not the things they need to survive.

    1. frankie says:

      COPY THAT!!!!!!!

  25. mike says:

    Mail service is faster never use fedex or Ups

    1. Fed Up says:

      WHAT? The mail service use contractor trucks to move them hub to hub, and with the overnight shipping they use Fed EX air.

      1. george tsokanis says:

        exaxctly,your dead on.And freight gets moved by passenger airlines as well.The usps only does sorting,some short haul transfer,bulk to large customers and home delivery .All long distance is done by Fedex,UPS and contract private haulers.

  26. billy b says:

    You want to know who the fools are. People who ship UPS. UPS drivers are getting about a 5% increase in pay come 1/1/12. I own a small business and I can ship the same package to the same zipcode via Fedex for $3 to $4 less than what UPS would charge. Plus Fedex will deliver a day earlier than UPS in
    many zips.
    Don’t take my word for it, go to or and see for yourself.

    1. Jesse says:

      It’s a free market, and you’re welcome to ship with whichever company works best for you, but to complain about drivers getting a raise for sprinting 12+ hours a day without even taking a lunch is a little harsh. Perhaps you have an office job and don’t know what real work is like, but don’t blame the drivers for price schedules. That’s the company’s decision, and if it’s a bad decision then they’ll have to lower the prices again to stay competitive. The free market works, because exchange of money and goods is VOLUNTARY.

      1. frankie says:

        Hey Jesse, its just a fact that these folks who have never done what we do will understand. They have no clue what really goes on in the world of brown… clueless. We will continue to take the arrows for our company cause we’re on the front line. period!

    2. Thunder says:

      I;m a UPS driver. UPS rates, along with FedEx, are going up on 1/1/12. I’m not getting a raise, i”ll be making the same as always. My raises are set until 8/1/13

  27. me says:

    The world has adopted an entire set of false representations about the birth of Jesus which they refer to as “Christmas”. About this time every year, one of the greatest deceptions ever foisted on mankind, takes place. Why have men chosen the coldest and darkest part of the year for their revelry? The apostle John gives us the answer:

    “This is the condemnation, that light is come into the world [Jesus Christ], and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19)

    The well known December 25 celebration of Christmas has its origin in the pagan festival of Saturnalia. It is not simply the wrong timing of the birth of Jesus, or the incorrect number of wise men which makes Christmas detrimental to the true Faith. It is the fact that Christmas has nothing at all to do with what God is accomplishing in true Christians.

    Even the Roman Catholics know that Christmas was not practiced by Jesus, His apostles, or the New Testament Christians. Notice the admission in the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911 edition:

    “Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the church…the first evidence of the feast is from Egypt.” (emphasis mine)

    Indeed, it is not only the so called “Christian” countries that celebrate Christmas. A quick search on the internet reveals that most non-Christian nations put up “Christmas Trees” and celebrate the pagan season. Study our current economic trend and you will find how much the atheistic, heathen Chinese profit from Christmas. China is a nation that does not acknowledge the God of Abraham. In the end, the reality is that the ones who benefit most from Christmas are the Chinese manufacturers who make most of the toys and electronic gifts. Who else makes all the strings of colored lights and decorations hanging on homes and in shopping malls? Or, packed in holiday boxes in stores for the family Christmas tree! The Chinese indeed certainly celebrate Christmas!

  28. billy b says:

    For packages weighing lees than 13 ozs First class mail is the only way to go.
    Always faster than UPS or Fedex and cost much less.
    I can ship from AZ to the ease coast by priority mail and it is always delivered on the second day after the shipping

    1. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:

      YES AND NO?
      Every area of the Country is Different!
      It takes USPS 3-4 days to get a letter from South Florida to West Florida Fedex 1, 2 days tops!
      Yes 1st Class is the way to go now but USPS is getting ready to fire a lot of people and close a Lot of Sorting centers so it sure as hellll wont make the mail any faster!
      Parcel Post is still the best way for big and heavy stuff much cheaper than UPS OR FEDEX!

    2. frankie says:

      How much is the usps in debt for 7BILLION?????? so who works and who doesnt??? ups isnt in debt for 7BILLION. Last I checked. HARD CORE FACTS!

      1. AB says:

        USPS may be in debt, but ups has zone rated postage, not flat rate, it costs the same to mail a package anywhere in the USA by USPS, also UPS uses the USPS for parcel select, where the USPS delivers for UPS in the areas they won’t go into.

      2. Zipster says:

        Frankie. The facts are that the Postal Service is in debt because of a Congressionally mandated law that makes them prepay 5.5 billion a year in future retiree health benefits. The next 75 years worth are due today. There’s always a story behind the numbers.

  29. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:

    Odd FEDEX does not have this problem?
    Wonder why?
    Unionism is only part of the problem Management is the Biggest Problem 1. they did not hire enough temporary workers soon enough!
    2. The Union workers would have worked longer but UPS Management does not want to pay them Double or Triple overtime which is more that reasonable!
    3. Mother nature does present problems at Christmas time!
    4. UPS should have a Army of Permanent part time workers!
    Management is really the Big Problem they are more worried about spending a buck than getting the job done!

    1. Jesse says:

      You do realize that this was an isolated incident out of one building, correct?

      Management gives us excessive overtime which we don’t want. They don’t want to hire new drivers to make it easier on the rest of us. You obviously have a few misconceptions, but the drivers are actually over-worked.

      My one coworker left the building at 9:50 am on Wednesday and got back at 11:30 at night without having time to take a lunch. She literally went an entire day without eating, but I guess you want more out of us. Do you have an office job?

      Also, UPS DOES have an army of part-time workers during the holidays–they’re called “driver helpers,” and they alleviate a lot of the congestion: as much as humanly possible at least.

      We are human beings, not machines. Still, I dare you to find a FedEX drive that can deliver half the pieces per hour that I do. I’m not a fan of unions myself, but to denigrate an entire company of 300,000 blue collar workers seems a little harsh, don’t you think?

      1. SAMc says:

        My hat’s off to you Jesse. The amount of ignorance with regards to the sheer size and scale of operations of UPS, FDX and the USPS on this thread is almost equivalent to utter lack of journalistic effort put into writing this article. I’ll bet NONE of them know about UPS My Choice or the kinda creepy truth that UPS probably knows several of their previous addresses going 10+ yrs back. Most have never toured a FedEx or UPS hub before when they’re handling 415,000 parcels per HOUR on a ‘normal’ day, nor do they know USPS partnered with FDX back in 2000. This article gives nothing more than a forum for procrastinators to off-load their personal responsibility and blame a big, mean, name-less, face-less corporation in en-vogue style.

      2. Rich Pope says:

        We really don’t care what reasons you have for not doing your job. It isn’t OUR problem, it’s YOUR problem.

      3. whipped says:

        Ignorant people keep your mouth shut.

  30. Andrew says:

    AS a truck driver, I can tell you that there are few truckers of any shape or brand that stop driving unless conditions are VERY dangerous or the road is closed. Near as I can tell UPS big-rig double-trailer drivers start their trips by first welding their fuel pedals to the floor and therefore can’t slow-down for anything.

    1. FED UP says:

      At least they have the benefit of getting it welded – at FED EX, I have to buy the duct tape to do the same.

  31. Gordon Corey says:

    Overpaid union. Hire Mexicans.

    1. Drew says:

      Thats great Gordy….and when your company lays everyone off, hires new people with no paid vacation or sick days, no benefits, no retirement, and the laws change so the workweek is 60 hours before OT is paid you will be crying about your rights yadda yadda. The unions more than anything else are why we dont have 50% or the workers dying the coal mines from cave-ins, explosions, poison gas….you can thank the unions for the tradition of vacations, sick leave, and the 40 hour work week and OT . I agree that at times they can go over the top but that is a problem unto itself. We have NAFTA now allowing Mexican truckers to run all over the US. I hope the teamsters fix that problems because the government won’t.

  32. truthfulster says:

    I’ve dealt with UPS all my 58 years of life and the problems I’ve incountered are minimal at worst. Just think of the job they do, millions of packages delivered thosands of people employed. If all of you complainers think you could do a better job it just shows me how nutty you really are!

  33. ros says:

    We live in Washington State. Since early November ads have been posted in the jobs section of our newspaper for UPS delivery drivers – lots of ads. They were still in the paper asking for help as of last week. Me thinks there are too many people enjoying the unemployment checks, instead of going out and actually working for a few weeks. There are plenty of job available, just too many lazy people who don’t want to work. If you didn’t get your packages, blame the gov’t for 2 years of unemployment checks coming in the mail.Why work, when you can get your money for nothing?

    1. justme says:

      One reason may be that the UPS ‘helper” is only allowed to work a couple of hours because of UNION rules. My brother worked as a helper last year. He asked to work longer hours to help the driver, but was told he couldn’t because of Union rules. Then when he recieved his paycheck, the union had taken out most of his pay for union dues. Since he was not a member of the union he had to file a claim and wait two months for the union to release his pay. I blame the ubions

      1. Davie says:

        This wasn’t my experience working as a Driver’s Helper this year. This week I worked nearly 40 hours. In early December my hours were in the 5 hour per day range but that didn’t last long as their volume climbed. Also, I have not had any money taken from my checks for union dues (thank God for that). My experience working for UPS was very positive.

  34. Linda Green says:

    I have had a bad delivery with UPS. They did sit my medical supplies out in the rain. Now I have a P O BOX and have the stuff sent there for me to pick up myself. The only way to go for me.

  35. DaveInFla says:

    Let’s just cut to the chase here and get to the root of the problem. Union drivers. A delivery attempt HAS to be made! Why? Union rules. The drivers have the option of NOT making that attempt due to weather…. Why? Again, the union. I avoid UPS at all costs… FedEx or USPS, period!

    1. FED UP says:

      Yep-FedEx always talks about safety, but stresses the guarantee clause. So it’s like “use your best judgement” in otherwords go…but be safe.

  36. John says:

    Colorado……………… Nuff said.

  37. setnaffa says:

    Shame on all of you with the
    non-Christmas spirit.

  38. Gary-bg says:

    It’s called a tracking number …go online put the number in and it will show exactly where the package is at and if it looks like it won’t be delivered at a time of your liking then you can call the hub it is at and use the option to pick it up.I’ve used UPS for most of what I have ordered online and in 17yrs I had one incident and that was a lazy driver but it didn’t reflect on the company as a whole.There are lazy workers no matter what the employer so get over it.Like I say I track my packages in real time and saw this driver at the stop sign next to my house and then she drove off I checked online after about 20 minutes and the tracking number came up as delivery attempted so apparently stopping at the stop sign for 40 seconds was an attempted delivery.Other than that I’ve had no problems with UPS tried FDX once something called smart ship ha ha they ship it to your local post office for delivery by USPS.I saw the FDX truck go past my house no less than 4 times that day and then later dropped my package off at the post office at the end of their shift on a Saturday and then waited the rest of the weekend for delivery they called that “Smart Ship” ok so what is stupid ship maybe I’ll try that.There are also transportation rules for trucks too like from out west when I order something it has to cross the Indiana border into Ohio literally across town actually because Ohio does not allow double trailers on the highway so it goes to a yard where the trailers are broken down into single trailers for transport in Ohio so that little deal is not the fault of UPS it is regulations by individual states ;I’ve seen it sit at this hub for 2 to 3 days depending on when it gets there and driver availability.Whereas if it were not for Ohio’s regulations it would have been delivered that day probably. so I agree with the drivers here they do attempt to make delivery 95% of the time ,but we are hearing the 5% comment here.

    1. ejmagee says:

      UPS and FedEx both have a service through the post office, FDX: Smart Post & UPS: Mail Innovations. You pay for what you get.

  39. John B. says:

    I have never had a problem with UPS in over thirty years and have had a considerable amount of packaged delivered by them. I was concerned about one thing I saw a few days ago, though. I was at the back of a post office where USPS mail is carried in and out. A UPS truck was delivering packages to the post office. The driver was standing inside his truck and tossing the packages out into a large, wheeled post office container. I would hope that not every driver has such contempt for people’s goods.

  40. Mike says:

    I have never had a problem with UPS !

  41. Mandy says:

    I was so pleased with my UPS delivery this Christmas. What a great job UPS does. These customers really should have shopped earlier and not let things get so close to Christmas day. Procrastinators. Olnly themselves to blame really.

  42. dee says:

    I hope people do not fall apart over something like this.. Things happen..and this is just one more thing to add to the list..of OH WELL….

    Merry Christmas everyone…

  43. MZ says:

    Santa will take care of this.

  44. Poe Dee says:

    If you whinners would have sent out your packages earlier then they would have been there ontime. I love how people have presupositions of how life should be according to their idealistic delusion then complain when reality hits. Cry victim instead of changint your behavior! There’s an answer! (hear the sarcasm?)

    1. Rob Frey says:

      UPS is a great company with dam good efficient service. Order your presents in a timely manner. Thank you Poe Dee dam have we lost site of what is important. Time away from this whining what has this holiday become but a selfish one truly sad.

  45. Fred Lopez says:

    what else would you expect from union workers
    Fed-X (non union) delivered perfectly

    1. I P Standing says:

      you communists love your china third world workers,,plus you are too stupid to know about the fed ex incident that started it all?

  46. TBone says:

    Was the question “Why?” answered anywhere in this worthless article?

  47. Hatersalad says:

    If there was a weather event on Thursday or Friday, then all the whining is moot. It is an act of God. As much as UPS / FedEx charge they still don’t control the weather. Track the package, and it will clearly show the status. If it shows delayed, take some action, call UPS, and make the necessary arrangements to get it before Christmas.

    If you want to get into a shouting match about the Union, then blame the NLRB and the Labor Laws of the US. UPS & FedEx offer the EXACT SAME services, yet they operate under separate laws because FedEx was founded as an airline. Put them under the same laws and see what happens to FedEx – The Teamsters will put them out of business. Period.

    Is UPS perfect? Absolutely not. But when you are pushing 25,000,000 packages per day through your system there are going to be mistakes. Even if you call all 50,000 packages not delivered 100% UPS’ fault – they are still 99.8% effective.

    Besides, this is a complete hit piece because of the FedEx driver throwing the TV monitor over the fence. Clearly someone @ CBS Denver has some family that work at FedEX.

  48. I P Stahding says:

    last week these were the paople you maroons wanted to take over delivering the mail

  49. Rich Pope says:

    UPS is another company that is poorly run and will soon see a mass exodus of customers. Just like Charter Cable and AT&T Wireless.

  50. Jay Pug / CT says:

    Listen, I understand, you are upset that this issue has caused stress in your day, but you really have to take some of the blame…if you just order stuff earlier to avoid the rush (and this can happen every year) a day or two should not be an issue.
    I think it is wrong to blame U.P.S., I’m pretty sure they did not sit around and decide on a “plan” to mess with your life. Grow up and take responsibility for your lack of planning. You know when Christmas is, they didn’t change it at the last minute…..just saying. P.S. I fine U.P.s. to be the best service in my area with never a damaged package and they alwaya deliver right to my door.

  51. Livetra Jackson says:

    These are same types you maroons wanted to take over from the post office last week

  52. Drew says:

    Hey, stuff happens and UPS cannot control the weather. The world is not going to end if a gift is late. People need to calm down and don’t take it so seriously for crying out loud. Personally I would not stand in line for hours on end waiting for a package. I would just wait for them to deliver onj tuesday…..think of it as a bonus gift 2 days after Christmas. I be the kids would love that!

  53. Santa says:

    What can Brown Do To You? Take note folks, last minute online shopping will get ya every time, shop early, ship early.

  54. Fred Friar says:

    companies that only use UPS is OK provided they are shipping prepaid, However if you are payng the shipping cost then you s/b able to choose how the package is shipped. The excuse “we don;t have an account with FedEx” is not an excuse.

    Remember the UPS strike? One day the Tamsters wil do it again leving customer high & dry. Fact with out UPS there would not be a Teamsters..

  55. Ron says:

    YOU wait till the last minute to buy something – and blame UPS. It’s like the bad excuses people make for being late for work – just leave 15 minutes earlier! Just shop a few days earlier!!

  56. R R says:

    This is an isolated incident in a stoner area, I have ex inlaws from Auroura and they smoke pot on a daily basis,not that I`m not for free choice ( Go Ron Paul) but don`t expect them to handle peak xmas rush!

  57. static says:

    Of the 50,000 packages that were reported to be in “limbo” how many were Christmas gifts? ,schools and businesses were closed and being held until they reopen so I’d say that accounted to the majority.
    A fun fact: UPS trucks are not the same as your personal vehicle they were never intended to be driven on slippery streets and if a driver has an accident he or she can and likely will be terminated, the bottom line: no package is worth being injured or killed or losing your your job for.
    If you have your info notice or a tracking number for your package and a legit ID for the address the package is being sent to you should have no problem getting it.
    UPS doesn’t control the weather you’ll have to take that up with GOD.

  58. steverino says:

    UPS has always been top notch as far as I’m concerned. The USPS needs to go.. It is unnecessary. If you take away junk mial, I receive very little, all bills are autopay, all of which could be emailed.
    What’s with all of the Canada comments? As the Onion calls them:
    “Canada: America’s hat.”

  59. mo says:

    UPS had a serious problem delivering on time..tracked a package that seemed to go between UPS distribution centers until it finally arrived 3 days late. website was all but useless in trying to place the package on hold as it was an international delivery. bah humbug to these folks…

  60. Tom says:

    UPS drivers are well paid, probably too well paid. I mean, c’mon, they walk to your door and put a box there. But I have to admit they hustle, I have seen UPS drivers actually trotting. When’s the last time you saw a Postal worker at a trot?

    1. frankie says:

      Yes Tom, we get a decent wage. But let me tell you, that wage is EARNED!! my friend. Unless you have worked for them, you just don’t really know what goes on in the inside. I’m not going to trash the Co. again, but the way that ups treats there employees, is like none other. The only thing that keeps us working there, frankly is the pay and benefits. Cause there’s no other reason. With all that, I have to admit that it is an absolute miracle the way one day at ups turns out to be so functional. It really is amazing. And along with everything else, yes, there are malfunctions. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  61. steve says:

    easy to play monday morning quarterback. i work in distribution, and ship tens of thousands of packages a day with both fedex and ups. anyone with even a bit of sense would be amazed with what happens behind the scenes to get a package to their doorstep. the accuracy and efficiency are phenomenal. people are too self-absorbed and eager to point the bony finger of blame to the other guy. get over it.

    merry christmas!

    1. Davie says:

      This is a spot-on comment.

  62. ejmagee says:

    “Lighten up Francis”, even if UPS or FedEx delivers 99% on time (and they don’t this time of year, more like 93-95% ontime the Christmas week) that’s hundreds of thousands of packages not getting there on time. They both provide valuable services. The USPS is a great organization too (not as good as FDX/UPS since they lose tons of $………be grateful UPS and FedEx are there……otherwise we’d be doing lots of driving!

  63. Dr Peter says:

    When I saw what kind of people were waiting in line, I thought they were waiting for a government voucher for free stuff……NOT.

  64. Catherine says:

    But I’ve noticed that UPS does hire really cute drivers! Is this a prerequisite? j/k. I’ve never had any problems with UPS, FedEx or USPS… I’m sure it’s a pretty thankless job especially if they have to work on Christmas Day to get everyone’s Christmas packages out on time.

  65. Zipperhead says:

    You can blame this entire mess on George W. Bush, go ahead and do it, you know you want to.

  66. kimdi01 says:

    Why next Tuesday? Why not Saturday, and Monday? Why not a little overtime for volunteer drivers and Sunday? Is it all about the UPS, FedEx, USPS unions and not about the service they claim to give?

    1. whipped says:

      mostly DOT regulations.
      UPS did deliver on saturday but most drivers were out of hours(60 hours max per DOT in a week)
      And you dont know the business and how it works so shut your pie hole.

      UPS MAN

  67. Tim says:

    Don’t blame the workers or even line management. I often see UPS workers running from their trucks to houses. No, this is probably another so-called “quality improvement” executive goal, some short sighted mandated cost cutting percentage. This nonsense is destroying American industry. These buffoons come out of business colleges and start dismantling what they don’t have the brains or vision to create.

  68. Ellie says:

    Part of the problem is people doing their last-minute shopping online because it’s “easier”. When it’s “easier” for you it’s more work for someone else. So now that work has backed up. If people had gone to a mall they would have their items in their hands and wouldn’t be standing in line for hours or yowling at UPS because UPS can’t deal with the backlog caused by last-minute shoppers and mailers. Quit blaming the couriers, just get your act together a bit earlier and things will be okay. This world is nuts.

  69. Concern says:

    Unclaimed IGIVE.COM checks.
    sent only to valid e-mail addresses

  70. John says:

    It is nothing more than union hacks using a loophole in their contract to stay home from work. Other companies delivered parcels during this snowstorm; other people went to work.
    Once society eliminates these lousy unions, then maybe companies can get items delivered on time.

    1. Vee Kay says:

      Those “other” companies had unions as well. I don’t get the point here…

    2. WHIPPED says:

      UPS is a private sector union that is profitable. USPS is a public sector union that is nearly bankrupt. there is a big difference.
      A foot of snow 3 days before christman caused delayes

      1. JB says:

        USPS situation is far more complex than your simple minded comment…

  71. Vee Kay says:

    How’s that privatization workin’ out for you?

    1. whipped says:

      How is that public sector working for you? BANKRUPT

      1. JB says:

        Again a simple minded comment….

  72. UPS Driver says:

    as a UPS driver myself, keep in my we only get 60hrs a week by law. some of us worked many 14hr days this past week just to make sure customers got their packages.

  73. Joe says:

    Its really funny, some of these comments defending UPS and their obviously poor management. Calling people lazy or saying they waited till the last minute is absurd since you’re obviously missing the bigger picture. There are tons of items you can find online that you cant get in a store, meaning you have to rely on a shipper. That doesnt make you lazy cause you didnt go to store and get it yourself. If you place an order with a vendor weeks/months in advance and they dont ship until a week or two before Christmas, that doesnt mean you waited till the last minute so you deserve a delayed/lost shipment. And if a shipper is touting their ability to ship on time to their vendors and customers, then they need to meet that commitment. The fact is UPS was caught with their pants down here. During the holidays most employers realize theres a holiday rush so they hire seasonal staff so they’re not shorthanded. UPS failed to realize that they would be seeing a LOT of extra business this time of year and they werent prepared. How they failed to realize this when most other businesses did is a mystery. Theres a holiday rush EVERY year, its not a new phenomenon. Further, Denver tends to get a lot a snow, particularly in December. Management should have better prepared for the snow as most agencies did, and they didnt and THATS the real problem here. Its bigger than a union issue, lazy driver/shopper, etc. Its about poor management.

    1. whipped says:

      Its this thing called SNOW idiot. Was UPS prepared? Yes. All was well in Commerce City on 12/21/11 minus this thing called SNOW in the mideast that was slowing trucks from getting to Denver. Then on 12/22/11 a foot of this stuff called SNOW landed in Denver. Do a bunch of UPS trucks and drivers just fly out of managements butt to compensate for SNOW. Shut your ignorant pie hole

      UPS MAN

  74. Loren says:

    UPS is unionized; FedEx is not. UPS is run for the convenience of its employees; FedEx is run for the convenience of customers. If you don’t believe that, watch the UPS trucks head back to the barn at 5 pm with undelivered packages, while FedEx rings your doorbell at 7 or 8 pm, making sure all of the deliveries on the truck are delivered.

    1. Whipped says:

      I punched out at 9:15pm 12/22/11 about half the UPS drivers were in the warehouse. I punched out at 10:10pm 12/23/11 Cerfew was 13hours.
      DOT limmits hours worked to 60 in a week. Most UPS drivers were at or near thier max.
      Heading in at 5:00. You lieing ignorant idiot. Please shut your pie hole

      UPS MAN

      1. Loren says:

        Spoken like a true union man – toss out excuses – curfews, management, “DOT limmits” (sic), at or near limits . . . . I am sure you can find more excuses. The bottom line is that in the hundreds of deliveries I have received, FedEx has ALWAYS delivered on the promised date. About 25% of the time when UPS fails to deliver a package on the promised date, I call UPS, only to be told that the “driver timed out.” As I said before – UPS is run for the convenience of the employee, unlike FedEx which is run for the benefit of the customer.

      2. Loren1 says:

        Spoken like a true union man – toss out excuses – curfews, management, “DOT limmits” (sic), at or near limits . . . . I am sure you can find more excuses. The bottom line is that in the hundreds of deliveries I have received, FedEx has ALWAYS delivered on the promised date. About 25% of the time when UPS fails to deliver a package on the promised date, I call UPS, only to be told that the “driver timed out.” As I said before – UPS is run for the convenience of the employee, unlike FedEx which is run for the benefit of the customer.

      3. whipped 2 says:

        I deliver thousands of packages to hundreds of customers year round and very rarely do I not make service on packages. My customers are happy of the service they get. UPS was not the only company with failed service due to a foot of snow this christmas season. They just effect more people because they dwarf the amount packages the post office and FEDX handles. For you information LOREN there is no failed delivery attempt for timed out and your also lieing about 25% failure of timed pkgs. So shut your lieing pie hole.

        UPS MAN

    2. JB says:

      Where do you live? UPS does not do what you claim in my area

    3. jim says:

      Loren-You are uninformed and inaccurate. UPS Drivers are employed by UPS and deliver to every house everyday, unless there is a risk they could become stranded or worse yet, injured. You were probably one of the people who procrastinated and ended up standing in line screaming like an idiot because you failed to ship your package early (as suggested). BTW, FDX was closed on Saturday and their ground drivers are not even FDX EMPLOYEES. They are paid per package and if they do not feel like delivering to an address, they simply dont have to. UPS Drivers dont have that flexibility on an normal operating week. Please become informed prior to sounding off. Merry Christmas to you

  75. Sam says:

    When unions are in, customer service and efficiency are out!

    Hey Rupert, don’t give us the standard, pro-postal, union line proclaiming how hard they work. Myself and many others have spent close to an hour waiting in line at the post office while one clerk handles the customer load, and two others walk around aimlessly looking at themselves.

    1. JB says:

      Sam, the situation you describe is not unique to businesses with unions… you wait anywhere else? Is it really just the Postal Service? Bet you have waited in many lines at many “businesses” and most were not union…

  76. Frank Hicks Healy says:

    Man, if you waited this long to send a package, don’t gripe about it not getting there on time.

  77. DaveAgain says:

    So-called customers in this country wants everything for nothing and they want it yesterday. Some businesses don’t have instantaneous scalability, If fickle customers all of a sudden increase demands or decide to wait until the last possible moment to do their part, then they ought to suffer for their procrastination.

    If their own customers or employers put the same standards to their work, they’d probably be the first ones to whine about it.

  78. Newman says:

    Sing along: “When it’s planes, in the sky, for a chain, of supplies, that’s Logistics.
    When the parts, for the line, come precisely, on time, that’s Logistics…”

  79. Mike says:

    Postal service Is Much faster, never would even consider ups or FedEx unlss too large for usps

  80. David says:

    Senders should of used Fedex, especially if it was a flat screen TV. May not get to your door, but at least it will get over the fence.

  81. Tony says:

    Its people’s fault! That’s what happens when they send their mess out late at the busiest time of the delivery year!!

  82. Cody Frisch says:

    The people of Colorado voted down Right To Work a few years ago, as a result UPS hires only lazy union workers. Hard working competitive folks who want to do a good job without having their paycheck robbed to pay union dues (to help re-elect Obama and get us some more of this hopeless changeless stuff) can’t work at UPS.

  83. Rusty says:

    I wanted to be a UPS driver helper on my days off (wed, thu and fri), UPS said: “NO baby, NO,NO and NO.”

  84. kp says:

    USPS. Government run. Horrible service. No competition. Bankrupt. And half the country wants government run healthcare???

    Soon the headline will read: “50,000 patients in limbo at hospitals around the country.”

    1. JB says:

      You sound frightened….of something……somewhere…..

  85. Mark S says:

    Why was FedEx closed on Christmas Eve? Now that is poor service! Kudos goes to UPS for at least attempting to help us procastinators!

    1. Eleanor says:

      Maybe UPS was closed because they would like a Christmas Eve with their families instead of slaving away till 9pm due to people who waited too long to send their parcels. Offices close super early on Christmas Eve day, why not UPS? Just blame UPS, not the fact that people in general don’t consider the poor harried couriers who are expected to work overtime to accommodate their inability to mail early, then they just blame UPS if their packages don’t get delivered before Christmas.

  86. Eric says:

    Don’t wait til the last minute to send stuff and you won’t have this issue

  87. Guest says:

    Their Christmas spirit damaged??? Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born and we are celebrating that fact. To have your Christmas spirit damaged because of a gift means you don’t have any Christmas spirit in the first place.

  88. calonzap says:

    Maybe instead of bit.hing and complaining about the delivery of your packages, you knuckle-heads should try to order a few days earlier next year. Ya’ think that might work?

  89. Jack says:

    This country is becoming a nation of whiners. UPS and UPS have never let me down. I’m thankful I don’t live in a country where I don’t get packages because bombs atre being dropped on my city every day. Thank you Veterans of all wars.

    1. JB says:

      Well Jack, you make sense……there are some things we actually should look at as actually very good, even it they do hit a bump or two….

      1. JB says:

        Sorry…..even IF…..

  90. jack says:

    I use the Post Office every year, they get there every time and they are half the price.

  91. Steve Cox says:

    I’m a UPS retiree… I started in 1969. During my years at UPS there is no way that this could have happened. What has changed? Drivers have always had the last word when it comes to safety so that’s not it. I can recall stories where the management would happily hit the road to deliver packages that were mis-sorted or otherwise left in the ill-regular situation where an on-time delivery was jeopardized. I know 50,000 packages seems overwhelming, but they have an army of management staff that could have rose to the occasion. In my book there is no excuse and the board of directors should be punished.

  92. Dave P. says:

    Steve, The difference is Scott Davis! Only the brown package cars resemble the company you worked for.

  93. Marty says:

    The items we purchased via online retailers were not purchased “late.” Further, UPS guaranteed 2-day delivery which would have put our items on our doorstep on Wednesday, 12/22. Our packages reached Commerce City on Tuesday and could very well have been delivered on Wednesday BEFORE the storm hit. Let’s face it. UPS was behind and used “slippery roads” as an excuse.

    We had UPS shipments delivered via a Budget Rent-a-Truck on Monday 12/20. They clearly have a manpower/truck issue.

  94. tony says:

    UPS blows, use USPS and never miss another Christmas…

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