DENVER (CBS4) – An Army sergeant was treated to a hero’s welcome from his extended family at Denver International Airport on Monday evening.

Capt. Mitchell Marzo, an Army physician, served five months in Iraq and was one of the last of the American combat troops to leave the country.

His wife Katie and two young daughters welcomed him with big hugs and kisses outside his gate at the airport and then dozens more relatives greeted them when they arrived in DIA’s main terminal.

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Marzo loved the welcome, but he wanted to make sure people think of other soldiers who are still overseas on other missions.

“I think the important thing for everybody to remember is there is still a whole bunch of people over in Afghanistan who are risking their lives every day,” Marzo told CBS4.

Marzo relocated to Denver to be closer to family while he was deployed.

The family will head up to Winter Park to “really get to know each other again” with a ski vacation.

They will then spend Christmas in Denver and Marzo will finish his Army assignment in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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  1. Jerry Frey says:

    Given the fact that there were no WMDs ever discovered in Iraq, have you ever wondered what the real reason was why Bush invaded?

    Decide for yourself…it’s easy.

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