Written by Brooke Wagner
DENVER (CBS4) – It feels good to put change into the Salvation Army’s red kettle, even if it is a drop in the bucket, so to speak.

It’s satisfying because we know our pocket change will make a difference to someone, somewhere. But these days, it can seem like it’s never enough, as nonprofit organizations struggle harder to meet the needs of the community.

From the giving side, pocket change isn’t exactly pocket change anymore to the millions of Americans who are, themselves, down on their luck. That’s why I was inspired when Oprah.com sent me “16 Ways to Make an Incredible Impact with Less than $15.”

At first, I thought I’d probably be underwhelmed by how much my dollar bill would help someone. But I must say, I was impressed, and thought it was worth mentioning in this blog.

Here are three examples:

1) With $1, booksforafrica.org can send two books to a classroom in Africa, where as many as 20 children share one textbook.

2) $4 buys 2 hours of prepaid phone time for a U.S. soldier overseas.

3) $5 buys a one-burner kerosene stove to keep a family warm, so they don’t have to use an open fire.

Just $5 can keep a family warm! Amazing. Sometimes, a dollar is all there is to give, but it’s still nice to know we helped this holiday season – and made someone else’s life just a little better. Here’s the link to the full list: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Spend-a-Little-and-Give-a-Lot-Small-Donations/1

My best wishes to you this holiday!

About The Blogger

– In her Brooke’s Bargains blog Brooke Wagner writes about finding bargains and saving money for her family. She calls it one of her favorite hobbies. Blog entries cover everything from the latest steals, deals, and freebies to cheap family activities, saving for college, and what to buy right now.

  1. Thank you Brooke for mentioning Books for Africa. Keith Keyser, a 70 year old Peace Corps Volunteer from Denver is raising funds for a container of books for a library in Finote Selam, Ethiopia. Colorado donors may want to designate their donations to Finote Selam Ethiopia. Keith was recently interviewed for NPR. Hear Keith’s story at: http://www.theworld.org/2011/11/graying-of-the-peace-corps/ Very inspirational.

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