HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – A rash of break-ins in Douglas County have neighbors on edge.

The sheriff’s office says there have been dozens of burglaries in the past few months. Many have taken place in the Timberline Ridge neighborhood in Highlands Ranch.

Most of the burglaries have taken place during daylight hours, and the pattern is usually similar. Police say two people try to enter a home through an open garage or side door and then steal electronics and jewelry.

If someone answers the door, the criminals ask for directions — or say they are looking for a random person and leave.

“One individual would go to the front door and ring the bell to see if anyone was home while the second individual would go to a side access door to a garage,” said Lt. Glenn Peitzmeier of the Douglas County Sheriff’s office.

There have also been similar robberies in Lone Tree and Parker. Deputies believe the same group of people may be responsible.

Peitzmeier says it’s likely the burglars are trying to target homes while people are out at work. He also said that it’s possible the robbers are becoming more brazen. In one case last month two men kicked in the door of a home and then ran once they realized the family was home.

So far there have been no arrests.

Authorities are asking residents to report any suspicious activity. Some neighbors in Timberline Ridge have also started a neighborhood watch group.

  1. hellsbells says:

    I just moved to beautiful Highlands Ranch last summer and had my front door kicked in this evening while I was home and my children were sleeping upstairs. They ran away when they heard I was home. Police came and said this is “unusual”. Not buying that so much after reading this article.

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