BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A psychic accused of stealing from her clients by convincing them “money is evil” is finally on trial.

Nancy Marks, 55, didn’t show up for the first trial and had to prove to a Boulder judge she was sick. That’s when the trial was reset for Monday.

Jury selection began Monday morning.

Marks is accused of stealing almost $300,000. One of Marks’ alleged victims lost $180,000 alone. She also faces tax evasion charges.

“She wanted to know how much money I had in my checking account, how much I had in my savings account. She was going to ‘worry’ the money to scare the evil spirits away,” victim Linda Bermudez-Hafer said.

Seven victims told police that Marks told them she needed their cash to “draw out the bad energy” and their bank account numbers to see how frequently the numeral six appeared.

Prosecutors told jurors Marks preyed on clients in vulnerable situations — one woman whose child was dying, another unemployed, and o thers in the mist of divorce. They said Marks would gain her client’s trust after meeting them for a palm reading, then convince them over time to give her their money for safe keeping and cleansing, but the cash was never returned to them.

The court anticipates hearing from the seven victims and the trial is slated to last through the week.

The defense says Marks spend hundreds of hours on her clients and the money was her compensation.

  1. denvervet says:

    Who is at fault here, the client or the psychic? With all the criminals on the news and in the world wouldn’t a person be a bit distrustful of someone who wanted thier evil money? I have a feeling they may just get her for tax evasion unless they can really prove beyond a doubt she stole and used the money for her own gain. This is another case of “bad judgement”. There are so many different kinds of people out there and I just DO NOT understand someone who would fall for this no matter what their situation. For me this is very difficult to digest. Its almost akin to a cult following.

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