LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – The Occupy Wall Street movement took on a new target in Colorado on Monday after dozens of the demonstrators showed up at a retail distribution center in Loveland.

The demonstrators say Walmart is the face of a lot of what they are protesting — corporate influence over American politics. About 40 to 50 demonstrators showed up to the Walmart distribution center. They lined the roads in front of the center with signs.

The protesters say Walmart is yet another example of corporate greed and it’s a company that has such political influence that they are able to achieve where other individuals in the country are held back.

Several protesters talked to CBS4 about what they say is the government subsidizing Walmart.

“Walmart is subsidized by taxpayers … not only through helping their employees get by, but whenever they come into a community they try to get the city council or whoever to give the tax subsidies, whatever it takes,” a protester said. “Walmart is one of those corporations that loves to privatize profits and socialize expenses.”

“Walmart is the face of what Occupy is against right now,” another protester said.

The Loveland Police Department had a large presence at the demonstration. They said the demonstration was mostly peaceful until about noon when a large group of protesters moved across the roadway in front of one of the Walmart trucks.

(credit: CBS)

“Loveland police arrested approximately 13 people for violations ranging from obstructing a public roadway and hindering transportation to trespassing and resisting arrest,” police said in a statement. “The majority of those arrested were cited and released at the scene. A small number of persons who were combative with officers were booked into the Larimer County Detention Center.”

Police later said only two demonstrators were taken to jail.

“They were combative with the officers on scene, so they were transported to the jail,” a Loveland officer said.

Some protesters showed up with the intention to get arrested. They say it’s symbolically important.

“We remained non-violent and the police violently attacked us … and when the cops brutalize us, it makes a statement,” a protester said.

Police said no officers were injured and only one arrestee complained of a minor injury. That person was treated at the scene.

A Walmart spokesperson told CBS4 Walmart helps people who are struggling financially with their low prices. Also pointed out was the number of jobs Walmart provides in Colorado as well as charitable contributions the company makes.

The demonstration ended around 5 p.m.

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  1. Josh Biggs says:


  2. Sarah Smith says:

    Let them eat cake.

  3. Aarn Farmer says:

    So glad these people are protesting. I hate the fact that Walmart hires people, we should all be equally unemployed and angry at businesses.

  4. migrant3 says:

    Arkansas based Wal-Mart grew and prospered during the 1990’s. They had the Clinton machine backing them.

  5. Corey says:

    It’s nice to know that some people are so financially secure that they can go around protesting against companies who provide jobs. It is not that easy to find employment now days as it was several years ago I know I couldn’t afford to take time off from work to protest something that is total bull. I also think these protests just give the ones who want to cause trouble a reason to be somewhere.

  6. financedude says:

    Let’s see, 1) customers voluntarily choose to shop at WalMart, 2) employees voluntarily choose to work at WalMart (though in some cases, like in Chicago and NYC, would be employees remain on unemployment because these cities discriminates against WalMart), 3) WalMart paid approximately $7 billion (yes, that is billion) in taxes last year.

    So, I see a company that provides people (and I’d say the main beneficiaries are not the “1%”) products they want at acceptable prices, provides employment and pays its fair share of taxes (25% of operating income). I don’t see a problem, I see a success story.

    Interestingly, WalMart’s stock has gone up less than 10% in the last ten years. I hardly think “Wall Street” is pleased with these results; ironically it is the “99%” who have really gained from WalMart.

  7. 99 percent Unite says:

    “paying jobs” at WalMart = subsistence wages

    1. Drew says:

      So does working at McDonalds, The Gap, and as a cashier at a Gas station.
      I am fortunate to have a good job and I’ve been at this job for 20-years. I don’t think corporate greed is the problem here. The problem lies with loosing our industrial base. When the American People demand low price goods and high wages and benefits, there is a conflict. Right now there is a shortage of skilled construction workers. Instead of going to college to get a degree in poetry, how about going to welding school. It would pay more than a poet and cost a heck of a lot less.

    2. Josh Biggs says:

      OWS are truly only 1% of this country. I am middle class and you jerk offs do not represent me at all

  8. George says:

    What a bunch of pinheads, they are as bright as 5 watt bulbs and have NO clue what they are protesting. What, paying jobs?? Get a life!!

    1. Matthew Thornton says:

      Walmart could not exist in a free market. government subsidies Build stores that destroy all local commerce. The 6 members of the Walton family own more wealth then the bottom 30pct of the entire united states. With just 10 of the 60billion each family member gits Walmart could every one of it employes medical coverage. Instead they force there workers to stay part time and tell them to use medicare for healthcare.
      most importantly our government allows a huge trade deficit causing inflation here in the states. Profiting off currency manipulation and China’s low labor cost.

      1. Josh Biggs says:

        Actually Walmart can survive in a free market. It seems the Mom and pops cannot survive in a free market. Slothfulness and envy are the two biggest evils in this world and OWS are based on both.

      2. Josh Biggs says:

        And where did the circuit boards in your computer come from Matthew?

    2. migrant3 says:

      I bet all those hypocrites shop at Wal-Mart.

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