COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a body found inside a vent on the roof of French Elementary School.

The body was found by a Colorado Springs Police officer investigating a missing person case – but it is currently unclear if the body it the teen they were looking for.

The Sheriff’s Office said that on November 11 a family reported their 17-year-old son missing. Both the Sheriff’s Office and Colorado Springs Police worked to try to find him.

The teen’s mother called police Dec. 3 to say she believed the teen was last seen on French Elementary School’s roof. The school is located at 5225 Alturas Drive in Colorado Springs.

The deputy stationed at the school looked around the roof, but felt it was unsafe to go up there because of cold and ice.

A police officer did go up to the roof Friday where he found a heating vent that looked out of place. He removed the vent and found a body ten to fifteen feet down inside.

It is unclear if the body belongs to the missing boy. It will need to be identified by the coroner, but hasn’t yet been removed from the roof.

Investigators don’t know why the missing teen may have been on the roof or how he got up there. They are investigating this as a suspicious death.

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  1. denvervet says:

    Very strange, maybe he fell in there and knocked himself uncondious and froze to death? I hope they find out. Poor kid.

  2. brian w says:

    More like he was trying to break into the school and got stuck. IDIOT. When was the last time that you accidentally got on a roof, accidentally opened a roof vent and then accidentally fell into said vent and got stuck? DOPE