ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A thief targeted an Arapahoe County Christmas tree lot set up to help raise money for charity.

The burglary happened Tuesday at a lot near Jordan and Arapahoe Road. The thief made off with a lot of the equipment it takes to sell the trees for “Trees for Charity.”

“We showed up for work to sell trees and we noticed our generators were missing. We couldn’t get any power on. And then we looked around and found out we were pretty much ransacked,” owner Michael Klein said.

More than $3,000 of equipment, including two generators, flood lights, heaters and tools are gone. The burglary happened in the middle of the day Tuesday, leaving Klein upset.

“It’s one of those things. I know it’s Christmastime, it’s stressful for everybody, but to break into the little guy. We don’t make much money out here,” Klein said.

For every tree sold $5 will be donated to The Children’s Hospital, Colorado Select Girls Hockey and the Denver Dumb Friends League.

“It’s going to decrease the money quite a bit just because we’re going to have to utilize some of the money to get back and going,” Klein said.

“It’s just horrible, it’s Scroogie. It’s Christmas and you just don’t steal at Christmastime,” customer Tammy Boroff said.

Klein agrees but refuses to let a Scrooge steal Christmas. So with rental generators and a dose of forgiveness, business will go on.

“We’re just going to sell them all, make more revenue than we did last year, and make up the difference; and everyone’s happy again,” Klein said.

  1. Spencer Grove says:

    How could anyone steal things for Christmas?! Well, Bahh-Humbug to you Scrooge!

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