DENVER (CBS4) – A man convicted of kidnapping and aggravated robbery in connection with a home robbery July 2010 has been sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Police said three people went to a home in the 2300 block of South Williams Street, tied up the occupants of the home and held them at gunpoint, demanding money.

“One of the victims was able to break out of the restraints; he got a hold of a gun that had been left by one of the suspects and fired a shot that killed Daniel DeLeon,” police said in a statement.

A third suspect was shot and killed.

Zachery Montoyak, 33, was convicted earlier of kidnapping, aggravated robbery and first-degree assault. He was sentenced to 113 years in prison.

Francine Segura, 30, the other surviving co-defendant, was also found guilty of kidnapping and aggravated robbery. She is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 9.

The occupant of the home who shot and killed DeLeon was cleared of any criminal charges.


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