LONE TREE, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Lone Tree say they are moving in on a suspect in a series of burglaries at the home of Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams.

Police are looking for Jamaica Jamal Crowe, 36. He’s facing charges of burglary, felony theft and fraud

Williams’ home has been burglarized twice. The first time was last month, when Williams was in Miami for the Broncos Oct. 23 game against the Dolphins.

His home was hit a second time — on Nov. 3 — while Williams was sleeping inside.

Police said during one of the robberies the man climbed in the home through a side window and disabled a security alarm.

Williams’ mother Sherri Gonzales told CBS4 about $50,000 worth of items are gone, including expensive watches and an iPad.

Gonzales said she is certain the burglar is Crowe, who is her ex-boyfriend. She said Crowe has sent her several threatening messages through Facebook over the past few days, something that has got her worried about her safety and Williams’ safety.

“(He wrote about) how it’s going to blow up in my face and he’s going to drop a bomb,” Gonzales said.

Police spokesman Sgt. Ryan Gallegos said Crowe is not willing to come into the police office for an interview and is not cooperating.

“All we’re asking is to hear his side of the story, talk to him about the case. We have probable cause to make an arrest,” Gallegos said.

It’s expected that an arrest warrant from the Douglas County Sheriff’s office will be issued by the end of the week.

“I’m hoping they are going to arrest him and he gets what he deserves,” Gonzales said.

In a news release, Lone Tree police said Crowe apparently played football at both Cherry Creek High School and Arizona State.

“He has a lengthy arrest record that include burglary and assault charges,” Michelle Kivela with Lone Tree police said in the statement.

Gonzales said part of the reason she and her son are so shaken by the burglaries is that Williams was roomates with Sean Taylor at the University of Miami. Taylor was shot and killed by intruders into his Miami home in 2007.


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