DENVER (CBS4) – Holiday shoppers beware. When shopping at the Cherry Creek Mall, make sure to actually park at the mall.

One woman thought it would be okay to park at the Safeway right next door to the mall.

“I’m very disappointed, I learned my lesson,” Debbie Maring said.

Maring parked in the Safeway lot and made quick run to the store next door followed by another and then another at the Cherry Creek Mall. Roughly one hour later Maring experienced a sickening feeling when she couldn’t find her car.

“Did we park the car there? We’ve been a lot of places,” Maring said. “Who thinks you’re going to come out and your car’s going to be gone?”

Maring went into Safeway where she had shopped first and learned her minivan had been towed.

“It was gone, it was gone, merry Christmas,” she said.

Guards outside Safeway will watch people come and go, but if they leave Safeway, they will be towed.

“I was expected, I guess, to give them the business, then move my car somewhere else to give someone else the business. It’s busy, everybody’s in a bad mood, there is no parking.”

Maring got her van back after paying $201.

“Actually I haven’t even read the sign, so I’m assuming it’s something I should’ve done before, but we weren’t even parked in front of a sign.”

The signs on the back row, where she parked, are spaced five stalls apart.

“I did give you some business. I mean I wasn’t like parked there all day doing all my Christmas shopping.”

A spokeswoman for Safeway told CBS4 they don’t want to tow cars, but she said the lot is small and there are some people who spend 4 or 5 hours elsewhere and that’s not fair to their customers.

Years ago customers parking illegally would find a boot on their tire. The price to remove the boot was $50.

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  1. Fanny P says:

    While I feel for this lady, the guards have no idea how long a car will be left in the parking lot if the driver goes on to another store. Anyone who has ever shopped at Cherry Creek knows about the limited parking which gets worse the closer to Christmas. The choice is yours, shop there but follow the rules or don’t shop there. An expensive lesson to say the least.

    1. katemaclaren says:

      I feel for the lady, too. However, I also believe that there were plenty of people who park at the mall and shop at the Safeway because the lot is small. The locators who put a business like Safeway onto a small lot should have made some kind of space rental at the mall lot–saving money for guards salaries. Personally,I wouldn’t shop anywhere there are guards to enforce parking–I do obey the rules, but I don’t think the message is a good one–sort of like a dog growling over a bone. Ugh.

  2. Dan says:

    At least the woman owned up to it unlike so many others that I see parking in Handicap spaces and then they run in to the store. Even if you catch them and point out that they parked in such a spot, they’ll tell you ‘oh I’m only going into the store for a quick minute’

  3. Mtn Cop says:

    Rules are rules. Follow the rules and you do not have to worry about suffering the consequences..bottom line.

    1. Migrant3 says:

      Right! “Rules are rules”, but we live in a society where rules and laws are enforced selectively or not at all. How is a citizen know which rules are being enforced today?

  4. Fastpaws says:

    Actually, this is why I refuse to patronize the Cherry Creek mall and shoping district.


    I believe it is Highway ROBBERY!!!!! Tow companies is worst than stalker sand thieves !!!! That ” Prey on people( loyal customers) and its against our constitutional right” !!! We are suppose to live in a fare safe society but in stead actually this is a poor ” excuse to make extra money off customers!!! who may? be having a struggle or not able to afford Xmas .. let alone a car out of pound! I had a co worker had the same thing happened to her LESS THAN 4minuets? Towed Her Car!! she went downtown Denver( COLFAX) to blockbusters and walk across the street to pick up a gift that was on order ..and a tow company stalk her and waited for her to go inside less than 4min …had taken her car ! Put my co worker and her friend is disabled …had to ask stranger for a ride home due to no cash and did not know what had just happened to them. Safety !!! having to walk down a dark street and unable to get a ride home unable to catch a bus and not knowing the area. This was not a safe situation and blockbuster and other companies are just after the MONEY>>>> and can careless about peoples safety and well being!!!! HOLIDAY CHEERS!! SHAME ON THEM!!!! what about advising and holiday cheer first before robbing them !! CO worker and Disable friend was put in harms way … after having to walk for ours and beg people for help !!! thank God They were not KILLED! OR KIDNAPPED!!!! IDIOTS !!!!


      Woman’s Safety is in jeopardy!!!!! How come the Safeway employees or Blockbuster employees did not advise their customers before leaving the store if they leave the parking lot ? Their car would be towed? !!! Conspiracy !!! and UNLAWFUL!!! and can careless about the SAFETY of their Customers!!! We have to watch out for MUGGERS and Kidnappers and the entire time we are being stalk by tow companies that feel they have the right to Do such UNHOLY WORK!!!! ITS AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!

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