BRIGHTON, Colo. (AP) – A lawsuit claims Adams County authorities detained a deaf man for 25 days in jail without providing a sign-language interpreter before domestic assault charges were eventually dropped.

Timothy Siaki’s lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court seeks unspecified damages and a finding that Adams County officials violated the Americans With Disabilities Act over his May 14, 2010, arrest and detention.

The Denver Post reports Siaki doesn’t read or write English or read lips, but he does communicate through American Sign Language. Deputies arrested Siaki after a noise complaint at a motel where Siaki and his fiancDee were verbalizing sounds while arguing.

Deputies responding to the complaint knocked down the motel-room door and tackled Siaki after he failed to respond to their commands.

An Adams County sheriff’s spokesman says officials need to review the suit before commenting. Siaki’s fiancee, Kimberlee Moore, as well as Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition advocacy group are also plaintiffs in the suit.

Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr is named as the defendant.

“There were 25 days of his life that he had access to nothing — no information on why he was being held, no information about his case or what was going to happen to him,” said Kevin William, an attorney who filed the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Moore tried to tell the deputies that Siaki didn’t hurt her but couldn’t because she was not provided an interpreter or any aids.

The suit claims Adams County is violating the ADA by failing to provide an interpreter or auxiliary aids for deaf suspects during their arrest and booking process.

“To this day,” he said, “we don’t know why he was held for 25 days.”

Williams told the paper the coalition recently settled a similar case against the Lakewood Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office that call for very specific policies for compliance with the ADA.

“They need policies and procedures for folks who are deaf,” Williams said. “People just assume that a deaf person understands what they are saying.”

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  1. Debora Beck-Massey says:

    Colorado law enforcement has been offered training on working with people with disabilities for years and still they do not do accessiblity checks or use the resources at their ready. The national commission of the deaf is located in Denver and they offer court trained and liscensed sign language interpreters. The state of Colorado also has a felony statue on the books about abuse of the disabled and the elderly but it is seldom used because of the lack of training by police and DA’s on disability and violence against the disabled.

    1. ditchdigger2 says:

      I hope there is more to the story than reported, there seems to be a trend.

      1. Denileriver says:

        I just want to know WHY they couldn’t write NOTES?!! He was illiterate? I don’t believe they “couldn’t communicate” with him.

    2. frank says:

      Maybe this “disabled” person should have to go through training. If he could read and write, he could have written what he needed the police to know.

      1. MorganGray says:

        The issue here is “cultural deafness”. It is splitting hairs, I agree. Many people who are “culturally deaf” have absolutely no English skills. It is not their native language, and they see no need to become proficient in any other language, written or spoken. This isn’t like an immigrant coming here from Mexico refusing to learn English, this is a native citizen who was born into a culture where English is a second language.
        The real problem is the Police response (and normally I am 100% behind the officers). If someone is indicating either by word, action, or lack of action that they do not understand — or maybe cannot hear — the officer’s instructions, you don’t automatically assume that they are resisting.
        Besides, after 25 minutes — let alone 25 days — they should have realized the guy is deaf, and should have — according to Federal law — provided him with an interpreter.
        Nope, Frank, sorry. This time, the cops were 100% wrong.

      2. Grant Bartels says:

        So he is at fault for being illiterarte. Illiteracy is now grounds for incarceration?

      3. jacques poutine says:

        its up to the police to prove he did something wrong. an innocent man should not be arrested and detained for a month for nothing regardless of his literacy skills or language.

      4. Mary says:

        Frank, that’s not the way it works. Plenty of Americans are illiterate for whatever reason, and they are still entitled to the same rights as literate Americans are. If he’s a citizen, he should know why he was detained and have been Mirandized.

        This man communicates in a manual modality of language– it is the most natural way for him to express himself and he has probably used ASL his entire life. ASL does not have a written modality, nor does English have a manual modality. Plus, ASL is a completely different language than English– it is not just English signed. He had no way of knowing what the hearing police officers were trying to communicate. The sound-symbols he was being shown literally meant nothing to him.

        I have a challenge for you. Please watch this video and try to understand what the person is signing. I think it could provide insight about what it is like to try to understand a foreign modality of language.

        Can you answer these questions?
        What is the woman making?
        What ingredients are needed?
        What utensils etc. are needed?

      5. Anthony says:

        Way to blame the victim. How do the boots taste?

      6. Knott Sayin says:

        Something fishy about this video……..

      7. Chris Blair says:


        You are, without a shred of doubt, a heartless and soulless monster.

      8. cinesimon says:

        Oh so you need that now to be a citizen of America?
        Who knew right wing fascists rewrote the constitution? I thought you simply loved it as it was.
        Oh that’s right: you love the one you invented.

      9. Dina says:

        It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to learn to read and write English (or any language) if you are Deaf. It would be somewhat similar to learning to read and write Chinese: every word has a different symbol. To a Deaf person, the alphabet is just a set of symbols. What is an ‘s’? It has no sound to someone who can’t HEAR. There’s no such thing as sounding out a word. There are also a lot of little words in English that aren’t used in sign, so the first part of my first sentence would be something like: LEARN READ WRITE ENGLISH HARD.

        Finally, most Deaf children have hearing parents, and their parents never bother to learn or put the child in the position to learn sign language. This means the child HAS NO LANGUAGE which can be extremely detrimental in learning in the long term. All learning is based on language. How does someone learn if they don’t have a language? How does a person really learn to read and write in English they don’t have any language at all (no English AND no sign language). So if this guy couldn’t read and write at all, my question is: what did his parents do for him as a child?

        It’s appalling that this happened.

    3. terr says:

      The Internet is fascinating–just found the deaf man’s facebook, email and his history at California’s School for the Deaf. Those who think this man cannot read or write ENGLISH after having been reared in America for his life should question how he has a Facebook account using English words and how he got through American schools with zero English skills of any sort.

      Something ELSE is going on here…..

      1. kirei says:

        let me explain something to you
        1)just because he went to american schools does not mean that he learned to read and write. It sound like to me that he was born to a deaf family so he has been using ASL since day 1. Often the deaf children are sent to a deaf institute which is all ASL. they dont write papers or hardly ever read books. So he probably had help setting up a facebook.
        2) the deaf cant communicate in english very well. even if english was their first language and ASL was their second. My professor is deaf and was mainstreamed where they taught him to read lips and try to speak. If you cant hear your own voice how to you learn the sounds of the words? He was born into a hearing family that only used english but never communicated with him. He still to this day cant write english very well and doesnt understand reading it either. He prefers office meetings to emails because emails are confusing to him

      2. kirei says:

        also a fact: lip reading professionals can only read about 35-40% of what comes out of our mouths. They use our gestures and facial expressions to understand the context in which it is used. That gives them the ability to figure out the basic subject of our conversation

  2. Renee Defibaugh says:

    I am deaf. He is not
    alone deaf.
    Many deaf men and
    women are all US.
    Any deaf who can jail
    I knew. My two friends
    had jailed. They are home now.
    Why He was jailed for sell
    abc book. Like Deaf Man
    was jailed 26 days. It is
    hard communication with court or
    interpreter. I had talked my cour
    hard time. Why I am court.
    from accident. I had injury.
    I did not understood wha
    They said. My mom helped me
    answered them for me.
    It is awful.
    You understand
    Many deaf are out
    of world. It is true.
    Jesus love deaf people.

    1. Deb says:

      Thank you, Renee, for your comment. My great grandparents were deaf and it was hard. I pray you are in a supportive deaf community but also know it must be a challenge. And, yes, Jesus loves deaf people ;-)

    2. bumpkin says:

      Yes, Renee, Jesus DOES love Deaf people. And it is hard. And it is cruel, what these supposedly community servicefolk did to Timothy, and they should be prosecuted. I cannot help but wonder how many people are killed by police every year who are deaf and do not hear the “STOP or WE Will SHOOT!” command. That in itself is cruel and unusual punishment. Our special needs population, which are many, many in the USA, mostly because of forced immunizations (look at all the autistics- my son is one) are forever being left out,a nd not considered in the way police handle the people.

      1. amirite? says:

        you nutjob. your son is autistic because you’re a bad parent.

      2. destructure says:


        Autism doesn’t have anything to do with whether someone is a good parent.

      3. Japes Macfarland says:

        amirite is just one of those evil, or demonic lost souls that troll the internet; looking to hurt others and just make people feel bad. Human debris.

      4. Yaspar says:

        Immunizations do not cause autism. Scarlet fever does cause deafness and blindness, though. Diphtheria (you’ve never even heard of it have you?) used to wipe out entire generations of children. Along with rubella, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, tetanus, and smallpox, all of them eradicated by immunization.

      5. SH says:

        Immunizations have been linked to autism. The only way to be safe with immunizations is to make sure you get the single dose vaccine and not the bottle they fill a syringe from. The reason being is the bottle they use over and over has a preservative in it made with mercury and there lies the problem.

      6. martins_dad says:

        The autism/vaccine link has been THOROUGHLY debunked! This was bad science and research fraud. The perpetrators of the fraud have retracted the article that initially alleged the link (,9171,1960277,00.html is one source, there are many more) yet the internet keeps this myth alive.
        This does not lessen my concern that my autistic son (aged 22) will not someday be victimized by aggressive law-enforcement officers that mistake his natural agitation for non-cooperation, or his willingness to agree with authority figures for a confession.
        More needs to be done to educate police officers regarding disabilities. Why can’t police training academies and law-enforcement/ criminal justice courses include disability awareness training?

      7. MicroMajor says:

        @Yaspar – Whooping cough (27,550 cases reported in 2010) and tetanus (much less prevalent, but still diagnosed) are still active in the United States. Check your facts before you comment and reign down indignation on those you perceive to be less informed than yourself.

    3. B Fisher says:

      Too bad poor Tim wasn’t an illegal ,he would have had 12 interpreters in 5 minutes .

      1. Pollo says:

        You are too funny, now go kill yourself.

      2. destructure says:

        B Fisher is right. An illegal would have been given an interpreter.

      3. Carlos says:

        So a deaf illegal would have had a sign-language interpreter in 5 minutes? A freaking deaf illegal? BWAAHHHH HAAAHHH!!! That is such an awkward and unfortunate statement.

      4. mike says:

        So true,

      5. Japes Macfarland says:

        The reason this (or the sentiment) is true, Pollo and Carlos, is because the Left or the Democratic party *need* so called ‘minorities’ to keep needing them, so they remain in power. It’s really true. The Left capitalizes on compassion and encourages division between people for the purposes of power. Read some Thomas Sowell perhaps, as he’s much more clear than I. Or, ask yourself why Cuban Americans are not considered as “minorities” even though they clearly are in the minority. It is because they don’t vote Left. Simple as that.

        “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
        Dennis Prager

      6. Political Atheist says:

        Japes Macfarland

        Both parties Democrat and Republican need to amplify problems to justify their existence. Recognize that both parties represent a team that you are not a member. This man was damaged and should be compensated. The police obviously need training at all levels. Was this an example of protect and serve? Wake up from the left/right paradigm. They do not represent you.

    4. Michael says:

      How truly beautiful, thanks, Renee!
      As for Siaki’s “Action” (Lawsuit);
      This “County” has a multiple million dollar liability standing in front of them;
      like an 800 lb Gorilla.
      How very sad for all it’s citizens who are also the victims of undertraining.

      1. Bob says:

        When it is alleged police misconduct it is typically attributed to poor training. When it is a citizen, it is typically alleged aggravated assault & battery and not to a possible lack of education.

    5. Freeland Dave says:

      I know many deaf people and none of them write “deaf” as you have done. Deafness does not affect your ability to write complete sentences. So you will pardon me if I suspect your claim to be deaf.

      That being said, holding any person for 25 days without letting that person know what he or she is being held for is inexcusable regardless if the person being held is deaf or not. The American Disabilities Act clearly has been violated and the people responsible for this unlawful act should be brought to justice for their crimes. They should also be required to pay restitution to this man and that money should be paid for out of their pockets and not the pockets of the American taxpayer.

      The American taxpayer did not commit the crime so the American taxpayer should not be forced to make restitution. The criminals that committed this crime should be reprimanded and even incarcerated if that is what is prescribed by law. And the monetary fine should also be paid for by them and no one else.

      I have legal experience in observing police activities and it should not be very difficult for a competent DA to get a conviction for such a miscarriage of the law.

      1. Sheepleherder says:

        It’s not unreasonable to think that someone, for many reasons, may write the same as they “speak” (sign language, in this instance). Read enough posts and you will find all sorts of people who are incapable of writing complete sentences, most of them don’t even claim to be deaf.

        As to your other point, if people were subject to defending themselves in court for every deed performed in the “line of duty”, NO ONE would work as a policeman, fireman or in any other government position. Every action would result in SOMEONE suing them. The taxpayer PAYS TAXES to defend their SURROGATES who are doing the jobs “the taxpayer” can not do themselves.

      2. Trista says:

        Freeland Dave, your assumptions are incorrect. A huge portion of “deaf” people are unable to write in English because they only know ASL. This is either due to choice, or more likely due to the fact that “deaf” children were assumed to be dumb by the school systems of yore and their education was neglected. Also, American Sign Language has much different grammar rules than English, so when they write in English it can seem garbled. Also not all “deaf” people consider themselves to be “Deaf,” just as not all black people consider themselves to be “African-American” (just in case someone want to condemn me-I am black). Maybe you can use this case as an opportunity to ask your Deaf friends about their community and culture so that you can become more aware of the social issues that affect them.

      3. Masquer08er says:

        Reading is a secondary auditory event. Even when Identified early and given the best education, the level of reading rises to the level of audition. Imagine trying to learn a second language if you lost your hearing now. The solution for many is cochlear implantation before 18 mo. If implanted early, as young as 8 mo, by kindergarten they will require no services from the school. CIs,also, would save the state over a million dollars over the course of a deaf persons life.

      4. Ryan in Montana says:

        @Freeland Dave,

        Google Renee’s full name and you will see other examples such as his Facebook wall that are consistent with his writing in the above posting.

    6. terr says:

      Goodness, Renee…I’m deaf too, but I can spell, know my grammar and certainly am coherent. You are precisely the typical deaf person walking about the streets–a product of a deaf school or institution that does not educate its students but promotes a culture of “do for me, gimme.” Your vocabulary is based on how you sign, and signs are limited (no signs for “chandelier” or “lamp post” or “sconce”–just the same sign for “light” is used for the 3 words I mention….which cripples a deaf person’s vocabulary, obviously).

      AS A DEAF CITIZEN I am appalled at the deaf population which does not ever, EVER think it needs to make an effort to assimilate into our society. Instead, the deaf culture expects EVERYONE to change themselves and accommodate them beyond belief for people like you.

      Had the deaf couple carried with them the “deaf card” to alert authorities of their handicaps I’m sure the police would have been most understanding. Instead, hot heads like the idiots in this story only make matters worse for themselves. The girl could have used hotel paper to write to the cops….and with all the technology now available in this world, NO ONE can tell me those two deaf people didn’t have communication devices or services available. No way.

      This story is NOT telling the whole deal. The man in jail for 25 days was in jail for reasons OTHER than “not having access to an interpreter.” Deaf people are divas and the most self-absorbed culture I have ever encountered. Thankfully I am a “small D” and not a “big D”…..

      1. frank says:

        Some of the comments are amazing. A society must have a common language. This story proves it. Without a common language people can’t communicate.

        It’s not society’s fault someone refuses to learn that language. If this guy could learn sign language, surely he could learn enough English to write “I am deaf, I need a sign language interpreter.” Or, as you mentioned, carry a card.

      2. interpreter says:

        You are not a “d” or a “D”. You are an “h” .
        And you know what sign applies to you; “hearing”, on the forehead.
        And all you other ignoramusses who are thinking that they know anything about language development orlanguage acquistion are smoking something.

      3. sirguygrand says:

        Question: If he could not communicate, how did he get a motel room? If someone communicated to the motel to get the motel room, why didn’t that person come to his aid?

      4. terr says:

        Interpreter–WAY TO GO. You have done REVERSE DISCRIMINATION on me.

        You folks who have been brainwashed by the deaf culture as well as the “big D” deaf people themselves continue to disparage my handicap because I do NOT FIT INTO YOUR TIGHT, TINY, WEE BOX DEFINITION OF WHAT A DEAF PERSON SHOULD LOOK/ACT LIKE.

        Shame on you. Truly disgusting.

        It’s bad enough I struggle trying to get a job as a Development Director or grant writer because of my inability to use a phone, participate in large meetings and seminars, but then I have to deal with idiots like YOU who don’t see how debilitating my handicap is. Thanks to the ADA, any business can justify NOT hiring me due to my handicap because it is SO costly they cannot afford to accommodate me. It is far, far cheaper to hire an interpreter than accommodate MY needs….

        If I were a SIGNING deaf (big D) my disability would be OBVIOUS and all sorts of accommodations would ooze all over me and I’d have a job in no time flat.

        You “experts” on deaf people are a freaking joke. I can tolerate the ignorant who know nothing about a handicap–their ignorance and discrimination are borne of inexperience, not intolerance. But YOUR position is hostile, harmful, intolerable and inexcusable.

      5. Moriarty says:

        Terr, it really doesn’t matter if they were able to communicate or not. In fact, I believe that the disability portion of this story is secondary to the absolute abuse of power and complete denial of rights guaranteed to all Americans in this country. It doesn’t matter what a person has supposedly done they are entitled to certain rights. A murderer, a rapist, or any other crime no matter how obvious it may be concerning their guilt cannot be held for 25 days. That just isn’t how our system is suppose to work and that is the most egregious thing about this event.

    7. Dude says:

      Of course jesus loves deaf people. He took away their hearing so they would never have to hear a lady gaga song.

      1. terr says:


        Actually, you’d be in pain attending a dance party for deaf people–nothing in the world is louder than that unless you stand next to a 787 tail during take off. Ditto for eating in a cafeteria full of deaf people–screaming, pounding, stamping, table-slapping. Enough to throw up your meal every time.

        We won’t even talk about living in a dorm full of deaf people–UGH. Noisiest thing in the world.

    8. terr says:

      Indeed, Jesus loves deaf people. The problem here is that so many deaf people think Jesus loves ONLY deaf people. They have little or no concept that Jesus loves EVERYONE.

      Go live in the deaf culture for 3 years–you’ll understand very quickly into those 3 years of what I am writing.,,,

      A deaf couple came up to me one day, happy to announce their engagement. Genuinely happy for them, I chatted about their plans for their future. They both said they want to have kids and hope the kids are deaf, too. STUNNING and horrifying….Find me two BLIND PEOPLE who get married and hope to have blind kids–you won’t find them. Show me a couple who both have MS or cystic fibrosis and hope their children also have the same disabilities….you won’t.

  3. Bob says:

    Maybe when he was a kid he should have learned to read and write …. would have come in handy.

    1. Hayhim says:

      Bob-you are a jerk!

      1. John_B says:

        He may be a jerk ,but he is right. Imagine how difficult life is for those who can’t read and write as children and adults. Now add to that the burden of being deaf. What parent or school system allows this to happen?

      2. Japes Macfarland says:

        The Left has controlled the education of most of our kids for over 40 years now. The Left has also been consistently *against* teaching English in school; a similar problem. (which has ruined or made miserable the potential of many American lives) So it wouldn’t surprise me if the Left had something to do with this as well…lol ;)

    2. Timbo Slice says:

      Bob you’re right. Failure of public school or… parents that were not parenting. As for the people who called Bob demeaning names, he was stating his opinion which is correct so who is the sucky jerk? We will never know!

      1. bumpkin says:

        TIMBO, we learn as babies and little children, to read, by HEARING the sounds we sound out. IF we cannot hear, we cannot learn the sounds. How do you think a deaf person can learn sounds f they cannot HEAR sounds? What do you suggest? Make a sensation on the hand of the ‘deaf’ (which means I cannot hear you) person with every subtle sound change???? how many sensations can you create on a hand? At least 26? then, how do you connect them??? It takes YEARS to learn when you cannot hear, even the basic alphabet. ANd the man KNEW the sign language- it wasn’t his weakness that prevented communication. It was the COPS’ fault! The idiots could have brought in a communicator- nearly every community college has them. They need to be sued.

      2. terr says:

        Bumpkin…not necessarily true. I am deafer than most deaf people (92 db loss in one ear, 106 db loss in other) and am 100% verbal but know no sign language. It’s something Mum wanted for me–to be able to interact with the world at large–so she was devoted to sitting with me in front of a mirror and practicing word formation/sounds 2 hours a day until I got it right. How well did my Mum succeed? I have done acting/theatre, political debates, speeches to non-deaf audiences….and I studied French for 8+ years and Latin for 3, and spoke both well (not flawlessly, of course!). The only folks who can guess from the first point of contact I am deaf are blind people (how cool is that?).

        In college I mastered Linguistics as a means to better understand the spoken word and keep me fully functional.

        Of course, it helps that I attended a normal elementary school that knows deaf people suffer writing/English as their greatest deficits, thus they made me READ twice as many books as my fellow students in an effort to “overcompensate”….The best thing any school can do for deaf people.

        A child is truly the product of its environment. A fiercely determined Mum and the smart elementary school have done wonders.

    3. bumpkin says:

      Hello dim-Bob! Dim-Bob, when you cannot HEAR, you cannot make phonic noises and/or learn to read or to write. Oh, what a dim-dim chicken little you are! Perhaps you are special-needs too, though- if so, I apologize for not realizing it, and talking to you in a manner that is respectful.

      1. John_B says:

        You have a anger problem there bumpkin. What noises were they making if they weren’t trying to phonically “speak” the words? Unless they were trashing the room, they had to be making some very loud noises to get the hotel staff involved. If they can phonically attempt to speak the words, they must know how to spell. The whole thing sounds a little off to me. I am placing no blame, I would just like to know how this sort of thing happens to avoid it in the future.

      2. Huh? says:

        Tell that to Helen Keller.

      3. Bob says:

        APPLE = (picture of an apple)

      4. Masquer08er says:

        Helen Keller was hard of hearing. With today’s technology, her speech and language would be on level with her peers. This does not diminish her accomplishments. But the techniques they used with her would not have worked if she had not had a good amount of hearing.

    4. Mark says:

      Bob…he’s Samoan and they speak a language that isn’t English so English is not his second language although he was taught American Sign language. I found this on Myspace. Just search for his name and deaf.

      Samoan is a Polynesian language.

      1. Snake says:

        If a person who cannot hear cannot learn to speak, then how do you explain Hellen Keller’s ability to speak. It was because she wanted to.

        HK was both deaf and blind. And still she over came by HER will to learn.

        No excuse.

      2. Mark says:

        Snake…He’s Samoan. English is not the language he knows although he does know American sign language. He speaks Polynesian.

      3. ChiefWillie says:

        An intelligent post Mark. Thank you. You stand Alone !!!!

      4. Sheepleherder says:

        Snake – Ms. Keller had TEACHERS and other resources who were willing and capable of helping her. Despite the courage and obvious strength of will, she DID NOT do it on her own.

    5. CommonSensePls says:

      The article says he couldn’t read or write ENGLISH… doesn’t mean he wasn’t fluent in another language, Bob.

      1. KindPlus says:

        I went to school with Tim. He wasn’t born in Samoa. He’s fluent in American Sign Language.

    6. Expertskier says:

      You are … of course right … I’ve lived in many foreign country’s over the course of my life … and it took some time to learn the language …. eventually I did … but in the mean time I *always* carried some utility to communicate …

    7. Carlos says:

      It doesn’t say that this guy can’t read or write at all. It specifically says he can’t read or write ENGLISH. Siaki is a Pacific-Islander name; Polynesian, Samoan, etc. I have the feeling many commenters on here can barely read and write themselves.

    8. Bah! says:

      hey dude you wouldn’t teach your deaf kid if you had one to learn how to read and write! You wouldn’t even want your deaf child to succeed! You’d think it wasn’t worth your time and energy. BAH!

    9. Doofbob says:

      Do you even know anyone who is deaf BOB? It takes years to learn to sign correctly. Do you know how hard it is for a non-verbal, hearing impaired person to even FIND and PAY for a competent tutor (yeah, Bob, your gov doesn’t pay for this!)

      1. terr says:

        Actually, all public schools pay for this, Doof, so if one’s kid is deaf there is absolutely NO EXCUSE why that kid cannot learn to read/write English. I was a special education teacher….

        As an adult who goes deaf, yes–it takes years to learn sign language or signed English. In fact, much like Britons and Americans can talk to each other and basically understand one another, so, too can signed English and ASL deaf people talk to one another. ASL is not SO DIFFERENT that it cannot understand signed English, and vice versa.

  4. r charles says:

    bob that comment just sucks

  5. phnx says:

    Hospitals and courts provide free translators for illegal aliens from many nations. Seems like there is a hole in the system for actual american citizens.

    1. bob says:

      American citizens have no rights. Get used to it in our new multi-cult world

  6. ran says:

    Deaf people can spell. Give him or her a pad of paper and a pen.

    1. Mark says:

      He is from Samoa…he did not learn how to read or write English. He knows Polynesian.

  7. bob says:

    I think there’s a deaf man that’s about to come into a lot of money.

    1. Gary says:

      He deserves it. What the hell is he doing in a county jail for 25 days being ignored? No hearing person would have had to endure that. ADA laws say that deaf people must have equal access, especially when it comes to legal issues like this. Some hearing people, like you, can be so DUMB! Were you born that way, or do you just work at it?!?

  8. Charlie says:

    Police in the USA are getting more thoughtless every day. Consider the grandfather who was thrown down on a concrete floor in a shopping mall a few days ago. The solution, I’m sorry to say, is to sue the daylights out of misbehaving policemen and their departments and the cities that harbor them. It seems the police now consider anyone and everyone to be guilty until proven innocent!! I hope Saiki takes all of them to the cleaners and wins enough to make them hurt. Correction to the first sentence; not thoughtless, but meaner.

    1. Mohhamedd Sucks says:

      Another solution is to demand the local DA being charges and prosecute criminal police and when the DA doesn’t do it, sue the DA for “failure to prosecute”, and force the DA to do its job. It is curious how liberal places like the Cal Davis , and Colorado have the most nazi-like cops in the nation. Sort of goes along with the Obama/Bush “new world order” garbage of having NATO and UN storm trooper mercenaries interfer with sovereign nations. Obama has set this fascist police state mindset with his policies

      1. Ltpar says:

        Mohhamedd, hate to pop your bubble but most of those fascist police you referred to dislike the Pied Piper of Chicago as much as you do. What sucks is, your broadbrushing all the men and women in law enforcement for the actions of a few. We like illegal and unethical actions by members of our profession even less than those of criminals. Law Enfocement is held to a higher standard of conduct and most meet that requirrement. As far a s Obama goes, don’t blame me, I voted for the American.

  9. Mark says:

    How was he even initially charged if the police were unable to talk to the woman and find out what happened? This man is going to be paid a lot of money because of the idiot cops and DA.

  10. Bill Jones says:

    Having worked in the criminal justice system of over 30 yearsit seems kind of odd that when he had his initial appearence before a judge that the court would not have assigned him an interpreter and he would have been assigned a public defender who would have requested an interpreter. The initial appearence must happen withing 24 hours of arrest.

    He will win his lawsuite.

    1. John_B says:

      It also makes you wonder how they were able to register at the hotel. Lots of unanswered questions here but I agree, he will (and likely should) win his suit

    2. terr says:

      Absolutely correct, Bill. That’s why it’s more likely the chap is in jail for reasons OTHER than a lack of an interpreter. The charges must be serious enough that the bond was too high to post.

      The chap may have resisted/turned on the police, assaulting an officer, etc. It is even more prudent on our part as disabled citizens to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation, especially one that involves police. First rule for all deaf people should be “Understand me” and take whatever means necessary to achieve that. Screeching, screaming, etc does NOT suffice as communication.

      Cops who approach a scene with a raving, fighting couple that is making incoherent sounds is possibly thinking “These people are drunk” or drugged. It may not be true in this case, but it happens. Had the couple remained calm when the cops showed up, I suspect this would have gone down very differently.

  11. Midge Masters says:

    Just more criminal behavior from the degenerates known as government. These thugs need to be sued into oblivion and the cops individually. Enough from these room temperature IQ morons. Sue them all.

    1. John Tokalenko says:

      When you sue “them,” you sue yourself. Nazi pig-thugs and public persecutors don’t pay lawsuit awards – YOU, the taxpayer, do.

      1. Gibbs Bentley says:

        If you live there YOU do not ME. Your theory is just let anyone do anything they want and worry about the money. Degenerate. By the way I guess you’re not familiar with the Nuremberg trials and all the stretched necks. It was a party.

        It also employs a lot of carpenters and hemp rope makers. Someone has to build the gallows and provide the ropes.

      2. sywars says:

        So what you’re saying is that citizens should not be allowed civil recourse for violations of their constitutionally protected rights by our government? Am I reading that correctly?

    2. calhoun says:

      I’.v known a few people from Samoa. They all spoke and wrote English quite well.

  12. Anon Ymous says:

    Something just doesn’t ring true about all this. Could it be that’s because we’re hearing only the “victims'” side of the story? Somebody smells cash. Certainly the “victim.” Certainly a lawyer (or two or three). The truth? Well, that’s buried somewhere under the nasty little untold details. One thing is nearly certain… The taxpayers will be the ones who will get punished.

    1. AKG says:

      Well maybe they’ll be more careful what psychopaths they allow or elect to be their cops and sheriffs.

      If your family member was held for 25 days and then charges dropped you’d be singing a different tune and not acting as some degenerate that loves government and thinking about the concerns of taxpayers.

    2. terr says:

      BINGO–you’re precisely right! There is NO WAY a slew of cops, lawyers and the judges are part of a conspiracy to make deaf peoples’ lives difficult. This story ONLY shows the couple’s interpretation of the situation.

      1. Dreampainter says:

        Someone who has been held in a cell with NO charges probably never saw any judges or lawyers because it’s not uncommon for cops to lock a person up and then forget that they exist. It’s not necessarily a conspiracy against deaf people, it seems to me a case of a guy serving a jail sentence for the crime of making loud noises without realizing it, and then falling victim to an incompetent and uncaring police force.

  13. freecheese says:

    What the hell is a “fianceDee” ??

  14. Carl says:

    Sounds like he is deaf and dumb.

  15. Billy G says:

    Wait, he can use sign language but cannot read or write English. Well, what can he read or write in then? And how did he manage to learn sign language but not read or write English?

    1. Revilre says:

      Sign language is not “English.” In fact it is a separate language. Its grammar is totally separate from English, it has no spelling. Just because you can spell english words with sign language, does not mean it is the english language.

      He could have grown up in a deaf family, and learned ASL as his first and only language.

      1. Kate says:

        Revilre, I know you must be an interpreter because only sign language interpreters or people who have someone deaf in the family understand what is happening here. I can’t believe the insensitivity of the comments here even though I have been interpreting for many years. I suppose some things never change. We will just continue to advocate for the deaf even though we know there is very little progress being made. Katie

      2. John_B says:

        For a family that knows the difficulty being deaf in hearing world to not make sure their children know how to read and write is unforgivable. That’s why I figure these two know how to, but refuse to put forth the effort that it takes. On here is a post from Renee Defibaugh that is a good example of how hard it is to communicate even if you do know how to read and write. She makes the effort, and I am greatful for it.

      3. Brian Batty says:

        ASL (American Sign Language) is NOT English. ASL is a distinct language with it’s own grammar, syntax, etc. Consider that 2 different deaf people from 2 different English speaking countries (USA and England) both sign but would not really understand one another. That’s because the gestural language they would use in the countries are different. Deaf people in Britain have their own distinct language of sign. It has little to do with the language used by the hearing population! ASL’s roots are actually from France. There is such a thing as signed English, which is just English put into a gestural form but it’s not a distinct language.
        Keep in mind that, as in this case, deaf people are expected by hearing society to be fluently bi-lingual and are wrongfully considered “lacking” if they’re not perfect at it.

      4. KindPlus says:

        No, his family is hearing.

    2. Mark says:

      He is Samoan. He probably learned how to read and write Polynesian although they are taught American Sign Language.

  16. Charley Nash says:

    This smells like there are many missing details to this. Like his country of origin?
    If he can’t read or write English and he has this “disability”, why the H did we let him in the country in the first place?

    Just another parasite on the dole?

    1. Revilre says:

      You obviously lack an understanding of deaf culture. It is very often a closed community. ASL is not “english”. It has no relation to English. Deafness is often genetic, he could very well have been born into a deaf family. ASL is his first and only language. To know English would be like knowing a second language, how many languages do you know?

      Deaf people often keep to themselves. They live as a subgroup of the rest of us, their own language and everything.

      1. Charley Nash says:

        Revilre… I know two spoken languages FYI
        I have had a number of friends with impaired hearing (both genetic and from birthing problems) and they all learned how to read and write just fine. Oh, and their deaf parents didn’t want any part of the “deaf culture” keeping their kids from fitting into productive society.

        So tell me genius, how would this individual fit into even a isolated deaf society if he couldn’t even “sign”? Sand paintings?

    2. John Tokalenko says:

      Idiot, ever hear of AMERICAN Samoa?

      1. David says:

        Idiot, ever hear of TIBETAN Samoa?

      2. Charley Nash says:

        Yes I have clown.
        And the article doesn’t seem to bring that up. Not to mention that there is also a Western Samoa that is an independent state — formally German Samoa and then New Zealand Samoa.

      3. KindPlus says:

        Tim was born and raised in San Francisco.

    3. Dreampainter says:

      American Sign Language IS sign genius.

  17. Charlie says:

    By the way, it has recently come to my attention that the police are allowed to lie to a “suspect” while doing an interrogation. This is legal now, with only a few restrictions. They can do almost anything to get a “confession”. While I’m into this, if you are ever a “suspect” and the police ask you to take a computerized voice stress analysis test, don’t do it. They will tell you it is 100 percent accurate, which tempts innocent people into taking the test. The fact is, CVSA is about 50 percent accurate, the same as flipping a coin! Go to the Internet and read the carefully designed studies on this done by universities. Major fed. Govt. Agencies have banned the use of CVSA. Read enough articles and you will realize this is another police scam. I’m not kidding. This is real and should be stopped immediately. Even the management of the company in Fla that makes that damnable device has admitted in court that it does not work as a lie detector. Read, study, get smart. Police are becoming the criminals.

    1. Ltpar says:

      Charlie, been watching too much Cops & Robbers TV from the old days have you? On interrogaations, the Police have always been able to lie to a suspect and use other means of tricking them into telling the truth. There are however, strict limitations on what an Officer can and cannot do in the process. All that is necessary for you to stop an interrogation is to say, “I do not wish to comment until my attorney is present.” End of interrogation. I know of no Police Department who uses a voice analyzer or polygraph as a standard interview tool. Neither has ever been acceptable in court. On occasion a suspect may be asked to submit to a polygraph exam, used solely for verifying information he/she provided. It is voluntary and you must give your permission. Even then it is just one of many investigation tools which ar applied to a case. Just remember before accusing Police of becoming the criminal is, that we do not make the law, only enforce it. Lastly, when the brown stuff hits the fan and you are being car jacked, assaulted, or your home invaded, who are you gonna call. Chances are it won’t be the Roter Rooter Man?

      1. MR says:

        if Anyone Relies on the Police to save them while being carjacked, assaulted, or during a home invasion.. they are already too late. all cops do is mop up the murder scene and maybe go after who did it, IF they can figure it out, and IF they arent too busy drumming up revenue for the city / county / state. Beeing a home invasion survivor, i know all to well and with first hand knowledge that the police Dont protect you, they come into play AFTER the crime is committed, .. and with the hopes, that You live throguh it. if you want protection.. Rely on Noone but Yourself. Educate yourself, Arm yourself and get training. Anythign less, is deadly to you in such a situation

      2. Charlie says:

        Please check the Internet and learn that some police depts do use CVSA and are proud of their rate of confessions. Sadly, many of those confessions have later been negated by additional information. CVSA is used to convince innocent people to confess. No cops and robbers TV here. The Supreme court has now bless lying cops.

      3. Chris Blair says:


        If I am being car jacked, assaulted or home invaded, chances are, you’re not there to prevent it – so what’s your point?

  18. Revilre says:

    Simple answer is, if you don’t comply with the pigolice immediately you’ll have yourself slammed on the ground and spend time in jail for resisting arrest. You have no rights in this country anymore.

    1. brandon says:

      You are right. If you break the law and don’t comply with the police, you will end up with an involuntary face plant. Rights? Sheesh, I’m going to assume you are a bleeding-heart liberal by your anti-police rant. Your liberal definition of rights is far out of line with the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

      1. John Tokalenko says:

        There were no Nazi police in the Founders’ America. Sheriffs & constables were PEACE OFFICERS, not terrorist thugs needing a bullet in the head.

        Until the pigs are held personally liable for their atrocities, they will keep doing them. That means they must PERSONALLY pay any lawsuits – instead of the taxpayers – and no longer enjoy paid vacations after violating citizens. Ultimately, it may require good citizens to start shooting pig-thugs en masse when they re-enact the Nazi SS.

      2. Montford says:

        No his rant wasn’t. We aren’t required to follow any orders. Because we are supposed to be free.

      3. Jn Brown says:

        i don’t have to be a liberal to know Porky is payin big time, which by the way is the theme of the article. try to keep your roid-rage under control please. my rights are what i think they are first not what some swine says they are.

      4. Pam says:

        Didn’t he see a judge, or have a public defender?

  19. Sick of Socialists says:


    1. Danny Nix says:

      You need the cross more than most.

    2. John_B says:

      As Idiot comments go, I think yours registers a perfect 10

    3. terr says:

      I’m sick of socialists, too, but really–that comment is bizarre.

  20. Mohhamedd Sucks says:

    You are an ignorant SOB,

  21. Heath says:

    The deaf guy probably could read, and played “dumb” until he got an interpreter. Too bad the cops and court were too stupid to do their jobs and get him one. The deaf are far from illiterate… a large portion of American sign language is SPELLING OUT WORDS with letter signs. He just wanted the interpreter, and the cops were legally obligated to provide one.

    So now he gets a payday from the taxpayers. And nothing will happen to the cops/court who were too incompetent to handle such a simple situation will ask for MORE money.

    Welcome to the New America….

    1. terr says:

      WHOA–you actually hit the nail on the head here! Deaf students in Rochester, NY who attend NTID are ALWAYS lying/dramatising/playing dumb with the city cops. Unfortunately for the dumb deaf, so many Rochester cops know sign language.

  22. PowerPC says:

    Knocking in the door for a noise complaint and possible domestic case is just plain stupid. If the guy had been a murderer or holding hostages maybe they would have been justified. However for a case like this all they had to do was go to the front desk and requested a key for the room. It would have saved a lot of excessive force from the officers, saved a door and door frame and they could have determined the guy was deaf. The police are getting out of hand with the unnecessary force. I just read that an elderly man riding a bicycle was hit with a Taser and was killed. All the cop had to do was ride ahead, got out and stopped the bicycle with his hands. Instead he killed the man. I hope this guy gets 6 or 7 figures on his check from the lawsuit. I bet they will have an interpreter available the nest time it happens.

    1. brandon says:

      Give me a break. The police show up for a possible domestic abuse case, and the deaf people didn’t hear them knocking. What are the police supposed to do? Use ESP to figure out there are deaf people in the room? Yeah, if they spend another 5 minutes getting the key and someone in the room gets shot, you would be here knee-jerking because the police didn’t bust down the door.

      1. terr says:

        Damn straight, Brandon. Cops need to get into the room where possible abuse or even homicide may be happening, and cannot wait for an officer to go to the desk, politely ask for a key…If the screaming deaf guy had killed the girl during that trek to the hotel office, the “avoidable death” would be on their heads. Far, far better to bust a door, cause wood damage and save a life.

  23. SOP says:

    This guy is white isn’t he? They would have never done this to a minority for fear of lawsuits and the media, but they assume no one will care if it’s a white guy.

    1. Mark says:

      Nope. He’s Samoan.

  24. Ned says:

    Coming from a family that has a number of deaf people I can say that there’s really no reason for someone that is deaf NOT to learn to write and read English.

    Online communications and other forms of electronics haven gifts from God. If someone is a deaf driver and gets into an accident they can whip out a blackberry and type out communications.

    Heck in ’96 the Federal government mandated that ALL tv’s must have closed captioning technology within them at no extra cost. Cable systems now put it in as well.

    If someone cannot read or write the language that they are in how exactly are they supposed to eat or drink anything? They’ll end up using prep h as toothpaste or eat moth balls as gum.

    ASL is great but you STILL have to learn how to read and write the language you are in.

    1. KindPlus says:

      I went to CSU Northridge with Tim. He played football for them. He can read and write.

    2. Jn Brown says:

      how is speaking related to reading product information?

  25. Mark says:

    For all of you wondering why he doesn’t read or write English…he’s Samoan and they speak a language that isn’t English so English is not his second language although he was taught American Sign language. I found this on Myspace. Just search for his name and the term deaf.

    Samoan is a Polynesian language.

    1. Ned says:

      And yet English is one of the official languages of Samoa (the independent one)

      and naturally it is also one of the official languages of American Samoa

      This would be like a Canadian from Vancouver getting trouble in Quebec city…at least try to learn your official languages..please.

      Even Native American groups learn their language AND English.

    2. glenn says:

      somehow doubt he is the only samoan in colorado

  26. cleanthismessup says:

    I have no idea what many of you are talking about because CBS is once again posting out of order and posting replies as original comments. Aggravating!

  27. Buckeyebubba says:

    Another example of idiots at work. Are the police there actually this stupid in holding this guy for three weeks and then dismiss the charges because they couldn’t get someone who could sign? The country is being run by morons and the incompetent.

  28. Rocco Henderson says:

    Sometimes the police have no common sense. Many of them need to grow up.

    1. Rocco Henderson says:

      If they acted more like parents than thugs, they’d probably have fewer problems.

  29. TimX says:

    Just when you think it’s impossible for Government tt be any more incompetent things like this come along .

  30. John_B says:

    I believe brandon is responding to Revelire and I would have to agree. After reading his posts, I think he just arrived home from some Occupy protest and is still working off the steam.. It looks as though CBS is removing some posts, but not the replies so they end up looking like orriginals. My “perfect 10” comment was for the person that posted all in caps something along the lines that God should interpret for him

    1. Mark says:

      He doesn’t speak or write English. He’s Samoan.

  31. Donna Lawlor, CI/CT, NAD III says:

    Seems to me that the police and the motel persons involved are “Deaf Impaired”. Learning a little bit of Deaf culture would explain that sounds and noises are not necessarily attempts for articulation but basic mouth morphemes in a manual language. Deaf are not “hearing impaired”. Using that phrase sends the message that is condesending to Deaf/HoH adults who are just as intelligent in their own language and culture. Furthermore spelling a word in the hand or on paper can still be missunderstood by many Deaf. The word “RUN” has different signs depending on the meaning intended. So the Daf person see the “RUN” on paper and thinks a different sign that you thought you said. The beginning of major miscommunication. Simpler in the first place to get a Certified interpreter. By the way the person who delivers the message between two manual languages is an interpreter. the person who take a written message in one spoken language and converts that message to another written language is called a translator..

  32. Hobie says:

    It wouldn’t be at all difficult for EVERY police department to train at least one officer on every shift in ASL. It isn’t at all difficult. It isn’t at all difficult to identify the deaf or hard of hearing either. This sort of action is, however, to be expected in departments that hire officers so stupid as to not be able to understand natural signs. It is so simple!

  33. steve says:

    Once again, an individual’s disability becomes EVERY TAXPAYER’S problem.
    There are thousand of dialects spoken on the planet – do the taxpayers have to pay salaries for everyone to be on standby in case they’re needed???
    Here’s a thought for folks with disabilities – Don’t break the law!

    1. Dreampainter says:

      The problem is that he served almost a month in prison when he broke no law and was held without charges.

  34. Mary Potts says:

    This is clearly a scam the American sign language is an alphabet so you must know how to spell in order to communicate. The people being taken advantage of are the county sheriff’s office. I had parents who were deaf and speak in sign language. If you are trying to communicate you can, if not you can file a law suit and make a bundle. Follow the money folks and don’t be so quick to throw that sympathy around. My father worked in a factory for yrs with people who were both hearing and non hearing, the deaf can communicate when they want to. This guy is clearly trying to play the system.

    1. Dreampainter says:

      ASL is not an alphabet, it has an alphabet which is used very minimally.
      He probably did try to sign, but communication is a two way street you know, the police made no attempt to understand and just locked him in a cage for a month.

  35. joe mama says:

    Are all of you as stupid as the deaf guy? He can’t read or write, what the hell is that about? There are plenty of deaf people in my family and ALL of them can read and write, and speak, and lip read, and use sign language. ALL of them. One of them can even speak and sign in English AND Spanish and Japanese.

    Deaf does not mean mute and deaf does not mean deaf and dumb. This so called deaf guy is hiding behind his so called disabilty.

    1. terr says:

      You said perfectly what I wanted to say! The man graduated from CA School for the Deaf, has a Facebook written in English and grew up in American schools.

      Something stinks to high Heaven, and the tendency for deaf people to use their handicap to get out of tight fixes is at work here, too, I suspect….

  36. MaggieLyn says:

    I’ve never read so many ignorant comments on an issue that should never have occurred! You can be certain if the man spoke any foreign language there would have been an interpreter provided ASAP. This is disgraceful and the comments are even more so.

  37. Jim says:

    Am I reading this wrong? Two deaf people arguing? Making loud sounds? If neither can hear, how much noise would they be making?

    In any event, this is more proof that we are living in a police state.

    1. terr says:

      Deaf people can make sounds–they are not “mute.” It is the MUTE person who cannot make sounds, and many mute people can hear.

      Also, deaf people can HEAR something if it’s in our decibel range–we just don’t know what we are hearing as it is garbled or just “noise.”

      Deaf people are the noisiest people on Earth. Lived in a dorm with them for 3 years, ate in their cafeteria for 3 years–it’s pure mayhem and makes for nothing less than a tortured experience.

      1. Dreampainter says:

        Jim, you are conscious of your volume because you can hear, the deaf don’t realize when they’re loud.

        Terr, I thought you were deafer than most legally deaf people and probably everyone else in that room, yet it was a tormenting experience? If you can’t stand being around the deaf so much why on earth would you stay for 3 years?

  38. Truth Detector says:

    “…a noise complaint at a motel where Siaki and his fiancDee [sic] were verbalizing sounds while arguing.”

    At first it seemed that this was unjust imprisonment.

    But if he had a “fiancDee”!!!

    Everyone knows fiancDees are illegal in all 57 states.

    Just ask the POTUS.

  39. Alex says:

    Hawaii should never have been made a state – they are not compatible with us racially or culturally.

  40. Fearless Bystander says:

    Lets see if I have this straight: guy is in a foreign country, can’t read or write the native language, is deaf/mute, has no way of communicating with anyone here. How does he survive? How would he order food, get directions, check into a hotel, tell a doctor what his medical problems are, earn an income, etc., etc.? Does anyone else think he just might have contributed to some degree to his problems?

  41. JdiddlyT says:

    The problem here is that you can’t tell me that not a single person involved in this case could not figure out he was deaf. As a police officer, I could have called around to some of the larger churches in the area. Most larger Catholic and Methodist churches tend to have an interpreter who knows sign.

  42. JdiddlyT says:

    Police ARE held personally liable for their actions. There are criminal and civil consequences for police who violate someone’s civil rights. Not all police are “Nazi terrorist thugs,” just the bad ones we hear about on the news all the time. For every bad cop there are at least a thousand good ones.

    Tokalenko, it is one thing to fight for liberty, but another to become what you are accusing others of being. I will openly say that if our liberty and rights are in danger, I will stand by the citizens of this nation to fight against tyranny. Yet, while I wear the badge I do have to enforce the law. It is a fine, thin line, and it is getting harder and harder not to cross as more laws are written by our bloated legislatures.

  43. Steve M. says:

    Dumb question. Doesn’t a prisoner have to appear for arraignment or a bond hearing, ASAP? The Court should have identified Timothy Siaki’s issue(s) and addressed them right there, with the assignment of an interpreter and a public defender.

    ADA violation? Not hardly. Siaki doesn’t read or write English? What language, other tham ASL, does he read or write?

  44. Real Rick says:

    Good grief. They could have called almost any church and request a signer. My church has 8, including me.

    Usually I’m on the side of the police/courts, but this reeks.

  45. mark edward marchiafava says:

    Land of the free? LOL, absolutely not.

  46. Bud Norton says:

    Did he ask for a pencil and paper?

  47. Ted says:

    Many seem to be missing the moral of the story: If you cannot hear.. LEARN TO READ!!

    1. helen says:

      I know how to read and write … and speak because I am a person who became deaf later in life I am blessed because so many of you seem to be totally unaware of the consequences that the deaf have to live with. I drive and keep a printed copy of the State rules and regulations for policemen who come into contact with the deaf. Recentlly, I was stopped at a red light and a young person drove right into my car and did damage but to the car only. It was in an area where there were many people around so I insisted that the police be called. The officer arrived and spent one minute with me and went to the young man and spoke to him for 15 while leaving me in my car. While the officer was there I gave him my copy of those rules and regulations and yet he did not follow them at all and contrary to what he was supposed to do, he kept me away from trying to understand what the young chap was saying and let him go before he got back to my car. So who is supposed to read and write here?

      When I go to large hospitals if I need a test or anything like it done, I clip on a large red plastic tag that says DEAF on it in huge white solid caps. Abount 98% of those I interface with in that sort of environment, do NOT seem to be able to read that single four letter word and I constantly have to point to my badge.

      You are saying that a person born elesewhere and who is deaf ought not to come here because we will expect him or her to read and write and HEAR English. That’s a bit preposterous. The fellow did seem to let them know he had a problem and they took 25 days to addresss it. That is not very American at least to me.

      And you should all try it for a day and see the unending stumbling blocks that every deaf person is this nation runs into the minute home is left behind. It is bubble filled with stress out there and it need not be that way but if the hearing people remain as hostile as I am seeing here, things will never, ever improve.

  48. Spikee says:

    what is a fianceDee?

  49. James says:

    So he’s deaf. We all get that. But why the hell can’t he read, or write? He’s an adult, isn’t he? Is it really a good idea to walk around not being able to communicate in any way with the vast majority of people, who don’t speak sign language?

    Yes, the cops deserve all the blame they can get, but that doesn’t make this guy a rocket scientist either. He probably should have a guardian because it sounds like he’s not capable of living independently.

  50. seanpatriot says:

    Um, Maybe Im just dumb but couldn’t they have just wrote notes to each other

    1. TrueBlue says:

      He doesn’t speak or read English.

  51. Odins Acolyte says:

    Anybody may be sues in civil court because of their action on or off the job. This includes law enforcement officers and presidents and congressmen and judges.

  52. bullsballs says:


  53. Dr. says:

    From an immigrant, sort of…
    This is precisely why I like the US.
    Some of the comments here are outright hilarious, others are just mean. And you’re all right.
    There’s been a massive oversight by the Police Department. Can they be this unprofessional? Sure they can, they are the police where the combined education and common sense does not equal to a high school diploma.
    Every country has this sort of problems.
    Should the city pay this man damages? Of course, they come from the tax payers anyways.
    Would this change the police? No it wouldn’t, as I said, the damages always come from the tax payers. The police can be neither fired nor disciplined. And they carry guns!

  54. Monkeyman says:

    Timothy Siaki in a statement to the press has said, ” Bwa knue blem pagfngen phoota gwa dub Ten Million Dollars!”

  55. Pilot.Dave says:

    Something missing here – what happened at the Arraignment hearing when the Judge asked him “do you understand?”

    I’m sure they did not hold him for more than 72 hours without charges and an Arraignment hearing.

    1. AndyH says:

      I agree that it’s pretty unlikely that there wasn’t a court appearance during his entire 25 day detention. Just another example of what a lousy piece of reporting this is. Didn’t it occur to anyone at CBS (or the Denver Post where the story apparently originated) to consult the court records? Detaining someone for 25 days without charge or without bringing them to court would be a gross violation of his constutional rights, yet none of these genius reporters appear to have seen fit to even ask the question.

  56. balzac says:

    They were not able to understand his sign language because he forgot to take off his mittens.

  57. Ranger01 says:

    I hope the deaf person owns the police department after this deboggle. There is no excuse for not having an interpreter. After all, we have them for the Mexican people who are not here legally, do not speak English for all Banks, hospitals, clinics. Why not for the legal citizens who are deaf?

  58. bob self says:

    well, now the cancer that is denver’ “law enforcement”, has encroached the suberbs. guess the idiots who couldn’t make “the grade” in denver just keep trying untill someone is stupid enough to hire them.

  59. Rhonda Z says:

    You people are acting as if the deaf experience is the same for all deaf people. That is not the case. I think you able people hate the disabled so much because of an innate fear of becoming unable themselves. familiarize yourself with AUDISM and what it’s all about.

  60. Jerome Nyquist says:

    Lame to bring in the ADA at all. This is illegal under regular laws that apply to all of us, not just the disabled. There is no need to sue under the ADA. He cannot be held for 25 days with no charges, period. But, every group has to have their own additional, redundant laws now, don’t they?

  61. jeff says:

    Does he know how to read and write? Shouldn’t need a translator. I worked with a deaf guy once. He always had a note pad with him so he could communicate with others. it worked out ok.

  62. j smith says:

    The police held this man and did not provide for an interpreter…I am an ICU nurse, and I have had several patients that were deaf (inluding deaf from birth). In order to communicate complex issues, it was necessary to have an interpreter. It was not al all difficult to get one. The hosiptal I work for has a contract with a company that provides ASL interpreters when needed. The turnaround time was less than a day. Why couldn’t the police department do the same thing?

  63. AndyH says:

    This is a ridiculous story. I don’t mean that the subject is inappropriate for a news story, but the reporting is shoddy and incomplete. Common sense says that there HAS to be more to this than stated in the report. We’re given to understand that this gentlemen ‘speaks’ nothing but ASL (interestingly, some sharp eyed commenters have pointed out that he probably speaks Samoan too…how come the reporter couldn’t figure this out?) and therefore the police were unable to communicate with him for 25 days! I’m no reporter but at least 2 obvious lines of inquiry presented themselves to me just in the time it took me to read the piece: (1) he was arrested in a motel: how the heck did he communicate enough in order to check into a motel but then be incapable of communicing with police? (2) I don’t know a single ‘word’ of ASL, but I know when someone is signing: surely the police were not so dense as not to recognize that sign language was being ‘spoken’, even if they didn’t understand it. How is it that CBS can publish this piece without even basic, common-sense lines of inquiry like these being followed-up.

    I’m not commenting either way on the underlying dispute; I’m just astonished that CBS could publish such a dimwitted piece of ‘journalism’.

  64. Montford says:

    Stupid pirates. Yet more that need a beatin.

  65. sailordude says:

    I bet that dude was saying to himself, dang, I wish I knew how to understand English! LOL, poor dude, sounds like he’s living a pretty poor life.

  66. Jn Brown says:

    ASL or how i got thru school. .My niece started a program that teaches it to Girl Scouts. He played the cops and didn’t force the issue and now they will pay for their indifference to the “dummy.” hahahahaha

  67. Pam says:

    Didn’t he see a judge? Didn’t he have a Public Defender?

  68. Healot Hell says:

    Fascism is right around the corner when you’ve got undereducated cops and others in their system making decisions like this. Must be Republicans. Liberals would not do this.

  69. Lost Freedom says:

    Those cops are real heroes.

  70. Testicus says:

    i am a late deafened adult. thankfully i grew up with normal hearing and acquired the skills for alternative ways to communicate with hearing people… but none of that helped me when the police arrested me for something so totally minor, it was bordering on ridiculous. all the charges were later thrown out, but enduring the trauma of law enforcement officers bent on no other goal except forcing you to comply, what chance does a person who cannot hear have? this article says they “broke down the door.” couldn’t they have gone to the clerk and simply got a key?? why all the drama? i know why: the cops love drama and anything that inflates their sophistic sense of self-worth.

  71. carl says:

    My dad is deaf. However, he said he enjoys being deaf because he can’t hear my mother yelling at him all the time.

  72. Malcom says:

    again, the cops are getting out of control and acting like NAZI’s. I hope he sues for millions and wins. Also these cops need to be on charges for violating his Constitutional rights at the very least. As long as people let the cops keep hurting the civilians they are sworn to protect then nothing will change. the FEDS need to investigate as well as the United Nations.

  73. AEB says:

    Wow. I was a waitress years ago and I had deaf customers on a regular basis. Thankfully, I didn’t make them wait 25 days at their table just because I couldn’t understand them. The officers in this case should be ashamed, this was simply torture for the poor guy.

  74. DFCurl says:

    OMG! This is terrible and agony. What’s matter with Sheriff Doug Darr and his deputies? They are grossly incompetent. Adam County surely know the policies and procedures. I can’t believe they ignored and disobeyed the ADA law. The law is quite very clear, all deaf persons have the right to an ASL interpreter! Everybody know!!!! When this DEAF man was arrested and they solemnly did see his “hands talking” or gesturing and they didn’t get the interpreter immediately! It’s obvious that hearing people sheriff and/or deputies waited for a request from the deaf is wrong. The hearing people sheriff and deputies did very inhumanity. They know better!!! They received training at the academy, but… why do they still ignore them? Oh, come on hearing people!!! This reminds me of the “racism” against the black in the 1960s. Sheriff Doug Darr and his deputies should receive punishment and fired their employment. I prefer we throw them to the wolves! WE ALL KNOW the hearing people should never use ASSUMPTIONS anything about the deaf’s communication skills. Writing or lip-reading isn’t the priority. When hearing people while employed in the governmental organizations see the “hand talking” or gesturing, they must get the interpreters immediately so the communication would be more efficiency
    between the deaf and hearing. Deaf people do talk or raise their voice VERY loud unlike the hearing people talk in the hearing world. That’s their natural way in the Deaf world!!!!

  75. Drew says:

    I don’t know what to think about this. I find it really hard to beleive that the police would throw a guy in jail without communicating with him in any way or being able to figure out he is deaf. All it takes is for him to point to his ears and shrug shoulders. Is it possible this guy was not helping matter any and not attempting to diclose he was deaf? Where was his GF? Why wasn’t she down there with an interpreter pounding on the desk wanting to know the status of her BF? There is much missing from this report and I dont think all the blame lies with the Police.

  76. Rabelais Todais says:

    This is why we have courts. The court of public opinion often is oblivious to things called “facts”. The comments here should have consisted mainly of complaints about the lack of salient information concerning this episode. I read the article and I’m scratching my head wanting to learn the facts behind this. Superficially, one sees that the deaf fellow has a valid case, but without more info, one truly cannot understand, much less decide, who is to blame or what needs to be done to make sure this does not occur again.

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