DENVER (CBS4) – As more and more energy companies begin to drill along the Front Range, communities in close proximity are taking notice and — in some cases — are extremely upset.

There has been a strong, public outcry recently from at least two suburban neighborhoods that are butted up against the cusp of the Eastern Plains. They have strong concerns about hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” which involves freeing oil from rock far below the surface.

It’s either happening or on the agenda for multiple energy companies.

While Colorado is no stranger to drilling, interest has spiked in untapped portions of massive oil reserves that lie far below the surface of the Front Range.

While Weld County to the north is a weath of wells and drilling, energy companies have been flocking to eastern counties between Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs to lease mineral rights and secure the proper permits, securing the chance to tap into those oil reserves.

President and CEO Tisha Conoly Schuller of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association explains fracking, and why energy companies use the technique, in the video clip below.

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  1. bob duncan says:

    Still don’t get it. What are they looking for?

  2. lisabej says:

    watch “Gasland” it explains the process and the side effects clearly.