DENVER (CBS4) – A football coach has been banned for what he said to his players and some of the parents call it verbal abuse.

The South Jefferson County Sports Association has let Nick Rogers go. He coached with the group for 4 years outside his job as a Denver police officer and police union president.

What some of the parents heard from the assistant coach from the stands disturbed them. CBS4 obtained a confidential review from a committee regarding the verbal abuse allegations. It explained why Rogers was let go and why every assistant coach in the league now has to take an educational class before they coach again.

Julia Davick’s son is on the football team. She says her son is one of the players that Rogers yelled at during a game. She says it was excessive but did not see it as abuse.

“It just got to a point where it was kind of scary, and so I think that what a lot of the parents saw, is they saw maybe a threat,” Davick said. “I so much didn’t but I can see where it’s perceived that way. He’s very loud and he gets in their faces.”

Rogers is described by team parents as very animated on the football field.

“Nick’s not a bad guy, he just made some bad choices,” Davick said.

The review committee said Rogers had at least two failures to comply with ordered suspensions. He’s now dismissed from the program, which means he is not allowed to coach, volunteer, register a child for participation, or attend any game or practice.

Two team managers have also been suspended for a year for not reporting that Rogers showed up while suspended, and for failing to stop the verbal abuse.

CBS4 made several attempts to reach Rogers for a comment, but he has not returned calls.

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  1. Bob Simmons says:

    Thanks again Nick! Once again you’ve made all of us associated with the Denver Police Department look bad. Is there no end to your foolishness? This is just one more example of the same chest thumping, knuckle dragging, breath holding, foot stomping attitude you exhibited throughout the mayorl race and chief selection process. The same attitude that proved to be an embarassment to the good men and women of the DPD. Do us a favor. Quit the PPA and then quit the DPD before you do us any more damage. You’ve done quite enough.

    1. denverbusinessman says:

      Well said!

  2. BRUCE YARISH says:


  3. JonMon says:

    So this guy who just happens to be a police officer was kicked out of coaching in a kids’ football league because he didn’t subscribe to the liberal mindset of “every kid gets a blue ribbon”, etc. Good for him for going against the entitlement idiots.
    As for Mr. Simmons: you’re retired. Coaching has nothing to do with policing. We already know the media is anti-police. Apparently you are, too.

    1. Bob Simmons says:

      WrongO, JonMon – there is no greater supporter of police officers than I and I’ve spent my entire adult life as a police officer. But my heart lies with the good men and women who are out there every day, working hard, making a difference and in doing so, bringing honor to their profession and honor to the Denver Police Department. On the other hand, there’s Nick, who has done just the opposite. At every turn, he says and now does things that are insulting to us all. Remember when he publicly said that the citizens of Denver weren’t getting the kind of police department they deserved? I on the other hand, happen to think that the officers on the DPD are among the finest anywhere. Coaching may be different from police work, but Nick is a very public and visible Denver cop and should know that his actions in any venue reflect on the DPD.

  4. JonMon says:

    Mr. Simmons, I’m sure the police appreciate your support. But I disagree regarding Mr. Rogers. I saw that statement regarding getting the kind of department they deserved. In the context in which it was spoken, it made perfect sense (as I recall, it was referring to the utterly vindictive moves made by then-Safety Manager Garcia.) Keep in mind that a labor organization such as the PPA is often at odds with the employer. I’ve never seen anything to prove that Mr. Rogers does anything but reflect the opinions of those he represents. He is certainly not politically correct, but haven’t we had enough of watching every little word for fear of offending one person who may not even be in the room when the “word” is spoken? Mr. Rogers merely speaks the truth, which, of course, is not what the liberals want to hear. I don’t see that as an insult.
    Again, what a person does on his private time is his or her business. If this were a crime of some sort, then I’d say differently. But it’s not.
    Either way, thanks for the reply.

  5. Aparentwho knows says:

    As a parent, my son was one of the young boys on the team who took the brunt of Nick’s anger and frustration, more than once. There is and always will be “yelling in football,” however Nick continually crossed the line with his verbal attacks, yelling and be-littling. He destroyed the confidence and enjoyment for some of these boys to ever play football again. That is the “true” side effect of this behavior.

    While his behavior toward my son was verbally abusive, I am saddened to see this was put into the media. It was supposed to be a matter handled off the field and out of the public eye. It was not supposed to be a public matter-many of us just did not want this man every to coach our sons or any other kids again. Nobody wanted to see it become such a personal thing-only to see that discipline was handled.

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