COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4) – Some residents in Commerce City are upset over a drilling operation near their homes. Hilcorp Energy is testing a well to see how much oil is at the location and residents are concerned about the adverse effects of the process. A meeting in Commerce City City Council is scheduled for Monday evening.

The oil well is southwest of E-470 and 104th Avenue. The Reunion subdivision of Commerce City is just across the field from the fracking operation, which uses chemicals, sand and water pressure to extract oil and natural gas from underground.

Residents held an emergency meeting Saturday night after finding out about the fracking plan. A representative from Hilcorp Energy attended the meeting to address concerns, but many residents say they still have a lot more questions.

The well has produced oil in the past.

“The environmental concerns that we have are air pollution. There is a lot of smoke and debris and how much of that is chemicals into the air?” a Reunion subdivision resident told CBS4.

“How it’s going to impact our children and our health,” another resident said. “I’m pretty upset about it and I’m not sure how long they’re going to be over there drilling.”

Neighbors are concerned about not only any immediate effects, but also long-term effects.

“Down the road there may be something that happens that could cause toxins in the environment,” another resident said.

The land between the subdivision and the well has been earmarked for an elementary school.

“We want to understand exactly what the rules are,” city councilmember Jason McEldowney said.

McEldowney gave credit to the energy company’s representative that showed up to the meeting, but would like a more thorough meeting.

“We were obviously concerned in that we didn’t have any notification. On one hand we understand that the site, well it sits 100 or 200 yards from homes; sits in the county. We are obviously standing here in the city, but it’s within a stone’s throw of the homes that sit right here,” McEldowney said.

Some residents say even if they have their questions answered, it might not make a dent in their fears.

“I don’t know if there is any amount of information that can make me feel better about fracking going on five blocks from my house,” a resident said.

Hilcorp Energy couldn’t be reached for an interview by CBS4 on Sunday but CBS4 learned the company is planning an in-depth town hall meeting some time after Thanksgiving.

Some residents told CBS4 they are comfortable with the fracking process and that the plan is good for the economy. They say it creates jobs and some self-sufficiency as far as oil is concerned.

Comments (13)
  1. bob duncan says:

    When they frack is they looking for cooking oil?

  2. Michael J Flagle says:

    Lets count the number of SUV’s in this community.

  3. George Bush says:

    Sick comments. May your children get cancer… Then you will understand.

    1. susannah says:

      That’s ridiculous and sick to wish cancer on anyone. How dare you? Especially with such little evidence that anything like fracking causes cancer…

  4. Susannah says:

    Channel 4 says this is “controversial” and makes up a story about water on fire as associated with the process….Weld county has had fracking going on for years…since 1949…and we are all fine…You are being sucked into a news channel media event ….. that well will be done in a week.

  5. kiwiRN says:

    Susannah do you have a fresh natural gas site being drilled less then 300 yards from your house? Are your children going to go to school 100 yards from a site like this? I am glad that fracking is going well for you and your community and you have no health concerns. I however am in the health care field and have huge concerns. I have two young children and I am not going to experiment with mine or there health No one moved into this neighborhood with any idea or though that this would be happening. It’s not fair or safe to do this on the edge of our community and we have a right to voice our concerns and to inform people of what is going on.

    1. jhard says:

      You have nothing to be concerned about. Look up the real facts about HYDRAULIC FRACTURING and you will realize you children are completely safe.

  6. Chris Roux says:

    The concern should not be about air pollution, as the one resident mentioned. The real concern is underground well water. Just Google fracking, Michigan, PA, and NY…. then you’ll get a better idea. Our family own 80 acres of pristine woodlands in upper MI with a beautiful lake on it. The lake and our water supply – as in, what we have to drink – come from natural springs. Fracking leaves well water contaminated and poisonous.. Being in a metro suburb like Reunion, those residents may not think anything of well water. But there is now a story coming out of northern MI that the river which feeds into a certain reservoir in NY state is now contaminated. Its the main reservoir which supplies New York City residents with drinking water.
    There is really so much more to this than what the news is telling us – or more so, what they probably are being allowed to share. Just research it. And if you get the chance, watch the movie, ‘Gasland’. Then you’ll be disgusted with the big oil and gas giants and their greed.

  7. migrant3 says:

    Drill Baby Drill. Colorado needs the jobs! Schools need the taxes.

  8. SKIP says:

    KiwiRN & Chris Roux, !. The frac’ing takes placemore than a mile from your house (straight down) only the well-head is near your houses. 2. The well has a condustor pipe (heavy steel), that has been set in the well to below the fresh water (aquifir) zone, Then, cement was pushed down the pipe and it flowed up the outsideof the pipe, in the area between the pipe and the rock, and sealed the well from any contamination of the fresh/ground water. The well is then drilled to total depth of several thousand feet and is again cased with a pipe that fits inside of the conductor pipe, cement is again forced down the pipe to flow up the anulus and seal that section of pipe from allowing any contamination and to protect the hole. Holes are shot through the pipe in the producing zone (several thousand feet below the surface, and the frac’ing fluid is forced through the holes to break down the rock in the production zone. If you believe the movie ‘Gasland’ then you have been lied to, many of the incidents depicted in that movie were false.

  9. Nik says:

    DO NOT believe the information that they are trying to spew on you. If you actually did the research from credible sources you would realize that frac’ing has far more benefits than concerns. I want to address some of the info presented in this article…first and foremost, the well is already drilled. Fracturing a well creates a higher production yeild, in turn creating AFFORDABLE gas, since there is little oil in this basin these wells mainly produce natural gas. As for all of the “pollutants” the residents believe will harm them or their children later….I suggest you never drive on an interstate again because the “smoke” you’re seeing is diesel exhaust from the horsepower equipment and your interstate commute to work in the morning exposes you to more exhaust and pollution than they will produce during the whole frac job. BTW, diesel exhaust is less toxic in the long run than the exhaust from your SUV. As for long term possible environment issues…the article states that the well has produced before…guess what people, that means that the well has been active for possibly years WITHOUT YOU CARING BEFORE. There is a greater chance of you dying in a car accident tomorrow than the fracturing procedures giving your children or you cancer…EVER! Do credible research and QUIT believing the FALSE media hype… One more thing…you don’t like the frac jobs being performed across the state…turn off your heater in your house this winter because the reason you can afford to even turn it on and use it, is because of these fracturing procedures.

  10. moreco2 says:

    What a total scam. The environazis ran out of things to $creech about so now they go to fracking.

  11. Joe says:

    I live in Reunion and about a few hundred yards away from the drilling. My water supply from the tap looks clean but when you heat the water it’s cloudy and stays that way. If you use it in black tea then it looks like liqued mud after a minute. Nasty and I wouldn’t even give it to the neighbors barking dog. Something is going on and we are having to pay for bottled water!!!!!

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