DENVER (CBS4) – Thousands of people lined up on Saturday to receive a box of food with all the fixins for Thanksgiving.

The boxes included a turkey, corn, dinner rolls, and several other items. It’s all part of the Denver Feed a Family Thanksgiving program.

The event was sponsored by Walmart and the Epworth Foundation. They handed out more than 8,000 boxes of food.

“The need has not surprisingly increased this year. The fact that we’ve been able to maintain the levels of support and baskets that have gone out this year, so we’re feeding lots of folks,” Joshua Phair with Walmart public affairs said.

“I’m just happy everybody’s getting Thanksgiving dinners for people who can’t have help with Thanksgiving dinners … it’s pretty nice,” volunteer Briana Samuels said.

More than 1,200 volunteers, including some Walmart employees, assembled and distributed the boxes.

  1. migrant3 says:

    Does anybody do any screening of those who receive these freebies? Are two earner families earning 80K eligible if they get in line? Some of those folks have such high BMW payments that there is no $ left for groceries.

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