DENVER (CBS4)– One of the men accused of taking his dead friend for a night on the town said he’s not guilty.

Robert Young pleaded not guilty to identity theft and abuse of a corpse in court Thursday in a case that’s been compared to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

Co-defendant Mark Rubinson is scheduled to appear in court on Friday on similar charges.

Police said Young, 43, and Rubinson, 25, took Jarrett, 43, to visit bars and restaurants and also allegedly stopped at Shotgun Willie’s, a strip club, and took money out of Jarrett’s account at an ATM before telling police their friend might be dead.

Young is scheduled for a disposition hearing Jan. 19, 2012.

The medical examiner said Jeffery Jarrett died with cocaine and alcohol in his system.

rubinson mark Man Accused Of Taking Dead Friend For Joy Ride Pleads Not Guilty

Mark Rubinson (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

jeff jarrett Man Accused Of Taking Dead Friend For Joy Ride Pleads Not Guilty

Jeffrey Jarrett (credit: Jarrett family)

Comments (4)
  1. denvervet says:

    It will be interesting to see how all of this ends up. I guess the moral of the story is that drugs and alcohol are not good things folks. Dont even try illegal drugs and you wont have to worry about something like this happening to you.

    1. Evelyn says:

      I didn’t watch the game (as usual). An ex-football player said the Colts were the most right wing team in the NFL. They lost. So, from that tpvspeceire the right team won. If you go with red state vs. blue state, the blue state team (from Indiana) lost.

  2. Rudi says:

    They do it because the FCC wants to make sure that the ettler of the law prevails over common sense, so they can keep on dishing out fines to smaller broadcasters who can’t afford to fight back. (Common sense being that networks can’t control the actions of all individuals on a live broadcast.) They also want to make it very clear that appealing their unilateral rulings will be prohibitively expensive for those smaller broadcasters. d

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