BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Bicyclists in Boulder may have to watch how fast they coast. The City Council is considering an 8 mph speed limit for cyclists in certain locations.

The council will consider the speed limit proposal at next week’s meeting. In the meantime, the ordinance has some cyclists pedaling their opposition.

“The biking community wants to have consistent laws around the state. People travel from city to city every day,” said Bicycle Colorado Executive Director Dan Grunig.

Grunig has been hearing mutterings of a bike speed limit in Boulder for a few months. The speed limit would only apply when cyclists are pedaling through a crosswalk.

Grunig believes if that ordinance is approved, the law could do more harm than good.

“The problem with an 8 mph speed limit is that it blames the victim if they are hit in the crosswalk. Now, if a cyclist is hit in a safety crosswalk they have to prove they were going under 8 mph and that’s not possible,” said Grunig.

“It just seems kind of like a silly rule, honestly. I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do. If they don’t have to do it, then we probably shouldn’t have to do it either,” said cyclist Aaron Barcheck.

Some cyclists feel the 8 mph limit is too slow. Others said they would support the speed limit, including one man who was hit by another cyclist.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” said cyclist Larry Ardito. “Sometimes people just don’t slow down or obey the signs.”

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Comments (219)
  1. Jon says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s insane. The last thing we need are more rules like this… and to protect what?

    1. SilentNoMore says:

      Oh I don’t know… pedestrians maybe?

      1. Rob says:

        When was the last time a pedestrian was killed by a bicyclist? Most people can run more than 8 mph and frankly i weigh 180 lbs and mike bike ways 18.4 lbs bringing my mass to 198.4 lbs, are they going to give a ticket to people running over 8 mph?

      2. Lance Armstrong says:

        A pedestrian was killed by a cyclist on September 30th, 2010 in Dallas. It’s a pretty rare occurance though.

      3. captain pickles says:

        Rob: Hello – How dense can you be. How about pedestrians being injured. I was struck by a bicyclist while in a cross walk. He blew through a stop sign and was looking for cars instead of pedsetrians. He cursed at me and rode off. I tore my rotator cuff and needed surgery. There’s no reason to go over 8 mph through a short distance like a cross walk – be it bike or auto.

      4. James D says:

        Captain Pickles, it bears noting that if, as you say, the cyclist that hit you “blew through a stop sign,” then the speed limit was irrelevant. He did not obey the traffic signs that were already there, and had he followed the sign and stopped, there would have been no accident. Do you really think that if he’s blowing through stop signs he’s also going to be watching his speed as he does so?

        Obviously this law is completely idiotic. Why do people constantly want to heap more and more rules on, when there are plenty of rules in place already and the real issue is that people disobey them, or that some issues will arise no matter how many rules are in place? You can’t solve everything with legislation, but you can make a place unlivable bit by bit.

        Pretty soon we’ll need a permit just to walk out our front door every morning.

      5. Marquis28 says:

        I weigh over 250 and routinely clip along at about 17mph. If I can, I will buzz through lights and stop signs but I am always aware of pedestrians and vehicles. My injuries have been strictly via mountain bike off the road.

        I am very alert while on the streets as any pot-hole, inattentive driver or extended mirror can compromise a good day.

      6. Tinker Bar says:

        @marquis28 – I appreciate your honesty, but sorry, with the statement “I will buzz through lights and stop signs”, you’ve illustrated exactly why bikes shouldn’t be on the road to begin with.

      7. RJ says:

        @Marquis28 If you were “whizzing” along and ran a stop light and got under my cars tires, or if I saw it happen, I would tell all the police it was an attempted suicide. I mean, why ELSE would someone knowingly blow through a red light and play frogger across traffic against cars?

        You’re an idiot, Marquis28, and need to stop acting so selfishly. Yes, SELFISH. Riding a bicycle doesn’t make you a good person – leaving a trail of bad karma behind you makes you a BAD person. Understand?

      8. paul says:

        Cyclists don’t come to a complete stop unless absolutely needed because it takes a lot of effort to get going again once a rider comes to a complete stop. I rarely ride a bike, but never see a reason to complain when riders blow through stops as long as they are using good judgement. Bunch of control freaks out there. Those that dress like slender circus clowns that ride in the middle of the road are annoying however.

      9. Tinker Bar says:

        “Cyclists don’t come to a complete stop unless absolutely needed because it takes a lot of effort to get going again once a rider comes to a complete stop.”


    2. guardianbynature says:

      What next? A 3 mile an hour speed limit for joggers? Just think how many children could be saved. This is pure rubbish.

      1. Chris says:

        Democrats to the rescue!

      2. statesrule says:

        Baby Strollers should pick up the pace. Getting behind one is sure to cause road rash.

    3. jumper74 says:

      Some people are less physically able to get out of the way of bikes traveling on sidewalks and on the streets thru crosswalks, e.g, people with back injuries, or replacement hips, etc. Folks who ride bikes think it is a two-way street and everyone should avoid them too, but they should do the avoiding just as a car avoids people and bikes.

      1. Hal McCombs says:

        Those bike riders are a bunch of ‘holier-than-thou’ dirtbags who think they don’t have to obey any rules. Including the rules that nature has put down. Like the one that says “if you’re hit by a car, you’ll die”.

        They always act like having the right-of-way insulates you from the laws of physics. I think “I had the right-of-way” would look great on a tombstone.

    4. rashid says:

      cyclist need to obey laws. And ride single file, which will cause them to give up the chit chat.

    5. ZudZ says:

      Jon – Get a clue. You are obviously just another bike nazi. Bicyclists are the number one transportation in Boulder and Boulder County. You guys think you own the road. I love the way they show a photo of bicyclists (not bikers) riding single file in the bike lane. Like that ever happens.

      1. ZudZ says:

        That should have read “number one transportation HAZARD in Boulder and Boulder County.” Editing error.

  2. denvervet says:

    They better have signage all over the place for speed limits for bikes or the law will never stick. It will cost more to put up signage than the law will be worth. This city is really way out there.

  3. Mik says:

    its non-sense and all about more collections of revenue for Blouder which is all that city does effectively.

  4. Mannie says:

    I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do.

    Since when do cyclists obey any traffic laws?

    1. Bill Duke says:

      Since when do auto drivers obey any traffic laws? Almost 33,000 dead from auto crashes last yearalone. Come back when you learn to think rationally

      1. Tinker Bar says:

        Don’t be ridiculous. Many times more motor vehicle miles are driven than bicycle miles every year. Using that as an comparison is ludicrous.

        Bicyclist ignore red lights, stop signs, traffic flow, single file rules, etc., way more frequently on an individual basis. And I’m not talking about a rolling stop, for example. I’m talking about blatant disregard for everyone else.

        Bikers are slow, not very visible, and both arrogant and aggressive. They shouldn’t even be allowed on the road.

      2. Grimoire says:

        Tinker Bar is too stupid to live.

      3. Tom says:

        Nice try Lance Armstrong. Show me a cyclist who stops at stop signs or doesn’t ride up the gutter to the front of the line at a red light and I’ll show you the one cyclist without entitlement issues.

      4. jasperddbgghost says:

        Come back when you’ve learned not to molest children.

      5. Tinker Bar says:

        @Grimoire, that was an excellent response. I’m impressed by your mad skillz.

      6. Dan S says:

        So the answer to the problem is that cyclists start following traffic laws. Problem solved and no new laws!

      7. slim picnic says:

        It’s funny how personal the cyclo-facists get when you hint at making them accountable. I think they know it’s true. I have yet to see any cyclist obey the laws required of those who use public roads. I’d love to see them enforce minimum speeds where I live.

      8. captain pickles says:

        Dead on Tinkerbar !!

      9. steamboat says:

        So you’re rationalizing it’s okay for bicyclers to break the law because there are auto drivers breaking laws. Boy that’s rational ! That sounds like an arguement my 9 year old would make. “But Billy stole some cookies too.”

      10. Mannie says:

        Almost all the time. I don’t see autos routinely running stop signs and red lights, riding on the sidewalk whent they want, and on the street when they want,. I don’t see cars routinely running the wrong way through traffic or against one way streets.

        Cyclists are arrogant and dangerous.

        They should ride like they do in Europe. That is, stay out of the way or get flattened. The problem is, those spokes tend to puncture one’s tires.

    2. Bob Collins says:

      I am a cyclist and I obey the laws, however I live in a cycle friendly state: Florida.

      1. Tony Moreno says:

        I live and cycle in Florida too, but I see far too many cyclists run stop signs and blow through red lights. They give us remaining cyclists a bad name.

      2. kvn says:

        In Florida, FDOT recommends you ride in the street if going faster than 8 mph. Riding on a sidewalk at 13+ mph is Moving Violation worth $150. And state law mandates bicycles must be walked in crosswalks.

        Live in Florida and obey all street rules including taking the lane at stop signs/lights.

      3. Sylvanie says:

        I saw a survey, which I’m sure was couenctdd in Darlington, where a huge percentage of people were reported to consider cycling dangerous. I don’t remember the exact fugures, but it was around 90%.What shocked me was the something like 70% considered walking to be dangerous!Can we start a campaign to stop people parking on pavements? A BMW was parked right across the pavement on Stockton Road on Saturday, forcing my wife and I to manoeuvre our 3-year-old on her bike and our 1-year-old in her pushchair over the grass verge and around the back of the car. There are no parking restrictions on the side of Stockton road at that point, so the car could have been parked on the road.

    3. JMWinPR says:

      Amen, the only group that are worse offenders of traffic laws are the police.

    4. Dinah Kanser says:

      Most ALL Bicyclists don’t obey even the most basic rules of the road like: stopping for stop signs, riding single file, honoring speed limits, signaling turns… etc.
      Bike riders pay no specific road tax , don’t have insurance or in most cases aren’t required to have license plates or licenses. Yet they have equal rights and access to our roads. Hmmm.

    5. Akouch says:

      As someone who rides a bike regalurly, as well as drives a car, I would like to see all bike riders obey traffic laws such as stop signs and traffic lights. This is a huge problem, especially around osu campus.

  5. Uppity Prole says:

    Looks like Boulder PD will be mining a new revenue source.

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      Rides-a-Ten-Speed-Everywhere Guy is a guy riding a ten speed bicycle. He is interviewed by Tricia Takanawa for Quahog 5 News in “Peter’s Daughter”. He is doing so because he is riding his ten speed even in the heavy rain and flooding, and a little drizzle never hurts anybody. He explains that water feels good on his skin and it’s cool, refreshing and a great way to stay in shape. He works as an accountant which he considers to be not too demanding and also a great way to stay in shape. He likes riding the his bicycle because it’s fun, gives him energy and a great way to stay in shape. The true reason he is riding his ten speed in the rain is because he tries to live his life before his rectal cancer kills him, which he describes as a painful and untreatable process and a great way to stay in shape”.

      1. Mannie says:

        I hope he has a shower at work. I once sat next to a rabid cyclist (but otherwise OK guy.). Pheew!

  6. David Maxwell says:

    Keep punching that democrat ticket. What’s next, the dirty underwear law. Of course underwear will be word on the outside to insure compliance. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of California we had less than a dozen agencies, we now have 518. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of California we were the 6th largest economy in the world, we’re now bankrupt. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of California our educational system was number 1 in the nation, we’re now 46th. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of San Francisco Blacks represented 17% of the cities population, and now they’re clinging to 6%. Welcome to the plantation.

    Change you BETTER believe in, or ELSE.

  7. mork says:

    As if we needed more proof that Boulder is a stinky joke of a college town. Everyone there deserves each other and the fascist rules they impose upon each other. I think they should be required to wear a helmet to go to the john.

  8. Steve Hulme says:

    As a year-round cyclist who occasionally drives a car, I can understand the concept of this law. Who hasn’t been startled, or had a near-miss, when a cyclist using facilities designed for pedestrians takes ’em by surprise?

    How does it work now, in Boulder? If a cyclist goes zooming out in front of 30-mph traffic, are they “protected” by the crosswalk law? If so, that must give the mourners at the funeral a HUGE sense of comfort, huh?

    Many laws on the books are there to discourage people from doing some horrendously stupid stuff! (Evidence: the ongoing debate about whether it should be illegal to clicky-click your “smart phone” while driving. Apparently some people think it’s OK, since it’s not against the law.)

    1. shempus says:

      How ’bout the law of natrual selection? Jeeez, more laws aren’t ganna help, except with the relining of libdiotically biased coffers.

      1. HandyGandy says:

        When it comes to traffic the problem is that is that it is usually not the idiot doing something stupid by some innocent bystander.

    2. Phil says:

      Have to say I sort of agree with you here. I have a friend who was broadsided by a bicyclist who was flying through the crosswalk at full bore he hit the rear passenger door. Boulder bicyclists are absolutely obnoxious. I ride all the time in downtown denver but the few times I have gone riding in boulder I find myself dodging D1cks in spandex flying around the city like noone else exists. You abused Boulders already ludacris crosswalk laws and now you get whats coming to ya. Deal with it Boulderites.

  9. Snitch-in-Time says:

    When Boulder PD writes tickets will they request to see a driver’s license thus making drivers license a defacto requirement to ride a bike? The Snitch makes a prediction: This will go evil fast as the City Council’s idiocy spreads and this insane law metastasizes into a host of increasingly byzantine bicycle laws. And of course, the Boulder City Council will score a speaking slot at the next National League of Cities or Colorado Municipal League event and the idiocy will spread like gangrene.

    1. Jess says:

      Elia Perez Posted on Kim thank you! Lupus is not the end of the world. I fight and challenge msyelf daily. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but I NEED to squeeze everything I can out of my days! I have always been like that. To my family it is more significant now the cotributions I make to our family. Stay strong Sis!

  10. DJ Ruden says:

    I can tell that nobody that came up with that rule ever rides a bicycle. What a bunch of idiots.

  11. zzzz says:

    Bike are already dangerous to ride around on in cities, so the last thing people need are bikers staring at their speedometer.

  12. shempus says:

    Figures in CO. They’re getting really close to the nanny-state we have here in CA. But even we don’t have that one.

  13. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    In Boulder there should be exceptions for nonwhite gay cyclists smoking medical marijuana while peddling–assuming they have an Obama sticker on their bikes, of course.

    1. Tangair says:

      Funny…but eerily touching on the Left’s warped sentiments.

    2. captain pickles says:

      LOL – Don’t forget exemptions for transgender vegan pedophile union member cyclists

  14. CO_Native says:

    B.S. “I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do.” Cyclist think they own the road and sidewalks. When’s the last time you saw a cyclist stop at a stop sign or yield to a pedestrian?

    1. Rob says:

      I do it all the time…

      1. Sterling Headset says:


      2. steamboat says:

        Rob: Tell it to the bartender at closing, not to us.

  15. Midge Morton Masters says:

    This is an example of why government is degenerate and run by mental deficient people that could never get the salary they are paid in the private sector.

    Because no one would hire such a abject moron with such rotten ideas that they want funded by extracting your wealth through taxation. Taxes that are collected with the threat of deadly force if you don not pay.

    1. Mannie says:

      I thought that was a requirement to work in government.

  16. Biker Dude says:

    Now that’s funny!!!

  17. LOUIS says:

    Maybe there should be an eight and a half mile speed limit?

  18. steve says:

    Cyclists ignore the laws of the road already; what makes anyone think they would obey this one?

  19. MJ says:

    I like the premise of this. Besides all a cyclist would have to do is install a speedometer, which is simply a safety device, and you can’t have too many of those.

    This is an initiative I could easily support.

  20. Lance says:

    Cyclist, need to be treated as cars. Cyclist ride up front of the lane, ride more than single file, etc. Cars are not allowed to do that, and police look the other way.

  21. NCT says:

    As a long time cyclist, I can live with 8mph in crosswalks, as long as motorized vehicles also have to live with it. Long live the repubic of Boulder!

  22. Cycopath says:

    Show me in ANY vehicle code book that a bicycle has to have a speedometer. No such law; in fact most car drivers can’t follow the rules of the road, maybe they should be the ones that are forced to drive 8MPH.

    1. Randy Bobandy says:

      They are usually forced to do so anyway because of these jack-wagons with the P e n 1 s shaped hats impeding the flow of traffic. Take it to a freakin park where it belongs.

  23. Roughman says:

    Cyclists have no business in a cross walk, unless they are WALKING their bicycle… Then, the become PEDESTRIANS!

  24. Avoicenmany says:

    Ok now I hear real stupid!!!
    On my 24speed 8 MPH is crawling, in fact once, while riding safe had a cop, who was a friend pull me over in my town to let me know he could ticket me for speeding as I was over the 25 MPH limit.. But truth be it is the un-watched kiddies that ride in the middle of a street on purpose cause they can. Oh and try to get around some of them, get flipped off and have objects thrown at your car..
    Bugger Colorado is just looking for a quick buck and ignoring the real issues. And really sux as I like bike riding but now have to burn those nasty hydrocarbons to get to a safe place to.. Hypocrite’s All the GOVT..

  25. Justin Whatchamacallhim says:

    I don’t think pedestrians being hit by bikes is a big deal. This is another cash grab. Since when did bikes come with speedometers anyway?

  26. Wiglaf says:

    In my state, if biker are on the sidewalk going across a crosswalk, then they are required by law to get off the bike and walk it. Pedestrian rules apply. Bikers are supposed to be on the road anyway, not the sidewalk and crosswalk.

  27. Michael Gene says:

    Only kids should be allowed to ride on sidewalks/crosswalks, adults should be on the road and follow the same rules as any other vehicle. I get feed up with adults speeding down sidewalks putting me at risk and yes being hits by a 150lb man on on bicicle traveling at speed is a real hurt.

    1. Preincess says:

      While it would be ideal for the bike park to be in the middle of the aistevfl, its current location is not unreasonable. It’s about 100m to the Vimy & Booth entrance, and no more than 400m from any stage. Bluesfest is pretty compact now that City Hall isn’t in the way.Central bike parking would send a message to aistevfl goers, but would mean that it would be further to walk between stages. It would help with sound bleed between stages!Having multiple bike parks would mean more and longer lineups.And yes, there is a lineup from about 11 to 11:30 each nite, but it moves quickly. The max wait is 15-20 minutes. Having multiple bike parks would likely lead to more waiting. Hint: Keep to the left and get a blue tag when you leave your bike.Now if only there weren’t a loud generator right next door, we bike park volunteers might be able to hear some music!tOM

  28. Randy Bobandy says:

    How about a law that states if you can’t bike at the current speed limit that you are a hazard on the road and impeding traffic. I can’t stand these jack-wagons… blowing through red-lights and stop signs…. Take the bike to a park where it belongs.

    1. Wiglaf says:

      How about you are an idiot?

      1. RJ says:

        Try seeing bicyclists from a drivers perspective. Legally going through a green light shouldn’t be a HAZARD because of some selfish bicyclist blowing through a red going across traffic. Or stopping at a sign and finally getting the right of way to proceed through the intersection shouldn’t be interrupted by some other selfish bicyclist who can’t be bothered to slow down much less stop.

      2. Wiglaf says:

        Oh, I do see it from the drivers perspective. I also ride a bike and I obey traffic laws and have seen the ignorance of car drivers who do not know the law. Also, some drivers apparently think it’s okay to a risk a person’s life by an angry maneuver because they think bikers don’t belong on the road.

  29. Josh says:

    Its basically another anti-poor law. You cant afford to drive your car everywhere, you dont have one, or maybe you lost your license, yeah the cops still want to punish you.

  30. Joe Buck says:

    And is it the law that requires a bicycle to have a speedometer? Hermosa Beach tried this back in the 90s and it got tossed for that reason.

    1. Banu says:

      kassa Posted on I would very much like to do my masters in early oodlihchd Education because I love to kkow more about how childresn learn, and I want contribute by preparing the right materials .

    2. Swami says:

      Steve, I would love too ironically, with it being on a Saturday this time I can’t come cebause I am taking part in the Walkerville Art Walk & Rock. Man, hope to join you folks one of these times.

  31. Unlearned Hand says:

    I live in a city that has recently tried to get VERY friendly with cyclists. What I suggest is that bicyclists obey the traffic laws of all natures. Don’t say you do, ’cause I know you don’t.

    1. Fight cyclists now says:

      Follow a biker through a couple intersections and they will likely violate multiple traffic laws. Where I live they don’t wait for red lights. They wait till no cars are coming and then cross the intersection on red. Why don’t the cops give these a-holes tickets? They drive the wrong way down the road. They turn from the wrong lane. They come up beside cars at a red light and then get in front of all the cars instead of waiting in line like other vehicles. They don’t observe the minimum speed limits. They dress like morons…

      1. Doc says:

        Leavng dead motorists in their wake, right? BTW, do you spell anal retentive with a hyphen?

      2. Doc you are not says:

        So you think it is okay for cyclists to ignore traffic signals? Where I live, and I am pretty sure everywhere else, bicyclists have to follow the same laws as cars.

        Since you aren’t smart enough to figure it out, I will help you (1) the bicyclists endanger their own safety when they ignore traffic signals (2) it is very likely that a car will attempt to avoid a bicyclist and in the process (a) hit another car (where the motorists could die) (b) or a tree (where the motorist could die) (c) or a pedestrian. Need I go on?

        Please step away from the keyboard. You are not smart enough to comment on the internet. You are not and will never be a doctor. And what does anal retentive have to do with my comment? Absolutetly nothing. Yeah, if you want people to obey the traffic laws, you have some kind of mental problem…riiiiiightttttt.

  32. Jeff N Texas says:

    Well then there needs to be a law requiring pedestrians to wear helmets. That would protect them.

  33. jleinf says:

    Just wait comrades this is nothing compared to what’s in store for your one world future.

  34. Ghandi says:

    Y`all need to to elect you some more crazy a$$ liberals out there so they can institute some more crazy a$$ laws

  35. Greg says:

    Pedestrians are a protected class because they are most vulnerable to injury in collisions with bikes, cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses etc. Every day I watch these pedestrians manifest their rights by blindly trusting the “WALK” sign while walking oblivious to the traffic. Yes! – they have the right of way, but it does not mean that they should not use common sense and look at the traffic and make sure that they can cross safely.

  36. Greg says:

    Do you use hand signals! When I ride my 70 Triumph (motorcycle without signals) and signal a right turn, people wave back at me.

  37. chuck says:

    Man wahas the deal, should cars have to slow down when using the crosswalk?

  38. Bolder says:

    “People’s Republic of Boulder: ’25 square miles surrounded by reality.”‘

  39. flfshrmn says:

    Man. What the hell is going on in Kolorado? Mom and Dad wont let you guys ride your bikes too fast? Starting to sound a lot like Kalifornia out there. That can only mean one thing………….Liberals.
    You can always vote them out you know? Well, good luck with all of that.

  40. eggy says:

    Lucky basta***s. None of you live here in portland. The city council here worships biiiicycle riders. Bicycle riders get special lanes, bridges, tunnels and legislation while the “underfunded” Portland public school system bragged about their 53% graduation rate last year.
    All of these cities who worship the selfish biiiicycle riding jerk oofs get exactly what they deserve when it comes to things like occupy.

    1. Ponyseeker says:

      So if I understand you right – you agree that you got what you bargained for in living in Portland, given it’s politics. You could always just move. It’s no huge surprise for the longest time that Portland has it’s particular “leanings”. Did someone neglect to their “due diligence” before they moved there?

    2. Wiglaf says:

      Bicycle Rights!! BICYCLE RIGHTS!!! I’m on a bike!! You gonna turn, YOU GOTTA TELL ME!! Aww man, cars, WHY!!!??

  41. robbie d says:

    How do they enforce such a law? Do you need a driver’s license to ride a bike? Do they just take your bike and sell it at auction if you are going 16 miles an hour? Perhaps shoot on site would be the best, and final solution. Welcome to police state amerika in the USSA, where the congress is as corrupt as the administration & padded with activist judges. We are f’d. Only God can save us now.

    1. Bikers leave now says:

      Require every bike have a speed clock that transmits real time data to the city computer network. A device that has an artificially high price set at $10k per unit. That should keep these obnoxious bikers in their place — a staionary bike at the gym. And also require that they wear real clothes if they are biking in public.

      1. James D says:

        You sound like a fascist. And no, I’m not a cyclist, I’m just not a lunatic who believes government should be used to punish anyone I perceive as my enemy.

      2. D is for doofus says:

        I don’t care what I “sound” like especially what I sound like to a person as prone to extreme hyperbole as you. Did I ever say that all my perceived enemies should be punished? No. I didn’t say anything remotely like that. Cyclists in the city are a menace and a danger to the safety of themselves, motorists, and pedestrians. They should not be punished; they should be banned for safety reasons.

        Tell me – how can my WRITTEN WORDS sound like anything? ha ha ha.

  42. ron says:

    YES thats what we need MORE GOVERNMENT rules … freedom ???? whats that

  43. Bob says:

    If we’re looking for places to “trim the fat”, I think the Boulder city council just demonstrated where we can cut to save the police, teachers and hospitals that are always in danger.

  44. howard steinski says:

    Sorry guys and gals, but when I bike, my prime care is to SURVIVE, not to feel good about obeying traffic laws. I.e., if I have to bike the sidewalk to avoid getting hit in the street, then I take the sidewalk.

    1. Sterling Headset says:

      If it’s so dangerous, then get back into a car so we don’t have to pay for your excessive medical bills when you get injured. Where is your sense of civic responsibility?

      1. Ponyseeker says:

        Howard – I’m with you! Although I never take the sidewalk unless one of these benevolent motorists FORCES me onto it for the sake of survival – I know what you mean and where you come from.

        Sterling – Can I see an invoice for the last time that you had to “pay” for an injured cyclist’s excessive medical bills? I didn’t think so.

      2. Ponydumb says:

        Ponyseeker – are you really serious? You don’t think that soceity as a whole is paying for the medical bills of uninsured bikers? Quit being a fool and admit the obvious. And Sterling didn’t mean he pays it directly, so he doesn’t have invoices. Idiot.

    2. Mannie says:

      And I’ve seen byclics kamikazee into groups of pedestrians on sidewalks. I tend to body check them into the street. where they belong.

      Bicicles are a menace.

  45. RalphV says:

    “Of all tyrannies a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963)

    1. Sterling Headset says:

      Clearly you are speaking of Tyrannical bicyclists.

  46. David Heath says:

    Ridiculous- that’s running speed! Citizens and visitors have to suffer because this town’s politicians are too useless to deal with modern life, that they need to impose conditions that send its people back to mediaeval times. I feel for the residents, but then they elected them.

  47. Adam Wentworth says:

    This is why Boulder is best left to the freaks……… No real american has any reason to visit this sideshow of a city.

  48. Obnoxious cyclists says:

    Ban bicyclists on all roads with a speed limit more than 30 mph. Cyclists are the most obnoxious group of people on the planet .. more than ghetto rappers, more than bible thumpers, more than gay activists, more than the tea party, more than OWS. We gotta fight back against these obnoxious bikers….require an annual license to bike on public streets that costs $5000 dollars. No license required if you are under 22 years old.

    1. Matt says:

      but what if i ride faster than 30? because I can… i mean as long as there’s traffic. and whats so hard about going around me when im over as far as i can and usually waving cars on when they just chill behind me… keep on moving! Don’t you go around other obstacles in the road, like broken down cars, pots holes, UPS trucks, USPS trucks….

      1. Obnoxious cyclists says:

        I can’t go around pot holes where I am from because the roads look like a bombed out street in afghanistan. I’d hit two pot holes while avoiding one. And yes, my city is run by democrats who divert money from the roads to pay for idiotic stuff like bike and running paths. And I don’t go around UPS trucks. I pull over so they don’t run me over.

        You can’t go around things in heavy traffic without making a dangerous lane change.

  49. Who Cares says:

    AMERIKA just sucks, The rest of the world should just put a fence around it and just call it the world zoo

    1. America will rise again says:

      I agree. The other solution is to ban all bikers over 22 years old. Make it a felony to ride a bicycle if you are over 22.

  50. kcsparky says:

    Too bad this law wouldn’t pass in Seattle. Cyclists are some of the rudest, reckless drivers on the road.

  51. Dr. LaughingDog says:

    You can’t say degrading things to your dog on the city park trails in the Flat Irons above Boulder, THEY WILL FINE YOU !!!


    Poor POOP !

  52. Bill C says:

    If bicyclists would just start to obey the laws, things would be one heck of a lot better. They run stop signs and red lights like they don’t even exist. They force people from the side walks at every chance. The abruptly dart in front of cars on a whim without any kind of signal.

    Well, cyclists, you are not above the law. I hope the police start citing these reckless and irresponsible bicycle riders at every chance and opportunity. After a few thousand tickets, one or two may get the message (they aren’t too bright you know.)

    1. Ponyseeker says:

      Thanks for the blanket bagging on us cyclists. You’ve shown yourself to be a true paramour of human intelligence and decency.

      I only hope that in your vast “crackdown” upon us evil cyclists that you also include motorists. Do you obey ALL the rules of the road? Roll a stop? Crack the speed limit?

      As I mentioned in another reply on here, there are members of any group that make that group look bad. Cyclists and motorists have the same problems with one another on many fronts, albeit at different ends of the spectrum.

  53. Sterling Headset says:

    Finally! YES!! These bicyclists are a danger to themselves and drivers alike. They are the frequent cause of accidents and have no respect for the rules of the road as outlined by our traffic safety laws. Compel them to be licensed and issue tickets when they break the law JUST LIKE MOTOR VEHICLES.

    1. ban cycling says:

      But if you take away their biking license because of too many violations, what will they do? skateboard? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with your comments. I’m just bringing up the type of doofus arguments you’ll get from these bicycle pants wearing morons.

    2. matt says:

      I have never seen an accident from a bike rider… but i’ve seen many accidents from car on car violence. And what? you’d want cyclist to slow down at every cross walk even without a stop sign just to slow down other cars? you’re smart

      1. ban cyclists says:

        Matt, considering the fact that I hear about a cyclist getting killed by a car every few weeks, I am sure there are accidents from bike riders. And I was almost in a accident my self the other day when a crazy women sped up when I tried to go around a biker who was impeding traffic. I frequently see cars having to make dangerous lane changes to go around cyclists. And I frequently see cyclists pull out in from of cars. So I don’t know where you live, but I think you aren’t being objective.

  54. David B says:

    We have groups of them (20-40) all dressed up in their cute wittle tights who think they are in olympic training. They don’t let cars by. They ride 5-6 abreast. They yell at people and cars. They peddle as hard as they can. If you pulled out in front of them 100’s of yards before they get there and then had to yield for a tourist etc. they would not slow down and they would ploy into your side. I know it is 6:00 am but pull the f over lance and let cars pass and God help anyone that even slightly makes them break stride it is very important to peddle as fast as you can while training for the olympics.

    1. Ponyseeker says:

      As a former racing cyclist that trained in this manner as one of the God awful “pack” that you describe – there is a reason for it. Take that pack aside one by one and ask each person how many cycling friends that they have had that have been killed by a motorist.

      Now ask your driving friends how many friends that they have had killed by a cyclist. We move in large groups out of camaraderie and mutual concern. We are tougher to kill as a group. You should try riding for a year and being thought of as basically invisible on the road. It would give you a whole new perspective.

      I’m not saying that all of us spandex wearing. funny shoed sort are always in the right. Let’s face it – there are individuals in any “group” that make the “group” look bad and ignore common courtesy, decency , and the law. PO’d motorists are no different. You can always pull around a group, just like you would a motorist that’s going too slow for your liking.

      1. Sterling Headset says:

        It’s time to compel bicyclists to obtain bicycle safety licenses and to ticket them when they break traffic laws. Pony, if what you say is true then it is obviously an extremely dangerous recreational sport and something has to be done about the excessive medical and civic costs associated with any voluntary activity that causes this kind of expense to Colorado taxpayers. We compel car drivers and motorcycle drivers to have licenses, we compel motorcyclists to wear helmets, there is not sound reason that bicyclists should be exempt from their civic duty to the rest of us. They want to “Share the road” then let them take responsibility for their actions. Let them share the expense. The time has come to hold these riders responsible for their fair share of the expenses the rest of us incur because of their behavior. ,

    2. Bann cyclists says:

      And what happens when the group of a-holes don’t all get the light before it turns red? They just keep passing through so as to not lose the safety of being in a large group of freaks. I’m gonna write to my councilman right now and ask them to pass a law making it illegal to ride in groups of more than two bicycles.

      1. Saskia says:

        Favorite Ride When I Bicycled to Work and Back on 5/21/10 It was a pretty taraighsforwtrd ride on decent and beautiful streets from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills starting at about 6:30 a.m. It took me about an hour, with one short literal pit stop when I realized after 2 miles or so that my natural deodorant wasn’t going to suffice since I was riding in my office attire. If I make this a regular once per week thing, which I want to do, I’m going to keep a suit at the office to change into.I started by first heading south on 11th Street in Santa Monica for half a mile so I could ride east on Ocean Park which is a very smooth ride with a newly painted bike lane. Ocean Park becomes Gateway and Gateway ends at Pico which could not be avoided for quite a stretch, and was rough pavement with high traffic and lots of bus activity. But between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. it was doable. Pico at Gateway to a tiny side street called S. Elm was 3 miles, then I wended my north easterly way on decent side streets to Doheny at Wilshire. It was the ride home that is something to write home about, though. I left the office at about 6:30 p.m., still rush hour traffic, and mistakenly turned west onto Olympic instead if Pico. I realized my error after several blocks as I was also coming to the conclusion that there was no way I was going to ride my bike on any main thoroughfare during rush hour. I happened to be near S. Beverly so crossed the street southward in the crosswalk, remembering my own judgmental words when I’ve seen cyclists opting out of vehicle mode and into pedestrian mode. Now I understood the value, as well as the necessity at times, of doing this. It’s about economy of movement when you’re on pedal power. I had carefully planned my route to work the night before and thought I would just take the same route home, but since the traffic was too harrowing, I continued south on S. Beverly to Beverwil. Beverwil turned out to be a smooth and pleasant street, so I decided to just take it wherever it would lead and figure out how to head westward later! You might think that after-work tiredness would dissuade me but heading south on Beverwil was the path of least resistance at that moment.On this part of the journey I learned that the reason I had 3 miles on Pico in the morning has to do with the existence of the Hillcrest Country Club butted up against the Cheviot Hills Park / Recreation Center, and the Rancho Hills Golf Course. (Cheviot Hills Park dates back to 1936 as an idea, made a reality in 1945. You can read more about it if you want to on Wikipedia. For my purposes, suffice it to say that for years, from my car on Pico in Century City, I saw green behind metal fencing but I was always on my way to the office or back home and never explored what it was.) Due to the park and my desire to stay alive by avoiding rush hour traffic, I took -thanks to iPhone Maps Beverwil all the way to Beverlywood Street, then a series of turns and streets as follows: West (steep uphill) on Beverlywood to aLeft onto McConnell then onto Club Drive;Left onto Forrester;Left onto Motor;Right onto Glenbarr;Left onto Gilmerton;Right onto Cheviot;slight Right onto Manning;Left onto Ashby;Left onto Westwood;Right onto Exhibition; andLeft onto Gateway, which turns into Ocean Park heading west back home to the city of Santa Monica.The ride home took me an hour and a half, but that included stops to check the map and the streets while holding my iPhone, riding slowly and watching the little blue dot that was me on the map heading in the wrong direction several times, all the while being amazed at the trip I was on!The ride was definitely worth doing and I do plan to make it a once a week practice.

  55. Michael O says:

    The anti-cyclist rhetoric here is mind-blowing. Don’t you realize that some people can only afford one car per family? Let me guess, you probably drive everywhere, even if it’s just to the next store in a shopping center. You always go through the drive through (in your rolling fortress V8 monstrosity) because it’s too much trouble to get off your lazy butt and walk inside. Think if more people rode bikes: less pollution, healthier people, less dependence on oil…of course, that would require a monumental shift in the USA’s infrastructure–but it could be done. Just wait till gas is 20 dollars a gallon–it’s going to happen sooner than you think–and then maybe you’ll get off your fat, lazy, paper-pushing butts and find out what’s it’s like to try and ride a bike amongst a swarm of multi-ton hunks of metal going way faster than you, most likely piloted by someone on a cell phone or just generally of a bad disposition.

    1. Ponyseeker says:

      Although I might disagree with you on some political and economic points, I champion your “and find out what’s it’s like to try and ride a bike amongst a swarm of multi-ton hunks of metal going way faster than you, most likely piloted by someone on a cell phone or just generally of a bad disposition.”

      Poetry, Good Sir, poetry! Well done!

    2. Sterling Headset says:

      Hi Michael,
      You do realize that you are fighting anti-cyclist rhetoric with anti-automobile rhetoric right? And BTW, it’s not uncommon to see a cyclist using his or her cell phone. Michael, what you need is a license to drive your bicycle. WE as a community need to petition our state congress to pass a law requiring cyclists like Michael to have an operators license on their person. Their vehicles need to be licensed as well. There should be a bicycle tag and a cyclists license in order to drive one on the street. They should have to prove that they understand traffic laws. We need to recoup some of the medical costs that cyclists have strapped the Colorado taxpayer with in recent years. They should have to carry their fair share of the costs associated with their reckless behavior.

  56. Ponyseeker says:

    This is simply beyond idiocy, and I live (and am a cyclist) in CA, so it takes a lot to redline my meter for political stupidity – I live in the belly of it. Aaron Barcheck, in the article above, has it correct. If the cars don’t have to, neither do cyclists.

    Of course, since society caves to the dumbest of the dumb anymore, how about turning the tides and holding pedestrians that are texting, or reading their mail, or whatever, accountable for their own stupidity in being oblivious to their own environment at the moment? In CA I have literally seen folk walk into street sign or lamp post poles because of their obsession with whatever electronic doo-dad that they are paying homage to at the time,

    It’s time to start holding the inept “victims” accountable.

    1. Mike says:

      Excellent point. If even a hundred more people shared your view, we’d all be a bit better off. Unfortunately, society does kowtow to the lowest common denominator, so all bets are off.

    2. Sterling Headset says:

      It’s fair and reasonable that bicyclists are compelled to obtain drivers licenses if they insist on using state, county and city roads. It should be necessary that cyclists take traffic safety courses and that their bicycles get vehicle tags as well. Law enforcement needs the ability to caution and fine cyclists when necessary and these are the tools by which they can do it. bicycle accidents and fatalities cost Colorado taxpayers millions of dollars every year. They leave their victims injured, dead and sometimes in a wheel chair for life. Have you any idea of the costs associated with the care and rehabilitation of an uninsured bicyclist with a head injury??? It’s time that cyclists contribute to these and other bicycle related costs. It is selfish and unfair that cyclists would choose to pass this cost along to other law abiding, licensed vehicle operators on our state roads. Stop being so selfish and childish, take some safety courses, obtain a license and proof of insurance.

    3. Bill C says:

      Nobody forces these cyclists to be stupid – they do it by choice. Yes, they have their 1% good rides but, the other 99% give them a bad rap.

  57. zauber says:

    This is absurd … my normal training RUN pace is 9 mph!

  58. Ponyseeker says:

    OK – I’m with Michael above. What’s with the cyclist vitriol? It’s not as if all of you who don’t ride a bike currently are perfect. After reading and replying to many messages here – I’m pooped and must retire for the evening. I’m incredulous as to the venom toward the cyclists.

    Holding you up in traffic??? I’ve never been delayed more than a minute by one of the nasty, marauding bands of cyclists disparaged here, and I’m actually Cyclist Friendly and don’t get all PO’d and bent out of shape about it. Perhaps all you haters should leave 5 minutes earlier and calm down.

    *DISCLAIMER* I was am early adopter of spandex and funny shoes as a racing cyclist back in the late 70’s. I still shave my legs. I still yell at motorists when they deserve it. *END DISCLAIMER*

  59. Herb says:

    I ride exactly 8MPH, and am sick of these speeders passing me! JAIL THEM ALL!

  60. longnthik says:

    HA ! Funny the the liberal nut job control freaks are experiencing a taste of their own medicine , savor the fruits of your labor, freaks !

  61. robertg says:

    “we just obey the same rules as cars ”

    yea right! I’ll believe that when I see it.

    1. Wiglaf says:

      When you see it, you probably don’t even recognize it for what it is because you probably don’t know the law yourself.

      1. Beowulf says:

        Get off the sidewalk & follow the same laws as cars and you finaly get you’re “I’m a car too!” wish.

      2. Wiglaf says:

        “vehicle.” “I’m a vehicle too!” Not a car. Hello. A biker is not a car.

  62. Alx1775 says:

    Typical response. Make more laws because that is all they know how to do.

    If the problem is people disobeying the laws already on the books, more laws will not help.

  63. no says:

    This is stupid. Why would you be bicycling through a crosswalk? I don’t know how you guys do it here in Denver, but back in PDX, you BICYCLE WITH TRAFFIC. When the light turns green, you go. Just like a car. Becuase you are in a car lane. With cars. Unless you are in the bicycle lane, when there is one . . . in which case you bicycle in the bicycle lane AS IF YOU WERE A CAR AND FOLLOWING CAR RULES. At no time would you EVER use the crosswalk. That is for pedestrians and a bike/car is not a pedestrian.

    1. RJ says:

      It’s meant for when they’re crossing the crosswalk. Realistically, I don’t think this rule needs to be in place if there were enforcement of the REST OF THE TRAFFIC LAWS that bicycles are SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW!!

  64. Uomo Del Ghiaccio says:

    There are too many cyclists not following the rules, but there are also too many motorists not following the rules. Motorists who drive distracted account for many of the complaints that have been argued. Between eating, applying makeup, reading and phone usage, motorist are hardly a group that can honestly cast aspersions towards another group.

    Cyclists should not be on the sidewalks period. They should be on the road or on a bike path. Cyclist should follow the rules of the road just as motorist should. Motorists should learn the rules of the road and understand that there are special rules that apply to Cyclists and motorcycles in many states.

  65. Malcom says:

    Not only should they follow a speed limit on the streets they should also buy insurance too.

  66. Doohickie says:

    “It just seems kind of like a silly rule, honestly. I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do. If they don’t have to do it, then we probably shouldn’t have to do it either,” said cyclist Aaron Barcheck.

    If you want to follow the same rules as cars, start by getting off the sidewalk.

    1. Doohickie says:

      (You’re embarrassing the rest of the cycling community. Cut it out.)

      1. RJ says:

        Unfortunately, that’s the majority opinion most folks see from the bicycling community. You want to change it? Start following traffic laws and actively herd other bicyclists into the same behavior.

  67. PatrioticUSGlory says:

    This law will be fantastic: (A) We need more litigation, not less. (B) We need to give Government clerical employees and law enforcement more work and discretion, since they’re so good at it. (C) Government laws are so much better than educating bicyclists or pedestrians about safety. (D) The 8 MPH limit is not 9 and it’s not 7, it’s perfectly in the middle!

  68. Mike says:

    Why not? I’ve never seen a bicyclist stop for a stop sign or traffic signal, so why would they care about any kind of speed limit? Who enforces traffic laws on bicyclists? They ride on whichever side of the road they want to, they ride on sidewalks, they cut across lawns and parks, they pretty much do what they want. The only reason people aren’t allowed to ride Segways is that they would ride them just like bicyclists ride their cycles, and we can’t have that, can we? Besides, bicycles are “green” and therefore politically correct. Nobody would obey or enforce such a law, anyway, so it really is a pointless question.

  69. PatrioticUSGlory says:

    And Fine them. Fine them a lot. Make it preferable for them to use cars. We’re almost to utopia, where every aspect of our lives will be managed by Government. That bliss it will be not to have to make choices or decisions! On the day this law is enacted, let’s erect a statue to Ward Churchill as well so the message is not lost on anyone

  70. Fed Up American says:

    Ahhh, the land of the free. RUN BY A BUNCH OF CONTROL FREAKS.

    And the people that comment here in support of this absurdity…. dang people, why not just issue a friggen plastic bubble for people to live in with their SS Card!?!?

    1. Sterling Headset says:

      Excellent idea! That plastic bubble will protect pedestrians from speeding bicyclists that seem to believe they own the road! Great idea FUA!

  71. PatrioticUSGlory says:

    There is a joke among neurologists and brain surgeons is how bicycle helmet laws are great because they keep all the parts in one place after an accident. (You see, studies show helmets don’t protect a brain from rattling and bouncing and being smashed inside a skull).

    1. Dako says:

      Hey I just started to read your blog… you do a fianasttc job, btw! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I just read a post where you talked about wearing helmets and such and I wanted to share this… my cousin, who was five at the time, was riding her bike (with parents watching) on her not busy street… someone came flying through going too fast for her to move and he hit her, and the helmet was completely smashed, but she was ok. Well, she was in the hospital for a while, but if not for her helmet, she would have died.

    2. Muhammet says:

      love your banner, Speedwell dlcaes make me come over all nostalgic. Not to mention the beautiful frame of the bike in the beautifully framed photo. Lovely site.

  72. Reyn Mansson says:

    If bicyclists wants equal access to public highways then I want them to have equal burdens as borne by all other legitimate road users. I want: INSURANCE requirement – the size and potential damage that can be caused is not a factor in the requirement for motorcycle vs. auto insurance nor should it be in requiring bicycles to have liability coverage, INSPECTION & Equipment minimum standards- Signals: although a motorcyclist or auto driver can use hand signals too, the flashing types are required and provide much better visibility in limited light situations. Blinkers also would keep both hands on the handlebars and thus provide the rider with better control. Lights: Headlight & taillight – They need to be inspected and certified they meet the state criteria. Brakes: standards for road-going bikes, inspected as acceptable. OPERATOR LICENSE: validating the skills of the riders. That one can drive a car does not mean one has the skills to ride a bike. A car operators permit is not acceptable to ride a motorcycle nor should it be so for bicycles. Registration & PLATES: Provide you are the owner and that this is a road legal vehicle and to help them recover stolen vehicles. Bicycles are stolen at a rate certainly as high as autos. Plates would help identify accident victims too. Plates are a means to tax road users and valid for peddle craft as well as powered vehicles.

    Additionally one reason that I want bicycle riders to have operator permits & plates is so that the right to ride can be taken away as punishment for violating traffic laws like a auto driver can loose their license for too many tickets. It’s all about Equality! Cyclists wish to be treated as full-fledged, legitimate road users, so then proof they have a roadworthy vehicle, the skills to operate it, the means to compensate for any liabilities arising from operation and that it is legally on the road are only doing what is required of ALL other road users. No free pass here, If y’all want to play in traffic then y’all are going to need to play by the same rules as the rest of us do.
    Kids on Bikes – Exempt 20″ and smaller wheels and issue bicycle operator permits [after passing the test] at age 15, when you move up to big wheel and go out in the big world then you have permits, plates, inspections and insurance.

    1. TroyG says:

      What you want is to give the Government more power to oppress the population.
      You are an incredible fool.

    2. Genzu says:

      The way drivers and ccilysts think is definitely a key to cycle safety.I’ve lived and biked in a number of cities and Ottawa actually has relatively good cycle lanes, but I do feel the general levels of driving and concentration are poor.I was recently in Paris, using the velib bikes. Parisian drivers are notorious, but they are invariably very aware of ccilysts and go out of their way to accommodate them.This contrasts with a recent experience of mine in Ottawa, in busy traffic a bus insisted on passing me, but cut in before fully past when I protested the driver claimed to have passed me which was just not true and in any case utterly pointless as there was a huge queue of traffic ahead.Re: the March Road incident, truly shocking. As mentioned above any charges ought to reflect the recklessness of the driving rather than whether the victims are lucky enough to survive or not.PS the captcha for this posting is a bit disconcerting: fatality harper

  73. JRS says:

    Ha! CO makes me laugh. All the nutjobs who f’d up CA move to CO and now you get arguments like this one. Who’s next, Wyoming? LOL.

  74. Chuck says:

    Hooray, politicians to the rescue! How many pedestrians are killed each year by bicyclists? Less than a dozen per year? Well, that needs immediate action! How many pedestrians are killed by automobile drivers? More than 5,000 per year? Well, that’s too bad! Those cyclists are the true threat, they’re subverting our god-given right to drive around in our cages, killing pedestrians and cyclists with near-impunity!

  75. juniper says:

    I can’t wait to run past the bikers who can only go 8 mph, It will be a real ego booster- I just hope they change the law to add pedestrian traffic to hold the same speed limit.

  76. Alan Shohat CannibalCat says:

    Wait a sec…
    When I was a kid we were told that we had to get OFF our bikes and walk them across the crosswalk. When did that change?
    If this law applies only to crosswalks, it shouldn’t be implemented in just “some” areas, but nationwide.

  77. Mackster18 says:

    How many bikes are equipped with speedometers?

    1. RJ says:

      With GPS and smartphones that bikers typically carry on them – I’d say more than 99% of them can be equipped with speedometers by TOMORROW if the bicyclists wanted to cooperate. But the bicyclist community largely doesn’t cooperate with traffic, or traffic laws.

  78. SteveT says:

    How utterly stupid. Bicyclists are and should be bound by the same laws as motor vehicles. Period. Lord, how I detest nanny state busy bodies. The more I hear about this kind of gargage in Boulder, the less I want to move back there.

  79. ramicio says:

    They aren’t going to be able to do this unless they make bikers get a license. They can get away with tickets on motorists because deep in the small print rabbit hole of signing for a license, you agree to waive your right of “innocent until proven guilty” and that you are presumed a criminal, even when no property or bodily harm befalls someone else. It is a scam.

  80. Daniel Morgan says:

    Thank God the government is going to finally protect me from bands of mauradering bikers. My house may be robbed, I can be mugged or killed on the street, terrorists may capture and torture me, but I am happy, I won’t be run over by a bike.

  81. Sterling Headset says:

    My niece is a lobbyist for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and they have successfully petitions the Obama administration for a national bicyclist tax that will help pay for medical costs associated with uninsured-injured bicyclists. The administration has embraced the concept and is currently helping write legislation that will institute a national tax that will be based on mileage driven for each bicycle. Thus passing the costs on to cyclists most likely to be injured based upon their usage. It is a simple yearly fee, will require a device to be installed on these ‘vehicles” and each rider must be carry a license on their person or be subject to penalty by law that will include confiscation of their vehicle and upon multiple offenses, imprisonment. It’s about time!

  82. TroyG says:

    Hey America
    This is what the Nanny Voter’s have spawned in our country.
    How many of you reading this felt it was okay to have a seat belt law because there wouldn’t be a fine associated with it? How long did that last?
    Each and every American Citizen needs to stop the elected idiots from passing more and more stupid laws.

    1. Sterling Headset says:

      Radical bicyclists need to be controlled, they are dangerous.

      1. TroyG says:

        I submit you and your ilk are a million times more dangerous than any number of radical bikers.
        You would allow the Government yet more control (those of us who think know it is a use of force) over American citizens.
        You are a fool!

  83. jerrykregle says:

    whatever happened to GET OFF YOUR BIKE and WALK IT across the street
    If you cant do that DO NOT ride it on the sidewalk it don’t belong there
    RIDE in traffic like you are supposed to

  84. Tangair says:

    Many have predicted this type of Orwellian constraint for some time now. Governmental “mission creep” is systemic Futurists now predict a new class of union-affiliated government workers. Think of them as adult crossing guards that – in the name of public safety – hold your hand while crossing the street, provide directions to drug-addled indigents (or self-medicating soccer moms) and generally get nosy while you’re just out for a bagel.

    Just think back on the Loony Left’s encroachment into our lives and see what fine fodder this would have been for Monty Python. I think I’d better begin hoarding Spam!

  85. Htos1 says:

    We need a Nuremburg style series of trials for ALL politicians since 1964,with summary executions upon convictions.We simply must if we are to preserve our union from within and without.This is a prime example pols have destroyed our economy.allowed infiltration by bolshevists since 1991.We are inviting a surprise attack via wmd as well.Big picture people,big picture.

  86. Bill says:

    I’m confused. are you talking about cyclists on the road who don’t stop and run down a pedestrian that is trying to cross or a cyclist riding across the walk? either way the law seems stupid. If a cyclist is on the road he has to stop for the active crosswalk just like a car. if the cyclist is crossing with pedestrians then he has to dismount and walk across just like a pedestrian. This is a because of cyclist that choose to ignore all the rules of the road. They do car and truck safety blitzes. maybe it’s time to do that to the cyclist at least until more of them become law abiding.

  87. Orwellian says:

    ““It just seems kind of like a silly rule, honestly. I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do.” That quote is laughable. They obey no rules, and are nearly always antagonistic toward cars, people, or anything else that dares get in their way.

  88. Chuck Heston says:

    I’ve been a cyclist for as long as I can remember. Working in a city that isn’t planned for cyclists but tries to support cyclists to the point of ridiculousness has made me aware of actions of both cyclists and drivers that are dangerous. This law, although likely not enforced except on incident, is a good idea. Remember your biking rules that you learned as a kid? Do you ride your bike in a crosswalk or do you walk it? You are supposed to walk your bike in a crosswalk for good reason. I’ve seen many incidents of Cyclist vs Pedestrian accidents on sidewalks, crosswalks, and trails, all cause by cyclists going to fast or ignoring the right of way.

    Cyclists have had responsibility shifted from their shoulders far too much, at least in my city. The Mayor of Seattle has even proposed changing the speed limit in the city to 20MPH just to make it safe for bikers (citing deaths of cyclists riding where very few seasoned cyclists would dare ride).

  89. Otto says:

    Ah yes…. Land of the Free

  90. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    More Government Regulation “for the People?. But if you must, start with the Primadonna Baboons in their Court Jester Outfits blocking my Prius from saving the Planet.

  91. MDWhite says:

    Many cyclists seem to think that the world should revolve around them and that they inhabit some lofty moral high ground. I’ve been cut off by them; flipped off by them and forced to travel at 5 mph as they string themselves across lanes.

    In California, motorists are required to be licensed and insured or be cited and pay a heavy fine if found in violation. If cyclists want to be treated equally with motorists, the same should be required of them. License and insurance or stay off the road.

  92. Rob says:

    I wish the roads were more friendly to folks on bicycles, and then we’d be more willing to stick to roads and not sidewalks.

    It took almost a year bugging the police to get a guy out of the neighborhood who was compelled to get his motorcycle up to 65 mph on a narrow 100 yard stretch of road between two blind curves. Now we have another guy with the same problem.

    If any of you out in CO have folks with a likewise mentality, I’d work on that before hassling bicyclists.

  93. flashman1854 says:

    Bicyclists are supposed to be constrained by the same laws that motorists face, no? In fact, I believe this is stated in the article.

    So, if drivers of automobiles are not required to slow their cars down to 8MPH then bicyclists should not be so mandated.

    However, bicyclist then must agree to actually follow the laws motorists must follow. These laws include: coming to a complete stop at Stop Signs. Not ‘running’ Red Lights. Not darting in and out of traffic. Right?

    And, the fines for such violations would be the same as those charged motorists. And, these violations would go on a bicyclist’s record.

    Plus, bicyclists would be required to be licensed. And be required to purchase liability insurance. No?

    If the bicyclists agree to the above then we can agree that the 8MPH speed limit, in crosswalks, is unjust.

    1. BillS says:

      Actually I’ve seen cyclists ticketed for running stop signs, and yes the fine is the same that any other moving vehicle pays. Insurance – not required but if you are a wealthy cyclist with assets to protect not a bad idea since you can be sued like other motorists…

      As for a license – not a reasonable requirement, any more so than asking everyone to get a driver’s license to ride a horse. Don’t agree try to pass the bill, just be sure to tell kids they are no longer allowed to ride bikes because they don’t have a driver’s license….

      But add the maritime rules of the road where motor driven vehicles must always yield to those without motors – the driver of the car is always at fault when a pedestrian or bicycle is struck by a car, the cyclist is always at fault when a pedestrian is struck – you can model it on CA’s laws regarding pedestrians.

    2. RJ says:

      Oh, I fully agree that bicyclists should be required to have drivers licenses. It would make sure they’re educated on the rules of the road, even before liability insurance, they should be required to have license plates. The same ones motorcycles get would fit perfectly on the backs of bikes.

  94. Reality Sandwich says:

    Why bother. Cyclists ignore laws all the time. Stop signs are virtually never obeyed. They forget they are bound by the rules of the road also.

  95. poorhardworker says:

    I think I missed the passage of one bill…the one that outlawed common sense! How on earth did I ever get to this age without government being in every aspect of my live…as it is now! Good Lord! Stop the stupidity and stop the spending!

  96. JamesNYC says:

    I am beginning to think cyclists should be required to have a drivers permit. This would force them to be educated in traffic law. This would leave them no excuses for going wrong way, blowing through stop signs and generally thinking they are the kings of the road until they get splattered by a car.
    BTW I have been a bike messenger in NYC and I see cyclists bullying people all day long. Time for them to man up and start learning that they need to drive defensively like everyone else.

    1. RJ says:

      Thank you! Stop lights and controlled intersections being the most important things to equalize between vehicle and bicycle traffic.

  97. Chris says:

    I live in Cambridge and Boston, very bicycle friendly but still the problem is that demographics are changing. More and more people are starting to bicycle, run, skateboard, blade and walk for transportation; not just for recreation as was the case during Americas love affair with the automobile for the last 100 year, The city asks bicyclists to stay off the sidewalks and motorists want cyclists to stay on the side. Motorists complain that bicyclists “Get ahead” by riding the gutter and taking short-cuts but then again, they complain if a cyclists just sat in traffic like another car and cause you to get to the next red light 10 seconds slower. Ultimately, cars pose a more deadly and more frequent danger to cyclists than cyclists to pedestrians. Motorists are in their own insulated world, distracted by GPS, phone calls, and Big Macs; cyclists and pedestrians should be in solidarity since cars kill more of them than eachother.

  98. AZD2 says:

    If we need a bicycle speed limit we should probably have a jogging and a walking speed limit too. Seriously, bicycles are hekd to the same laws on the roads has cars. Doesn’t matter if they can’t go as fast as the speed limit as long as they don’t break it. Required to follow traffic light and sign instructions too. Why should you impose one speed limit for cars and a slower one for bikes? Just another unneccessary law on the books

  99. RJ says:

    “I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do. If they don’t have to do it, then we probably shouldn’t have to do it either,” said cyclist Aaron Barcheck.

    But if they actually obeyed the traffic laws on a regular basis this kind of ordinance wouldn’t have to be enacted. Stop lights, stop signs, one way streets, and the proper right of way. ALL should be followed by bicyclists.

    1. Roger Barr says:

      All should be followed by all. If only the world were perfect.

      Unfortunately, I’m not a perfect cyclist, nor a perfect driver. I make mistakes doing either, but I try to be safe and courteous, as well as law-abiding, regardless of conveyance. But that’s just me.

      It’s funny. When I see other drivers breaking the law, I don’t condemn all drivers. Maybe it’s because I’m also a driver. When I see a cyclist behaving badly, I don’t condemn all cyclists. I think this is a pretty good way to live. It keeps me from condemning all blacks, whites, muslims, jews, new yorkers, etc, etc. ad infinitum.

      I wonder how many people here condemning “all cyclists” even know the law governing operation of a bicycle? Or a car, for that matter?

    2. Yashika says:

      I like it. Thinking of cycling as a grlieion also opens up the possibility of there being different types of believers- from passive and moderate occasional worshipers at holiday times to die hard fundamentalist evangelists. I think we should be shooting somewhere in the middle- to get most people to integrate this spiritual practice into their daily routine. I don’t think being fundamentalist will get us there. I’d prefer to show it through our actions. What is a good conversion strategy that has been successful?

  100. Odins Acolyte says:

    Get out of the lives of the people or be taken out by the people. That day is not far if government continues down this road of protecting the people for the public good…
    We (the People) made you and can brake you.

  101. Odins Acolyte says:

    That was a play words- break and brake…get it???
    sorry. Both words apply.

  102. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Little California wants more rules. Leave it to them to come up with stupid ideas like this. They need to worry about education so they stop with the idiotic ideas. Kill innocent animals and come up with arbitrary speed limits. Bravo, you metaphorical ship of fools. Maybe next you’ll come up with a tissue ordinance on how many to use while blowing your nose. Colorado. Special elections can get rid of these dolts and put people in touch with reality into office.

  103. natb1 says:

    Meddling into Peddling?

    At least public officials aren’t lecturing us on what we choose to eat.

  104. glenp says:

    it’s a LIBERAL NANNY STATE so all you nanny state lovers should really go for this idiocy

    you people vote these a holes in and you get what you deserve and CHOSE

    1. feihunyouj says:

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  105. CommonCents says:

    The problem is many of these ‘cyclists’ are obnoxious liberal types… they ignore rules-of-the-road and blow right through stop signs, stop lights, and crosswalks.

    Frankly, they should be required to have their driver’s license and be ticketed just as though they were driving a car (and in fact, they -are- in control of a ‘vehicle’).

    Likewise if they run a signal or stop/yield sign and get hit. Too bad, they’re at fault.

  106. Guns don't kill, democrats kill... says:

    Ahh Boulder…40 square miles surrounded by reality…

  107. Liberal Priorities… These people are freaks.

  108. Irritated says:

    Where I live, many cyclists simply ignore red lights or anything else they find inconvenient. Bicycles are considered vehicles by law. So they take the advantages that vehicles have such as driving in the streets. However, they completely disregard the laws that inconvenience them and that vehicles must abide by, such as stopping and waiting for a red light to turn green, and stopping at stop signs. I can’t count the number of cyclists I’ve seen who pedal along with traffic up to a red light, then when all of the other traffic stops and waits as it should, the cyclists simply blow through the light. They should be ticketed and receive points on their licenses the same as if a vehicle were to drive through a red light. Same for not stopping at stop signs. Additionally, although cyclists are considered vehicles, many of them demand the rights of pedestrians when it suits them. For example, I’ve seen cyclists pedal along through traffic in a street, and then when they want to turn off to the left, they put their hand up so as to signal all other traffic to stop and yield to them so they can turn, expecting that traffic should yield to them the same as if they were a pedestrian. I also had a time when I was in the right lane making a right-hand turn, and a cyclist blew by me on my right, narrowly missing the front of my car as I was turning. Either a bicycle is a vehicle or it isn’t. If it is, then obey the laws that other vehicles must obey (like waiting for a green light before going, stopping at stop signs, not passing on the right, etc), and don’t demand to be treated like a pedestrian when the situation suits you. And if a bicycle is not a vehicle, then get the heck out of the road and onto the sidewalk with the other pedestrians. You can’t have it both ways.

  109. livingalright says:

    It’s not clear to me that the pro’s and the con’s are willing to listen to each other….

    I find it amusing that each transportation option is portrayed as a collective. “car driver” vs “cyclist”- with stereotypes etc. a bad driver and a bad cyclist are individuals. there are ways to behave and coexist while operating either vehicle.

    it’s sad to see people take a topic like this to just hurl the same tired insults at each other. we’ve all seen bad drivers and bad cyclists. it’s gonna be ok.

    is this law practical? probably not. is it enforceable? probably not. Is there an issue regarding cycling and safety in some areas? probably.

    questions: if a motorist who “doesn’t like cyclists” drives by a group of cyclists who are single file and not in the way…. does it bother you? Do you get emotional? Why?

    I think the anger present in this forum has little to do with the issue. It’s just another opportunity to share prejudice.

  110. ZudZ says:

    Boulder should enact a spandex tax also. F*** these a-holes.

  111. goslowordie says:

    I don’t live in CO, and don’t really care what y’all do out there, but this has been amusing to read. I will say that it seems sort of ridiculous to limit a bike to 8mph when a car can drive through the same intersection at whatever the speed limit happens to be.