BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Bicyclists in Boulder may have to watch how fast they coast. The City Council is considering an 8 mph speed limit for cyclists in certain locations.

The council will consider the speed limit proposal at next week’s meeting. In the meantime, the ordinance has some cyclists pedaling their opposition.

“The biking community wants to have consistent laws around the state. People travel from city to city every day,” said Bicycle Colorado Executive Director Dan Grunig.

Grunig has been hearing mutterings of a bike speed limit in Boulder for a few months. The speed limit would only apply when cyclists are pedaling through a crosswalk.

Grunig believes if that ordinance is approved, the law could do more harm than good.

“The problem with an 8 mph speed limit is that it blames the victim if they are hit in the crosswalk. Now, if a cyclist is hit in a safety crosswalk they have to prove they were going under 8 mph and that’s not possible,” said Grunig.

“It just seems kind of like a silly rule, honestly. I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do. If they don’t have to do it, then we probably shouldn’t have to do it either,” said cyclist Aaron Barcheck.

Some cyclists feel the 8 mph limit is too slow. Others said they would support the speed limit, including one man who was hit by another cyclist.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” said cyclist Larry Ardito. “Sometimes people just don’t slow down or obey the signs.”

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  1. goslowordie says:

    I don’t live in CO, and don’t really care what y’all do out there, but this has been amusing to read. I will say that it seems sort of ridiculous to limit a bike to 8mph when a car can drive through the same intersection at whatever the speed limit happens to be.

  2. ZudZ says:

    Boulder should enact a spandex tax also. F*** these a-holes.

  3. livingalright says:

    It’s not clear to me that the pro’s and the con’s are willing to listen to each other….

    I find it amusing that each transportation option is portrayed as a collective. “car driver” vs “cyclist”- with stereotypes etc. a bad driver and a bad cyclist are individuals. there are ways to behave and coexist while operating either vehicle.

    it’s sad to see people take a topic like this to just hurl the same tired insults at each other. we’ve all seen bad drivers and bad cyclists. it’s gonna be ok.

    is this law practical? probably not. is it enforceable? probably not. Is there an issue regarding cycling and safety in some areas? probably.

    questions: if a motorist who “doesn’t like cyclists” drives by a group of cyclists who are single file and not in the way…. does it bother you? Do you get emotional? Why?

    I think the anger present in this forum has little to do with the issue. It’s just another opportunity to share prejudice.

  4. Irritated says:

    Where I live, many cyclists simply ignore red lights or anything else they find inconvenient. Bicycles are considered vehicles by law. So they take the advantages that vehicles have such as driving in the streets. However, they completely disregard the laws that inconvenience them and that vehicles must abide by, such as stopping and waiting for a red light to turn green, and stopping at stop signs. I can’t count the number of cyclists I’ve seen who pedal along with traffic up to a red light, then when all of the other traffic stops and waits as it should, the cyclists simply blow through the light. They should be ticketed and receive points on their licenses the same as if a vehicle were to drive through a red light. Same for not stopping at stop signs. Additionally, although cyclists are considered vehicles, many of them demand the rights of pedestrians when it suits them. For example, I’ve seen cyclists pedal along through traffic in a street, and then when they want to turn off to the left, they put their hand up so as to signal all other traffic to stop and yield to them so they can turn, expecting that traffic should yield to them the same as if they were a pedestrian. I also had a time when I was in the right lane making a right-hand turn, and a cyclist blew by me on my right, narrowly missing the front of my car as I was turning. Either a bicycle is a vehicle or it isn’t. If it is, then obey the laws that other vehicles must obey (like waiting for a green light before going, stopping at stop signs, not passing on the right, etc), and don’t demand to be treated like a pedestrian when the situation suits you. And if a bicycle is not a vehicle, then get the heck out of the road and onto the sidewalk with the other pedestrians. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. Liberal Priorities… These people are freaks.

  6. Guns don't kill, democrats kill... says:

    Ahh Boulder…40 square miles surrounded by reality…

  7. CommonCents says:

    The problem is many of these ‘cyclists’ are obnoxious liberal types… they ignore rules-of-the-road and blow right through stop signs, stop lights, and crosswalks.

    Frankly, they should be required to have their driver’s license and be ticketed just as though they were driving a car (and in fact, they -are- in control of a ‘vehicle’).

    Likewise if they run a signal or stop/yield sign and get hit. Too bad, they’re at fault.

  8. glenp says:

    it’s a LIBERAL NANNY STATE so all you nanny state lovers should really go for this idiocy

    you people vote these a holes in and you get what you deserve and CHOSE

    1. feihunyouj says:

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  9. natb1 says:

    Meddling into Peddling?

    At least public officials aren’t lecturing us on what we choose to eat.

  10. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Little California wants more rules. Leave it to them to come up with stupid ideas like this. They need to worry about education so they stop with the idiotic ideas. Kill innocent animals and come up with arbitrary speed limits. Bravo, you metaphorical ship of fools. Maybe next you’ll come up with a tissue ordinance on how many to use while blowing your nose. Colorado. Special elections can get rid of these dolts and put people in touch with reality into office.

  11. Odins Acolyte says:

    That was a play words- break and brake…get it???
    sorry. Both words apply.

  12. Odins Acolyte says:

    Get out of the lives of the people or be taken out by the people. That day is not far if government continues down this road of protecting the people for the public good…
    We (the People) made you and can brake you.

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