AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Employees at a Best Buy in Aurora said a man threatened to blow up the store after he learned a video game he had pre-ordered was not in stock.

The man walked into the Best Buy just after midnight in the 3500 block of N. Salida Court near Interstate 70 and Tower Road.

“The last store I called was the Best Buy by my house and they said okay, we have three copies, two are on reserve and one is here available,” said Lomon Sar. “She charged the card, it was $108… She put my name on the box.”

best buy1 Man Threatens To Blow Up Store When Video Game Not In Stock

The Best Buy near I-70 and Tower Road in Aurora. (credit: CBS)

Police said Sar, 31, went to pick up a hardened copy of the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” he said he pre-ordered and paid for earlier in the day. When he arrived, it wasn’t there and he became irate and angry at the customer service desk.

“He says what’s your name and starts typing in my name and he couldn’t find anything. The manager deleted me off their system! Like, took me out of the system! Took all my information out of the system everything,” said Sar.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” was released at midnight Tuesday.

Police said he asked employees when they were leaving the store and said that he intended to shoot them in the parking lot as they were leaving work. He also allegedly made another statement that involved blowing up the store.

“I put my hand up to my head and said look I’m so pissed right now I could blow this place up right now. That’s how mad I am!,” said Sar.

Lomon Sar talked to CBS4 about the incident. Watch his entire interview with CBS4’s Evrod Cassimy below:

Sar was issued a summons for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and trespassing.

“Investigating officers issued a criminal summons to a man who threatened to carry out his own version of modern warfare at the electronics store. Fortunately, this situation did not end in violence,” said Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel.

“I didn’t know words can get you in that much trouble but apparently they can,” said Sar.

Sar said Best Buy did refund $108 he paid for the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a first-person shooter video game. It is the eighth installment of the Call of Duty series and the third installment of the Modern Warfare series. The game is rated M for mature due to blood and gore, drug references, intense violence and strong language.

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Comments (122)
  1. Buck Williams says:

    It’s Bush’s fault they ran out of the game…

    1. Larz Blackman says:

      Stop! It’s neither funny, witty, nor poignant.

      1. i eat green beans says:

        it’s bush’s fault the joke failed…

      2. asdf says:

        lol oh hell i thought that was funny.

      3. babydriver says:

        I thought what Buck said was funny. You DO understand sacasm don’t you?

        Our world is totally out of control. Jesus will return soon. I find sarcasm a great way to maintain sanity while I wait for my Savior.

      4. imsancho says:

        It is bush’s fault we keep telling this joke

      5. Tony Blackman says:

        It is also Bush’s fault that parents name their children, “Larz”.

      6. Mod says:

        I laughed.

      7. dfwfire says:

        Buck, I thought it was extremely funny, witty, and poignant. It was everything I look for in an internet news comment. Larz, make a stiff drink and pop one of your happy pills. …

      8. HPS says:

        Yes it is

      9. Omega 13 says:

        Nice Psych reference, but really… lighten up..

      10. lola says:

        31 years old?

    2. the swami says:

      Wouldn’t he need to earn points by conquering level three, before he could acquire a bomb to use the store?

      1. dfwfire says:

        BUSH !!! AGAIN !!! D*MN YOU, EVILDOER !!!

    3. joe says:

      no it’s the store’s fault and he was totally justified in threatening or carrying out his threat

      have you people not played MW3?

  2. Timothy Fisher says:

    There’s nothing wrong with games, but I think that guy needs to stick to patty cake & hopscotch for a while!

  3. dasss says:

    He probably wanted a Tele-tubbies game or something like that

  4. Col Sanders says:

    Waiting for BF3 fanboys to comment…

    1. Mac says:

      BF3 fans are more patient! Will that do?

    2. imsancho says:

      Here you go, Battlefield is a way better game in all respects

      1. Chris says:

        I have a Super Nentindo at home. That’s WAY better than a regular Nentindo.

  5. rob says:

    They ran out of the game. What are you going to do? Hehehe.

    1. Bobby says:

      yea he should have reserved it or even pay for it with a creditcard so they could hold it for him….

  6. Avoicenmany says:

    Mmmm Sounds like someones parents would not foot the bill for this one to be @ #Occupy

    1. realist says:

      Thankfully your parents are footing the bill for you to sit around in the basement, clicking on Drudge links all day.
      Time to put on some new underwear and stow away the conspiracy theory books buddy!

      1. Avoicenmany says:

        For one I OWN my home, my father has passed on, and my mother lives about 20 miles from my HOUSE. Seems I must have hit to close to home for you as you seem to know where YOU #Occupy losers live. Now I suggest you put down the cheese wiz, get your meat loaf from mom, and change your soiled diaper.

      2. realist is a dreamer of Lenin says:

        I find it hilarious that leftist toons get so irate that people arrive at other sites via an aggregate server.

        Why are you so familiar with a complete stranger’s underpants anyway? That’s more creepy that clicking a link.

      3. John Moser says:

        Projection is where you are a Viking. Everything else…not so much.

      4. Jason says:

        …actually, it’s my sister’s basement… *lol*

  7. mike says:

    I understand how he is mad when I am waiting for a game and it doesn’t come in I could just snap someones neck.

    1. jason says:

      The only thing you can snap is your wanker after staying up all night playing “I wish I knew how to be a man 3.”

      1. JB NYC says:

        Whoa! What a burn!

      2. dfwfire says:

        nice !! i only wish i had come up with that first !! and so f-in’ true.

    2. Mikeghey says:


      It’s always the dummies that play Hello Kitty Island Adventure that leave “snap the neck” comments.

  8. Freth says:

    As one who has been stiffed all too many times going through the Wendy’s drive-thru, I can understand being angry if you pre-ordered a game months in advance and find out it isn’t waiting for you on the release date like it’s supposed to be. It would anger me to no end that someone dropped the ball. Customer service seems to be lacking nowadays because people are in such a hurry they make mistakes. I don’t think it’s right the way he reacted, but I would definitely have some choice words for the store employees.

    1. Llywellyn says:

      umm he preordered it earlier in the day.

      “Police said Lomorin Sar went to pick up the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3″ he said he pre-ordered earlier in the day.”

    2. Dirty Skier says:

      Thats just cuz its Aurora, this hell hole has totally forgotten customer service. The McDonald’s off Miss & Chambers had one of two drive through screens down and was directing people that went to the broken one that drive through was “out of order” and they needed to come inside. This is why people are in the drive and using the other screen. How about putting out cones you stupid N*****s

    3. birthof says:

      First world problems, people. This man, and every other person posting here venting about poor customer service obviously has never worked at a place providing service to the rancid hordes of mouth breathers that come to demand service with a distorted sense of entitlement.

      1. Hal McCombs says:

        You’re kind of right. When I give someone money, intending to acquire something else, yes I have a sense of entitlement to that product, or service. I paid for it. With money I worked for.

        And guess what? If you are behind that counter, at that place of business, then YOU are getting paid to provide me with that product, or service. So Smile and do your job.

      2. MorganGray says:

        The problem folks are missing here is that this spoiled brat made a terroristic threat over a *BLOODY GAME*!
        I understand the aggravation over poor customer service. That’s why I changed cell providers, bought a different brand of car, and stopped patronizing Starbucks. But, being an adult, and as Jason suggests above, I know what it is to be a man. I can subject my emotions to my will and deal with customer service in a rational manner without threatening to blow up a store.
        the proper response here would have been “may I speak to the manager please”? and “May I assume that my credit card will not be charged until I receive my merchandise?”
        It sure the heck wasn’t “I feel like blowing up your store”.
        Remember this is a post-9/11 world. We have punks killing people for little enough and this kind of statement has to be taken seriously, otherwise, when some piece of human debris really does dynamite a Best Buy because he didn’t get his game, people will be asking “why didn’t they take the threat seriously?”

  9. Armoney Washington says:

    Some one does not know the rules of good citizenship in the USA

  10. JonDoh says:

    See what happens when you don’t let a man vent his aggressions in a virtual world? he takes it out on the real one! 🙂 I want to know his Xbox gemertag so that I can shred his ass in the game!

    1. jason says:

      I want to know how long it’s been since you read a book? or went on a date?

      1. Ezra Gonzalez says:

        Why, do you want to ask him out?

      2. JayDummy says:

        Lol! Ezra for the win.

        I know a guy named Jason; he’s an idiot. Looks like a pattern is forming.

      3. Smuggler says:

        I believe it was last saturday. I did all three.

    1. jason says:

      I’m sure your parents are proud of you. Is that anything like “my baby’s mama?” How old are you? 5?

      1. Sfrer says:

        Awww, what’s the matter, did you get molested as a child by someone who liked video games?

      2. JayBones says:

        Jason was never allowed to play video games; his dad used to dress up as Coach Paterno every Halloween if you know what I am saying…

      3. Not Jason says:

        look at all your comments on this thread big boy, you just a troll Jason? Your parents proud of you?

    2. FedUp Florida says:

      So did I, I downloaded it from Pirate Bay and installed it on my cracked game system. You people still pay for these things? LMAO! Fools!

      1. The Sib says:

        FedUp Florida, you’re a thief, and you’re the fool.

      2. Nathan Winning Martinez says:

        gratz! i pirated the PC version from piratebay

  11. jason says:

    The reason he was so upset was that he had been promising everybody/others to share his video game with his fellow Occupy Wall Street protesters.

  12. God bless this land of ours says:

    it was his own fault the game wasn’t there. you don’t pre-order a game the day it comes out. you do it weeks or months in advance, that way the store can order it, it can be delivered, and be there for you later. what happened to common sense in this country, we’re all becoming spoiled brats that live off of our grandparents sweat sixty years ago.

  13. Durka Durka says:

    Another reason why BF3 is better, the gamers themselves!

  14. Neuromancer says:

    I don’t agree with this nutcase but the pig-ignorant arrogance of the dweebs that work at Best Buy often leaves me thinking that some day someone is actually going to blow one of those places up.

    As a consequence I only shop there when I have to.

  15. expertainer says:

    I remember some teen cutting up his mother because she turned off his video game.

    1. Oops says:

      yeah that was my bad…

  16. David Muth says:

    I was in that store early yesterday to buy Rocksmith.They had a table stacked with copies of MW3. Early bird gets the worm I guess.

  17. According to the ACLU, the upset customer has a right to threaten death… as long as that violence directed toward Christians and Jews. Was this a Muslim patron visiting Best Buy?

  18. jd says:

    I love these fake Onion articles.

  19. John Moser says:

    Geez. It’s not like it’s Skyrim.

  20. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Games are for children. Grown men playing a video game is degenerate.

    1. Ezra Gonzalez says:

      You may be right. Would you be willing to run across a field so I can take potshots at you?

    2. Hof says:

      No, you’re just an a**hole.

      1. Jan says:

        Coming from a mental deficient as you that’s pretty funny. You must be one of those degenerate adults that plays video games.

    3. Tha Booze says:

      Whats wrong bottle gone empty again?

      1. Hof says:

        No worries – she has a sweetheart deal with Mr. Godsey on Walton’s Mountain.

    4. Hof says:

      Jan, it’s called entertainment. I can understand why you wouldn’t understand that. It doesn’t rank up there with shopping and estrogen replacement therapy. Hubby go on business trips a lot? I don’t blame him.

      1. yesh says:

        Hofs on a nice killstreak

      2. Gibbs says:

        Hof is so smart. He even knows when his sister has a yeast infection because his dad’s unit tastes funny. Bring on amateur.

      3. dan walling says:

        Oh my my Hof … you’ll never recover. How does it taste?

  21. Poe Dee says:

    Hummm. Some comments should be kept to oneself?!

  22. tHE ARBITER says:

    Mine cost only 59.99! So he was getting jerked around BIGTIME. The clerk probably took it home. BUT STILL that’s no cause for threats of violence!

    1. Lomon Sar says:

      poor choice of words after an extra hour or so of waiting.

  23. Chip A. says:

    He was robbedThey didn’t run out. He paid for a copy they already had, his name was on the box.

    Lomon Sar was robbed. Someone came after Sar that day and before he could pick up his copy and said, “Hey, I’ll give you $200 for one of he reserved copies of the game,” and the clerk said, “No way!” The the latecomer said, “I’ll give you $250 for one of the reserved copies,” and the clerk said, “No.” So the guy goes, “FINE! I’ll give you $500 for one of the reserve copies,” and the clerk goes, “Sold, ” and wiped out all traces of Sar’s transaction.

  24. JeddMcHead says:

    I wonder what Sar’s girlfriend had to say about this. What? He doesn’t have a girlfriend? Huh.

    1. Lomon Sar says:

      you’re right i don’t have a girlfriend….i have ladies.

  25. jaline says:

    This guy is 31 years old and worried about a stupid VIDEO GAME?????? GROW UP, SIR…GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Craig says:

      You really have no clue what the demographics of gamers are today, do you? Yes, he’s a moron for acting this way, but don’t bring age into it.

  26. Jason says:

    This does not surprise me for one second. Best Buy is the very worst place to shop in the entire country. They simply don’t care about customers. The problem is that they have managed to drive compeitors out. Companies like CompUSA, Circuit City, and Ultimate Electronics are gone now. I never, ever go into Best Buy any more, the experience is too hard on my blood pressure.

    1. Kile says:

      I go there all the time. I love it. It’s my favorite store on the planet. Circuit City and went out of business because they sucked. Comp USA is still around. Never heard of that other place you mentioned.

      1. nuisance says:

        What are you 12? Best Buy has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen, plus you can get better deals online. I wouldn’t drop a dime in that place.

  27. Jack says:

    LIke you should Like learn to talk like you know

  28. Finbar says:

    Imagine what he’ll do when they botch his liver transplant.

  29. Mr. Beets says:

    If BF3 was sooo great then why has it never sold out? you can still find copies at the store that were part of the release date shipment. where as MW3 is already running out.

  30. fatalwishes says:

    What an idiot.

    You have to have a steam account to play it right? So just buy it on steam and download it and get your money back from best buy.

  31. Hof says:

    This is what happens when you don’t FIFA 12.

  32. TruthHurts says:

    Ni&&er should have been charged with felony wanton endangerment and sent with all of his people to prison, where they all belong and should stay until the die at an early age.
    But no, double standards once again for ni&&ers. Just because they are mentally deficient, they get a pass again.
    America needs to wake up, and put their foot down when it comes to uncivil, criminal ni&&ers such as this.
    You can hate what I say, but it is the cold hard truth, whether you like it or not.

  33. Tom Genin says:

    Well it is an awesome game. lol

    Plus, there was a heist of games in Belgium where a car rammed a van carrying the new call of duty game, the assailants threw tear gas into the van and then heisted $600,000 worth of games.

    COD rules, plus they added my 6.8 to the weapon options.

  34. Kile says:

    That’s funny. I walked into Best Buy today and they had HUNDREDS of copies and they were only $59.99. What a loser.

    1. Lomon Sar says:

      they also had hundreds of copies that morning of the release.

  35. Nuke you says:

    Hey what happened to Hof the mental deficient? The abject degenerate … where did you go loser? lol

  36. Frank Zentura says:

    He should consider himself lucky that a predator drone didn’t blow him to bits. Isn’t this a terrorist threat?

  37. Frank Zentura says:

    And considering the gratuitous violence in these games is this really surprising???

  38. Truth Detector says:

    Someone’s been playing too much Modern Warfare…

  39. JohnRalph says:

    I was up all night praying to my Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, but alas it didn’t stop the madness.

    After all as MSM Newsweek editor Evan Thomas stated:

    “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

  40. Sebastian Bredfjord says:

    because you are a black that is acting white

  41. Terd Fergusson says:

    There is an easier to way play Modern Warfare, enlist. It’s not like there’s a shortage of action.

  42. Joe Schmoe says:

    17 minutes of video dedicated to the dopey guy? Really?

    Also, if they removed you from their system and you didn’t have an invoice number, how did they reverse the charges on your card?

    1. Lomon Sar says:

      all my info was taped on the box, the lady who took my order said that she would and she did put it on there. then at the release the next day the manager found the game with all of my info on it refunded my card then ripped my info off the box then took me out of the preoder system. wth?

      1. David Muth says:

        There were at least 3 CE for the 360 at 2pm on 11/8, so they must have had more than they needed to satisy the pre-orders and prepaid.

  43. retired military says:

    He could have gone onlline and bought the game and had no issues since it would be downloaded to his computer.

  44. Nuisance says:

    Two stupid decisions:
    1) Making threats over a video game.
    2) Shopping at Best Buy.

  45. christineinflorida says:

    What an idiot! He should’ve done as I’ve always done for my teen son- pre-order at Amazon and get same day delivery for 99 cents(or free if you have Prime)? Most of the hot pre-order games also have a $10 or $20 credit to use on next game order. No tax, no driving to the store is also a plus!

  46. Nathan Winning Martinez says:

    Tis the reason I pirate games

  47. Angel :p says:

    Seriously? Whats up with the racism? And i understand if hes angry,he has a right to do that,he also has a freedom of speech,and i doubt that he would seriously blow up the store for a a gamer myself and im 15.If im smarter than that so is a grown male.

  48. De Merrick says:

    really????????? that was really retarted!!!

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