CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman charged with child abuse appeared in court Friday to face allegations she left her two children home alone before a fire that killed them started.

Danielle Brockman is facing counts of knowingly and recklessly causing death. In court Friday, she waived her right to hear the charges read in court.

Brockman, 23, was visibly upset and cried through most of the hearing. Her court appearance was scheduled just two hours before her children, Timothy and Alivia, would be laid to rest.

children Mother Of Children Who Died After House Fire Sobs Before Judge

Alivia and Timothy Ramirez (credit: CBS)

Timothy, 3, died Sunday, just hours after firefighters rushed to the house fire in Aurora. Alivia, 2, died on Tuesday.

Brockman’s attorney comforted her client during the hearing. She was even concerned that Brockman might faint.

“I’ve just advised that my client is seated at this time not out of disrespect for the court but because of her emotional situation,” said Brockman’s attorney.

Brockman was in full shackles, including a belly chain connecting to her feet and hands.

Her criminal history includes arrests for driving under a suspended license, failure to appear in court and shoplifting.

Brockman had no family or friends present in court. She was advised that if she posted the $500,000 bond, she would not be allowed to have contact with any witnesses or persons under 18.

The children’s father, Michael Ramirez, said he still doesn’t know what happened in the home before the fire started. He said Brockman told him she left the children alone to drop off a friend.

Brockman is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 10.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

  1. mary says:

    She isn’t sorry the babies are dea, she’s sorry she is going to be punished for killing them. She is as guilty of murder on 2 counts as if she started the fire. She knowingly and deliberately left them defenseless babies home alone while she went galavanting around town.

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