Opposing teams aren’t scared of playing in Denver any more. The “altitude thing” doesn’t phase them any more.

Of course, the fans take their cue from the players.

Where was the outrage when the Lions were openly “mocking” Tim Tebow on Sunday? How come nobody had his back?

If a defender ever treated John Elway like that, Tom Nalen and Mark Schlereth would have chop-blocked him into next week.

Watch Vic Lombardi’s latest Vic’s Signature segment where he explores this more in depth:

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Comments (4)
  1. runfaraz says:

    Very true, no home field these days.

  2. Brandon Walker says:

    Vic, please relay this sentiment to the current bunch of Broncos! I cannot agree with you more about the complete lack of passion from the team and its fans. Booing Orton isn’t passion, it was just being babies. When ANY opposing team would come out the boos would rain down on them. Now, nothing literally nothing. The “We must protect this house!” ads are pathetic because this team has no interest in protecting anything. RISE UP BRONCOS and bring back the glory that we desire in our house!!

  3. fuffenough says:

    Vic, it’s about time someone stood up and made the comment you made last night. It’s one thing to get beaten badly but another to let the other team humiliate you. And I see this with the Buffs as well. I was glad to see Shane O’Brien standing up for the classless hit by Sutton to the head of Avs rookie Gabriel Landeskog. That is an example of a teammate supporting another teammate and sending a message.

  4. Donna says:

    It’s not the fan’s stadium anymore, it’s Sport Authority’s stadium. Fans have been disinfranchised since the building of the new stadium (with taxpayer money by the way) when the naming rights were sold out from under them. Add that to the strike and $5 sodas and what do you expect? Times are tough, no body in the stands is making the kind of money these guys are and right now they’re sucking at their jobs. If I sucked at my job that badly, I wouldn’t have a job, much less make millions!

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